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Issue 77 : Saturday 14th April, 2018

These official images have been released of the Marvel Legends Thing which is exclusive to Walgreens in the US. The arrival of Thing will round out the Fantastic Four comic book characters that Walgreens have been carrying over the last couple of years as exclusive. The figure "should" get a limited release outside of US via the usual independent specialist stores watch out for pre-orders. Thing comes with two head options and swap out hands so you can alternate between fists and open hands,

Official images of the 2nd wave of Infinity War figures has been released. The wave will include Thor and Black Widow from the movie. Plus movie versions of Ant-man and the Wasp. The wave is rounded out by comic book versions of Malekith and Black Knight. The BAF is Black Dwarf / Cull Obsidian

Diamond and DIsney Store announced their next Select exclusive figure as a comic book version of The Mad Titan, Thanos.

NECA have shared this development photo of their work in progress Ultimate Stripe Gremlin Stripe will follow the generic Gremlin as a 2nd Ultimate release with his own specific accessories. This shot indicates a skateboard accessory pack in is being considered

The figure is based on a combination of comic book “looks” and is sculpted at just over 7” tall which puts him at the same height as other Selects and is reflective of his recorded height when he was first created rather than the huge bulky Thanos we know now. The figure is already showing up at Disney stores and can be ordered via the UK Disney Store website . There is no diorama base with this release, but he does have an alternative head option so you can display him with or without his helmet.

While Avengers Infinity War is on the immediate horizon, SH Figuarts are looking one film further and have now announced their first 1/12 figure from the summer release Ant-Man and the Wasp. This new 6" Ant-Man figure will be released in August 2018

SH Figuarts have announced two new 1/12 figures from Solo (A Star Wars Story). The first is Chewbacca who comes with his dual bandoleer and revised weapon. There are three head portraits, one with goggles and one without and final version where Chewie is roaring.

In the US, where Bluefin act as the distributors, the set will take on even more epic proportions as Ant-Man will come boxed with a 6" scaled Ant for him to ride. We are told by our friends at Geekstore UK that the set made available to UK stores will be the same. The Ant will be over 9" long and the articulated Ant-Man can sit in the saddle and be posed as though he is riding the Ant.

Figure two is the Mimban Stormtrooper. This heavily weathered trooper comes with two blasters, swap out hand options and a cloak which looks to be sculpted rather than soft goods. Both figures are due June 2018. have reported four new products are coming in the Star Wars 6" Black Series for the Solo, A Star Wars Story, Movie.

Hasbro have confirmed Chewbacca is getting a 6" Star Wars Black Series release in line with the Solo (A Star Wars Story) releases this Spring/Summer.

We have what looks to be three further basic release 6" figures who have turned up as listings on Amazon. These are Val who is played by Thandie Newton, this will be her Mimban outfit. Up next is another new Imperial Trooper, the Patrol Trooper. This is the figure we've seen in the larger 12" basic Hasbro line. The final figure is L3-37 who is Lando's droid.

Chewie is coming in the standard packaging, but will not be numbered and will be a Target exclusive in the US. He will come with his new two sided bandoleer and a new blaster rifle. His goggles will be removable. Outside of the head and the new accessories, the body looks to be the same as the previous Chewbacca releases. UK / Global customers should be able to get this via the usual independent stockists, with Robot Kingdom already indicating they will open pre-orders shortly.

These figures have no clear release date, but we would assume they will be Wave 19 at the earliest - possibly alongside Dengar and the long awaited Rebel Fleet Trooper (speculation on our part only). The other new product is in the vehicle line, and it is a box set of the principle villain Enfys Nest and her Swoop Bike. Several companies, such as Entertainment Earth had this up for pre-order with a May 2018 release. It was later confirmed that May was the official pre-order date and that the item would ship around August 2018. There are no images at this stage of the 6" version - but the same character and Swoop Bike are also coming in the 3.75" basic line. This has a US RRP of $59.99 so like last years offerings and the current Dewback these will be around ÂŁ60 in UK initially.

