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WELCOM Mentone Grammar is the benchmark for outstanding coeducation in bayside Melbourne. We offer a progressive, well-supported learning environment with wide-ranging opportunities for students from our Early Learning Centre to Year 12. We are renowned for our successful learning model of Together-Apart-Together, where girls and boys in the middle Years (Years 5-9) learn within a coeducational environment in gender specific classes. In Early Learning through to Year 4 and in Years 10-12, students learn in a fully coeducational environment.

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Front Cover: First day back: A whole-school Smoking Ceremony hosted by indigenous mentor, Robert Young.



YEARS 10-12


OME Mentone Grammar is currently experiencing very high demand for enrolments now and into the future. As you can imagine, this is a good situation for our School and clear indication that the School is doing great things.



We really appreciate that people are so interested in our School and, if you are aware of anyone who wishes to be on our future waiting lists, we would appreciate you reminding them that it is critically important to access our website to register and pay a (non-refundable) registration fee per child online. We encourage early applications to increase the likelihood of securing a place in the preferred year of entry. Places at Mentone Grammar are offered according to waiting list priorities, in order of the date of application and at the Principal’s discretion. We invite you to visit us at Mentone Grammar to see our students and staff in action. Initially, joining one of our School Tours is the best way to find out what happens at our School. Take the opportunity to meet with us so that, together, we can discuss our Together-Apart-Together coeducation

model and explore the benefits it will offer your children. This will provide you and your sons and daughters with an opportunity to have your questions answered in detail.

PLEASE JOIN US FOR OUR NEXT SCHOOL TOURS ON: Saturday 10 August: Open Day 9am-12 noon Thursday 24 October: School Tours 9.30am Please register online: or contact me at: if you wish to arrange a private tour or to discuss enrolments and opportunities available for your sons and daughters at Mentone Grammar. I look forward to welcoming you and your family to our Community. PERNILLA EKLUND ALLAN REGISTRAR


02 01 Book a School Tour with us and meet

our student guides from across the Campus.

02 House spirit is a proud part of campus life at Mentone Grammar.


PRINCIPAL’S WELCOME The year has commenced in a most pleasing manner and I thank all who have contributed in a positive manner to this occurring. Our theme for the year is ‘Celebrating Diversity’ and already we have had several special celebrations which embrace but a few of the areas of diversity represented within the School. The Lunar New Year celebrations were, for example, a wonderful exposé of the rich culture of Chinese people both within the School but also in our country. At our Founders' Day service we celebrated the broad range of countries our staff and students come from. I suspect a lot of people were surprised as to how diverse we actually are. As our School embraces more and more cultures, we will all be better for it as this is what the ‘real world’ looks like and we need to be constantly immersed in it. Understanding one another’s cultural diversity and respecting it is what a good community does. Sadly, the incident in Christchurch recently highlights what happens when people disrespect other people and their culture. As we talked about at Assemblies at the time, Love must always prevail over Hatred. Fundamentally what underpins the operation of a good school and, for that matter, a good community, is Respect and Trust. We can have all the rules we like but if these two things are not present you basically have a flawed society. Our theme this year is designed to raise awareness in our community about the wonderful diversity that exists and to further develop both trust and respect within this amazing place. I commend our staff and students on an outstanding start to the year and encourage them to continue to improve in an incremental manner with personal best being their goal.



Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019

FROM THE BOARD The economic miracle that saw Japan transformed from a ruined post-war country to an economic powerhouse by 1970 is frequently explained by reference to the term Kaizen. The Japanese word kaizen means ‘change for better’. It relies on continuous, incremental improvement based on the application of proven, statistically validated methods and regular reflection and refinement rather than on fads or seeking some transformative ‘magic bullet’. This term could also be used to describe the changes that have taken place at Mentone Grammar over the past decade. The Age newspaper recently named the 10 Victorian schools that have shown the greatest growth and improvement over the past decade; Mentone Grammar was named as the non-government school in the Southern region which has seen the greatest ‘value add’. As The Age Education editor Henrietta Cook points out: ‘Focusing on school improvement, rather than achievement at one point in time, lets us think about success differently. It lets us understand the value that schools and teachers can add to a student’s drive and abilities.’ The Board of Directors is delighted with this journey of success that our Principal Mal Cater and the teaching staff at Mentone Grammar have taken us on over this past decade. The great thing is that this approach and attitude will see the journey continue. The current process of Board growth and renewal is continuing and I am pleased to announce the appointment of two new Directors to the School Board of Directors. Christopher Hewison is Executive Director of Property Services and Chief Procurement Officer for RMIT University. He has a Master of Business Administration, a Graduate Diploma of Business Management and a Bachelor Degree in Business (Property). As Executive Director of Property Services of a large university located in the Melbourne CBD Chris brings a lot of experience in this area to the Board. Chris has been a member of the Mentone Grammar Property Committee for the past year and became a full Director in January. Darren Murphy is a Partner in the International Law firm of Jones Day. He has a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Melbourne University. Darren has worked in America, Singapore and Australia primarily in the area of mergers and Acquisitions; he has particular expertise in the energy and mining areas. He is a former student of Mentone Grammar and was Deputy Head Prefect in 1990. Darren and his wife have four children attending Mentone Grammar at present. We welcome both Chris and Darren as Directors of Mentone Grammar School and look forward to their contribution in the years ahead. GEOFF RYAN AM CHAIR


B Com, B Ed, Grad Dip Curriculum, Dip Ed, FACE, FACEL, AAIM, MAICD Educational Consultant Mr Ross Joblin (DEPUTY CHAIR)

LLB (Hons), Dip CorpMgmt, FAICD, FCIS Company Executive Mr Simon Appel OAM PhC, FAIM, FAICD Pharmacist Rev. Kevin Pedersen B. Theol, B.Marketing, Dip Min Minister of Religion Mr Troy Riley BA (Politics/History) Company Director Mrs Gigi Williams B App Sci, FRPS, FBCA, FAIMBI Ms Amanda Codila BA (Psych), MA (Psych) Human Resources Manager Ms Kylie Watson-Wheeler BA (Politics and English Literature), Grad Dip (Communications, Marketing and PR) Managing Director Mr Chris Hewison MBA, Grad Dip Management, B Bus (Property) Executive Director Property & Chief Procurement Officer Mr Darren Murphy B Comm LLB (Hons) Lawyer Attendees Mr Malcolm Cater (PRINCIPAL)

B Bus (Acc), Dip Ed, MACE, MACEL, MLM Ed Ms Nicole Bradshaw (BUSINESS MANAGER)

B Bus (Acc), CPA, GAICD



STORY This year the School commissioned indigenous artist Sandon Gibbs-O’Neill to recreate the story of Mentone Grammar, so far. The beautiful artwork is a celebration of the School’s diverse history and a way of paying respect to the Bunurong people of the Kulin nation who are the traditional custodians of the land on which our School is built. This artwork has many layers. Sandon has carefully interwoven so much of what the School stands for. Embedded in this is the School’s seven values of: Integrity, Discipline, Endeavour, Resilience, Caring, Respect and Service. The beach depicted represents the geographical location of the School and connection with the ocean along with the sporting success that Mentone Grammar students have in the water. It also tells of the importance of respecting and acknowledging Bunurong land and the coastal environment of the area. The three brown circles surrounded by u-shapes and spears signify the generations of boys and men who have attended the School and the links that exist through generations of Mentone Grammar families. The circle with the blue u-shape in the middle illustrates the School’s notion that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, a shared responsibility of caring and connection that protects the students’ wellbeing and promotes successful learning.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019

The School is very proud and humbled by this unique story; a story that is so much bigger than one person’s journey through the School.

The final connected circle shows the School today with both male and female u-shapes representing our coeducational environment. The dots within the circle show all students, family members and staff coming together to create a positive environment. The three larger circles surrounding this last circle represent the three sections of the Mentone Grammar Reconciliation Plan which are Respect, Relationships and Opportunities. The yellow pathway at the top of the painting represents the relationship that has been developed between the School and the Northern Territory community of Lilla and the connection our staff and students have fostered with Indigenous culture. It shows the sharing of cultural knowledge and the development of a respectful relationship. The School is very proud and humbled by this unique story; a story that is so much bigger than one person’s journey through the School. The painting is on view in the Creativity Centre and we welcome our Community to drop by and see it. Thank you to Sandon Gibbs O’Neill for his artistic and storytelling brilliance in bringing our communities even closer. SANDON GIBBS-O’NEILL INSTAGRAM@BURRUGUUART





On Saturday 3 March 1923, Mentone Grammar was officially opened with 56 students on the roll. On Tuesday 5 March 2019, Bayview Captains, Tilly and Will, welcomed the School’s 1650 students to the Frogmore Campus, along with staff and special guests including Councillor Geoff Gledhill, Deputy Chair of the Board, Ross Joblin and Nic Toovey, Head Prefect 1969.

Founders' Day is always a special occasion for the School as we reflect on the rich history of our School. Today we are celebrating our 96 years through reflections on a journey that began so humbly to the wonderful, diverse school we share today. We appreciate our guests being with us today and hope that everyone has an enjoyable Founders' Day. Tilly Meagher and Will Mutton Bayview Captains 2019


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019

In keeping with tradition, students paid homage to the School’s founders and outlined their early struggles and eventual successes early last Century. As a reminder of changing times, Ashton Phillips from the Greenways Campus read the Acknowledgement of Country, thanking the Bunurong people of the Kulin nation, the traditional owners of the land where the School resides. The focus of the gathering was to acknowledge and celebrate the School’s cultural diversity. Senior students, Gustaf von Zweigbergk, Dhishni de Silva, Valdis Guppy and Jade Rechner delivered an enlightening speech that demonstrated the continuing evolution of the School, that began with two classes of local children to what is now a truly global environment, borderless and expansive: This year the theme for Mentone Grammar is ‘Celebrating Diversity’ and, as we come together today as young people and older people, as men and as women, as people of different sexual orientation, as people with vastly different occupations and skills, as people from varying religious backgrounds, as people from Australian and many other heritages it is easy to see that the evolving diversity that has underpinned this School throughout its first 96 years, is evident today. It is this rich tapestry of people that has made this School the amazing place that it is today, and we should value that and celebrate it. When Mentone Grammar was a boarding school students would come here from all over the world. There were students from Indonesia, from Nauru, from China – Hong Kong in particular, Thailand, Malaysia and from many European countries. The School, in those days, was home to about 80 students.




... it was a celebration of thanks for all the pioneering people, past and present, who keep moving the School forward to meet the ever changing academic, cultural and social needs of the times.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019


Our current student population includes students from Aruba, Austria, Brunei, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Russian Federation, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, the United States of America, Uzbekistan and Vietnam. Our staff profile has also always been multicultural. Currently we have staff from Armenia, China, South Africa, Sweden, the United States of America, Greece, New Zealand, Singapore, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Lithuania, India, Germany, Ireland, Belarus, Vietnam, England, Holland, Thailand, Hungary, Odessa, Scotland, Indonesia and Canada.

The biggest change to our diversity though came in 2006, when the School began enrolling girls and it moved from being an all-boys school to being a coed school. In the first year of coeducation the School enrolled 105 girls and we now have 655 girls in the School. In the evolution of our contemporary School this has been a highly successful initiative. In Year 9 this year there are actually more girls than boys! Our Early Learning Centre, it should be noted, has always enrolled both boys and girls. The introduction of girls saw the popularity of our Performing Arts programs soar in Dance, Music, Drama and Theatre Studies and our girls equally embraced and challenged the boys in all subject areas. Our School has benefited immeasurably by becoming coed and the cultural impact has made our Community feel complete as we move towards a 50/50 gender population. The evolution of our subject offerings has also seen the curriculum diversify to reflect the future needs of your occupations. For example, Technology classes did not exist here last century, but today we offer 18 different Technology streams with limitless pathways for careers that will demand such attributes. Most notably our Cocurricular programs have evolved to embrace and reflect student interests today. Sport has grown from the traditional to now include our girls’ APS fixture that includes Girls’ Cricket, AFLW and Touch Football. Aerobics was certainly not an option before 2006!

