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WELC Mentone Grammar is the benchmark for outstanding coeducation in bayside Melbourne. We offer a progressive, well-supported learning environment with wide-ranging opportunities for students from our Early Learning Centre to Year 12.

We are renowned for our successful learning model of Together-Apart-Together, where girls and boys in the Middle Years (Years 5-9) learn within a coeducational environment in gender specific classes. In Early Learning through to Year 4 and in Years 10-12, students learn in a fully coeducational environment.

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Front Cover: Youngest students Greer and Max enjoying the Founders' Day celebrations.



YEARS 10-12



REGISTRAR Enrolment applications at Mentone Grammar may be submitted at any time. We encourage early applications to increase the likelihood of securing a place for your child in your preferred year of entry. Places at Mentone Grammar are offered according to waiting list priorities, in order of the date of application and at the Principal’s discretion. Please note that you will need to register online and pay a non-refundable registration fee per child.

The acceptance of your registration will place your child on our waiting list for the requested year of entry and year level.

We invite you to visit us at Mentone Grammar to see our students and staff in action. Initially, joining one of our School Tours is the best way to find out what happens at our School. Take the opportunity to meet with us so that, together, we can discuss our Together-Apart-Together coeducation model and explore the benefits it will offer your children. This will provide you and your sons and daughters with an opportunity to have your questions answered in detail.


Tuesday 22 May 9.30am (Years 5-6 Keith Jones Learning Centre) Saturday 11 August 9.30am and 11am Thursday 25 October 9.30am

Please register online: or contact me at: if you wish to arrange a private tour or to discuss enrolments and opportunities available for your sons and daughters at Mentone Grammar. I look forward to welcoming you and your family to our Community. PERNILLA EKLUND ALLAN REGISTRAR



01 Our happy, busy ELC provides a wonderful

start for our youngest students. Enquire now at:

02 Registrar Pernilla Eklund Allan visits Eblana, Junior Campus.



Along with a team of staff members I undertake a number of enrolment interviews each year. At these interviews we all ask why young people want to come to Mentone Grammar. Whilst there are many answers that follow this question, the most common response is ‘opportunities’. When the young person being interviewed is pressed on this they articulate that they know that our students are exposed to a broad range of opportunities both within our classrooms and outside of them. They talk about Learning Journeys, about the wide range of music groups they have heard about, about our broad curriculum, our art offerings, offerings in drama, dance, cadets, Duke of Ed; I even had one not so long ago who talked about the fact that Lego is available to Eblana students during breaks. Similarly, our Robotics Club comes up a lot as does the interest in ready access to our Tutors both before and after school. We know that our Community is looking for breadth of opportunity and to be supported in their pursuit of this opportunity, to the best of our ability. We acknowledge that offering a broad program will be good for the wellbeing of a young person. We know that our pursuit

of ‘old fashioned’ values such as good manners and the ability to greet someone by looking them in the eye and shaking hands are well received as part of the holistic development of our young people. The development of the School physically has allowed for even great opportunities within the Campuses. Fancy having access to a recording studio let alone a film studio! An integral part of the holistic development of a young person is to surround them with excellent role models and mentors. We teach young people as much as we teach subjects, sport, drama, dance etc. The activities and events featured in this edition of the Mentor, once again, highlight that the mission of the School is being nurtured on an ongoing basis. As always, l thank all who continue to contribute to this wonderful place we call Mentone Grammar.



Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018

FROM THE CHAIR ON SUCCESSION… An important part of the work of every Board is succession planning and renewal. As part of that process Ms Kylie Watson-Wheeler has been appointed as a Director of Mentone Grammar. Ms Watson-Wheeler is a Mentone Grammar parent with two children currently attending the School. She brings a wealth of commercial knowledge and experience to the Board and currently serves as Senior Vice President and Managing Director for The Walt Disney Company Australia and New Zealand. In addition to her work with the Disney organisation Kylie is also a Board Member and Vice President of the Western Bulldogs Australian Rules Football Club. We welcome Ms Watson-Wheeler to the Board and look forward to her contribution to the ongoing development and growth of the School.

ON BUILDINGS… On the last day of Term 1, 29 March 2018, Her Excellency the Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria, officially opened the Keith Jones Learning Centre. The Governor is a vivacious and engaging person and her interest in the students and the School was obvious. Following the official opening by the Governor, the new Centre was blessed by our Regional Bishop, Paul Barker. The opening of this latest school facility, which the Years 5 and 6 students have been using for a term now, was a great way to celebrate the end of what has been a most successful and productive Term. This new addition is noteworthy because it marks the end of a series of capital projects which has seen the total upgrading of the School’s teaching and learning infrastructure. Led by Principal Mal Cater and former Chair Simon Appel OAM, every building in the School has been refurbished and/or re-purposed. Where gaps in our facilities have been identified, they have been filled; the Sports and Function Centre and the Creativity Centre are good examples. The only major capital project still to be completed at the Mentone Campus is the refurbishment of Frogmore House, the School’s first and oldest building. Whilst still serviceable, the building is largely unchanged since the 1960s. When I meet with the Principal in his study I see a room largely unchanged since I first visited as a Year 10 (then Form 4) student, (when I was sent there to see the Headmaster Keith Jones following yet another ‘lapse’ of one sort or another on my part). The fact that this building is the last on the site to receive attention underlines clearly where our priorities lie - with the students and their learning. Since 2005 the School has undertaken 22 major capital projects involving the construction of six new facilities and 16 major refurbishments. We next turn our attention to a major review of the School’s sports and recreation facilities at Mentone, Shoreham and Keysborough. Our School is in a very good place. Academic performance continues to improve and set new benchmarks; our facilities are being constantly improved and the School’s vision, ‘to develop resilient young people with a wide range of skills, interests and attributes to take their place in a changing world in an environment which challenges and motivates within a caring community’ remains the focus for all we do. The way to ensure that this progress continues is to constantly review and reflect, striving at all times to build on what has been achieved. This is what guides the Board of the School in its work. GEOFF RYAN AM CHAIR




OPEN! On Wednesday 14 February, the latest of the School’s impressive building upgrades opened its doors to excited Years 5 and 6 students eager to explore their new purpose-built Centre. Inside, the eight light-filled classrooms, reading lounges, breakout spaces, a large multipurpose performance auditorium along with an outdoor learning deck created much excitement. A professional film studio and recording booths were a favourite, particularly amongst the teachers who are keen to encourage limitless digital media skills, enabling their students to include video, music and short films into their everyday learning. The Centre is named in honour of Mentone Grammar’s fourth Headmaster, Mr Keith Jones (1961 to 1987). Mr Jones’ era saw significant improvements in the School’s infrastructure, academic standards and sporting success. With an abundance of space, the Years 5 and 6 single gender classes have many areas for small-group sessions, reading nooks, private outdoor spaces and large meeting spaces in which to work and socialise. Year level Coordinator Jacquie Cartwright and Mentors, who now call the Centre home, are delighted to have a spacious, engaging building, with all the best in technical infrastructure, classroom resources all in a comfortable, relaxed interior.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018

... a spacious, engaging building, with all the best in technical infrastructure, classroom resources all in a comfortable, relaxed interior.

On the final day of Term 1, Thursday 29 March, it was with great anticipation that Her Excellency the Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria, officially opened the Centre, followed by a blessing from our Regional Bishop, Paul Barker. After touring the new Centre, the Governor enthralled the audience as she compared her own school days to the amazing facilities and opportunities our students now have before them. It was yet another proud moment for our School and we welcome visitors to the School to view the Centre on any of our School Tour dates. Please register your interest online.