Also unveiled was the packaging for the previously announced Mimban Stormtrooper. This figure will deviate from the current Red/Black Phase 3 packaging to a dirty grey and black packaging which mirrors the heavy weathering the figure carries. He will come with an E11 blaster and a soft goods cloak. This figure is exclusive to Walmart so UK collectors can hold out slim hope that the Walmart team may bring this to the UK via the Asda stores.

McFarlane have announced, via, three new 7" scale Walking Dead Action figures for release in September 2018. The first of the trio is Maggie as seen in her season 8 costume. The figure is modeled directly from actor Lauren Cohan and comes with a pistol and working holster. We then get a new Rick Grimes, now in his Season 8 blue shirt outfit. Again, the figure uses modeling of the actor Andrew Lincoln. He comes with a Colt Python, Rifle and Hatchet. The Colt pistol will fit into a working holster.

Our final figure is Negan. And McFarlane have given the character a whole new sculpt modeled from actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Of course Negan comes with his baseball bat Lucille as well as a knife which will slot into a working sheath. The figures will now be released on "collector blister card" a move away from the boxes McFarlane have been using. The figures all have 14 points of articulation. Cost wise should be around, or possibly under, ÂŁ20 here in the UK. US RRP is $19.99

Mezco have announced, on Friday the 13th, a Friday the 13th Part 3 Jason Vorhees One:12 Collective figure. Jason will come with two head options and removable hockey masks with an axe accessory that will actually slot into the gash on the wounded head or the cracked hockey mask - enabling fans to recreate the final scenes from the movie. Jason will come with the usual tailored soft goods and a display stand. The box is also packed with every weapon he used in the movie axe, machete, cleaver, wrench, poker, knife and a spear gun. US collectors can pre-order direct from Mezco right now for $80 with a $20 non-refundable deposit due immediately. UK fans will need to await the independent listings which will likely come in shortly around the £65 to £70 mark. The figure is due for shipping in the last quarter of 2018

Mezco have opened preorders for their 1/12 Popeye figure. US price on everyone's favourite spinach eating sailor is $80 with a $20 non refundable deposit due on pre-order. UK pre orders are kicking off around £65 Shipping is estimated between November 2018 and January 2019 The One:12 Collective Popeye figure includes two masterfully crafted head portraits: a stern stare and a salty glare. Authentically presented in his classic sailor clothing and a removable pea coat, Popeye comes complete with a wide range of accessories including: a functional drawstring duffle bag, a collapsible spy glass, a compass with hinged lid, two spinach cans, three different hats, and two styles of corncob pipes.

Over in Japan and the big Far East figure companies are revealing a handful of new wares at the Miyazawa Model Spring Exhibition, 2018.

Medicom were also exhibiting at the Miyazawa Exhibition and revealed two new figures at the show.

We had already seen an unpainted version of the Revoltech Batman, but now we get a look at the final painted prototype. This Batman is the first DC figure in this stylised format, expanding from the Marvel figures that Revoltech have been producing for a few years. The key to the figure seems to be that molded articulated dynamic cape and how easy that is going to be to pose.

The new DC addition is a very impressive Bruce Wayne figure from the recent Justice League movie. This 1/12 figure has a fantastic likeness to Ben Affleck and looks to come with a Parademon weapon and a batarang.

A surprise from Revoltech was the prototype of this Winnie the Pooh figure from the upcoming live action movie Goodbye Christopher Robin. Pooh is articulated, as much as a bear of his stature can be. He looks to be coming with at least 3 head options also. The figure is dated as a 2018 release.

The Marvel offering is comic book based and is a new Spider-Man figure which will join Gwenpool in the comic book MAFEX line. Spider-Man comes with web slinging accessories.

077 Action Figure Sat-TOY-day News, 14th April 2018  

Happy #SatTOYDay This week we should have officially seen a wealth of new Solo product in our stores, but the UK (and a lot of the US) app...

077 Action Figure Sat-TOY-day News, 14th April 2018  

Happy #SatTOYDay This week we should have officially seen a wealth of new Solo product in our stores, but the UK (and a lot of the US) app...