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Australian Art Auctions | Menzies Art Brands 3 Types of Art Auctions You Can Choose From Buying and selling art can be an amazingly lucrative business as well as an enjoyable pastime as long as you know how to carry out the entire process effectively. If you have been to an art auction, then you know that it can be a great place to meet new people. However, because there are different types of auctions, it is important that you decide which one you’d rather opt for. Here is an explanation of the three main types of auctions you should visit. Estate Auctions If an auction or art sale is being held in a residence, it will be called an estate auction. Such auctions can be held at your own personal residence or a place of business. The goal of these fine art auctions is to sell as many of the remaining art pieces as possible.

Consignment Auctions Another type of auction that you buy your art pieces from are consignment auctions. These are mostly held in storage warehouses or other such places. The items at these fine art auctions are often paid in lieu of unpaid rent, so you can find interesting pieces at these locations.

Mixed Auctions As the name implies, mixed auctions are those which have smaller estate pieces as well as those that belong to consignment auctions. The best thing about this particular type of auction is that even though the price is low, the art valuations will be high. So, find out which of these will be held in your area soon and head there.

How to Improve Art Valuations by Promoting Yourself Online Before you find out how to sell your art and become successful at this highly lucrative business, you must make sure that you know how to promote yourself. If you want to participate in art auctions and sell your art pieces, you must make sure that you increase the value of your art by making your name more recognisable. Here are a few tips that you can use to promote yourself online.

Make Yourself Visible The first most important thing to do for an artist is to sell yourself before you sell your art. Therefore, stop for a second and sum up yourself as an artist and then begin making online profiles that describe exactly who you are as an artist. Bring out your uniqueness and features as these will help in the art appraisals and value.

Join Artist Communities Whether you want to run art for sale auctions online or offline, you must first make sure that you join communities where the efforts of other artists such as yourself are being appreciated. Join online websites such as deviantART where you’ll not just make a name for yourself but for your art as well.

Blog about Your Artwork One of the best ways to improve your art valuations is by blogging about your artwork and telling the world how you came to make the particular pieces that you own. Involve the readers in your life in such a way that they find it interesting and appealing on a personal level. Promoting yourself online will help you increase the overall value of your art work, which in-turn will help bring the bread and butter.

The 3 Main Types of Art Auctions Selling and buying interesting fine art pieces can be a profitable business and also an enjoyable way to pass your time. But, to do so it is important that you have an idea of how to carry the entire process in an effective manner. If you have been to a fine art auction, then you are surely aware that it is a great place to meet new people. However, it is important that you realize that selecting the right form of auction to display the fine art pieces is important. Following are the three main types of art auctions that you can choose from:

Estate Art Action If a fine art auction is held in a residence, it is known as an estate auction. Such auctions are easy to arrange. You can hold an auction at your personal residence or select a more formal place of business.

Consignment Auctions Another form of fine art auction to get some very interesting art pieces from is consignment auctions. Consignment fine art auctions are usually held in large places like storage warehouses. The pieces at this form of auction are most of the time sold off to cover unpaid rent.

Mixed Auctions As the name suggests, mixed art auctions are a combination of smaller estate pieces and also those that are included in consignment art auctions. You have a good chance of finding beautiful and interesting fine art pieces in mixed art auctions that although are priced low, but have often high art valuations. Select any one of these types to carry out a successful art auction.

Tips on How to Sell Your Art Successfully In order to be a successful artist, you need to learn how to sell your art. Now not many people can pull this off, especially if they don’t have sales and people skills. However, you can start selling your pieces successfully with the help of the following three tips.

1) Have a Simple Art Auction Setting One of the most important things in an art auction is to make sure that it is set up in a simple and plain manner. Decorate your area with the simplest of things so that the attention of your viewers is on the art and nowhere else.

2) Label the Art Pieces Clearly If you have art for sale, you must make sure that you have clearly labelled each of the pieces with their respective prices. Even though many artists prefer not to display their price directly, pieces on sale are expected to have price tags on them so that interested buyers know exactly how much it is for.

3) Always Have Goods Available In any fine art auction, you must make sure that you always have something to showcase and display for the audience. For instance, if you are running an auction for more than a day, you must be careful to divide your pieces so that you can display each piece without the fear of running out of art if your show is a success. Remember and implement these three valuable tips and rest assured that you’ll be selling your art pieces successfully.

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