DEDICATION By Bishop Paul Barker 29 March, 2018. Almighty God, we give you thanks for Mentone Grammar School, and for all who, since its foundation, have laboured to make it a place of Christian purpose and sound learning. On this day, we ask you to accept our praise and thanksgiving for the Keith Jones Learning Centre, which you have inspired your people to build. We pay tribute to all those who, through their vision, support and encouragement, have worked to bring this Centre to completion. We give thanks for the planning and thought that has gone into its design and for the work of all those who have successfully laboured to turn these designs into reality. As its fourth Headmaster Keith Jones was a strong contributor to Mentone Grammar and we give thanks for the opportunity to honour his legacy in the naming of this building. We pray that Keith Jones’ gifts of oratory, leadership, service and dedication may be passed on to new generations of students as they spend time learning in the Centre that bears his name. May Years 5 and 6 students find within its walls the encouragement to discover and develop their gifts and abilities. Enable them to grow and thrive as they work together with their teachers and their classmates. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit I dedicate the Keith Jones Learning Centre to the glory of God for the equipping and empowering of young people in mind, body and spirit for service to the School Community and to the wider world. Amen


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018



Great leadership at Mentone Grammar has always been inextricably linked to the way in which we model our seven School Values of Endeavour, Respect, Resilience, Caring, Discipline, Integrity and Service. Therefore, it was my great pleasure to announce this year’s chosen Head Prefects - Brandon Demura, Alex Siedle and Meg Siedle. The following citations accompanied their commissioning and capture the many reasons why these fine students have been chosen to lead our Community of over 1600 students. Congratulations to Brandon, Alex and Meg and to their families on such a proud occasion.

BRANDON DEMURA Your appointment as

Head Prefect backs up on the fact that you were also a Bayview Captain. Your role modelling, your exhibiting of the School Values and your strong, pleasant personality all stand you in good stead to be Head Prefect. You are an elite sailor and through this activity you have been able to mentor younger people in this sport both here at School and at the Mordialloc and Sandringham Yacht Clubs. In winter you represent the School in Soccer. Over the years you have been involved in a number of School Productions. You have maintained your membership of the School's Cadet Unit. You have been actively involved in the School’s Debating Team. Your Learning Behaviours and overall academic performance reflect very strongly on you. You demonstrate our School Values to the highest level and your strong personal values will enable you to be an outstanding Head Prefect of Mentone Grammar. This School has been a significant part of your life given that you first joined us in 4YO Kinder back in 2005. You are clear evidence that if the 'Village' works together constructively with parents and teachers, fine young people can be the outcome. You have, as a result of your longevity, a great passion for this School and I am delighted to badge you as a Head Prefect of Mentone Grammar.

ALEX SIEDLE Since joining the School in Year 5 you have immersed yourself in every aspect of its operation.

The areas you are involved in are quite spectacular including representing the School in Firsts Netball and Firsts Touch Football. You have also been a member of the AGSV Athletics squad and, when Water Polo was offered for the first time in a long time, you joined in this sport as well. It is not just in sport, however, that you engage fully. You are a member of our Senior Orchestra and Woodwind Ensemble where you play the clarinet; you are a Sergeant in the School's Cadet Unit and you are also working towards a Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. Not content with that busy schedule you are a member of the School's Debating Team and an active participant in our Social Services Team. With what spare time you have you have been a member of the Crew for School Productions, you play club Netball, Touch Football and Hockey, you are a regular volunteer for School Tours and you also find time to serve the Community,

volunteering for the Salvation Army and volunteering to be part of a mentoring program for young girls, the Spark Academy. A high performer in our classrooms, an outstanding role model and a person who exemplifies our School Values, I am delighted to appoint you as a School Prefect of Mentone Grammar.

MEG SIEDLE Since joining the School in Year 5 you

have immersed yourself in every aspect of its operation. You are an outstanding role model and your demonstration of our School Values is unquestioned. Your engagement in our classrooms and outside of them is outstanding. The areas you are involved in are quite spectacular including representing the School in Firsts Netball and First Touch Football. You have also been a member of the AGSV Athletics squad and, when Water Polo was offered for the first time in a long time, you joined in this sport as well. It is not just in sport, however, that you engage fully. You are a member of our Senior Orchestra and Woodwind Ensemble where you play the clarinet, you are a Sergeant in the School's Cadet Unit and you are also working towards a Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. Not content with that busy schedule you are a member of the School's Debating Team and an active participant in our Social Services Team. With what spare time you have you have been a member of the Crew for School Productions, you play club Netball, Touch Football and Hockey, you are a regular volunteer for School Tours and you also find time to serve the Community, volunteering at the Parkdale Library. You also volunteered to be part of a mentoring program for young girls, the Spark Academy. Your acting career started off in the School's production of the Wizard of Oz where you were a Munchkin! What better foundation for being Head Prefect. Your leadership within the School has been strong and this was first acknowledged when you were Bayview Captain. I am delighted to appoint you as a School Prefect of Mentone Grammar.





35% ATARs over 90 - Top 10% in Australia 63% ATARs over 80 - Top 20% in Australia Median ATAR 84.65 DUX and Perfect Score 99.95 - Joshua Nung 11 ‘Perfect’ Study Scores 15.5% ATARs over 95 - Top 5% in Australia 48% Grades A or A+ 21% Study Scores over 40

2017 Ten students attained ATARs over 99


to the Class of


Our 2017 Valedictorians ended the year on a high when they achieved the best results in 95 years. There were celebrations all round as the Teaching and Learning strategic plan that included increased resourcing, superb facilities, a dedicated teaching team and a high performance culture delivered the very best opportunity for our 171 Year 12 students to excel. Most importantly, our students graduated as well rounded young adults with great skills, confidence and sense of community.



Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018


The School congratulates Joshua Nung on his perfect ATAR of 99.95 and the achievement of School Dux. Joshua’s key to success was ‘maintaining a consistent effort’ and having ‘supportive friends’. ‘The teachers are high quality and Mentone Grammar is a place for growth’ said Josh. Josh is now studying Science/Computer Science at Monash University. The School also congratulates Isabelle Koh who achieved an impressive score of 99.7. Isabelle’s advice to this year’s Year 12 cohort is to ‘keep a balance’ and ‘to get involved in sport, cocurricular activities and social activities as they help reduce stress’. She also said ‘the teachers at Mentone Grammar are great’ and the School ‘provided plenty of opportunities for other activities’. Isabelle is now studying Science/Arts with a major in Zoology. Across the year level there were many high achieving students who excelled in their areas of interest and were terrific leaders and role models for many younger students. At the end of year Valedictory Dinner at Brighton International the following Year 12 leaders were applauded for their success in a broad range of passions and academic pursuits:

VALEDICTORIAN AWARDS 2017 ACADEMIC MERIT AWARDS CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE A  rtissimo Music Award Nicholas Sheppard A rtissimo Dance/Drama Award Anna Mallows T  he Good Samaritan Prize Sophie van Vliet The Principal’s Award for Art Isabelle Koh A  rt & Design Acquisitive Prize Mackenzie Bascombe The Spirit of Mentone Grammar Award Stephanie Wilson T  he Gibson-Roberts Memorial Prize Max Rothberg The Simon Appel OAM Medal Thomas Siedle



F  raser Angus Harry Austin Leina Cato Jeffrey Fong Mingyuan Gao Jemima Gordon Austin Hollingsworth Isabelle Koh Kristi Lenton Anna Mallows

Ellen Mooney Joshua Nung Winnie Panczel Zac Scherger Jonas Schulze Nicholas Sheppard Thomas Siedle Charlotte Sutton Tom Zallmann Christine Zhong.


