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Do you know your HVAC system? Here are some shocking facts! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------By: Miki Kaith – MEP Designer @ MEP Design Services Can you imagine your life without the cooling comfort an AC provides in hot sweltering summer heat & the furnaces, boilers and heating systems that protect you from those winter chills?

(Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning and Cooling) HVAC system design is fairly new, however the concept of altering temperatures within confined places, for higher occupant comfort is not. 

500 years ago, Persians used wind towers for air circulation and cooling, while in 180AD, a 10 foot wide rotary fan with 7 connected wheels was invented by an artisan from china. The fan was powered by turning a crank and could cool an entire hall full of people.

In 1820, the idea of an air conditioner was first conceived by Michael faraday when he discovered that if liquefied and compressed ammonia was allowed to evaporate, it could cool the air.

These elementary concepts have since then transformed into our highly complex and evolved modern day HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Cooling) systems. HVAC Design

Service providers ensure that HVAC duct design and systems help you cut down energy consumption and reduce your energy bills. HVAC systems in our homes and offices are no more a luxury, instead they have become a necessity. However, are these systems guzzling up a lot of energy? Here are some important factors that you need to know about HVAC systems 

Home heating and cooling costs can be reduced by 20% by ensuring proper insulation. By using insulation, nearly 330 pounds of carbon dioxide emission is avoided for every single pound emitted in production of insulation.

Do you have Power Vampires in your home? Power vampires are appliances that consume energy even after you shut them down. These vampires waste so much energy that this energy can be used to power nearly 7387 homes per year. Using power strips is an easy way to prevent this wastage.

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According to EIA projection, -

The expenditure on natural gas for heating in a household in the US, will reach $679 this year. (13% more than last winter)


That on propane fuelled heating in a household in the US, will reach $1,666 this year. (9% more than last winter)


Spending on electric powered heating in a household in the US, will reach $909 this year. (2% more than last winter)


The homes using heating oil are expected to spend an average $2046(2% less)

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Do you know your hvac system here are some shocking facts