This year we will send more than 1000 students overseas and around Australia and Victoria to learn in the most exciting of ways. The diversity of our Learning Journeys are the envy of most schools and we are so proud of the way in which they provide a hands-on, cultural view of the world. They are indeed a celebration of cultural diversity and the connections live on back in the classroom and the memories, for a lifetime. Who could ever forget their first night under the stars at Lilla, visiting NASA, floating down the canals of Venice or climbing the 1000-yearold tombs at Angkor Wat in Cambodia? Today, we are proud to be a school that has true acceptance of social diversity and we thank the Wellbeing team and all classroom teachers who work incredibly hard to promote acceptance around ‘difference’. The openness of conversation around issues of mental health, sexuality, religion, social and cultural questions are exactly what we need to be having as a compassionate, accepting community and we thank you all for the wonderful ‘differences’ you bring to our School and the joy we all share in celebrating them. Thank you. Saving the best ‘til last, the two youngest students of the School, Imogen and Marcus, happily cut the giant birthday cake with Col. Weir’s sword; with help from special guest Nick Toovey and Head Prefects, Bronte and Zac. Once again, it was a celebration of thanks for all the pioneering people, past and present, who keep moving the School forward to meet the ever changing academic, cultural and social needs of the times. Labore et Honore



Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019


CLASS OF 2018 Mentone Grammar’s 2018 Valedictorians celebrated a highly successful year of VCE results along with enthusiastic cocurricular involvement and great collegiate spirit. They all contributed to the high performance culture of the School, greatly supported by a dedicated teaching team, excellent resources and facilities and supportive families. All 193 Year 12 students have graduated as well rounded, confident and skilled young adults. The Community congratulates them on a stellar year and for the outstanding young people they have become, and for their outstanding VCE achievements that reflect this. Across the year level there were many high achieving students who excelled in their areas of interest and were impressive leaders and role models for many younger students. The following Valedictorians were applauded for their success in a broad range of passions and academic pursuits:

01 In a Mentone Grammar first, the honour of Dux was 01 

shared by two exceptional students Wencong Wu and Alexandra Siedle. Congratulations.

Jessica Ewart-McTigue is awarded the Simon Appel OAM 02  Medal for her collegiate leadership and enthusiastic cocurricular involvement throughout Year 12.


A proud moment for Angus Spargo as he is awarded 03 

the inaugural Excellence in Applied Learning Award to complement his Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, both achieved in his final year.

Ruby Athanas is awarded the Good Samaritan Prize 04 

for her generous and exceptional community service, alongside her VCE studies.

Congratulations to: A  lexandra Siedle Tonkin Prize for English  Wencong Wu

 Jayde Maluga Dunk Family Prize for LOTE A lison Ahern

 kanayake Prize for Mathematics E & Beruldsen Prize for Physics  Luqi Huang

Toovey Family Award for Resilience M  ia McCulloch Toovey Family Award for Resilience

Beruldsen Prize for Physics


ACADEMIC MERIT AWARDS A  rtissimo Music Award Luke Shi A  rtissimo Dance/Drama Award Emma Maggio T  he Good Samaritan Prize Ruby Athanas T  he Principal’s Award for Art Isabella Svojtka A  rt & Design Acquisitive Prize Harry Kingston T  he Spirit of Mentone Grammar Award Natalie Clucas T  he Gibson-Roberts Memorial Prize Braden Watts

Excellence in Applied Learning A ngus Spargo  Awarded to the Year 12 student who has demonstrated ongoing commitment to vocational training, academic endeavour and personal growth within the VCAL program.

Acknowledgement of the 2018 Head Prefects Brandon Demura, Alexandra Siedle, Megan Siedle


T  he Simon Appel OAM Medal Jessica Ewart-McTigue

04 11


Georgia Rowan

Peter Cotsopoulos

Luke Shi

Jessica Ewart-McTigue

Alexandra Siedle

Charlotte Fryer

Megan Siedle

Lachlan Howe

Isabella Svojtka

Luqi Huang

Jiaxin Wei

Trenton Johnson

Wencong Wu

Cayla Le Gear

Hanbin Zhou

Weiyu Li

Jingqi Zhou

Tyler Milburn































State Rank





Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019



2018 We congratulate all of our students on their exceptional achievements across so many different areas of the School.

34% ATARs over 90 - Top 10% in Australia

63% ATARs over 80 - Top 20% in Australia Median ATAR 84.73 50% Grades A or A+ 20.5% Study Scores over 40 Median Study Score 35

Victorian Universities (84%) Employment (4.5%) Interstate and Overseas Engagements (4%) TAFE (4%) Independent Institutions (3.5%)

CLASS OF 2018 VICTORIAN UNIVERSITY DESTINATIONS Monash University (30.5%) University of Melbourne (20%) RMIT University ( 17%) Deakin University (14%) Swinburne University (11%) Independent Colleges (4%) Victoria University (2%) Australian Catholic University (1%) La Trobe University (0.5%)

CLASS OF 2018 COURSE DESTINATIONS Management & Commerce (23%) Health (16%) Natural & Physical Sciences (13%) Creative Arts (13%) Society & Culture (11%) Engineering (8%) Architecture & Building (6.5%) Information Technology (5%) Education (2.5%) Agriculture, Environment & Related Studies (1.5%) Food & Hospitality, Personal Services (0.5%)




LEADERSHIP 2019 Leadership at Mentone Grammar is seen as service. Students are encouraged to explore the concept that good leaders are required to serve others in order to be effective. Leadership is not a selfish pursuit, rather, it is an intangible quality that allows others to learn and grow. The School acknowledges the important role students can play as leaders of industry, politics, sports, arts, commerce and society. As educators, we must examine what skills and traits our students need to possess in order to be confident, inspiring and respectful leaders. Jarrod O’Neill Deputy Principal – Operations

CONGRATULATIONS TO HEAD PREFECTS 2019 BRONTE REARK & ZAC ANGUS In badging you as Head Prefects of Mentone Grammar we, as a School Community, have strong expectations that you will assume responsibility to assist with the good order and conduct of the School and do your utmost to maintain its good reputation and values in scholarship, sport, performance and Christian conduct at all times, by your influence and example. Are you prepared to assume this responsibility?


Head Prefects: I am.



You are heavily involved in our sports program with your core sports being Volleyball, Football and Athletics. You have represented the Firsts Volleyball and Football teams. You are also a member of the School Athletics Team. You have undertaken a number of public speaking opportunities including co-hosting our recent Keith Jones Oration. You exhibit the School Values so much so that in Year 9 you organised your peers in a fundraising activity to support a family in need. In Year 9 you were awarded the Roly Wettenhall Medal for Scholarship, Leadership and Teamsmanship. You support your peers in your House, in our classrooms and outside of them and your hardworking nature is respected by all who encounter you. You are a very high achieving student and have the strong respect of staff and students. I am delighted to appoint you as a Head Prefect of Mentone Grammar.

Whether it be sport, where you are broadly involved, productions, dance, singing in the Senior Vocal Ensemble, Cadets where you hold a leadership position, as a member of the Social Service Leadership program, as a volunteer lifesaver in our community, playing club sport or serving your House you are a leader of the highest calibre exhibiting the School Values both at School and outside of it. You support your peers and are well respected by staff and students alike. Your care in our community is evident in the outreach you make to others. You have true blue and white blood having a father and grandfather attend the School before you and your passion for the School is only too evident. I am delighted to appoint you as a Head Prefect of Mentone Grammar.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019

I admit you, Bronte and Zac, as the Head Prefects of Mentone Grammar, in the confidence that you will do your utmost to maintain its standards, values and reputation and I commend you, the Head Prefects, to the prayers of the School that God will strengthen you to serve Him in your role. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am delighted to appoint these two young leaders, outstanding role models and fine young people to lead you, the student body for the next 12 months.


COCURRICULAR CAPTAINS 2019 L-R Megan Bresnehan (Performing Arts), Joshua Cooley (Public Speaking), Iona Rich (Social Service), Andrew Lancaster (Performing Arts), Tiffany Spitzer (Social Service), Matthew Scott (Sport), Ruby Timms (Sport), Cate Rausz (Visual Arts), Zoe Lancaster (Wellbeing), Alexander McCann (Wellbeing), Ziqi (Dalia) Ou (International), Fengyun (Westbrook) Li (International).


L-R Christopher Perkins (Drinan), Holly Svojtka (Jones), Gemma Reynolds (White), Kayla Skafte (Deighton), Jefferson Bauer (Were), Isabella Daddo (Finlay Anderson), Charlie Officer (Lionel Large), Phoebe Wearne (Anderson).

PREFECTS HOLLY SVOJTKA AND JOSHUA COOLEY In April, Holly Svojtka and Joshua Cooley were badged as Prefects for their inspiring and consistent leadership in their many and varied roles.

CADET LEADERS The Mentone Grammar Army Cadet Unit is a popular, unique program that builds confidence in leadership, management and organisational skills and important survival and life skills.


MIDDLE YEARS LEADERSHIP YEAR 8 LEADERSHIP In 2019, Year 8 leadership has been allocated to one of two areas: Peer Support Leader or House Leader.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

The Peer Support Leader is a role where the student assists those around them. This could be to welcome students at the gate and check in with them, to help House leaders run events or to visit the Years 5 and 6 classrooms with the Captains, amongst other things.

John C. Maxwell

Leading the Campus overall are our Bayview Captains and in 2019 we congratulate Will Mutton and Tilly Meagher on their outstanding applications. Their citations read:

WILL MUTTON You have been selected through a rigorous interview process to become one of the Bayview Captains for 2019. You present as a person who strongly demonstrates all of the values the School rates so highly, and you do so on a daily basis. You genuinely care about other people and you are proud to be a member of our School. You show this in your engagement, your endeavour and your willingness to support other people. Your leadership skills are impressive having been a Class Captain and a House Captain in the past few years. You lead by example in all things that you say and do, and everyone around you enjoys your passion, integrity and fun disposition. You look people in the eye when you meet them and shake their hand firmly but with warmth. You are so enthusiastic about everything you do and you give 100 per cent in the sports that you play and the musical ensembles in which you belong, showing that you are a team player. You love to help people, often offering assistance before being asked to do so. We congratulate you on your appointment as Bayview Captain.

TILLY MEAGHER You live the values of the School, often being there for others, showing great empathy. You are a hard worker and are heavily involved in an array of activities including Writers Club, Maths Club, and Debating and Chess Clubs, as well as being a member of Bayview Singers.

01 02

You have assisted with various parent evenings and continue to be charitable with your time. You are an excellent communicator with a delightful and bubbly personality. You role model the School Values to a high level and you contribute positively in our classrooms. Your energy is infectious and we look forward to you leading the way showcasing your ideas throughout the year. We congratulate you on your appointment as Bayview Captain. Tilly and Will have various roles in our School, including helping with significant events in the calendar, visiting Years 5 and 6 classrooms, delivering speeches at assembly and organising and collaborating with the other Year 8 students selected for Leadership roles. Having completed their STRIDE leadership training, all appointed students understand that leadership is more than a badge or title. Congratulations to: House Captains: Ava Gibbons (Anderson), Ethan Green (Deighton), Megan Lewis (Drinan), Christian Howe (Finlay Anderson), Jude Scott (Jones), Will Nish (Lionel Large), Amelie Hall (Were), Nat Petty (White). Peer Support: Keira Patron, Keisha Jacobs, Nick Di Rosato, Fergus Rann, Nichola Di Tirro, Mathieson Meakins, Luka Pajic, Jake Daniels, Patrick Riley, Eliza Schmidt, Rocco Scott, Jennifer Bodinnar.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019


Will Mutton and Tilly Meagher with Head of Bayview, James Walton.


BAYVIEW LEADERSHIP TEAM with Year 8 Coordinators Luke Wintle and Gennie McNair.


Leadership within the Keith Jones Centre has taken on a new direction this year, with the aim of constantly improving student experience and opportunity. The idea behind this Leadership initiative is to promote students having a voice, being heard and providing a network with the opportunity to work collaboratively. Students applied to become not only a class captain but to take responsibility for an area of interest. After presenting a speech to their peers, a class captain from each mentor group was chosen and they nominated a specific area of interest to establish the following sub committees: Wellbeing/Academic Art/Creative Sport/Active Sustainability/Service We congratulate: Wellbeing Committee: Year 5 Captain Natalie Nomikos, Year 6 Captain Grace Sibbald Sport Committee: Year 5 Captain Diesel Reid, Year 6 Captain Will Douglas Art/Creative Committee:


Year 5 Captain Ella Whittaker, Year 6 Captain Indi Kruss Sustainability Committee: Year 5 Captain Patrick Saunders, Year 6 Captains Zach Raffaut and Ed Hall. JAMES WALTON HEAD OF BAYVIEW

Leadership is doing what is right when no one else is watching. George Van Velkenburg


JUNIOR LEADERS In Year 4, students explore the concept of Leadership. All Year 4 students are asked to reflect on themselves as leaders and how they demonstrate the School Values during their time at school. Using these reflections, students are invited to apply for Leadership positions, with some moving through to an interview with the Student Leadership committee. It is impressive to be a part of the process to witness the mature and considered responses from such young people. This year we congratulate the following 2019 Leaders: Eblana Captains 2019 Olivia Monro and Elliot Grant

L-R 01 

Ella Whittaker, Indiana Kruss,

Natalie Nomikos, Grace Sibbald, Patrick Saunders, Will Mutton (Bayview Captain), Zach Raffaut, Ed Hall, Will Douglas, Diesel Reid and Tilly Meagher (Bayview Captain).