At the beginning of 2018 the School's Head of Teaching and Learning, Tim Macdonald, shared with staff the impressive comparative figures of improvement over the past five years that ratify the success of the strategic direction of the School. Tim maintains that these positive results can be attributed to: the successful Literacy Program across the Campuses V  isible Learning and Formative Assessment improving results at Year 10 level improved pathways high expectations and equally high support.


2013 2017


82.25 84.65


53% 63%


26% 35%


2013 2017


10.38% 21.27%


33 35


2 11

State Rank



Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018




Tim thanked the 11 teachers whose students achieved a perfect score of 50: Christine Altidis (Business Management), Kara Baxter (Psychology), Nadia Janetzki (Mathematics), Terry Matthew (English Language), Andrew Pate (Infomatics), Adrian Payne (Geography), Trevor Stevens (Physics), Paul Stockdale (Physical Education), Kym Willett (Health), Peter Wynne (Science) and Peter Zerman (Technologies) and in keeping with the School’s belief that, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ Tim also thanked all staff for the collaborative work that is achieved across the Campuses for a 50 to occur. Tim reminded staff that the challenges ahead remain:  continuing to embed a high performance culture across the whole School  continuing to improve higher order thinking at the VCE level a continued commitment to improve best teaching practices. Congratulations to all.


CLASS OF 2017 DESTINATIONS Victorian Universities (88%) Employment (6.5%) Independent Institutions (3.5%) Interstate and Overseas Engagements (1.5%) TAFE (0.5%)

CLASS OF 2017 VICTORIAN UNIVERSITY DESTINATIONS Monash University (46%) University of Melbourne (14%) Deakin University (14%) Swinburne University (13%) RMIT University ( 6%) Victoria University (3%) Independent Colleges (3%) La Trobe University (0.5%) Australian Catholic University (0.5%)

CLASS OF 2017 COURSE DESTINATIONS Management & Commerce (22%) Health (18%) Natural & Physical Sciences (16%) Society & Culture (13.5%) Creative Arts (11%) Engineering (6%) Information Technology (5.5%) Architecture & Building (4.5%) Education (2.5%) Food & Hospitality, Personal Services (1%)





Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018



What an outstanding start to the year in our ELC. The children have all settled in so quickly and it is heart-warming to see them skip in through our front doors each day with big smiles and eager greetings to their teachers and peers. Having this strong sense of belonging to the Mentone Grammar Community is essential so the children and their families know they are valued and that the staff here believe in establishing strong meaningful relationships, not just for their time in the ELC but for many years to come. The children, families and staff warmly welcomed our new Head of Eblana, Allison Prandolini into our service. Allison is passionate about ensuring that the children receive the best education possible. She is keen for the children and families to get to know her well, so you will often see her visiting the children or inviting them to special visits in the ‘big school’. The start of the year has seen our teachers focusing on getting to know the children in their group, connecting to them, finding out what makes them happy and supporting them to deal with the challenges that may present themselves. Introducing our Emotional Intelligence Program, RULER, is the first step staff undertake, in working with the children to label and understand feelings. Solving dilemmas and conflicts that arise in play encourages children to compromise and cooperate. This process can cultivate a broad range of social and emotional capabilities such as empathy, flexibility, self-awareness and self-regulation, all essential for everyday social interactions. The children have been amazing at being able to identify how they are feeling and being able to explain why they feel this way and what they are going to do to move on to a more positive feeling. Our teachers are seeing a lot of positive interactions between the children and great negotiating skills and developing empathy. Our Program has also focused on our strong association and proximity to the sea, with all classes exploring our local foreshore and looking forward to our next incursion involving sea creatures big and small. Linked to this is our focus on sustainability and the environment,

where the children learn about water conservation, conserving energy by turning off lights, heating cooling etc., recycling, re-purposing equipment, planting vegetable gardens, composting and creating worm farms for food scraps. This learning empowers the children to become responsible global citizens and they often take what they are learning at School back into their homes. We are very lucky that our families are so keen to support us and often enhance this learning within the home. As part of our program we believe strongly in empowering children to explore the natural environment whether it be at School, at our local beach, exploring our bush camp at Shoreham and its foreshore. It is imperative that we allow children to learn by being exposed to a rich and varied program. Young children’s minds are stimulated by nearly everything around them, so the more diverse, dynamic and engaging their environment and surroundings are, the more their mind learns and grow. As educators, we too need to grow and be willing to challenge ourselves and take the time to appreciate how the simple things in life can be powerful teaching tools and very insightful for the child, the educator and their family. The year ahead will be full of many of these opportunities such partaking in African drumming and enjoying a visit from Murrundindi to share his indigenous heritage with the children, to partaking in a dragon boat race to celebrate this special day in the Chinese calendar. We look forward to this journey of learning and discovery and cannot wait to share this with all throughout the year ahead. LIBBY CHISLETT DIRECTOR







Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018

02 Visitors to Eblana often comment on how happy the students in our Campus are; it is true in fact that our students just love coming to school! They enter with a smile, engage in their day with a positive attitude and leave at the end of the day full of wonder and curiosity as to what the next day will bring. This is not by accident. Our students are privileged to belong to a happy, healthy and high achieving community.

01 Happy, healthy and high achieving, Year 4 leaders celebrate on Badging Day.

02 Allison Prandolini, Head of Eblana. Celebrating the messages of Harmony Day as part of 03 

Eblana's Community Service and global connections.

A great start to the day for Foundation, a visit to the 04  library for a new book.

During Term 1 all Eblana students have worked with our focus on RULER to develop further their emotional intelligence by creating Class Charters, utilising Mood Meters, visualising their ‘best self’ and taking Meta Moments as required. Our students are taught to develop a vocabulary of feeling words, so that they can confidently label their emotions and develop effective strategies to monitor their own moods. This teaches them from a very young age that they are competent beings who are supported to be able to solve their own problems as they occur. In the playground it is not unusual to hear Eblana students using these strategies to solve friendship issues, which is of course a great start for them in learning to navigate bigger personal challenges as they develop. Our community is a happy one as all children are given the opportunity to develop their best self and support others in the quest to do the same! Health has also been a focus in Eblana this term with all students and staff participating in a series of Mindfulness Workshops with Angela Chaousis of Be You Living. The practice of mindfulness teaches students how to meaningfully pay attention, while enhancing academic, social and emotional learning at school and in daily life. Self-awareness is a key life skill that grows with mindfulness and meditation practice. Throughout this program our students explored how various concepts of mindfulness impact how they experience life and how they can take charge of their mind and body, to get their best self ready for learning. The results have been amazing! Students of all ages have reported that they are now practising mindfulness at home with their family and by doing so they are feeling a lot calmer in their daily interactions. This is a practice that will continue to be developed throughout the Campus.


The final pillar resonating throughout Term 1 has been that of High Achieving. In Eblana each student is supported by a team of highly professional teachers to achieve their personal best through a variety of learning experiences. All students are regularly assessed to identify their strengths and points of challenge. Teachers then design innovative, classroom experiences to ensure each student is given that right level of challenge…not too easy that they get bored, but not too hard that is feels overwhelming! Our teachers know their students well; they have established strong rapport and inspire each and every one of them to do their best. High achieving in Eblana is not the student who gets the top marks on each assessment, but the student who has achieved his or her personal best to get their result. Our teachers have been particularly focusing on the continued work of John Hattie and Dylan Wiliam to ensure our classrooms are places of learning for all through the use of Visible Learning and Formative Assessment strategies. Eblana staff participate in a range of professional learning experiences, including visiting each other’s classrooms for focused observation sessions, undertaking professional reading and participating in staff learning opportunities. High achieving teachers are definitely ensuring our Eblana students are getting the strong foundations required for successful lifelong learners. The Eblana community is indeed a very happy, healthy and high achieving one where we work hard each day to exhibit our School Values of Respect, Caring, Resilience, Service, Discipline, Endeavour and Integrity. We are a community that works hard to support each member through quality interactions and a mission to be our best self. I am very proud to be the leader of such an amazing group of students and staff.








