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September’s Focus:

Succession Planning Succession Planning Overview – 2 Hours Do you have people in your organization that are indispensable for its success? Would losing them create a hole that would be hard to fill? Have you planned to fill these vacancies? This course introduces you to succession planning--the planning process of identifying, assessing, and developing leadership and talent for future vacancies. This course will familiarize you with the key concepts that compose succession planning. You will receive a general overview of how to assess your key leadership and talent needs. You will also discover the various methods to succession planning. Your understanding of succession planning will help your organization succeed even when key people leave their present positions. Succession Planning Strategies – 4½ Hours You’ve decided to create a succession plan for your organization, but where do you start? This course explains how to begin the succession planning process. You will discover how to initiate a succession planning process from the conceptualization of the problem to developing an action plan. You will also discover opportunities for customizing the succession plan. Your understanding of succession planning strategy will help ensure your succession planning process starts off on the right foot. Succession Planning and Human Resources – 5 Hours Once you decide to conduct succession planning, how will you determine the human resources that you need? This course answers this question and other human resource issues. You will learn how to assess present and future needs as part of the succession planning process. For these two assessments, you will learn how to identify key positions, determine work requirements, and assess individual performance or potential. Succession Planning Management 2½ Hours So, you have a succession plan and you’ve identified some problems. What do you do now? By taking this course, you will learn how to establish a leadership and talent development program that will ensure your succession plan achieves its goals. You will also learn how to overcome some common challenges that management teams face when trying to find the right people for a position. Since succession planning is an ongoing process, you will also learn how to evaluate your succession program to ensure that it meets your organization’s present and future needs. Initiating a Succession Plan Simulation – 30 minutes The HR manager, is concerned about high company turnover. You have been recruited to be a corporate champion for a company-wide planned succession program. This simulation, the first of two in the series, has four scenarios. Implementing a Succession Plan Simulation – 30 minutes How you implement a succession plan will determine its success. You must develop an action plan, assess current and future work requirements, identify and prepare potential successors, and finally announce the plan in an open meeting. This simulation is made up of five scenarios.

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Sept 2010 Online Course Spotlight  

During September our focus will be on Succession Planning. We are featuring six online classes with special pricing through Sept 30.