Eblana Captains Elliot Grant and 02 

Olivia Monro with Head of Eblana, Jessica Richards.

Eblana Leaders and Captains 2019. 03 

EBLANA HOUSE CAPTAINS 2019 Anderson Rhys Basin and Riley Dunn Deighton Adyhaan Tata and Mary Mae Welton Drinan Emily Murray and Zac Bartlett Finlay Anderson Annalise Di Tirro and Sullivan O’Donnell Jones William Adams and Jonathan Kalogerakis Lionel Large Brooke Bernasconi and Ben Nish Were Angie Hooker and Lexi Hooker White Isabella Mirhom and Baxter Chan JESSICA RICHARDS HEAD OF EBLANA





I am delighted to have joined the Mentone Grammar Community and I look forward to getting to know you all over the coming months. First impressions are everything and my first impressions of Mentone Grammar are extremely positive. The School is an incredibly warm, friendly, supportive and inclusive place that has an excellent staff of teachers and business/operations people. When I first met Kara Baxter, our Head of Teaching and Learning (7-12), one of the first things she said to me was that, ‘Mentone Grammar has the best teachers in the state.’ Looking at the School’s VCE results, its holistic approach to education, that includes the social, emotional and spiritual, and seeing the dedication, passion and expertise of our staff on display on a daily basis, it’s a statement that I wholeheartedly agree with. Already this year I have seen remarkable sporting achievements, selfless acts of charity and goodwill, service to less fortunate communities and entrepreneurial spirit across all ages and stages. I am struck by the number of opportunities that students have here. Through Cadets, Community Service programs and local and overseas expeditions, students develop an understanding of their place in the world and how they can be leaders, giving back to others and contributing as active, productive and informed citizens. Through approaches like the Mentone Grammar RULER program, students are explicitly taught how to recognise and regulate their emotions and how to see situations from the perspective of others. The amazing creations coming out of the Design, Art and Technology subjects and the many wonderful performances in our Drama and Music faculties are matched equally by the powerful learning that I witness as I walk around the school visiting English, Mathematics and Science classrooms. Skills like creativity, communication and critical thinking are developed in a number of ways and through high expectations, students in our senior years develop a strong work ethic and important habits of mind as they strive to do their very best. There is no doubt that Mentone Grammar is an outstanding school.


In the book Against All Odds: A History of Mentone Grammar, author James Rundle retells that one of the original aims of the school was ‘To provide a classical, general and modern education.’ Almost 100 years later this aim continues to guide our work. By honouring and celebrating the past, and acknowledging the journey that is currently underway, we can look forward and begin to embrace an aspirational future. In consultation with the Mentone Community, we have already begun developing a plan that will shape the future of teaching and learning at the School over the next five years. This vision will be future focused and informed by the latest research, ensuring we continue to be one of the top Independent Schools in Australia, providing a contemporary education that meets the needs of all our students going into the future. It’s an exciting time to join such a forward-thinking and high performing school. ADRIAN CAMM DEPUTY PRINCIPAL – TEACHING AND LEARNING


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019


01 01

L earning in action. Students have a breadth of opportunity to explore, create and lead in the extensive cocurricular programs that both balance and complement the Teaching and Learning programs of the classrooms.


03 02



Kara Baxter Head of Teaching and Learning Years 7-12, Adrian Camm Deputy Principal – Teaching and Learning, Mark Smith Head of Learning Enhancement Years K-12, Christine Altidis Head of Teaching Practice, Jocelyn Hartley Head of Teaching and Learning Foundation-Year 6.


D eputy Principals Adrian Camm and Jarrod O’Neill welcome mentor and educational leader, Rosa Storelli, to speak to staff about effective leadership.





Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019

BE CURIOUS Welcome to the Mary Jones Early Learning Centre, where children learn through play, within carefully constructed environments created by their educators to acknowledge the diverse range of knowledge, experiences and abilities that each child brings to the Centre. Our service believes strongly in establishing a trusted relationship with each child and their family. Collaborative practice is strongly embedded in our philosophy and is the keystone of having a program that supports the children and their learning. We respect and celebrate the diversity of our families and communities and understand the goals and aspirations each family holds for their child. We believe all children are individuals who have the right to have their culture, identity, abilities and strengths acknowledged and valued. By working with these goals, we help build on each child’s self-confidence and skills to increase awareness, appreciation and inclusion of diverse beliefs and cultures. In turn, these build on educational achievement and success. We build cultural appreciation into our program by focusing on the different cultures of our immediate community and explore these cultures and traditions through music, language, food, by cooking traditional dishes, and inviting families to come into our classrooms wto share stories from their homeland. Children are curious by nature and are open to learning about things that are new; things that they can connect to with their friends in the classes. Indigenous culture is also strongly embedded in all areas of our program. By teaching children cultural competence, we hope to develop a community based on mutual respect and acceptance. This is the vision we want for all our families - a world where we can all belong, contribute to, and happily celebrate the uniqueness of all. All this we endeavour to achieve through play! We so look forward to taking this journey with you all throughout 2019. LIBBY CHISLETT DIRECTOR





Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019



The highlight of Term 1 for Eblana students has been the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Harmony Day. This is a day that celebrates Australian Multiculturalism and the successful integration of migrants into our community. Australia continues to grow as a multicultural country and here at Mentone Grammar we take pride in celebrating this along with inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background. Australia is a vibrant and multicultural country — from the oldest continuous culture of our first Australians to the cultures of our newest arrivals from around the world. Our cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths and is at the heart of who we are. It makes Australia a great place to live. Multicultural Australia is part of our national identity. All people who migrate to Australia bring with them some of their own cultural and religious traditions, as well as taking on many new traditions. Collectively, these traditions have enriched our nation. This very special day is held on 21 March annually, which is also the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Students in Eblana thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to dress in support of Harmony Day, wearing orange, to represent Harmony. Traditionally, orange signifies the freedom of ideas and encouragement of mutual respect. We wear orange to show our support for cultural diversity and an inclusive Australia.

Mentone Grammar celebrates a student population that includes families from Aruba, Austria, Brunei, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Kazakhstan,Malaysia, New Zealand, the Russian Federation, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, the USA, Uzbekistan and Vietnam. Our staff Profile has also always been multicultural. Currently we have staff from Armenia, Belarus, Canada, China, England, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Lithuania, Mauritius, New Zealand, Odessa, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Thailand, the USA and Vietnam – 24 different countries! In Eblana we are proud to be a school that has true acceptance of diversity and promotes ‘difference’. We thank you all for the wonderful ‘differences’ you bring each day and the joy we all share in celebrating them. JESSICA RICHARDS HEAD OF EBLANA

On this day we learnt that nearly half of Australia’s population was born overseas or have a parent who was and that more than 7.5 million migrants have made Australia their home over the last 70 years.



FINDING YOUR NICHE To be a student in the Bayview Campus is to be on a journey of discovery. Every student who comes through the gates on Warrigal Road, rides their bike past the Aquatic Centre to the bike sheds or who walks up the Avenue of Honour is an individual and their time in Bayview is about celebrating that difference, whatever it might be. One of the starting points for acknowledging the different pathways our middle years’ students might take through the School is through the annually produced ACAS (Academic – Creative – Active – Service) list. This list captures the diverse range of opportunities that we offer to our students outside of their regular programs and students are encouraged to think outside of their comfort zone when presented with this document at the start of the year. The message to the students is clear: ‘Never tried it before? Now could be the time to give it a go.’

ACADEMIC Alongside our regular curriculum and Dare 2 Dream enrichment opportunities, students have access to a range of competitions and programs that they can opt into or which, if they have already expressed an interest, they might find a friendly tap on the shoulder from a teacher to encourage them to join. From Tournament of Minds to Science Talent Searches, GATEWAYS challenges to Young Writers Awards, students find themselves building solar powered vehicles, producing stop-motion animations or engaging in debates with other schools amongst many other challenges. There are also a host of lunchtime clubs to stimulate the young people in our care from coding to philosophy clubs, offering further opportunities for our students to find and follow their unique passion.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019

SPORTS AND CREATIVE For those who enjoy the sporting arena, the comprehensive Saturday Sport program from Year 7 further enhances their journey through Bayview. With a breadth of offerings including Sailing, Cricket, Touch Football, Soccer and Volleyball, students can represent the School in a sport they already love or have the opportunity to try something they’ve never done before within a structured environment, which will help develop their skills. For our younger students, the Junior AGSV and Cheltenham Districts competitions provide a challenge in a similar range of sports, with an emphasis on participation and enjoyment. Students often choose to play a sport they may not play elsewhere to broaden their horizons and experience something new. Further recognising the difference that exists within our Campus, students are also offered the chance to pursue a ‘Season of Creativity’ from Year 8 onwards. The S.M.A.R.T Program replaces one of their compulsory sport seasons and allows them to continue their journey in Speaking and Debating, Arts, Media, Research and Entrepreneurship or Technology as an alternate Saturday pathway. Following a successful musical season of Shrek Junior last year, attention this year has been on Monty Python’s classic Spamalot, a production that will doubtless attract many to audition. For students for whom singing and dancing might not be their thing 2019 sees the introduction of a Bayview play, The Actors, allowing non-musical thespians to have their moment. Opportunities also exist for those who don’t like the bright lights and the eyes of 450 audience members in the Thorold Theatre all intently focused on their dazzling dance steps or oration. For each production, students can get involved backstage with costumes and make-up, set design or as a stage technician. There is something for everyone.

SERVICE The final part of ACAS is Service and this too acknowledges the difference in our students. A new Leadership program for 2019 in Years 5 and 6 challenges students to stand up as a Class Captain, while also exploring their personal passion by nominating to chair either a Sport, Wellbeing, Art or Sustainability Committee as part of their role. These committees are made up of other student volunteers who have an interest in that area and want to explore leadership, but perhaps don’t feel ready to be a Class Captain at this stage. These roles will rotate in the second semester, meaning other students will also have a chance to be involved. This is just one example of how staff continue to seek opportunities to extend our students and engage them in an authentic and individual way. Overall, students in Bayview have a whole world to explore within the programs that exist within the Campus and they are encouraged to do so by supportive staff who bring their own unique experience and expertise to the varied offerings. Each individual walks through the gates at the start of the day with a fresh opportunity to find their niche and perhaps to set out on a pathway they will follow through the School and for the rest of their lives. JAMES WALTON HEAD OF BAYVIEW



A POSITIVE LEARNING CULTURE It was wonderful to welcome our new Greenways cohort back to the 2019 academic school year looking refreshed and, dare I say, a little sun-kissed and keen to learn. Each year, the Greenways team has the chance to connect with a new group of Year 9s. We start to understand each student and the unique set of attributes and skills they bring to the Campus. One of the wonderful opportunities we have as a staff is to celebrate the diversity of interests and experiences each student brings to the learning space. This allows us to design learning programs that suit the needs of the students. The School Board continues to support the development of state-of-the-art facilities at Mentone Grammar. Greenways is an outstanding facility and, in its seventh


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019

year, continues to provide an engaging space that meets the needs of our Year 9s. Its dynamic design and unique layout creates an engaging environment. A positive learning culture is obvious within the Campus. It is great to witness the students’ engagement and participation in the classroom. The Study and Fitness sessions have been extremely well attended this year. Students are expected to attend three study sessions per fortnight where they undertake structured and personal study within these times. Collaboration is also evident at these times with students working on group tasks in designated spaces.