02 03

The Middle Years are a time of exploration — a period when students may have started to develop an area of passion, but where there is still a lot left to try and they have the time to do it. This has been the focus in Bayview to start 2018 - asking students to review their involvement in the different programs that the School has to offer, whether Academic, Creative, Active or Service (ACAS), and to try something new. It certainly has sparked our students’ imaginations and has seen growth in the numbers seizing new opportunities, from singing ensembles to coding clubs to morning fitness sessions. As a result, it’s been a busy and energetic 2018 thus far! Inspired by the idea of Service, a large number of our Year 8 cohort signed up for leadership positions at the end of last year. Several nominated for the Bayview Captains positions, undergoing a thorough selection process before our 2018 Captains, Jed Zammit and Emily Fitt, were announced. For this pair, along with those who had put themselves forward as potential leaders, further training was offered at the start of the new school year through a targeted Year 8 Leadership Day. The day was facilitated by Project Rockit and our Year 8 Coordinator team, and aimed to grow and nurture the students’ leadership skills, drawing out the potential in all of them. Students were asked to identify their strengths, their core values and how they stand up for what they believe in through a range of active and reflective challenges. Our new leadership group came away smiling and empowered for the year ahead where, as Jed later reflected, they will do ‘the little things that determine what a leader is'.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018

04 01 James Walton, Head of Bayview. Our Together-Apart-Together 02 

philosophy creates a very relaxed, social environment about the Campus.

O ur Year 8 Leadership team at 03  work with the Rockit Program.

Bayview Captains 2018, Emily Fitt 04  and Jed Zammit.

Getting our students outside and Active, the Year 7 Learning Journey to Shoreham moved earlier in the year in 2018. Traditionally, Year 7 is one of our biggest intake years, so there is a real focus on making sure that the transition is smooth and that students quickly feel at home; getting students away to camp together certainly helps this to happen! Making the

most of our magnificent property on the Peninsula, students took the opportunity to learn new skills like cooking on a trangia and snorkelling. New friendships were quickly formed through shared experiences, with students also using the opportunity to learn the anchors of the School’s emotional intelligence program, RULER, further helping them build empathy and understanding with one another. Back on Campus, the first term of 2018 also saw an amazing new resource open that will enhance the Creative and Academic experiences of our students. The Keith Jones Learning Centre is a new home for our Years 5 and 6 students, but one that will benefit all year levels. Complete with comfortable classrooms and breakout spaces and a film studio amongst other things, this building will give our students more chances to explore and create. Along with the Centre, there were also exciting new programs for our youngest students. Our Years 5 and 6 students took part in the Jamie Oliver’s


Learn Your Fruit and Veg Program, a hands-on education program designed to bring food knowledge and cooking skills to life, which saw them making dishes like bruschetta and finding out that tomatoes had been grown in space. Year 6 students also participated in the launch of their Global Changemakers program. The students travelled around the globe through a documentary, hearing from children their own age about their struggles, hopes, experiences, perspectives, and what mattered to them. They will start to explore some of the issues they are passionate about as the year progresses, considering how they might be able to make a change in the future. As Term 1 ended, some tired but happy students departed the gates. In Bayview, we wouldn’t want it any other way. JAMES WALTON HEAD OF BAYVIEW

06 09 05

A visit from some feuding Knights on Medieval Day for our Year 8 students.

House Sports events are a highlight 06  on the Bayview Calendar.


07 & 08 Jamie Oliver's Learn Your Fruit and Veg Program in action.


09 Year 7 boys enjoying a day at

Keysborough to create their class RULER charters.

10 & 11 The first Bayview Soiree for the

year highlighted the wonderful musical talent across the Campus.

08 11 17





The Greenways Campus continues to create innovative learning that is both relevant and memorable. The new 2018 cohort has taken to the transition from Bayview like ‘ducks to water’ and is ready for the challenges ahead. We always reiterate the importance of embracing every opportunity - students only benefit from the Program if they are prepared to give their best. The year promises to be a positive and rewarding experience, if they give everything a go. A positive learning culture is obvious within the Campus. The study sessions have been well attended with many students exceeding the quota of three sessions per cycle. Students are always welcome to stay on to complete homework and study and we regularly discuss, the idea of the ‘mastery of learning’. The Campus supports the learning of students both at school and at home. If a student needs clarification or support with a particular concept, it is important that they clearly understand or ‘master’ its application before moving


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018

onto the next chapter of their learning. Staff and tutors are available each day to assist students. In Greenways we continue the RULER journey by creating one of the four anchor tools, the Charter. The Greenways Cohort Charter establishes agreed norms and guidelines, rather than rules, to help create an emotionally safe environment at School. Students came together at the conclusion of last year and collaborated in order to establish their Charter. It is a commitment all students have made to themselves and to one another.

Fitness sessions in Greenways are always well attended. Their focus is to promote the importance of personal wellbeing through health and exercise. The sessions have concentrated on cardio fitness, strength and conditioning and relaxation. It is well researched and documented that physical fitness supports and improves emotional fitness. Our Greenways Learning Journeys play an integral role in developing important life skills and consolidating students’ learning in a range of different contexts. Each program has clear objectives and aims to

01 The strong academic program

underpins the many adventures beyond the classroom.


Natalie McLennan, Head of Greenways.

The girls discover Banksy in the 03 

laneways of inner city Melbourne.

A year as a Mentone Grammar Army 04 

Cadet is a long awaited adventure for Greenways students.



Horseriding is a fun, challenging day out 05  on the Peninsula.



S horeham camp: 'home away from 06  home' for the Greenways classes.

A unique experience - a day heading up 07  the Magistrates Court.


The hub of life in Greenways - the 08 

05 give students diverse experiences and to introduce new skills. As part of the Greenways Café experience, students complete a Food Handling Certificate and operate a fully functional kitchen along with qualified staff. Our Year 9s gain the experience of operating a real, small business where they develop financial literacy and marketing skills. The students’ barista training has been an extremely useful tool with members of the Mentone Grammar Community enjoying some excellent lattes and chai tea in the Café. The Shoreham experience is based at our School camp and has a marine focus. Students attend many activities central to this concept including sessions with local marine experts and snorkelling to observe the marine life discussed at each land session. Also central to this experience are the personal challenges of living and working in a team environment, tolerating differences, understanding others and sharing jobs about the camp. The City experience promotes students’ independence and relies on collaboration

to achieve set goals. Each student is faced with the prospect of travelling to and from the city in small groups, navigating the CBD and using the public transport system. The program is connected with the Humanities curriculum and looks at War and the history of Melbourne as the central themes. Experiences in the City vary for each class and can include time at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) and at The Big Issue, where they are exposed to those facing marginalisation and disadvantage. Sessions at The National Sports Museum, The Shrine of Remembrance, The Old Melbourne Gaol and The Koorie Heritage Trust are invaluable for local history knowledge. Time at The Brotherhood of St Laurence or Urban Seed also allows our students to gain insight into how some Australians live and what Mentone Grammar can do to support them. These activities provide Greenways students with an appreciation of the city while challenging them geographically and giving them independence.

student-run Café. Great coffee and great worklife experience.

