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Magazine evaluation By Blue Copeland

Masthead Slogan I’ve chosen the word ‘outstanding’ to sum up the mastheads meaning.

Main image The main image has been chosen for a reason; it will also link to the main article.

Lead article Making the lead article sound as interesting as possible because it is the main focus of this magazine & will have a DPS on it.

The Left Third The ‘left third’ is the area buyers can see when placed on the shelf in a newsagents so it is essential to have the important information on this side.

Price Barcode Date & Issue No.

Incentive Encourage the reader to buy the magazine because were giving away a free gift

Cover lines words on the cover that say what’s inside the magazine

This is my masthead& I’m continuing throughout my magazine as the house style.

Highlighted numbers & text; light green, keeping in the house style of the magazine, highlighting important features such as ‘Contents’, page numbers & what’s ‘Inside this week’.

Pictorial Contents To attract the visually oriented reader & to emphasize the theme, girl pop. The pictures on this contents page will interest the younger audience, as they would prefer to see pictures. My contents page is balanced with text for those in my age range 1525 who would rather read a list. The list is clear with the page number, heading & sub heading underneath. The headings are relevant to current female artist which is the theme of the magazine: the intention of the subheading was to include interesting information about the article to encourage the audience to read on.

Standfirst In larger font, the standfirst introduces the article

Drop cap

Pull out quote

The first letter of the main article is larger

Columns This vivid DPS has 3 clear columns; flush left, highlighted in baby pink column strips. I’ve done this to give the DPS more colour

Q&A The questions are in italic writing & the answers aren’t

By line The journalists name (in this case mine)

A cheeky quote from the main article in black writing on a pink highlighted background which ties in with the colour theme: a pull out quote can be anywhere on the DPS. The intention is to interest the reader.

I set up a suitable survey on to get feedback on my magazine from the potential magazine reader.

My aim was to a have a bright unique coloured background leaving the fonts white & black. This way the background provides the colour for my magazine, rather than the text & image. I wanted it to attract female readers & wanted it to be just like the survey feedback described; ‘Eye catching’.

The feedback shows I’d achieved this as almost every comment mentions the bright colour. I’m happy people thought my title looked professional and fell in nicely with the theme. It’s a bold feminine font.

Good feedback; my intentions were pursued ‘good balance of pictures and text’ I wanted it to have that balance of pictorial & textual so it appeal to both oriented reader. Made the numbers clear by adding a stroke in the house style colour. List was ‘catchy and clear’ needs to be catchy in order to interest the reader!

88.9% who voted got it right that it was a females magazine (would of been more if a friend jokily hadn’t put ‘men’) this indicates my text images and colours were clear it was to appeal to females. 77.8% say it was a girls 15-25 which was the age group for my magazine: looking at the other results 11.1% say its woman's so perhaps some older woman are interested in young current pop.

The left third talked about Isabelle’s new friends like Katy B who is currently in the charts & the cover lines talked about Avril Lavegne who had just released her new single. I put these on the front cover to interest people who know who is current in pop, so when they pick up my magazine & look at the contents page, it would appeal to them.

Looking at the feedback, the comments say the images on my DPS fit in with the girly style, but if I could change them I would; I want them to reflect the artists attitude and personality and these don’t portray that.

I have a high % who would buy my magazine, which is great. I sent my survey to Facebook, which for my magazine is the correct target audience because I have a lot of girls, similar to my age (16), who can view it. If I was able to promote my magazine to the correct market seller then I would have a lot of buyers interested.

No one has said my magazine is bad so I must have a good layout, attractive colours and clear to read. My magazine has been voted overall outstanding.

This was obvious to me, one of my aims was to have a clear housestyle: so I kept the eye catching green on the front cover and contents page. On my DPS I’d planned to keep the tones light and pastel; This would then stick to the theme and make every page look as though they come from the same magazine.

I got some ideas on layout of my contents page from other mainstream magazines like Grazia but I was interested to see what people would think, considering my front cover. I’m pleased overall people said it was mainstream as the music my magazine is about is what I would call mainstream pop.

Readers Profile

These images come from a survey I did to establish what the readers of my magazine would be interested in. It’s a females magazine (16-25) there interested in fashion, cosmetics & accessories. Festivals like Latitude & V festival are some of the events I can promote in my magazine suitable to the lifestyle of the reader and they would be interested in going. There up to date with the latest technology such as Iphones, notebooks and they like to keep in touch & up to date with friends on social networks. Suggested ideas on the survey were to have free tickets for events like skin party’s.

Kiss are constantly playing the latest chart music

Also interested in fashion; looking out to see what the celebs are wearing. Female magazine; female bans

What media groups would distribute my magazine? Bauer Media sells magazines like Grazia & Heat which have a similar target audience to my magazine. So the company already has females looking on the website who might be interested in Vivid. It already sells music magazines such as; Q & FHM. These have different genres of music to mine: so the bigger label wouldn’t take the readers interest from my magazine as they attract different audiences. Bauer media have multiple media channels reaching over 19 million people over the UK using a range of different brands for different interests.

Kiss radio plays the music my magazine is about. It’s a popular radio station releasing chart music first ad playing the Top 40. This links to my magazine and help promote it.

Editing stages using Photoshop

Used the lasso tool to cut the body out of this picture then used the rubber with a faded edge in order to soften the edges.

Changed the contrast to make the skin look darker and bring out my features better. Got rid of red eye & used curve to improve the effect of the picture.

It was unclear how the hair was styled and It just looked jagged and messy, to change this I went round the head with a soft rubber giving a smoother and professional look.

I then copied this image to paint, to get the colour background I wanted. I cut out a long rectangle and pasted it onto Photoshop stretching it across the page.

The final image I’d lassoed on Photoshop: I copied onto The stretched background.

I represented my artist as a current female artist who readers could aspire to be like I haven’t made her clothing too And this is my finished main image individual and she doesn’t fall into a and background: ready to add the specific ‘group of people’. I wanted them content. to come across girly; so she’s interested in clothes, boys and going out. Quite sweet; didn’t want her to have an attitude. & overall an interesting person to read about.

Magazine evaluation  

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