Our Greenways Learning Journeys play an integral role in developing important life skills and consolidating students’ learning in a range of different contexts. Some Year 9 groups have already attended the Shoreham, Dookie (Rural), City and Greenways Café experiences. Students have also had the chance to participate in fitness sessions and yoga to look after their wellbeing. We have spent time with students returning from the Learning Journeys experience developing a transition plan. We have asked students to reflect on their experience and present their learning at the class Learning Journeys Presentation dinner. We have

also encouraged students to recognise the skills they have developed and how they can be used back in the classroom. Our Greenways Assemblies have embraced our school theme of Celebrating Diversity. Each class has presented on this theme and some of the focus areas have been about cultural awareness, physical difference, learning challenges and respecting different faiths. We will continue to explore this theme in a variety of contexts as the year unfolds. Fittingly, the strategies that underpin the RULER Program have been implemented into the routines of our Campus. This

program aims to improve the emotional intelligence of our community and in doing so, aids understanding and empathy around some of the, sometimes, challenging areas of cultural difference. Our 2019 Greenways students have created their own charter to ensure greater understanding around issues of respect, harmony and inclusiveness.

members of their community. It is a year where communication is one of the keys to success – for students, staff and parents. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact that this program has on each Greenways student in 2019. NATALIE MCLENNAN HEAD OF GREENWAYS

It’s a busy year but, in my experience, Year 9 students are well equipped to manage senior study and the social expectations of the year. This age and stage can be challenging – students will push the boundaries. They are starting to define and shape their identity to function as mature





The optimism, hope and opportunity of a fresh start is always evident at the commencement of the new year and it was wonderful to see the sparkle in the eyes of our students as they returned to their School towards the end of January. Students and staff, refreshed and replenished following a restful break, returned to renew relationships, or perhaps to develop new ones, and engage purposefully in meaningful work designed to progress student learning. Indeed, the start to our year has been seamless and I commend all for the manner in which they have begun this year’s journey. The School’s continued development as a high performance environment, in which our students are challenged to improve their performance across all areas of their school life, began with our students engaging in reflective conversations and identifying meaningful goals. At their Year 12 Conference to commence the 2019 academic year, each of our senior students was asked to set a goal within each of their subject areas and an ATAR goal for their overall performance. Further, they were asked to identify goals for time beyond our School. Mentor lessons were utilised to undertake similar goal setting for our Years 10 and 11 students. These individual goals have been documented and will be utilised as a reference point during the year to reflect upon learning progress and work habits, but perhaps more importantly, to reinforce a sense of purpose and direction for each of our students. And while an environment that seeks to sustain high performance can bring with it inherent, and perhaps necessary, pressures, the support and encouragement our staff and students provide to each other assists in ensuring that our students are well supported in rising to meet those expectations. As a Campus, we aspire to provide our students with an environment where everyone feels they belong, where they feel understood, feel cared for and appreciated as an individual. In an environment where we emphasise high performance, it is important that we recognise and embrace the diversity of our students,


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019

recognising individual talents, and take the steps necessary to enable us to exercise high care to support students as they endeavour to achieve their potential. Frogmore staff understand that, while they move to create classrooms cultures that assist students to strive towards excellent academic results, these must also be caring and nurturing environments as well. Our staff are concerned for the whole child, incorporating personal wellbeing and social and moral development so that our students can move forward to lead lives that are personally fulfilling and make a strong contribution to society. Staff create these environments in a number of ways, but it all begins with getting to know their students, their interests, their hopes, their challenges and especially their strengths. The inclusion of The Resilience Project within our Frogmore diaries certainly reflects the importance placed upon student wellbeing within our School and provides a reference point for building and enhancing effective relationships. In addition, the connectedness through our Houses and mentor ‘families’ has also assisted in students feeling that they are a part of something more. Whether within mentor activities, including various games, karaoke competitions, or trivia quizzes, or at any of the designated House Competitions, the sense of camaraderie and spirit is certainly leading to a true sense of belonging within our School Community. It has been a wonderful start to the year and I wish all members of the Frogmore community all the very best as we move further into the year and embrace the opportunities and challenges ahead.








Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019


Mentone Grammar students set their sights on the stars in April when 37 students and five staff headed off on the inaugural USA STEM Tour. For almost three weeks the group toured across the vast continent from San Francisco to Washington and south to Orlando, exploring the most advanced technologies the USA has to offer. The tour kicked-off on the west coast with a visit to Silicon Valley, the Google campus and the National Ignition Facility, home to the largest and most energetic laser ever built. Then, they journeyed across to the ‘deep south’ of Huntsville Alabama, to get down to serious business at NASA’s Advanced Space Camp. Throughout a week-long program, students participated in vigorous astronaut training and completed realistic space missions in aviation simulators. It was the perfect ending to a life-changing experience when Mentone Grammar student, Victoria Gelbak (Year 9), was chosen for the only individual medal awarded at Space Camp - the prestigious Right Stuff Award. This special honour is bestowed on the trainee with the greatest potential to be a NASA space explorer of the future. We are exceptionally proud of Vicky!


Next stop was the nation’s capital of Washington DC where students toured America’s most prized exhibits: the Washington Monument, Capitol Building, White House and civil rights memorials. They visited the Smithsonian Museums and the Udvar-Hazy Museum to witness humankind’s greatest feats of aerospace engineering. Down in Orlando, students learned how to defy gravity in the world’s most technologically advanced human flying tunnel before being drawn back to Earth by an airboat ride across Lake Toho, complete with alligator-spotting and a sunset BBQ. The USA STEM Tour 2019 culminated in a visit to the home of NASA operations, past and present: The Kennedy Space Center. Students felt incredibly privileged to attend lunch with astronaut, Jon McBride, lead chase pilot for the maiden voyage of the Space Shuttle Columbia. Then the tour finished with a bang with 14 fun-filled hours at Universal Studios. We are exceptionally proud of the 37 young people who represented our School in the USA. They were enthusiastic, positive and made the most of every opportunity. Thank you to the parents and families whose support enabled this life-changing experience. STEM TOUR TEAM 2019


Year 9 student Victoria Gelbak with  her once-in-a-lifetime award.



Top Arts 2019 presents diverse and accomplished works of art from students who have completed Art or Studio Arts as part of the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). Hosted at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, the exhibition showcases young artists’ exploration of some of the greatest concerns of contemporary times, and their creative celebration of humanity and the world.

Mentone Grammar achieved extraordinary success by having three students selected to exhibit at Top Arts 2019. Nina Alston (VCE Art), Harry Kingston (VCE Art) and Imogen Schwarz (VCE Art). Tom Goodman, (VCE Studio Arts) and Arabella Scanlon (VCE Art) were shortlisted which was a huge achievement considering thousands of applications were received by the selection panel. Following are artist statements where Nina, Harry and Imogen discuss the ideas behind their own work.

NINA ALSTON My aim was to create bodies of work that explored themes that are often ignored. I focused on the supremacy of ideas rather than on traditional aesthetic qualities. Focusing on mental health and feminism, I explored contemporary issues that face our society but are, at times, selectively ignored. Through both Units 3 and 4, I explored these ‘ugly’ themes through an artistic approach, aiming to captivate my audience through interesting and challenging aesthetics that force the audience to confront these issues and consider them in new ways.

Nina Alston In our Mind 2018 lithographic paper and polyvinyl acetate (variable) (installation) Mentone Grammar, Mentone © Nina Alston

HARRY KINGSTON The bubble wrap, in conjunction with the ‘Fragile’ sticker, speaks to the overprotective nature that baby-proofs us from our own responsibility for our safety. Pressure from media to live a ‘perfect’ lifestyle leads people to shield themselves from experiencing risk and adventure. I explored how bubble wrap can distort figures, using oil paint to create a sterile and hostile environment, which isolates the subject from the world. This disconnection from the viewer intends to alienate the portrait, inspired by the restrictiveness of our bubble-wrapped society.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019

Harry Kingston Handle with care 2018 oil on canvas 150.2 x 122.0 cm Mentone Grammar, Mentone © Harry Kingston

IMOGEN SCHWARZ We are completely fixated upon ourselves, with no regard for issues that truly matter. Fuelled by self-obsession in social media, we turn a blind eye to detrimental climate and environmental problems. We would much rather adapt to a dystopian world than stand up and fight for action. This portrait, produced with acrylic paint and layers of coloured pencil, emphasises ‘selfie’ culture, our role in nature and the increasingly technology-dominated world we live in.

Top Arts also provides an opportunity to view selected developmental materials that give insights into students’ ideas and working practices and provide inspiration for audiences of all ages. Celebrating 25 years at the NGV in 2019, this annual exhibition is a significant part of the NGV exhibition calendar, offering young people an opportunity to exhibit their technical brilliance and innovation.

Imogen Schwarz Adapt 2018 coloured pencils and synthetic polymer paint on plywood 120.5 x 90.0 cm Mentone Grammar, Mentone © Imogen Schwarz

EXHIBITION DETAILS Free entry NGV Australia, Federation Square Ground Level, NGV Design Studio 22 Mar 19 - 14 Jul 19 Open 10am - 5pm daily You can view the students work and read more about their process at

Top Designs 2019 is an annual exhibition at Melbourne

Museum presenting work created by students who completed VCE Media, Product Design and Technology, Theatre Studies, Systems Engineering, Visual Communication Design and VCE VET studies. Alleisha Stephen’s Visual Communication Design work is one of 20 design folios to be displayed at the Melbourne Museum’s Top Designs exhibition, from Saturday 30 March to Sunday 14 July. Her work was selected from thousands of applications. Alleisha designed a logo and a set of posters for a fictitious company called Safespace. Safespace was dedicated to promoting the wellbeing and safety of the Melbourne public particularly highlighting the increasing risks and dangers on trains and in train stations. Her visual diaries displaying her entire design process as well as her final presentations will be on display.

EXHIBITION DETAILS Free with Museum entry Melbourne Museum 11 Nicholson Street Carlton Open 10am - 5pm 30 March - 14 July




01 01


The Limelight Concert showcased a program 


of both emerging and experienced soloists and small group artists.


The impressive student production of the opera 

The Marriage of Figaro in December 2018, set the scene for an ambitious calendar of concerts for 2019.


Congratulations to Top Acts 2018

awardee James Hornibrook, who is currently in collaboration writing a beautiful score for the School Carol Service at St Paul’s Cathedral in December.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019

ON STAGE IN 2019 With tremendous interest and involvement in the Performing Arts at Mentone Grammar, the program and format of our events, productions and concerts required some review. For 2019, I am pleased to present some exciting and innovative changes to the performance calendar. Three major concerts will be held throughout 2019. The first concert, Limelight, was held in March to great applause. This concert was intended as a musical platform for, particularly, soloists and small groups.



The second concert of 2019, the Performing Arts Showcase, will replace the Winter Concert and is designed to promote the innovative nature of our Performing Arts, and will incorporate multiple performance spaces throughout the Creativity Centre. Featured, will be all aspects of performance creativity including dance, drama, music, film, ensembles, soloists, costumes, staging and lighting. The concert goer will experience the event in a festival format, moving from space to space in a rotating concert program. The performers will also greatly benefit from the new program format, all repeating and honing their performance skills. The third concert for 2019 will be dedicated to larger ensembles and replaces the concert formerly known as the Spring Concert. Year 12 students have a particular interest in the performance, often experienced as a valedictory performance. However, the concert will feature ensembles and choirs from across the School. The Bayview Production schedule has been expanded to provide additional performance opportunities, and to accommodate a marked increase in interest and involvement. This year we will offer two productions, a play, The Actors, which is currently in production, and a musical in Term 4. The Cre8tive Dance performers have perfected their moves for their production on 22 May 2019. I am sure we will once again be amazed and astounded by the high quality and the exuberance of the ensemble and solo items.

02 TOP ACTS SUCCESS The School congratulates Year 12 student James Hornibrook on his selection for the 2019 Top Acts concert. The final concert in the series includes a representative sample of the most outstanding 2018 VCE Performing Arts work either submitted or performed. It is an outstanding achievement for any VCE student, and James is the first Mentone Grammar Performing Arts student to have achieved such an honour. James’ 2018 VCE work, Waltz of the Forgotten for piano trio, is a beautiful and sophisticated piece of writing and was first performed at the Top Class concert in March. Margaret Arnold from VCAA attended a rehearsal prior to the concert and briefly interviewed James following the rehearsal. Margaret was clearly impressed by James’ work, and was very keen to hear how he went about creating a mature and skilled piece of musical writing. GAVIN CORNISH HEAD OF PERFORMING ARTS DIRECTOR OF MUSIC

03 35


The 2019 Summer Sport Season saw many incredible achievements across all sports.

