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The following online courses are offered by MEPU at $55 a $10 discount off the regular price of $65. This is offered to help you meet your training needs while avoiding travel costs.

August’s Focus: Sales Understanding Your Customer – 3 ½ hours Can you imagine trying to sell a product or service to a customer you know nothing about? You probably wouldn’t succeed. The better you know your customer, the higher your chance for success. In this course, you’ll learn about the first major component of the strategic account sales (SAS) approach: research. You’ll start by learning about the key areas to research using the SAS approach and where to find business information sources about your client. Next, you’ll explore researching your customer’s business and key players and applying what you learn to the process of account planning. And finally, you’ll gain an understanding of the business fit and how you and your customer can both achieve your desired business objectives.

Negotiating to Mutual Benefit – 4 hours The key to being a skilled negotiator is understanding the difference between negotiating and giving money away. This course demonstrates the stages and rules that will gain you a win/win solution, and with it long-term business. If you follow the guidelines set out here, you will be able to handle customer strategies and still close the deal on terms that keep both your company and your customer happy.

Presenting Your Proposition – 4 hours Even the most confident sales people can feel their self-assurance dissolve when required to make a formal sales presentation. This course is about giving you the confidence, not only to present, but also to get commitment from your customer. Demonstrating a structure that can be adapted to most situations, this course will equip you with the skills needed to deal with the most intimidating circumstances with consummate ease.

From Executive-level Sale to Strategic Partnership – 4 hours Selling at an executive level doesn’t stop when the contract is signed. To develop the business and prevent attack from the competition, major accounts need nurturing. This course illustrates how knowledge of various corporate cultures will give you a customer compatible approach that safeguards and maximizes your account revenue.

Preparing for the Executive-level Sale Simulation – ½ hour As a regional account representative using the three roles of the salesperson (ambassador, consultant, and persuader) you must gather information, identify client needs, identify the influencers in the company, and gain access to them through the gatekeeper--your contact. This simulation has 3 scenarios and focuses on the preparatory phases of the executive-level sale. Your goal is to make sure your company is consulted in the early stages of your client’s research.

Closing Executive-level Sales Simulation – ½ hour This simulation, a continuation of Preparing for the Executive-level Sale Simulation, requires you to negotiate the deal, manage your cross-functional account team effectively to provide good customer support and to ultimately move the relationship to the partnership stage.

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2010.08 Online Course Spotlight v1  
2010.08 Online Course Spotlight v1  

Understanding Your Customer – 3 ½ hours From Executive-level Sale to Strategic Partnership – 4 hours Presenting Your Proposition – 4 hours C...