Dookie Agricultural College continues to offer a different focus for our students. Many have not experienced living in a rural environment and the opportunity to spend time at a working farm in the northeast Victoria provides them with the chance to learn about life on the land. In doing so, our students learn just how much work goes into providing the food that ends of up our tables. Whether it is herding sheep, considering the paddock to plate process or looking at the technology of a Robotic Dairy, our students develop an understanding and appreciation of farming life. The Greenways Campus continues to attract high levels of interest from the school and wider community. I pinch myself everyday and have gratitude for the experts who deliver engaging programs to our students in such a wonderful space. NATALIE MCLENNAN HEAD OF GREENWAYS


FROGMORE SENIOR YEARS 10-12 The only thing that is constant is change. This quote from Heraclitus resonates as we begin yet another year in the Frogmore Campus. Staff and students returning to a place that is so familiar and yet, as the year begins, so different for each. Some of that change will be clearly evident, visible in the new facilities available for our staff and students. Some changes will become apparent over time as enhanced programs are presented, resulting in new outcomes. And some changes might surprise, particularly our students as they realise they possess the capacity and resilience required to undertake new opportunities and overcome new challenges.


The redevelopment of the Frogmore upstairs classroom area is a clear example of change, providing our students with a bright, purpose built, flexible array of learning spaces. The warmth and welcoming nature of the space, enhanced by the abundance of natural light flowing through the predominantly glass spaces, encourages our students to utilise the space and they have done so in a positive and purposeful manner. The redeveloped Languages area also provides students with a more conducive learning environment for their language studies. In both instances the physical change has facilitated opportunities for the enhancement of learning and teaching, leading to enhanced outcomes for our students. Indeed, changes are also evident in our students. The New Year brings an array of newfound opportunities and challenges as our students transition into their new academic, sporting, cocurricular and wellbeing programs. For some, this is a seamless transition as they embrace the fresh opportunities and demonstrate the resilience necessary to overcome the rising challenges. For others, the support of their peers and Mentors enables them to move forward with a more step-by-step approach. It is important to recognise those who are there supporting each other, particularly in acknowledging the small things that our staff and students do for each other. Sometimes without even recognising it themselves, they make a difference in the lives of others. And so we do. Drew Dudley calls them ‘lollipop moments’, those small acts of kindness that can impact the way someone else is feeling at that time. In a school that has Caring as a Value, and in looking to recognise the numerous acts of thoughtfulness and kindness that occur regularly within our School Community, we have adopted that as one of our themes for 2018 - recognising those lollipop moments.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018



House sport and events are a fun, 04  memorable addition to the senior school calendar.

05 The Year 12 Academic,

Cocurricular and Wellbeing Leadership Captains for 2018.


Change is also apparent in the continued evolution of teaching and learning within the Frogmore Campus as we seek to effectively activate students as owners of their own learning and as learning resources for each other; building on the work of last year regarding providing effective feedback. Given that, ‘teachers don’t create learning, only learners can create learning’, a greater emphasis on cooperative learning, student self-assessment and self-regulated learning through the use of effective classroom techniques, and building on the work already undertaken along our journey, our students continue to benefit from the structures and support designed to assist them in becoming independent learners. In embedding these practices staff have again engaged with the research of Prof. Dylan Wiliam and, under the leadership of our Head of Teaching and Learning, Tim Macdonald, Frogmore staff continue to utilise a range of strategies to develop a growth mindset within our students so that they see that their ability as incremental. The simple axiom that, ‘the harder you work, the smarter you get’, continues to ring true for so many more of our students and is again reflected in the progress many have made thus far in 2018.

03 01 The re-purposed senior

classrooms are a pleasant, comfortable addition for our growing senior school.

In coping with change, the pastoral role of our Houses is fundamental in facilitating the wellbeing and happiness of our Frogmore students and I commend our House Coordinators, Mentors and House Captains for their role in establishing and maintaining the nurturing environments our Houses provide. This sense of ‘togetherness’ is particularly poignant at the start of a new year, with many new students entering the Frogmore Campus, and perhaps warily for some, for the very first time. The bonds that will form through the shared experiences provided by our Houses will certainly be of benefit as our students move through the year. CAMERON LANCASTER


Cameron Lancaster, Head of Frogmore.


With three perfect scores across 03 

the sciences, science is booming at Mentone Grammar.


VCAL 2018 It is fantastic to share the exciting achievements of our VCAL program in its early stages. Late last year Mentone Grammar was awarded the Best VCAL Provider by White Lion, in conjunction with the Bayside Kingston Glen Eira Local Learning Employment Network.

On 27 April, Senior VCAL students headed to Federation Square to be presented with their winning trophy for the Team Achievement award category for the VCAA’s 2017 VCAL Awards, in recognition of the excellent community work they undertook at Lilla in the Northern Territory. Senior and Intermediate VCAL students have worked collaboratively throughout the Term on teamwork and leadership projects, a Duke of Edinburgh hike and beginning construction of a wood fired pizza oven for the School. There is a heavy focus in the VCAL program on the development of employability skills, including initiative, problem solving, communication and teamwork, and students have opportunities to apply these regularly, both at School and in their workplace. It is great to see some of the technical skills of our building and construction and landscaping students being applied to the pizza oven project, in terms of site preparation, building formwork, pouring


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018

a concrete slab, and constructing a brickwork base. Students have also applied an excellent understanding of Occupational Health and Safety, writing and applying their own set of safe operating procedures for all aspects of the pizza oven construction. Our Survivor project was about equipping students with the right knowledge and skills to be a safe and responsible citizen, able to respond to emergency situations appropriately and to prepare themselves for a range of activities safely and responsibly. Students completed their Level II First Aid and CPR certificate, completed a risk assessment for their Duke of Edinburgh hike, and participated in Supreme Incursion’s shelter-building

workshop that required more problem solving and teamwork. Throughout the Term, Intermediate students worked on an individual survival scenario that required them to research and identify relevant hazards, apply appropriate first aid and develop strategies to survive and escape, while the Senior students researched and designed a Schoolies week with a focus on ‘keeping your mates safe’. A further highlight for our Senior VCAL students was a visit to ‘Thankyou’ headquarters, for their Unit 3 Business Management studies. Thankyou is a social enterprise sponsoring several projects in Third World areas. Students gained a valuable insight into how the organisation operates on a day-to-day basis, the collaborative approach of staff, and the motivations, goals and values of Thankyou. SHELLEY MUIR VCAL COORDINATOR

A promise of pristine, white sandy beaches was all the motivation needed to inspire the VCAL students to choose Wilsons Promontory for their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award Adventurous Journey. Located at the southernmost point of mainland Australia – ‘The Prom is a magical part of the world.




The team set off from Telegraph Saddle and hiked 10km to the first campsite at Sealers Cove. It was a challenging day as they got used to their packs and immediately regretted carrying anything unnecessary. The final challenge for the day was having to cross a river that was running thigh deep water. An exciting night followed with a couple of students being robbed of breakfast by some fearless (and pretty aggressive) brush tail possums. After a night of poor sleep it was back on the trail for a 6.3km leg to Refuge Cove for lunch. The trail followed the coastline so hikers were blessed with some amazing views. Arriving at Refuge Cove they were annoyed to find that there is now a ferry service to a beach that once was only accessible by foot! The second half of the day proved the most challenging - 6km of difficult terrain to get to the campsite at Little Waterloo Bay. The third day was a flat 10km to Oberon Bay – made more difficult by the fact that each team had to carry an extra 5kg of water between them. At least there was a chance for a swim at the end – beautiful waves and an offshore breeze. Finally – time to return – 9km back to the bus – the last 4km all uphill. It seemed the closer the target – the slower the pace. Everyone was happy to kick off the boots and snooze on the bus. The goal of the trip was for the students to have opportunities to build independence and teamwork. They had to take care of themselves – cooking and carrying all their gear - but also they had to look after each other – we were only going to be successful if everyone made it! Overall, a fantastic trip – the students displayed endeavour and resilience – it was a unique experience that earned them a great sense of satisfaction at completion. HENRY KISS VCAL TEACHER AND DUKE OF ED AWARD LEADER


On 28 February 2018, student leaders welcomed special guests and the School Community to the Sports and Function Centre to celebrate the School’s 95th birthday.




Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018

Today we are celebrating our 95 years through reflections on a journey that began so humbly to the wonderful, diverse school we share today. We appreciate our guests being with us today and hope that everyone has an enjoyable Founders' Day. Emily Fitt and Jed Zammit Bayview Captains 2018

As is tradition, the whole School celebrated our Founders’ Day during Term 1, where students led a fascinating timeline of significant Mentone Grammar events that chronicled the rich history of our School. Here is an excerpt from the students’ presentation: 1923: The opening took place on the lawns in front of Frogmore House. The School was made up of Frogmore House, an old church hall and a paddock, which was referred to as the oval. The School started with 60 students. Interestingly, a prior attempt at developing a school called Mentone Grammar, in 1920, had failed and it was left to a dynamic team of locals including J. Allan Anderson, the person after whom Anderson House is named, who introduced the first Headmaster, Mr Henry Tonkin.


When the Great Depression hit in 1929 the School struggled to attract and retain enrolments and there was a strong likelihood that the School would fail. Thanks to the generosity of seven parents the School was able to continue.

 entone Grammar School M opening, Frogmore House, 1923.

Eblana students enjoying a visit 02  to 'the big school'.

A fine tradition, special guest 03 

Jan Drinan joins Principal Mal Cater, Head Prefects Alex, Meg and Brandon along with ELC students Max and Greer.

03 01 In 1932 Mr Tonkin left the School. The School had a caretaker Headmaster in 1933 before the arrival of arguably the most famous Mentone Grammar family of them all. Mr Charles Campbell Thorold not only became our second Headmaster but he took ownership of the School and a new era was embarked upon. We now enjoy our assemblies in the Thorold Theatre acknowledging both Mr C. C. Thorold and his son, J. J. Thorold’s contribution to our School.


C. C. Thorold died suddenly in 1939 and, at this time, the School was still struggling with only 42 students. J. J. Thorold took over the management of the School and was most fortunate to have the support of Mr Francis Wellington Were, a prominent Melbourne stockbroker and of whom Were House is named. Within six years J. J. had 280 students enrolled and the School was a viable business. In those days the School was a boarding school and most of the growth in numbers came from boarders. In 1945 the appointment of Mr Lionel Ashley Large, a skilled and dedicated educator with high Christian ideals was signed. He attracted qualified staff, raised standards, enhanced the curriculum and widened his students' horizons. By 1956 the School had an enrolment of 650 students and J. J. Thorold’s resolve to have a great school was never going to be possible unless he sold the School and allowed it to run as a not-for-profit entity.


01 Our many student speakers who presented on the day. Over 1600 student attended this year's Founders' Day. 02 



Col. Weir's sword.

Even the youngest leaders of our School contributed 04  to the story of Mentone Grammar.


During Mr Jones’ tenure the School flourished with much building being undertaken, the purchase of the Keysborough Playing Fields, the acquisition of our beachside property at Shoreham, the start of our dominance in Swimming, improved academic standards and increased enrolments.

03 26

Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018

Bayview students enjoying the Special Assembly. 05  Just some of the past students who have had the 06 


honour of cutting the cake.

05 06 In 1957 the sale took place and a Board was formed to oversee the good governance of the School. The first Chair of the School Board was to be Mr Finlay Anderson, son of one of our Founders, and the person of whom Finlay Anderson House is named. It was at this time that the School also formally aligned with the Anglican Church. One year later the School joined the Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria, the AGSV. Mr Lionel Large retired in 1960 and, upon his retirement, Mr Keith Jones was appointed as Headmaster. During Mr Jones’ tenure the School flourished with much building being undertaken, the purchase of the Keysborough Playing Fields, the acquisition of our beachside property at Shoreham, the start of our dominance in Swimming, improved academic standards and increased enrolments. Mr Jones retired at the end of 1987 as a result of ill health and, sadly, he died early in 1988. By this time the Chair of the School Board had transferred to Mr Mick White. Mr Neville Clark MC was commissioned as our new Headmaster on 11 July 1988. Mr Clark introduced two more houses - Deighton and Lionel Large in 1990. During his tenure the Gregory Fish Library, the Don Ingram Centre and our Aquatic Centre were constructed. Mr Clark retired on ANZAC Day 2003. On that day, Mr Clark, a former soldier, marched in the ANZAC Parade and, unbeknown to him a large number of staff, students and parents gathered at the march to pay tribute to this fine gentleman. Our current Principal, Mr Cater, succeeded Mr Tim Argall under whose leadership the School became coeducational, the Sports and Function Centre was built and the first specialised Year 9 program was implemented. The School was restructured into Junior, Middle and Senior Schools under the umbrella of the Together-Apart-Together model. Mr Cater, working alongside Mr Simon Appel OAM as Chair of the School Board commenced a significant improvement in the teaching and learning resources across the School. With the recent opening of the Keith Jones Learning Centre for there isn’t a part of the School, including Keysborough and Shoreham that has not benefited from this significant building program. The leadership of the School Board passed to Mr Geoff Ryan AM in 2017. A former Head Prefect and renowned educator, the School Board is certainly in a strong position to oversee the strategic future of Mentone Grammar.” LABORE ET HONORE

As per tradition, each year a significant Mentonian is invited to join the youngest students of the School to cut the Founders’ Day cake. This year, we were delighted to have Jan Drinan, wife of Tony and, of course, mother to Troy, join Max Widdison and Greer McGrath from the ELC and Head Prefects Meg and Alex Siedle and Brandon Demura in cutting the cake with Colonel Weir’s sword. Colonel Weir was a significant person in the founding of Mentone Grammar and a distinguished soldier. For many years his wife, Marion, would join us to cut the cake. Amazingly, she did this up until her 101st birthday.





Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018

A STUNNING SEASON OF SPORT The 2018 Summer Sport Season saw many fantastic achievements across all sports. The enthusiasm and determination with which the students tackled the beginning of the Season was outstanding. Many teams were given the extra challenge of moving up a division and we even entered multiple ‘A’ teams in a number of sports. This ensured that more students experienced the highest standard of sport for their year level, thus giving us a broader base of students to build on in the future. This made achieving victories more challenging but also more rewarding. Our Firsts teams results were very strong in both Girls’ and Boys’ sport. Our Girls’ Softball, Tennis and Volleyball teams approached preseason training with vigour, with students ranging from Year 8 to Year 12. Each team worked to progress throughout the season which was highlighted by our Softball team (in their second ever season in Firsts division) winning their first game. Our Boys’ Firsts teams had many new faces from the 2017 season. The Basketballers fought hard but found the going tough throughout the home and away season. They did, however, almost topple the eventual premiers. The Cricket, Table Tennis and Tennis teams all reached semi-finals in their competitions finishing in third or fourth place which was an excellent achievement by all. Five Firsts teams achieved the ultimate success in Summer 2018. The Girls’ Firsts Touch Football team completed an undefeated season finishing on top of the ladder in the Touch Football competition. The Boys’ Firsts Volleyball team defeated Trinity Grammar in the Grand Final to claim our third AGSV Volleyball Premiership. Both the Girls’ and Boys’ Swimming teams excelled to claim the AGSV Swimming Premierships for the fifth consecutive year. Our Sailing team won the John Middleton Trophy as the Victorian School Team Sailing Premiers for 2018 and our Surf Lifesaving team had a highly successful day of competition at Mordialloc beach in February. Well done to all students for their approach to sport during the Summer Season and congratulations to the Firsts teams for producing such a wonderful set of results. STUART BAINBRIDGE DIRECTOR OF SPORT - SUMMER