With the commencement of the season in Term 4 2018, many students faced the challenge of managing their academic commitments and sport for a number of weeks. To their credit, our students handled this time well, ensuring they competed to the best of their ability on the sporting fields each weekend and worked in their classrooms during the week. Our Firsts teams’ results were strong in both Girls' and Boys' fixtures. Our Girls’ Softball and Volleyball teams approached preseason training with a positive attitude and committed to producing to the best of their ability. Girls’ Firsts teams often include students from a wide range of year levels, and this was very much the case this season with students from Year 8 training and playing in our Firsts teams. After many months of training and honing their skills, our Girls’ Swimming team competed incredibly well at the AGSV Swimming Carnival finishing in second place by only 3.5 points; setting many new Mentone Grammar and AGSV records along the way. Our Boys’ Firsts teams had a significant turnover from the previous season. The Table Tennis and Tennis teams fought hard, finishing mid-table at the end of the season. Both of our Basketball and Cricket teams qualified for a semi-final. Unfortunately, both were eliminated at this stage with the basketballers finishing the season in fourth and the cricketers finishing in third place. Four Firsts teams achieved the ultimate success in Summer 2019. Our Sailing team won the John Middleton Trophy as the Victorian School Team Sailing Premiers for 2019. The Boys’ Swimming team defeated their opponents to claim the AGSV Swimming Premiership for the sixth consecutive year. The Girls’ Firsts Touch Football team completed an undefeated season finishing on top of the ladder in the Firsts Touch Football competition. The Boys’ Firsts Volleyball team defeated Ivanhoe Grammar in the Grand Final to claim our fourth AGSV Volleyball Premiership. Well done to all students for their approach to sport during the Summer Season and congratulations to the Firsts teams for producing such a wonderful set of results. STUART BAINBRIDGE DIRECTOR OF SPORT – SUMMER


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019



For our Volleyball Firsts the 2018-19 season was one of expectations. We were defending champions and had only lost two players from the previous season, where we had only dropped one set. We did not just need to measure our performance against the other AGSV teams, but we needed to train and play as hard as we could to see where we were against the APS and other, more traditional, volleyball schools. The boys took this challenge on winning a silver medal in the three-day Vic Schools Cup (Division 1), as part of our preseason preparation, beating Haileybury in the Semi Final. We also played scrimmage matches against Wesley College, drawing 2-2 and Haileybury, drawing once and winning once. Back at the AGSV, the boys played week in and week out with a different line up each set, to ensure that court time was reasonably spread for a Firsts team. We finished the round undefeated and without dropping a set, although we were certainly pushed by Ivanhoe Grammar. Come February we were strengthened by the return of Jai Florent from injury, which gave us embarrassing depth at AGSV level. It was no exaggeration to say that we could have played any of our players in the lead up to the Final and still won the game, which is an absolute credit to the way the boys trained and the strong attendance we had at each session. The Final was tense, we started poorly and somewhat passively, falling behind badly in both the first and second sets. Coming back from an 8-point deficit in both sets showed great character from these young men. We did split those sets 1-1, our first dropped set of the season. The third and fourth sets were more how we expected to play. Some tactical changes gave us better match ups and the boys ran away with the game for a second successive premiership, and three in just four years. LUKE CAMPBELL HEAD COACH



The ecstasy and the agony. The triumph and the tears. The thrill of victory and the heartbreak of defeat. These were the raw dichotomous emotions and results that gripped the Boys’ and Girls’ Swimming teams at the conclusion of the 2019 AGSV Swimming Carnival. The Boys’ team, led inspirationally by Captain Ben Putamorsi and Vice Captain Carl Simondson, was successful in winning the team’s sixth premiership in a row, ninth premiership in ten years and thirty-sixth premiership since 1965. Our Girls’ team, led dynamically by Captain Bridie Wilson and Vice Captain Phoebe Wearne, performed magnificently but unfortunately finished a mere 3.5 points behind a formidable Ivanhoe team for the first time in the last six years. In his pre-carnival address, Mr Cater explained to the swimmers that in his 41 years of attending the swimming, not once had he left the venue disappointed in a Mentone Grammar Swimming team. The night was a chance for the swimmers to test their athletic mettle but more importantly, a chance to test the depth of their character. The 2019 editions of the Boys’ and Girls’ Mentone Grammar Swimming teams met this challenge and exceeded it in the way they exhibited their ‘competitive greatness’ and in the integrity and class they demonstrated when the results were announced at the end of competition. In the pool, our individual results were again brilliant.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019

The team achieved personal bests in 64 events out of a possible 73, a personal best percentage of 88 per cent.

AGSV record. Their time of 1:52.86 replaced the record held by the Mentone Grammar team from 2006.

Sophie Sibbald, Ben Putamorsi and Ella James all won individual events whilst Nicholas Layton and Hannah Wagner had multiple victories.

The Girls’ team won six out of a possible ten relays with the U14 Freestyle of Emily Zallmann, Meg Lewis, Claudia Hollingsworth and Alanah Becker and the Open Freestyle Relay of Hannah Schmidt, Chloe Garifalakis, Tarn Smith and Bridie Wilson setting new School and AGSV records.

At the highest level of the competition, Tom Dale won the U17 50m Breaststroke in a new school and AGSV record time of 30.77. Yet, in a night of unbelievably fast swimming, the ‘Swimmer(s) of the Night’ accolade belongs to both Aimee Grella and Hannah Schmidt.

In reflecting on the season, the 2019 Boys’ and Girls’ Swimming Teams swam faster than any other Mentone Grammar Swimming team ever. Yet their greatest victories this season were not premierships but the rich journeys that revealed the depth of character of these amazing young people. One of my favourite coaches, Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots NFL team, uses the following quote when evaluating players for his team: ‘Talent sets the floor, character sets the ceiling.’ Possessing talent is important but having depth of character makes you coachable, makes you a great team-mate, makes you a great person and sustains you under pressure on race day and in the real world. This season we had many examples and amazing stories that reflect the character of our swimmers but also the culture of the 2019 Mentone Grammar Swimming teams.

Aimee was superb in winning the U16 50m Freestyle, the inaugural U16 100m Freestyle event in an AGSV record time as well as the Open 50m Butterfly in a new School and AGSV record. Hannah was sublime in winning the Open 50m Freestyle and Open 100m Freestyle in School and AGSV record time and finishing second in the Open 50m Breaststroke and Open 50m Backstroke against elite national level swimmers. Whilst our individual achievements were amazing, each year the relays provide us with the opportunity to test the levels of our coaching, preparation, competitiveness and character. In this area in 2019, our swimming teams were again impressive. The Boys’ team won four relays with the Open Medley of Spencer Blain Bartle, Ben Putamorsi, Josh Cooley and Carl Simondson setting a new School and

In closing, I would like to thank Mr Cater and the leadership team for their support; ‘The Architect’ Mr Stuart Bainbridge for his counsel; the Sports department for its hard work and our coaching staff of Brad Smith, Joel Watson, Robert Butch and Ms Kate Frazer. Finally, I would like to especially recognise our Year 12 swimmers. It has been a pleasure working with you over the last three years and you are all amazing young people. Rest assured that you have left a legacy. That the names Cooley, Smith, Blain-Bartle, Wearne, Garbelotto, Williams, Simondson, Wilson and Putamorsi have become a key part of the history of Mentone Grammar Swimming. You all have talent and gifts but if character sets the ceiling, then for all of you the sky is the limit. TIM MULVIHILL HEAD COACH



CHAMPIONS! Over the summer Touch Football had over 100 girls participate. We were able to fill five junior teams; two Intermediate teams and three Senior teams. Of those 100 plus girls, we had 12 compete in the Victorian Touch Football League, which is more than any other school. We had girls represent Victoria when Maya Jacobs and Riley Spence competed in the Under 14 Division in Townsville and Sophie Porter and Olivia Hargreaves competed in the Under 15 competition in Hobart. Here is a summary of our year‌

JUNE 2018 We selected a squad of 20 players to train and trial for our Firsts team as well as prepare for a trip to Townsville. We had lost six Year 12s from the previous premiership team, so it was a massive rebuild.

OCTOBER 2018 We fly out to Townsville to compete in the NQ All Schools tournament. We play six games and walk away with two wins, two losses and two draws. Overall, a great experience and much needed game time and practice.

MARCH 2019 Mentone sends an Under 15 and Under 18 team to the Victorian Eastern All Schools Championships. Our Under 18s team continue its unbeaten season, defeating Yarra Valley 6-0 in the Final to comfortably end the year as the best team in the State. Our under 15s struggled against Yarra Valley in the Round games to lose 6-1. They would meet again in the Final and Mentone would surprise the more fancied Yarra Valley team to win 2-0 in the Final. The Under 15s qualified for the chance to be crowned the overall best school in the State by competing in the Victorian All Schools Championships. They would breeze through the Round games, building momentum for another showdown with Yarra Valley. The Mentone defence would prove too strong for Yarra Valley and our Under 15s win the final 3-1. Mentone is looking strong for the future.

We compete in the TPS pre-season competition. We meet rivals Yarra Valley in the Final and run away with a 6-2 win, winning the comp undefeated. Unfortunately, we lose our Vice Captain Katie Goakes to a season ending knee injury.

The Touch Football program would not work the way it does without the help of the Sports department, all of our coaches and the wonderful parents who sacrifice a lot to help their girls excel in a sport that is still new to most.

We compete in the inaugural Caulfield pre-season competition. We meet hosts Caulfield in the Final, winning 5-1 and go through again, undefeated.

We look forward to the next season.

NOVEMBER -MARCH 2019 Our Firsts compete in the AGSV/APS competition. We go into this with good form but still not given much hope to beat the highly fancied Haileybury and Yarra Valley teams. We defeat Haileybury 8-5 and Yarra Valley 5-1 in the Round games to sit on top of the table leading into the redraw. We beat Caulfield Grammar comfortably before taking on Yarra Valley, where we win 7-0 to set up a final showdown with Haileybury. It was a close battle in the wet, but Mentone would score with 90 seconds to go, to break a 2-2 deadlock and win the game and premiership.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019


SAILING SUCCESS! Once again, we have experienced a terrific year in Schools’ Teams Sailing.

Although we lost a wealth of experience at the end of 2018 with several of our Year 12 students finishing distinguished service to our sport, we have been able to cover these departures within our existing squad and with the development of our juniors in active competition. We also welcomed new senior coach, Sam Danks, whose wealth of experience has been well received by all. Past team captain Brandon Demura also joined the coaching team, assisting with the development of the junior squad members. With most of our skippers competing at the national level and, in some cases, at international level, representing their country, they bring great skill and experience into the Schools competition. Sailing links across all school sectors and is organised by Australia Sailing, with a clear vision to develop the young sailor on a pathway all the way through to the Olympic competition. Subsequently, when we compete in the Saturday competition we are not sailing against novices, but the elite of junior sailing. In the past three years our main competition has been Brighton Grammar School. This season we have had the experience of Lachie Hughes and Pat Distefano bringing with them many seasons skippering for the School and the new skippering blood of Eliza Ewart, Cameron and Hamish Berry, as well as the calming influence of team Captain Grace Phillips. This combination has seen the Division 1 team consistently perform over the season’s regattas winning a majority of races over our nearest competitors Brighton Grammar School and The Peninsula School. Going into the last round of Saturday’s regatta at Albert Park Lake on 23 March, we were sitting clear of the competition and only

needed to maintain our position to win the Division 1 Saturday premiership. Poor sailing conditions in this round produced ‘ugly’ sailing and although we didn’t sail at our best, we still managed to hold off the other contenders to win the Series. The Victorian Championships saw us probably go in as the top seed, but many things can occur with so many schools competing and this year some teams struggled with the adverse weather conditions. After the preliminary rounds, we finished top of the table including a great win against Brighton Grammar School. We easily defeated Xavier in the quarter finals, and then Scotch in the semi final. Likewise, Brighton Grammar School easily accounted for its competition on its side of the draw and brought the inevitable match up in the final between Mentone and Brighton. To Brighton Grammar’s credit the team executed very clinical races in a best of three to take the points from Mentone. Clearly, the two top sailing teams in Victoria. Both teams will move on to the National Championships in Hobart in June, representing Victoria. We need to recognise the role that the whole squad has played in achieving this great result. A special mention must go to Hugo Gill one of our Year 12 skippers who has held the Division 2 sailors together and led from the front. We also acknowledge our Year 8s who have taken that big leap to racing in a team. And finally, we acknowledge the welcome support of all the parents who are so passionate about the sport and provide a great deal of encouragement to their sons and daughters. Congratulations to all. MAX MARROW HEAD OF SAILING



FOUNDATION BUILDING FUND 2019 The School gratefully acknowledges the following donors to the Mentone Grammar School Foundation Building Fund up to, and including, April 2019. Dr & Mrs B Burke

