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How many times have you sat down at the nicest restaurant in town with a menu and a list of items and ingredients that are completely foreign to you? And who wants to be the diner who asks the waiter too many questions? Believe it or not, this is a common phenomenon among people— Menu Intimidation. Athens, Ga. has been voted as one of the top foodie cities in the southeast. In result the number of fine dining restaurants are growing and so are confusing menu items. Menumedia allows users to take full advantage of what can be the meal to remember.

Menu Intimidation

Going out to dinner satisfies our appetite for both food and social interaction, and when the experience sizzles, so does your evening. People like to treat themselves to a nice meal, whether it be with a group of friends, a first date, or a family gathering.


Menumedia Can Help


To have the best dining experience possible, diners should select a great drink, appetizer, main course, and dessert. How are diners expected to not only understand the menu, but also to find these menu items that all pair well together? That’s where Menumedia comes in. Menumedia’s app provides information about and origins of menu items, and food and drink pairing options. Menumedia wants to give diners an easy-to-use guide for everything on the menu. With Menumedia, diners will be able to make the most of their dining experience by understanding exactly what they are ordering. All items will present a high quality photo, easy-to-understand ingredient information, details about food origins, high quality images of the dish and a few short videos of drinks that pair well with the dish.

Our target audience consists of local professors, yuppies and foodies in the Athens area. The app does not specifically target certain age groups, but rather appeals to all diners who simply want to know more about the restaurant fare and want to enhance their dining experience. Our secondary market visitors to Athens who have never dined at 5&10 and want to know more about their menu.

Target Market

Menumedia is made for people who enjoy rich, expensive and fine cuisine who find themselves lost when reading a menu at a nice restaurant and those who are comfortable with an intricate menu, but want to learn more about their order. This application is for any diner at a high-end restaurant who wants to take their dining experience beyond the printed menu in front of them.




Food pairings are very popular among consumers. We identified an app called “Foodpairing Explorer� that suggests ingredients and drinks that go well together for chefs and bartenders, but does not inform users. Food pairing apps are popular, but no platform explores these combinations like Menumedia. Creating interactive restaurant menus is a concept that has been explored by The company develops QR codes for restaurants to use on their menus and link to a Web page that provides details about the restaurant and the food. QR codes have also been used to educate less experienced waiters on products used in restaurants. With this knowledge, Menumedia identified ideas that are popular among existent applications, but planned to remove the component of having to use unpopular QR codes. Our team made it our goal to create an interactive menu on our app which explain menu items and drink pairings along with high quality videos and pictures.

Menumedia enhances the users’ dining experience with tasting notes, nutritional information, and food origins. Diners can also save items they may want to try for later with the “Add to my menu” option.

Step 1:

Explore the application by choosing which course you might want. You may learn more about snackies, appetizers, main dishes, desserts, drinks, or brunch.

How It Works

How It Works

Step 2:

Step 3:

Explore the application by choosing which course you want to explore. You may learn about snackies, appetizers, main dishes, desserts, drinks, or brunch.

Menumedia allows you to learn about ingredient origins, tasting notes, and dietary information. You can also see a picture of the dish or add it to your plate.


Tasting Notes


Menu items include an extended definition on how the dish tastes. This component of the application allows diners to better understand what the image provided tastes like. Additionally, menu items include drink pairings.

Nutritional Information

Dietary restrictions are common and Menumedia understands that we are all not the same. All menu items include information on what dishes are kosher, gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian. The app also provides suggestions on how some dishes can be prepared to fit your dietary needs.


Origins of Food

High end restaurants pride themselves on using high-quality, local, and organic ingredients. Menumedia enhances restaurants’ credibility by including information on which farms select ingredient items on the menu are purchased.

My Menu

The app allows users to add select dishes to their “plate.� This feature allows for users to see a list of menu items they would like to order.

Menumedia functions with a combination of Javascript and JQuery. These software tools give the app a sleek design and allow users to add dishes to “My Menu.� These software development tools support Menumedia in taking the menu beyond the page with rich media content.


Javascript supported Menumedia in functioning on mobile devices and tablets. This technology supported our team to have popups that described menu items. Javascript also enabled us to embed pictures and short videos in our app.


The Basics


Menumedia uses JQuery Mobile as a user interface system to make responsive the app accessible on smart phones and tablets. The app is built with both jQuery and jQuery UI foundation which offers the ability to integrate a variety of widgets and different commands into the app, Menumedia.



Menumedia’s app is designed to be scalable for a global audience. However, we are launching the beta version of our app in partnership with 5&10. Visitors of the local high end restaurant are within our target market. People with an adventurous palate tend to visit the eatery for a special occasions. Menumedia found the partnership with 5&10 to be rewarding for our team and the restaurant. We were able to get high-quality images from the local eatery as well as more information about menu items.


5&10 is also a well recognized restaurant on a more national level which gave our app more visibility.

Our team understands that users deserve to know more about what they are eating. With Menumedia our application meet the diners demands by providing them with all the information they ever wish they knew or needed to know about their menu items.


Impact on Diners:

Impact on Restaurants:

On a wider scope, Menumedia is a scalable application that can be used by any restaurant who is interested in providing their diners with more information. The visual design and Jquery code for the app can be applied to any restaurant who is interested in pairing with Menumedia. By partnering with Menumedia, the restaurant interested in using the app can use input their own content can be used over and over again by restaurants who want to get in on this.


Meet the Foodies


Austin is a Public Relations Specialist for Food Services at UGA with almost a decade of experience in the food industry. Austin’s favorite local restaurants are Last Resort, Ted’s Most Best, and Cali-n-Titos.

Eloise is a senior at UGA and is graduating in the spring. She is very passionate about food and has worked in the industry for awhile. Eloise’s favorite Athens eats are The National, World Famous, and Cinco y Diez.

Tana is a senior at UGA majoring in public relations. Tana likes discovering new food sites and following bloggers on Instagram. Tana’s favorite local restaurants are Tacqueria Del Sol, Five Bar, and The Grit.

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