The group came together in October 2017 and formed a team, an idea, a work ethic and a strong mentality based around respect for the coaches and each other. We had onlyhree returning students from 2017, so we had to come up with a plan. I asked Scott and Jai, who are also strong footballers to recruit the ruckman, centre half forward, centre half back and the best on ballers. This would give us good height, great hand-eye coordination and some physicality on court. So training began and we had to learn everything these recruits should have learnt from Years 7 and 8 until now. It was very basic, sometimes slow, but the boys were attentive and had clearly bought into a new sport that would challenge them both technically and physically. The first round came, against Marcellin, we weren’t really ready. But we won 3-1 in a very ugly match showing us just how much work we still had to do. The next two games against Peninsula Grammar and Yarra Valley Grammar were amazing, both 3-0! Peninsula was a big step forward, we looked a little like a Volleyball team, then the Yarra Valley match, again 3-0, changed what the coaching team thought was possible. Maybe Top 3 was not a high enough goal. Coming back in 2018 we hit the ground running, beating last year’s champions Trinity Grammar 3-0 in a very close match; then backing it up against Camberwell Grammar and Ivanhoe Grammar, beating them both 3-0. All of a sudden, the regular season had finished and we had only dropped one set, to the last place team, in our first match. We won our Semi Final 3-0 with a minimum of fuss and that meant we were to play Trinity Grammar again in the Grand Final. The first set was so tense and hesitant. We couldn’t spike in and Trinity decided not to spike, they were so passive, we struggled to play. But, to the boys credit they stuck with it and won the set after being down three set points.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018

After that we found our groove. Every set was influenced by our bench coming on and making brave plays in serve, attack and block. Noah, Angus, Adam and Max all stood up for us when they needed to. We won the Final 3-0 with a brilliant transition play from Scott down the line and the boys swamped the court. The boys had just made Mentone Grammar history.

VOLLEYBALL PREMIERSHIP TEAM: Matthew Scott (C) Noah Brooks Jai Florent Jeremy Williams Max Tulloch Lachlan Nott Finn Ryan Ben Ryan Fan Minghui Zachary Angus Adam Pitt Massive credit goes to this group of young men and thanks to Dave our assistant, Stuart Bainbridge, Peter O’Gorman and Erin Hunt for all their off-court support. LUKE CAMPBELL HEAD COACH

Nights like tonight are why I love coaching. I get to stand up here and tell everyone about an amazing group of young men that I get to look after and guide. Coach Luke Campbell, Awards Evening, March 2018



Australia under 18s Youth World Cup Squad members, Lauren Fagan and Stephanie Kelly.

A YEAR IN THE MAKING The 2017/18 team had the pressure of going into the season as raging hot favourites, despite losing three experienced Year 12 girls from our championship win the previous year. We rebuilt with the six remaining players who formed a strong core of enthusiasm and experience.

year olds, three 16 year olds and three 17 year olds in the team, the thinking from a coaching perspective was about development rather than competition. After Round 1 we were taught a lesson but the girls loved a challenge and really surprised many with the results. Especially the coach, who had booked for the team to come home the night before finals only to discover that the girls had actually made it to the quarter finals! We came home very happy with the results overall: Team MVP - Lauren Fagan.

Planning for the season started in mid April 2017. It was time to bring in some new girls from Years 8 and 9 to help ensure we remain competitive for future years. Enter Sophie Porter, Olivia Hargreaves and Katie Goakes from Year 8 and Sophie Peachey and Charlie Peachey from Year 9.

The inaugural AGSV pre -season competition took place at Peninsula Grammar. The Mentone girls won all of the pool games comfortably as well as the final to secure their second trophy for the season.

June 2017: Vic Touch Football organised an All Schools team to play against the Mentone girls at AAMI Park. The Mentone girls defeated the top 12 players from different schools (7-2) and shortly after, defeated them once again in an exhibition match at half time at a Melbourne Storm game. It was sensational to play on a bigger stage. July 2017: Mentone Grammar then entered the biggest All Schools tournament in the world, the QLD All Schools. This was a great way to help develop our new girls into the team culture and challenge our senior girls in an elite environment. Training also began in earnest for the October competition. October 2017: Mentone heads to Whites Hill Brisbane to compete in the All Schools competition. Over 60 under 18 girls’ teams entered. With three 14 year olds, three 15

November 2017 to March 2018: The AGSV season began and the Mentone girls came up against Peninsula Grammar, the 2011-2013 undefeated Champions, and won comfortably 17-0. This would start our run of a record season where we would score 116 touch downs and only concede 16. No other girls’ teams have been so dominant in the competition. Team MVP - Stephanie Kelly February 2018: The girls entered the Open Age Victoria State Cup at Elwood. The girls lost two round games before a tough semi-final. Short on numbers we were able to pull through and win the semi-final. We entered the final as massive underdogs coming up against a team filled with State players. We pushed them to the end falling short 4-2. Team MVP - Lauren Fagan March 2018: We entered the Victorian All Schools and would again cruise through the

pool stages of the tournament. We came up against Yarra Valley who finished second in the AGSV competition. The early stages were close but the experienced Mentone girls kicked away to a 7-1 win and remain undefeated for two years in All Victorian Schools competitions.

SPECIAL MENTIONS Victoria Under 18s Representatives: Lauren Fagan: Captain and Players’ Player Stephanie Kelly: Team MVP Ruby Timms: Coach’s Award Kim Henricks Madison Daley Victoria Women’s T League Nationals Nationals Champions 2018: Lauren Fagan Katie Goakes Stephanie Kelly: Player of the Final Australia under 18s Youth World Cup Squad: Lauren Fagan and Stephanie Kelly The 2017/18 season was the culmination of hard work and persistence. We will now lose six of our experienced and highly skilled Year 12 girls but the legacy they leave behind will hold us in good stead for the next year. We look forward to the challenges ahead and we thank the Year 12 girls for all they have given to Mentone Grammar Touch Football over the years. Bring on 2018/19. ELIES EL CHAAR COACH


...with the introduction of Sailing as a junior sport; we are excited about the future of sailing at Mentone Grammar.





With Senior Coach Lewis Duncan, an experienced Championship Team Captain, we set out a plan to develop a young squad with a view to winning the John Middleton School Teams Sailing Championship in 2017, unfortunately we were up against strong competition and we just fell short of our goal. But with no changes to the senior team, 2018 looked a more achievable goal.



Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018

Our Squad had swelled with talent, allowing us many new options. Winning the Division 2 series in 2017 meant we had the depth to enter two Division 1 teams, along with a young developing squad for Division 2. With several girls now in the team we were also able to enter two teams into the Girlsail Regatta at Davey’s Bay, Mt Eliza comprising Year 12 girls’ team of Elly Blasse and Holly Adams (Division 1) and Eliza Ewart (Year 10) and Avelyn Reynolds (Year 7) in Division 2. Our Division 1 team sailed well despite very strong competition and finished in the middle of the field and our Division 2 girls sensationally took out the Silver medal. The main season wasn’t kind to the schools with either too much wind or no wind for permissible sailing. By the final regatta on Albert Park Lake, we were one point ahead of second placed Brighton Grammar, followed by Haileybury and Peninsula Grammar, ahead of all the APS schools.