Mr & Mrs C Roach

Mr & Mrs J Di Tirro

Mr & Mrs P Manning

Mr & Mrs T Appel

Dr & Mrs C Pregnalato

Mr & Mrs C Rowlands

Mr & Mrs J Doulgeridis

Mr & Mrs P Mentiplay

Mr & Mrs T Gallagher

Dr & Mrs D Noble

Mr & Mrs C Shearer

Mr & Mrs J Kitchen

Mr & Mrs P Nayna

Mr & Mrs T Hall

Dr & Mrs P Ferguson

Mr & Mrs C Vayenas

Mr & Mrs J Kruss

Mr & Mrs P O'Sullivan

Mr & Mrs T Heafield

Dr & Mrs R Armit

Mr & Mrs C Williams

Mr & Mrs J Leonard

Mr & Mrs P Piotrowski

Mr & Mrs T Lucas

Dr & Mrs R Walliser

Mr & Mrs D Bleakley

Mr & Mrs J Leonidas

Mr & Mrs P Ursprung

Mr & Mrs T Lyons

Dr A Tucker & Dr J Selman

Mr & Mrs D Bresnehan

Mr & Mrs J Lombard

Mr & Mrs Q Baxter

Mr & Mrs T McCann

Dr K Siemering & Ms K Raymond

Mr & Mrs D Carnegie

Mr & Mrs J Park

Mr & Mrs R Block

Mr & Mrs T Paroz

Mr & Mrs D Close

Mr & Mrs J Riddle

Mr & Mrs R Carter

Mr & Mrs W Growdon

Dr M Gokhale & Dr S Aradhye

Mr & Mrs D Coates

Mr & Mrs J Rosaia

Mr & Mrs R Esakson

Mr & Mrs W Hynes

Dr M Ledger

Mr & Mrs D Coulson

Mr & Mrs J Spargo

Mr & Mrs R Fox

Mr & Mrs W Hynes

Dr R & Dr S Arcon

Mr & Mrs D Durand

Mr & Mrs J Vorster

Mr & Mrs R Hennig

Mr & Mrs Zallmann

Dr Y Nikolayevsky & Mrs M Nikolaevska

Mr & Mrs D Fenech

Mr & Mrs K Carson

Mr & Mrs R Holmes

Mr & Ms D McCall

Dr A Van Heerden & Dr C Van Heerden

Mr & Mrs D Flower

Mr & Mrs K Devers

Mr & Mrs R Hood

Mr & Ms M Heaven

Mr & Mrs D Gill

Mr & Mrs K Nitschke

Mr & Mrs R Kombol

Mr A & Mrs D Corcoran

Dr Tas Osianlis & Dr Tiki Osianlis

Mr & Mrs D Grant

Mr & Mrs K Weldin

Mr & Mrs R Lancaster

Mr A & Mrs L Hudson

Mr & Mrs D Green

Mr & Mrs Krikun

Mr & Mrs R Langenfelds

Ms Leah Pitt

Mr & Mrs D Hughes

Mr & Mrs L Bartle

Mr & Mrs R Leydin

Mr A Chaudhry & Mrs S Haseeb

Miss C Sreng

Mr & Mrs D Ingram

Mr & Mrs M Alapont

Mr & Mrs R Lorinc

Mr A Henry & Ms C Luck

Mr & Dr R Petty

Mr & Mrs D Jones

Mr & Mrs M Armstrong

Mr & Mrs R Measures

Mr A Kondratov

Mr & Mrs A Bethune

Mr & Mrs D Laws

Mr & Mrs M Bouwmeester

Mr & Mrs R Nott

Mr A Littleford & Ms C Jupp

Mr & Mrs A Cafarella

Mr & Mrs D Messina

Mr & Mrs M Dannals

Mr & Mrs R Perring

Mr A Smith

Mr & Mrs A Caughey

Mr & Mrs D Murphy

Mr & Mrs M Duggan

Mr & Mrs R Pertich

Mr A Thow

Mr & Mrs A Chambers

Mr & Mrs D Murphy

Mr & Mrs M Georgiades

Mr & Mrs R Rotar

Mr A Vyshenkov

Mr & Mrs A Chaplin

Mr & Mrs D Nixon

Mr & Mrs M Gorringe

Mr & Mrs R Wagner

Mr & Mrs Becker

Mr & Mrs A Daemen

Mr & Mrs D Parr

Mr & Mrs M Granell

Mr & Mrs R Walker

Mr P Atlee

Mr & Mrs A Dunn

Mr & Mrs D Pedder

Mr & Mrs M Howe

Mr & Mrs R Watkins

Mr B & Mrs J Collins

Mr & Mrs A Fogarty

Mr & Mrs D Ray

Mr & Mrs M Huber

Mr & Mrs R Watson

Mr B & Mrs J Stafford

Mr & Mrs A Gerresheim

Mr & Mrs D Sheppard

Mr & Mrs M Humphreys

Mr & Mrs R Wood

Mr B & Mrs K McCarthy

Mr & Mrs A Haagen

Mr & Mrs D Smith

Mr & Mrs M Levey

Mr & Mrs Rich

Mr B & Mrs L Baker

Mr & Mrs A Hamilton

Mr & Mrs D Spitzer

Mr & Mrs M Matulick

Mr & Mrs S Iatropoulos

Mr B & Mrs G Connor

Mr & Mrs A Harris

Mr & Mrs D van Straaten

Mr & Mrs M McComb

Mr & Mrs S Algeri

Mr B Bryla & Miss E Scorgie

Mr & Mrs A Hirst

Mr & Mrs D Vise

Mr & Mrs M McGrath

Mr & Mrs S Arvanitakis

Mr & Mrs A Hunt

Mr & Mrs D Whitehouse

Mr & Mrs M Nimorakiotakis

Mr & Mrs S Bera

Mr B Fernandes & Ms J Setterfield

Mr & Mrs A Lewis

Mr & Mrs D Williams

Mr & Mrs M Patron

Mr & Mrs S Blain-Bartle

Mr B Marcombe & Ms S Spillane

Mr & Mrs A Lewis

Mr & Mrs E Duman

Mr & Mrs M Povah

Mr & Mrs S Caldwell

Mr B Murchie

Mr & Mrs A Malby-Luke

Mr & Mrs E Glotzer

Mr & Mrs M Rahhali

Mr & Mrs S Campbell

Mr B Pavan & Dr S Nashi

Mr & Mrs A Marsh

Mr & Mrs E Katsouranis

Mr & Mrs M Reinehr

Mr & Mrs S Dakic

Mr B Qian & Mrs M Lin

Mr & Mrs A Murray

Mr & Mrs F Giannioglou

Mr & Mrs M Selby

Mr & Mrs S Davie

Mr B Stevens & Mrs D Cooper

Mr & Mrs A Newman

Mr & Mrs F Hutchinson

Mr & Mrs M Skinner

Mr & Mrs S Dormer

Mr B Zhong & Mrs C Tang

Mr & Mrs A Persic

Mr & Mrs F Livolti

Mr & Mrs M Smith

Mr & Mrs S Douglas

Mr & Mrs A Perta

Mr & Mrs G Barker

Mr & Mrs M Sorrenson

Mr & Mrs S Farrow

Mr Brewer and Mrs Ramon-Michel

Mr & Mrs A Richmond

Mr & Mrs G Berry

Mr & Mrs M Toby

Mr & Mrs S Forde

Mr C & Mrs E Thompson

Mr & Mrs A Rowbury

Mr & Mrs G Brooks

Mr & Mrs M Wane

Mr & Mrs S Hooker

Mr C & Mrs H McNeill

Mr & Mrs A Straw

Mr & Mrs G Holland

Mr & Mrs M Wloszczak

Mr & Mrs S Johnson

Mr C & Mrs K Gibbons

Mr & Mrs A Wilcock

Mr & Mrs G Kershaw

Mr & Mrs N Carter

Mr & Mrs S May

Mr C & Mrs L Albiston

Mr & Mrs A Yong

Mr & Mrs G Orfanidis

Mr & Mrs N Fraser

Mr & Mrs S Michell

Mr C & Mrs L Mouzouris

Mr & Mrs B Chaplin

Mr & Mrs G Schmidt

Mr & Mrs N Hall

Mr & Mrs S Milburn

Mr C & Mrs M Burnside

Mr & Mrs B Clayton

Mr & Mrs G Scott

Mr & Mrs N Riley

Mr & Mrs S Nish

Mr C & Ms S Foster

Mr & Mrs B Rafferty

Mr & Mrs G Shepherd

Mr & Mrs N Roberts

Mr & Mrs S Papayianneris

Mr C Hancox & Ms S Harriott

Mr & Mrs B Walker

Mr & Mrs G Smith

Mr & Mrs N Sheppard

Mr & Mrs S Peachey

Mr C Leffler & Ms J Salvana

Mr & Mrs I Beynon

Mr & Mrs G Stephenson

Mr & Mrs P Bartonek

Mr & Mrs S Poll

Mr C Li & Ms J Yu

Mr & Mrs C Barden

Mr & Mrs G Tinker

Mr & Mrs P Birch

Mr & Mrs S Schulze

Mr C Prior & Ms S Tozer

Mr & Mrs C Barlow

Mr & Mrs H Latchford

Mr & Mrs P Brown

Mr & Mrs S Scott-Branagan

Mr C Sallabank & Ms J Douglas

Mr & Mrs C Barlow

Mr & Mrs I Dimits

Mr & Mrs P Curley

Mr & Mrs S Spencer

Mr D & Mrs A Tryfonopoulos

Mr & Mrs C Bristow

Mr & Mrs I Svojtka

Mr & Mrs P Derham

Mr & Mrs S Stevenson

Mr D & Mrs F Bunting

Mr & Mrs C Hegg

Mr & Mrs I Williams

Mr & Mrs P Ellix

Mr & Mrs S Thomas

Mr D & Mrs M Lettieri

Mr & Mrs C Hewlett

Mr & Mrs J Barrett

Mr & Mrs P Kokkinos

Mr & Mrs S Vallis

Mr D & Mrs M Strickland

Mr & Mrs C Male

Mr & Mrs J Clark

Mr & Mrs P Lansley

Mr & Mrs S Varsamis

Mr D & Mrs S Axton

Mr & Mrs C Michael

Mr & Mrs J Cooper

Mr & Mrs P Leander

Mr & Mrs S Weeks

Mr D & Mrs S Shipton

Mr & Mrs C Peachey

Mr & Mrs J Davis

Mr & Mrs P Leason

Mr & Mrs S Ziesing

Mr D & Mrs T James


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019

Mr D Boyd & Miss S Ford

Mr K Chho & Mrs S Chan

Mr P & Mrs W Geddis

Mr V Shanmugamani

Mr & Mrs A Korybutiak

Mr D Charles & Ms J Williamson

Mr K Davies & Ms A McVean

Mr P Bosa & Mrs R Stobart

Mr V Tzounos & Ms S Lovenich

Mr & Mrs C Ewart

Mr D Cullen & Ms S Jefferson

Mr K Enkelman & Ms E Olsson

Mr P Dykas & Ms A Bondini

Mr W & Mrs J Hoyles

Mr & Mrs C Papadopoulos

Mr D D'Andrea

Mr K Mooney & Ms K Brown

Mr P Harrington

Mr W Brandt & Ms F Paice

Mr & Mrs C Rann

Mr D Grant

Mr K Singh & Mrs S Kaur

Mr W Huang & Ms J Chen

Mr & Mrs C Sweeny

Mr D Ranaweera

Mr K Wang & Ms X Xia

Mr P Hodgkinson & Ms K Ramage

Mr W Wang & Mrs P Cai

Mr & Mrs E Glotzer

Mr D Royale & Ms P D'Avrincour

Mr K Yang & Mrs H Liu

Mr P Krishnamurthy

Mr W Wang & Mrs W Du

Mr & Mrs G Beretta

Mr K C Wong & Ms S Phang

Mr P Li & Ms M Si

Mr W Xue & Ms X Wang

Mr & Mrs I Mahoney

Mr D Sloan & Ms D Hanchett

Mr L & Mrs J Piciocchi

Mr W Zheng & Mrs Z Yang

Mr & Mrs J Cregeen

Mr Druvi & Mrs Claire Ruberu

Mr L & Mrs M Hart

Mr P Magennis & Ms J Haslam

Mr W Zhu & Mrs P Xu

Mr & Mrs K Archibald

Mr E Zoggia & Ms E Giannakis

Mr L & Mrs S Temby

Mr X Fan & Ms H Sun

Mr & Mrs R Tata

Mr F & Mrs C Vitiello

Mr L Rausz

Mr X Fang & Mrs W Li

Mr & Mrs S Caldwell

Mr F & Mrs M Jung

Mr L Wan & Mrs W Zhang

Mr X Gu & Mrs Z Li

Mr & Mrs S Cummins

Mr F Neumann

Mr M & Mrs A Radzikowski

Mr X Jiang & Mrs H Zhu

Mr & Mrs S Timms

Mr G Caris

Mr M & Mrs C Bond

Mr X Liu & Mrs H Dong

Mr G Chen & Ms B Liu

Mr M & Mrs H Doig

Mr A Bromidis & Mrs E Minasian

Mr G Devereux & Miss J Treagus

Mr M & Mrs L Fennessy

Mr G Georgiou & Ms N Jefferson Mr G Hanson & Ms P Torossi Mr G Joynson & Mrs G Smith Mr G Peng & Ms K Zheng Mr G Pyszczek & Ms M Monk Mr G Reading Mr G Van Ameyden & Mr G Weng & Ms M Wang Mr G Zheng & Miss H Shi Mr H & Mrs C Tregear Mr H Constantinou

Mr M & Mrs S McCulloch Mr M & Mrs V Riach Mr M & Mrs V White Mr M & Mrs V Windram Mr M & Mrs M Parker Mr M & Ms G Lazzari Mr M Chan & Miss R Wane Mr M Collins Mr M Cox Mr M Daniell & Ms K O'Connor Mr M Davey & Ms T Nash-Davey

Mr P Neylan Mr P Turnbull & Mrs K Wilson Mr P Zhang & Mrs Guo Mr Paul Clark Mr Q Chen & Mrs X Lu Mr Q Chen & Mrs X Lu Mr R & Mrs M Oldham Mr R & Mrs R Widdison Mr R & Mrs S Hollingsworth Mr R & Mrs S Preston Mr R Clarke & Ms D Thompson Mr R Djurovic & Ms I Ross Mr R Gibb & Ms J Lewis Mr R Grelewicz & Mrs D Jaden Mr R Maluga Mr R Walker & Ms N Wane Mr S & Mr J Holmes Mr S & Mrs E Malotsis Mr S & Mrs J Le Gear

