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Toxics Use Reduction  

Date & Time: Tuesday, November 6, 2012

10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT

Duration: 60 Minutes

Instructor: Kenneth S. Weinberg

Location: Online

Price : $195.00


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Instructor Profile:


Kenneth S. Weinberg President and principal consultant, Safdoc Systems, L.L.C.

This webinar will examine the techniques that have been successfully adopted in industries throughout Massachusetts to identify and cooperatively affect the reduction of toxic chemicals. The techniques reduce hazards in the workplace, and reduce emissions of toxic materials.

Why should you attend:


Anyone who in interested in learning the techniques for the identification and cooperative evaluation of hazards and toxics in the workplace

Areas Covered in the Session:

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Identification of toxics Development of a cooperative method to reduce hazards Methods to replace, reduce or substitute hazardous materials in the workplace


Dr. Kenneth S. Weinberg, Ph.D. is an independent consultant in environmental health and safety. Dr. Weinberg has consulted for several companies in the areas of OSHA Injury and Illness reporting, as well as auditing for OSHA inspections. He has worked as the Director of Safety at Mass. General Hospital in Boston for almost twelve years, and has written several books on the topics of health care safety, OSHA, and Indoor Air Quality. He has also written several articles for prominent national safety publications, and serves on the editorial advisory boards for safety publications. ....more

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Toxics Use Reduction