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Everyone said yes  they would be more  likely to buy a  magazine if they were  giving away details to  get cheaper tickets to  gigs and concerts.

66.7 % of the  public think that  £2.50 is the  appropriate  amount to pay  for a music mag.

44.4 % of the  public voted  they would like  to see more  magazines  about hip hop/  R&B

My survey showed  that my target  audience (18­ 25yrs) would like  to read about  current successful  artists in their  music magazine.

Only 22.2% of the public said they would like there music magazine subscribed.

55.6 % of the public buy music magazines monthly, so I would make a monthly issue.

55.6% said they don’t like reading about music legends but 44.4% said they do like to read about them.

77.8% said they would prefer to buy there music magazine from a shop.

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