Mr H Fan & Ms L Fu

Mr M Dobbs & Ms S Berezowski

Mr S & Mrs K Dale

Mr H Ruan & Ms X Feng

Mr M Evans & Ms H Webb

Mr S & Mrs L Kuruc

Mr I & Mrs K Bohlken

Mr M Ferky & Mrs C Girgis

Mr S & Mrs R Mudholkar

Mr I & Mrs L Vrionis

Mr M Goble & Ms T Robertson

Mr S & Mrs S Hill

Mr I Reynolds & Dr J Dixon

Mr M Huang & Ms C Zhu

Mr S & Mrs L Vickers

Mr I Rossborough

Mr M Li & Mrs H Cheng

Mr S Biggs & Mrs J Snow

Mr J & Mrs J Laurent

Mr M O'Rourke

Mr J & Mrs L Donaldson

Mr M Officer

Mr S Chen & Mrs M Chang

Mr J & Mrs L Erickson

Mr M Quin

Mr J & Mrs M Raffaut

Mr M Robertson & Mrs C Veness

Mr J & Mrs N Bush Mr J & Mrs N Jacobs Mr J & Mrs H von Zweigbergk Mr J Cao & Mrs L Yang Mr J Chen & Mrs L Wu Mr J Dumoff & Ms R Hughes

Mr M Ruigrok & Ms O Brooks Mr M Selby & Ms J Stewart Mr M Truelove & Ms H Tang Mr M Walters Mr M Wheeler

Mr S & Mrs K Gade

Mr S Driscoll & Ms E Simpson Mr S Li & Mrs J Zhou Mr S Poberezovsky Mr S Song & Mrs R Li Mr S Whittaker Mr S Zafar Mr S Zou & Mrs E Liu Mr Sin Thai & Mrs Jade Thai Mr Smith & Ms Cabanillas Vega

Mr X Tan & Mrs L Lei Mr X Xie & Mrs J Wu Mr X Zang & Ms X Li Mr Y Duan & Ms P Li Mr Y Jia & Mrs J Xu Mr Y Liao Mr Y Piao & Ms H Zhang Mr Y Tian & Mr Y Chen Mr Y Wang & Ms Y Cai Mr Y Yang & Ms F Dong Mr Y Yu & Ms S Fan Mr Y Zhou & Ms D Wang Mr Z Reark & Ms B Roberts Mr Z Shi & Ms J Sun

Mr C & Mrs A Huxtable Mr D Orlenskiy & Mrs T Orlenskaya Mr G & Mrs J Wallwork Mr G Dallas & Ms F Dallas Mr G Gupta & Mrs K Rao Mr J Lee & Mrs E Chae Mr K & Mrs H Hennessy Mr L & Mrs M Hart Mr M & Mrs A Radzikowski Mr M & Mrs F Marshall Mr M Wang & Mrs S Dong

Mr Z Xiang & Mrs M Jin

Mr M Wuillemin & Mrs C Jordan

Mrs E Ioannou

Mr N & Ms J Kaurin

Mrs E Kidd

Mr P & Mrs N Redward

Mrs E Ozturk Mrs J Mi

Mr P Soden & Mrs Z Eidi Moghaddam

Mrs M & Mr L Prince

Mr R Gibb & Ms J Lewis

Mrs M Basin

Mr S & Mrs A Luca

Mrs N & Mr S Knight

Mr V Panopoulos

Mrs S Higgins

Mr W Jin & Mrs X Ma

Mrs S Thaker

Mr W Li & Ms G Guangwen

Mrs Xiaohua Xin

Mr W Ou & Ms X Zheng

Ms B Wright

Mr Y Jia & Mrs J Xu

Ms J Kemelfield

Mr Y Xia & Ms Q Tang

Ms J Song

Mrs S Bowers

Ms K Edwards

Ms K Tonta

Ms K Harford Ms K Miller

Mr J Guppy & Mrs O Ludzish

Mr M Wuillemin & Mrs C Jordan

Mr J Hu & Ms X Liu

Mr M Zou & Mrs Y Xu

Mr T & Mrs M Crook

Ms L Fedotova & Mr B Fedotova

Mr J Lu & Mrs L Wei

Mr Mark & Ms Claudia Laidlaw

Mr T & Mrs M McGlone

Ms L Fryer & Mr D Webster

Mr J McNamara & Mrs L Hilder

Mr N & Mrs J Cheah

Mr T & Mrs T Bucci

Ms N Castle

Mr J Miao & Mrs C Lin

Mr N & Mrs L Gilligan

Mr T Antoniou & Ms K Farr

Ms T Gladwell

Mr J Orr & Mrs A Lucena-Orr

Mr N Lan

Mr T Hamlin & Ms T Turnbull

Prof & Mrs P Butler

Mr J Pan & Ms J Zhu

Mr N Lanthois & Ms C Inglis

Mr T Hussain

Rev & Mrs K Pedersen

Mr J Papagiannis

Mr N Ma & Ms Y Cao

Mr T Lam & Ms Y Zhou

Rev & Ms J Chamberlain

Mr J Schultz

Mr T Newman & Ms J Lowndes

Ms Sue Hobday

Mr J Tang & Ms W Liu

Mr N O'Connor & Ms M Behrend

Mr T Nguyen & Ms T Huynh

Dr & Mrs D Blackham

Mr J Tirta & Ms C Sardjono

Mr N Oliver & Ms C Terry

Mr T Zhang & Ms X Wang

Dr F Evans & Ms C Magagna

Mr J Yu & Mrs J Xu

Mr N Parsons & Ms L Jackson

Mr J Zeng & Ms Z Yang

Mr N Xu & Mrs X Pan

Mr Todd Zhang & Mrs Emma Du

Dr K Siemering & Ms K Raymond

Mr K Aravindth & Mrs H Fonseka

Mr P & Mrs C Grella

Mr U & Mrs I Guvenir

Miss N Daniel

Mr P & Mrs M Hutchison

Mr V Le & Mrs H Cu

Mr & Mrs A Brown

Mr K Brodie & Ms B Morris

Mr P & Mrs S Appel

Mr V Panopoulos

Mr & Mrs A King

Mr Stoeckl & Ms King

Mr A Tezay



COMMUNITY PARENTS & FRIENDS ASSOCIATION The Mentone Grammar Parents & Friends Association (P&F) is a group of volunteers who play an active and productive role in supporting, serving and caring for the Mentone Grammar Community.



We encourage friendship and communication between parents by organising ‘friend raising’ events that are fun and inclusive. We also raise funds to contribute to the School environment for our children and we lend a helping hand to those who may need it. We met once a month at the School to catch up and plan our events.

P&F Welcome Morning Tea (Year 1-12 Parents) Wednesday 30 January, 8.45am Function Centre

We run a sub-committee structure for the events and services we offer. So if you cannot make a main committee meeting, but would like to be involved in organising an event, then please contact us. We would love your help! If you are interested in being involved and want to know more, please contact us at:

2019 COMMITTEE President Natalie Burrows Secretary Christine Davie Treasurer Robina Shearer Events/Sponsors Molly Grant & Melinda Lettieri Community Relations Jacquie Phillips Retail Jo Howe Merchandise Renee Riminic Eblana Coordinators Jodie Lowndes Bayview Coordinators Neeta Dawa Newsletter Editor Fiona McCann Dads @ MG Grant Holland Mon Ami Graciela Ramon-Michel We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming gatherings. P&F COMMITTEE 2019

P&F Welcome Morning Tea (Foundation Parents) Thursday 31 January, 8.45am Eblana Multipurpose Room P&F ELC 3 BBQ Friday 15 February, 3.00-4.30pm ELC Garden/Courtyard P&F ELC 4 BBQ Friday 22 February, 3.00-4.30pm ELC Garden/Courtyard P&F Golf Day Friday 3 May, 8am-1pm Woodlands Golf Club P&F Mother's Day Stall Thursday 9 May, All Day Eblana Multipurpose Room P&F/Holland Foundation Trivia Night Friday 17 May, 7pm-11pm Function Centre P&F Father's Day Stall Thursday 29 August, All Day Eblana Multipurpose Room Annual P&F Social Extravaganza Friday 30 August, 7pm Okie Dokie Parent Welcome Morning Tea (Foundation) tbc November, 8.30-9.30am Eblana Courtyard/ Multipurpose Room Parent Welcome Morning tea (Years 1-5) tbc November, 8.30-9.30am Eblana Courtyard/ Multipurpose Room Parent Welcome Morning Tea (Years 6-8) tbc November, 8.30-9.30am Greenways Parent Welcome Morning Tea (Years 9-12) tbc November, 8.30-9.30am Greenways P&F Christmas Lunch Friday 6 December, 12-3pm Frogmore Gymnasium


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019



The Mentonians Association began the year on a high note, offering congratulations to Beau Appleby (2007) on the occasion of his marriage to Nancy Dang, with many of his Mentonian and OMSC friends in attendance. We’d love to share your good news, so please let us know if you or your friends are celebrating special occasions such as weddings, births, awards etc. Please send through details and some photos to share via Following on from our quest in 2018 to further support our Alumni and associated Clubs,

we recently hosted a very well attended First Aid and CPR Refresher course. We will continue to offer Mentonians and Club members opportunities to ensure that we highlight the value of compliance and safety, whilst reducing risk and supporting our Alumni to add to their personal skill-set. At the recent Shoreham Family Picnic with over 300 people in attendance, it was reassuring that all of our Committee members in attendance held current First Aid qualifications, in addition to our assigned First Aid Officer. You can read more about our forthcoming events and reunions on the following pages.

At this dinner we celebrate the achievements of our Clubs with nominations for Sports Person and Club Person of the Year, along with those entitled to achieve Honorary Mentonian or Life Patron status within our Association. In addition, the highlight of the dinner is the awarding of the Tony Drinan Medal. Visit our website for more details and please join us – ALL WELCOME!

Planning is also underway for our Annual Dinner which will be held at Woodlands Golf Club on Saturday 15 June from 7pm.




Congratulations to Beau Appleby (2007) who married Nancy Dang in January.

VICE PRESIDENT Mark Henricks (1977)

SECRETARY Jon Ponnusamy (2010)

TREASURER Vic Stroumos (1978)

COMMITTEE MEMBERS Josh Burt (1989) Cameron Dunkerley (1986) Mike Durack (1967) Phil Harrington (2010) Imogen Lawson (2014) Jonathan Ling (2008) Jeremy Longstaff (1989) Peter Newton (1966) Sven Samild (1987) Rob Sinclair (1976)



Mentonians pictured right: Matthew ‘Beau’ Appleby (2007) Matthew Hibbs (2007), Adam Ong (2007) Billy Kyparisis (2007), Daniel Goy (2007) Daniel Hull (2007), Tim Brisbane (2007) Umut Ersezer (current teacher at Mentone Grammar), Jason Livis (2007) Mitchell Johnstone (2015) Michael Watling (2003).

2 19

The Mentonians Association





At the 2018 Valedictory Dinner we continued the tradition of inviting as our special guest, the Head Prefect from the year that (most of) the students were born. Dane Robertson (2000) shared this special occasion with us and presented members of the Class of 2018 with their Alumni graduation gifts. Dane was joined by The Mentonians Association Secretary and Committee Representative, Jon Ponnusamy (2010).

From left: Principal Mal Cater (1981), Dane Robertson (2000) with the Secretary of The Mentonians Association Jon Ponnusamy (2010).

Trevor Stevens and Dane Robertson enjoying Valedictory celebrations.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018 2019

About Dane Robertson (2000) - After graduating from Mentone Grammar, Dane studied a double degree Science & Commerce at Monash University before working for a number of years in the pharmaceutical industry. Following this, Dane relocated to Europe for a number of years, living in London and Berlin where he spent his time working, playing music and hosting a radio show. He now resides in Melbourne where he co-owns and runs a small creative agency that produces videos, graphic content and branding for organisations in Australia and abroad.



1 YEAR REUNION On Friday 23 November, members of the Class of 2017 gathered at The Bay Hotel, Mordialloc to celebrate their one-year reunion, hosted by The Mentonians Association. Despite driving rain, over 80 Alumni enjoyed the night, catchingup on all that has happened in their lives since finishing school. There were stories of overseas travel, work, study, careers and without doubt, speculation on where the next four years would take them before they return to Mentone Grammar for their fiveyear reunion in 2022.

2019 Meeting up with people from school again gives you a little piece of the past back. No matter how much things have changed and continue to do so, you'll always remember the people you shared those years with. Come and see what all the excitement is about and let us know of staff members who you would like invited along to share the evening with you!

