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Office Safety - Are you Protecting your Key Employees  

Date & Time: Wednesday, July 25, 2012

10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT

Duration: 60 Minutes

Instructor: Don Dressler

Location: Online

Price : $195.00



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Don Dressler Director, Don Dressler Consulting

W e are so busy in most offices today that we overlook the fact that unsafe acts by employees cause the largest number of office injuries. Slips trips and falls cause the most serious injuries. Many of us misuse technology to the point we injure ourselves - particularly with smart phones, ipads, laptop computers, stress, text messaging and multi-tasking, and poor posture. lack of sleep and insufficient hydration and stretching. It doesn't have to be this way, and smart, simple safety actions can increase productivity, employee engagement and retention, and company profit. You can create and maintain a safe and healthy office, and this is not an expense, it is a profit center.

Why you should attend: The nature of office injuries: #1- Strains -32.2%; Contusions -9.7%; Cuts 9.1%; Cumulative injuries 8.3%; Sprains 7.1%; Punctures 4.5%; and Mental Stress 1.3%. With the Total Cost of lost time injury would averaging now $56,515, and strains and sprains so common, employers need to take action.



Also- directly affecting office employees - most common sources of workplace fatalities: traffic accidents; workplace violence and slips and falls.

Don Dressler has 40 years experience in safety, workers' compensation and human resources. He is a Consultant on insurance and risk management issues for private companies on workers compensation insurance and safety. Mr. Dressler is also an Attorney focusing on employment and human resources issues, accident investigations and OSHA compliance and workers' compensation defense. A former CEO of a workers' compensation insurer, he is admitted to the California Bar and the Federal Courts. A graduate of Stanford Law School has an MBA from Pepperdine University and a BA from Kansas State University. He is author of California Office Safety and How to Write Your Company's Safety Plan. He is Safety Group Manager for 3,500 legal and financial firms in California and also advises individual clients. He is founding partner in the human resources firm, Workforce Consultants. ...more

Areas Covered in the Session:


Why safety is important of offices


Who is responsible for safety 4 points for creating a safe office Inspecting for safety

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Anyone with employees

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Office Safety - Are you Protecting your Key Employees  

We are so busy in most offices today that we overlook the fact that unsafe acts by employees cause the largest number of office injuries. Sl...

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