This year we are holding Reunions for the following groups: 1969 - 50 Year Reunion (In addition to an invitation along to the Friends of Frogmore Luncheon).

1989 - 30 Year Reunion 1994 - 25 Year Reunion 1999 - 20 Year Reunion 2004 - 15 Year Reunion 2009 - 10 Year Reunion 2014 - 5 Year Reunion 2018 - 1 Year Reunion

REUNIONS 1974 - 45 Year Reunion 1979 - 40 Year Reunion 1984 - 35 Year Reunion




03 9584 4211

ADELAIDE Peter Bray (1985)

CANADA Ontario Mervyn Archdall (1957)

Alumni Manager Suzanne Ashley 03 9581 3254 (direct) 0481 602 144 Development Specialist Fiona Dallas 03 8571 4907 (direct) 0427 440 504

BRISBANE Dan Chalmers (1999) CANBERRA Michael Taylor (1955) SYDNEY Luke Murphy (1990) PERTH Tim Ponnusamy (2006) Phillip Yap (1985) HOBART Michael “Rusty” Reynolds (1986)

ENGLAND London Cambell Lean (1993) Plymouth John Read (1973) HONG KONG Peter Cheung (1992) JAPAN Onomichi City Gareth O’Gradie (1999) MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur Kamal Ragupathy (1992)

USA Florida David Pearson (1987) New York Chris Leslie (1982) Arnold Ephraums (1982) Chris Jacob (1999) Vermont Justin Johnson (1985) SINGAPORE David Goh (1961) THAILAND Jitti Rachjaibun (1964) David Wylie (1973)

Please contact The Mentonians Office: 03 9584 4211 if you would like to become one of our representatives. To ensure that we remain in contact with you, don’t forget to keep your details up-to-date via our website:




On Tuesday 5 February, The Mentonians Association sponsored a special Lunar New Year Lunch to acknowledge the significance of this occasion for our international students, their families and their homestay families in Australia. This year is the Year of the Pig and our international leaders, Westbrook and Dalia, welcomed all in their traditional costumes. We had a number of students dress for the occasion and many ‘lucky’ decorations added to the happy atmosphere. In his speech, Westbrook said: As the New Year came, a huge lunch was arranged by The Mentonians Association and held at School for international students to celebrate this particular special holiday in the foreign country. Students’ guardians and parents were invited to this particular lunch. The meals were amazing and people enjoyed it very much. Dalia and I made a speech about the significance of remembering where we are originally from and reminded our fellow international students about the importance of sharing knowledge and culture to others in the School. Happy New Year. I wish everyone a great year forward. I hope everyone will have a happy and meaningful pig year.


PIG 2019

A YEAR OF FORTUNE AND LUCK! The Pig occupies the last (12th) position in the Chinese Zodiac. You are a ‘Pig Chinese Zodiac native’ if you were born in one of these years: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019. According to the Chinese astrology, 2019 is a great year to make money, and a good year to invest! It is a year of joy, friendship and love for all the zodiac signs; an auspicious year because the Pig attracts success in all the spheres of life.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019



On Sunday 24 February, The Mentonians Association hosted its annual family picnic at the magnificent R. M. Sykes Camp at Shoreham on Westernport Bay. Clear blue skies and bright sunshine greeted our guests as they arrived. For many families, it was their first visit to the Shoreham Camp and they enjoyed the opportunity to leisurely wander about the camp. The purpose of this day is to provide families new to the School, the opportunity to visit and experience this amazing facility, and to help both parents and students become familiar with the camp, prior to their children attending as part of the School’s Learning Journeys program. This year our family activities included a Jumping Castle, a very popular Animal Farm and super popular Pony Rides, all of which were a great addition to sporting options that included table tennis, basketball, soccer, cricket and the ever-popular game of ‘chasey’! Due to the warm weather, many families also made the most of the beautiful beach just through the bush track. With Mentonians committee members cooking up a storm, over 280 people were treated to a barbecue lunch and Miss Elodie Vintage Caravan was there to sell coffee, soft drinks, cookies and their number one best-seller of the day, Choc Top ice-creams! The Mentonians who attended enjoyed reminiscing about their days at the camp, which we are proud to say, remains a natural bush environment based around learning and outdoor activities. Sincere thanks to The Mentonians Committee and family members for working tirelessly on the day ensuring that everyone else could relax.



ALUMNI CAMERON MCNAUGHTON (2000) After being selected as a Prefect and Lionel Large House Captain in 1999, Cameron was diagnosed with Burkitts’s Lymphoma. Due to the aggressive treatment required, he had to return to complete Year 12 in 2000 and was again nominated a Prefect and Lionel Large House Captain. Nine years ago, when Cameron’s wife Deb lost her father to cancer, Deb and her mother Karen, commenced fundraising to support the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) and have to date raised over $46K themselves. They chose the ACRF as the funds raised are directly allocated to ground-breaking research in Australia and to getting one step closer to a cure. To add to this, Cameron and Deb have recently raised an additional $40K from their most recent event which means their combined fundraising so far is close to $90K and counting. Cameron and Deb are not looking to focus on the negatives of this insidious disease, they are squarely placing their focus on raising funds for research to find a cure! If you would like to support their efforts, please donate here:

UPDATE… 'Recently my wife and I hosted an event called ‘Cheers to 20 Years’. In a nutshell this was a celebration of my 20 years in remission and it was celebrated by hosting a black tie event which was attended by over 250 guests. It gives me great pleasure that as a result of many generous businesses, friends and family we were able to raise a little over $40,000 for the ACRF to hopefully try and make a difference for someone else and provide valuable funding towards ground breaking research and equipment. Thank you to all who were involved in this awesome evening and to those who contributed to making a difference. Hopefully one day Cancer will be beaten forever.' #cancer #research #cancerresearch #ACRF


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019

SALLY BUCKLEY (2007) Sally was Mentone Grammar’s first female Head Prefect which she says was an incredible honour. Sally always wanted to study law and so completed a Bachelor of Arts and a Juris Doctor of Law at the University of Melbourne in 2013 and now has her dream job as a lawyer at the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of Victoria. In the March issue of Domain Review, Sally was interviewed for an article titled, Lessons Learnt, where she shared: ‘There’s a lovely sense of community at Mentone Grammar. Students were nurtured by teaching staff. People wanted you to be your best and to do your best within your capabilities. There wasn’t academic pressure, rather the various talents of students were encouraged, be it academically, in sport, music or drama. Teachers knew their students well and gave every individual the attention they needed. I remember the focus on manners, courtesy towards others and treating people the way you’d like to be treated – important life lessons.’



NEWS... We are delighted to advise that The Very Revd Dr John Shepherd AM (1959) has recently been appointed as the Interim Director for the Anglican Centre in Rome. The Anglican Centre in Rome is a UK Charity with a world-wide mission. We send our very best wishes to John and his wife Joy for every happiness and success as they embark on this incredible and unique journey. We have no doubt that John will continue to make a positive difference in this role as he has done throughout his previous ministries and as a Mentonian!

The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Governors of the Anglican Centre in Rome are very pleased to announce the appointment of The Very Revd Dr John Shepherd as the Interim Director of the Anglican Centre in Rome and the Archbishop of Canterbury's Representative to the Holy See. Dr Shepherd was Dean of St George's Cathedral, Perth, Western Australia from 1990 to 2014. During his time as Dean over $19,000,000 was raised to fund a complete restoration and development of the cathedral and Old Deanery alongside the building of the Cadogan Song School. Dr Shepherd has had a distinguished ministry in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. He was ordained at St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne in 1966 having completed his BA at the University of Melbourne. He also has a Master of Sacred Music degree from Union Seminary in New York and a PhD from St Catherine's College, Cambridge — his doctorate focused on the changes in the doctrine of sacrifice in sacred music during the English Reformation. He has been a parish priest in Melbourne, on Long Island, in Manchester and Cambridge and he was Chaplain of Christ Church, Oxford from 1980-1988 He is a regular contributor to the Expository Times and The Times, in London. He has taught music as a university lecturer and is a noted theological commentator. Dr Shepherd's wife, Joy, was Principal of St Hilda's Anglican Girls' High School in Perth from 1997-2014. JUSTIN LEWIS-ANTHONY ANGLICAN CENTRE IN ROME NEWS



PRODUCTIONS Panther Productions held its second Short Film Festival on Friday 15 March in the Black Box studio in the Creativity Centre at Mentone Grammar; styled to look and feel just like a movie theatre, complete with popcorn! We were treated to 12 films that were diverse, imaginative and unique. The themes within the films ranged from science and the after-life, inspired drama, zany comedy and more. The actors, camera work, sound, lighting, sets and locations were all clever creative pursuits in themselves. There was a great deal of friendly conversation and creativity shared between the creators and actors of the films which included supportive family members and those interested in finding out more about Panther Productions. Our guest Judge was Donna McRae, a senior lecturer in Film and Television at Deakin University and a film-maker herself. It was a very difficult decision to make two awards, as all of the entries were of a high standard. The winning film on this occasion was Poolside, with Gillian Scott receiving the trophy. Ascension won the Rising Star Award with director Rick Vaveliuk receiving the trophy, both are pictured above. Special thanks to Fiona Dallas for her great work organising and styling this event. We also thank Panther Productions President, Gillian Scott, Alex Nesic (2014) and Vic Stroumos (1978) along with TMA President, Mark Pearman (1982) and Rob Sinclair (1976). Look out for more news about forthcoming Panther Productions events coming soon!

After keeping his School mementos for 60 years, Carrick Martin (1958) has kindly donated his Prefect blazer, along with numerous School photographs. These include his class, sporting and theatre production photos from 1947 through to 1958, when Carrick was awarded Dux.


VALE We record with sadness the passing of the following Alumni and extend our sincere sympathy to their families:



The items donated will most definitely be enjoyed by generations of Mentonians and their families.




*Further details are included online in our Monitor newsletter.

We also note with sadness the passing of Mr John Massey. John was a long term Director of the School, chaired the Property Committee and was a Life Governor. John’s involvement in our School, along with his wife Loxley (dec) was significant and we are grateful that he served the School so well and for so long. To honour his service, John was awarded Honorary Mentonian status in 1996. We send our sincere sympathy to John’s sons Martin (1976), Lachlan (1978), Finlay (1989) and their families. Labore et Honore


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2019


COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS WELCOME COLETTE RUSSELL, ARCHIVIST In January, we welcomed our new School Archivist, Colette Russell PhD, to Mentone Grammar. Colette is passionate about capturing, preserving and re-engaging with the history of organisations and their communities. In her own research, Colette says that she is ‘driven by a desire to use methods which bring context to the past, to enable an understanding of how organisations and their cultures emerge.’ In addition to her academic research, Colette managed a large IT department in the UK overseeing numerous projects and we are excited that Colette has been tasked with implementation of a Digital Asset Management system for cataloguing and storage of the School’s electronic documents and photographs. Colette is located off-campus at our Cheltenham Archive Centre and is ably supported by our tireless volunteers Mike Durack and Peter Newton. Our Centre welcomes volunteers who would like to be part of our many archival projects, large or small. Please contact: if you would like to join our team as we lead in to our Centenary preparations for 2023.

THE MENTONIANS ASSOCIATION (TMA) Our purpose is to serve our members and support the School. We aim to excel at meeting our members’ needs and to achieve this we have expanded the events calendar to maximise contact with as many past students as possible through reunions, our clubs, special events and other TMA activities.

2019 REUNIONS AND EVENTS The Reunions are special occasions that keep you connected with your old School and each other, so please don’t let the opportunity to participate pass you by. Come and see what all the excitement is about; and let us know of staff members who you would like invited along to share the evening with you. Friday 10 May 1994 – 25 Year Reunion 1999 – 20 Year Reunion 2004 – 15 Year Reunion

Saturday 7 September Class of 1969 Golden – 50 Year Reunion Friday 11 October 2009 – 10 Year Reunion 2014 – 5 Year Reunion Monday 11 November Remembrance Day Service Friday 22 November Class of 2018 – 1 Year Reunion Tuesday 10 December Service of Lessons and Carols

Saturday 15 June TMA Annual Dinner


Thursday 20 June Mentonians Year 12, Careers Mentoring Forum

Take your seat and be part of history!

Friday 26 July 1974 – 45 Year Reunion 1979 – 40 Year Reunion 1984 – 35 Year Reunion 1989 – 30 Year Reunion

Seat Sponsorship

Wednesday 31 July Annual General Meeting Friday 6 September Friends of Frogmore Luncheon

It’s not too late to sponsor a seat in the Creativity Centre Thorold Theatre. Join many families, Alumni and Clubs and sponsor a SEAT in the Thorold Theatre, which will have your name on it for the life of the building. Thorold Theatre Seats ($1000 per seat) Contact Fiona Dallas, Development Specialist Email: or phone 8571 4907 (direct)


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