Mentone has experienced success at the Albert Park Lake venue before winning the Victorian Championships with Anton Sasson as team Captain back in 2012, but this year’s team had better results sailing out in the open waters of Port Phillip Bay. Winning the regatta meant we were guaranteed the John Middleton Trophy. It was an exciting regatta that included a clear win against Haileybury, and also against our challenger Brighton Grammar in our last race, narrowly taking the points against them. The Championship was ours! Team Captain Brandon Demura brought his boat to shore, beaming along with crew Cameron Berry, very excited to be winning a Premiership as a Year 8 student! The other two boats skippered by Lachlan Hughes and Pat Distefano and crewed by Hamish Berry and Grace Phillips also exited the lake surrounded by excited parents, Team Coach and Team Manager. Winning this event is not an easy task, with the elite of all junior sailing in Victoria representing their schools. A special mention should also be made to the second Division 1 team that, although didn’t finish in the top of the pool, was instrumental in training with our winning team to achieve this result. The Victorian School Team Sailing Championships at the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron at St Kilda held after the Middleton Series, brings together all 27 participating schools in Victoria. Unfortunately, due to study commitments our most senior sailors could not compete in all the scheduled regattas but our enthusiastic younger sailors managed three hard fought wins from 11 races. Team Captain Eliza Ewart sailed brilliantly finishing strongly in all races. New Skippers Nick Berry and Tom O’Rourke are to be commended for stepping up from crewing to taking the helm, and will learn so much from the experience.

01 Years 7 to 12 sailors after

a challenging day at St Kilda.

Our Silver medal Girlsail team. 02  O ur John Middleton champions. 03 

The following day our Division 1 team handled the strong wind conditions nicely against strong opposition. The team finished the day in third place overall. On the final day we were able to bring in Year 12 students Pat Myles and James Rickard into the Division 2 team, winning a few races to finish in the middle of the field. Unfortunately the way the regatta was organised, only those finishing first or second on the first day could sail off for the Championship, denying Mentone the opportunity to avenge losses to Brighton Grammar and Haileybury the day before. We sailed off against Toorak College and raced well to comfortably claim the Bronze Medal. Due to some confusion by the organising committee it took several days for Mentone Grammar to be recognised as the Saturday Series Premiers, ahead of Brighton Grammar and Peninsula Grammar. The team will now compete in the National Championships in July at Blairgowrie. This will be a huge challenge as no Victorian school has ever won the Australian title. I wish to acknowledge our long serving Year 12 sailors: Brandon Demura, Pat Myles, Elly Blasse and James Rickard. They have all served the School with distinction for so many years. For Brandon this is his second Sailing Premiership, crewing for Anton Sasson to win the 2012 Premiership. We will also miss our fantastic Coach Lewis Duncan who, due to work commitments, will not be able to coach next season. Thank you for the excellent mentoring of our Mentone Grammar teams. He leaves Mentone Grammar Sailing in great shape and with the introduction of Sailing as a junior sport; we are excited about the future of sailing at Mentone Grammar. Congratulations to all on a brilliant season. MAX MARROW TIC SAILING




On Friday, 16 March, the Boys’ and Girls’ Swimming Teams were privileged to win their respective 2018 AGSV Premierships. This was the boys’ 35th Swimming Premiership and the girls’ fifth. For both teams it has been five in a row since 2014. For the casual spectator or member of the inspirational cheer squad, it was as close to a perfect swimming performance as a coach or swimmer could hope to achieve across many metrics. Our season theme for last year focused on competitive greatness or being at your best, when your best is required. From the very first race it was clear that this concept had matured as our teams had matured. Our individual results on the night were brilliant. Sophie Sibbald, Henry Hamilton, Jordan Fox and Jack Williams all won individual races. Nicholas Layton was dominant all night winning the 50fs, 50bks, 100fs and 50 butterfly, which was a AGSV record. Our Queens of the Pool were equally impressive. Hannah Schmidt won the 50fs and Open 100m fs setting an AGSV record in the process and 13 year old Paris Burlock won three events, setting two AGSV records in the U16 50fs and Open 50brs.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018

Preparation is important but leadership is the difference-maker. Leadership delivers premierships and more importantly, adds threads to the fabric of what it means to be a swimmer at Mentone Grammar.

In reflecting on our season, it is increasingly clear that this exercise was fundamental to the success our teams experienced the night of AGSV Swimming Championship. The camp gave our Captains and leaders a fantastic medium to establish their vision for the season and for all of the swimmers to begin the process of building strong relationships. By developing this vision and these relationships, the majority of swimmers held each other accountable throughout the season. By being physically and digitally present, our leadership team communicated clearly and transparently with their teammates. Our relay results on the night of AGSV were a testament to the coaching and preparation of the teams in perfecting the fundamentals. Our teams fell to their level of preparation and all night the pressure was on Ivanhoe Grammar to beat both teams. Finally, the 2018 incarnation of the Mentone Grammar swimming teams individually and collectively demonstrated the ability to be flexible and make adjustments.

These teams had an outstanding leadership group of Year 11 and Year 12 swimmers mobilised by Captains Ben Putamorsi and Emily Bresnehan and Vice Captains Jack Williams and Jordan Fox.

Whilst our individual achievements were amazing, this was a truly magnificent team effort manifested in our relay achievements. Our boys won the U13 and U17 Medley relays and the U17 and Open freestyle relays. Yet for me the most astonishing statistic of the night came from our girls’ team who won the freestyle relays in all five age groups, setting an AGSV record in three out of the five. A stunning achievement. As a former history teacher, watching the events unfold I was reminded of the Greek lyric poet Archilochus, who over two and half thousand years ago uttered:

From the beginning of the season, these leaders had a vision of success but more importantly it was clear they wanted these teams to reinvigorate the Mentone Grammar swimming culture and to create a legacy. This was evident in the re-introduction of the Swimming Camp at Shoreham prior to the commencement of Term 1 - a concept completely driven by the senior leadership group. With the help of the coaching staff, the swimmers workshopped the theme for this season: ‘How great teams keep winning’ The swimmers were provided with the following framework. Great teams keep winning because: 1. T hey are committed to the vision and achieving extraordinary goals. 2. They build strong relationships.

‘We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.’

3. They share accountability for results.

Competitive swimming is a process driven sport and certainly these two premierships were grounded in the preparation of these fantastic representatives of the Mentone Grammar Community.

5. They perfect the fundamentals.

4. T heir communication is clear and transparent. 6. They force other teams to beat them. 7. T hey are flexible and can make adjustments.

Our major lead up meet, the Victorian All Schools relay championships was postponed minutes before we were to board the buses to MSAC. Despite the initial tears and disappointment, five days later the girls' team won the meet by 64 points and the boys' team finished second to the eventual APS premiers, Caulfield Grammar. At this time, a misguided BMX ride reduced our U17 and Open relay team to seven swimmers. Needing eight to fill the team for relays, an accidental hero, Finn Zeising, was ushered in as a replacement. With no training and no coaching of any kind, Finn anchored the Open Medley relay to victory! In the final analysis our preparation enabled our swimmers to embrace competitive greatness on Friday, 16 March 2018 but leadership and team culture secured the premierships. I would like thank the swimmers for their amazing season, their parents and Principal, Mal Cater, for his unwavering support of the program. Thanks to our coaching staff of Brad Smith, Kate Frazer, Nick Capomolla and Robert Butcher and to the Sports Department of Erin Hunt, Peter O’Gorman and the great architect Stuart Bainbridge. Congratulations to all on these wonderful achievements in the 2018 swimming season. TIM MULVIHILL HEAD COACH




The Mentone Grammar Parents and Friends Association has a vital role in supporting and encouraging the wonderful community we have at Mentone Grammar. Our primary aim is to organise and facilitate friend raising events, support the Community of Mentone Grammar and where funds are raised, give back to the Community through a range of projects that have a direct benefit to the School and its students. In past years the P&F has funded a first aid van, the Greenways kitchen, student seating and water fountains throughout the School and in 2017 the P&F allocated funds for the installation of shade sails. In 2018 we will fund a new outdoor seating area and landscaping for the Greenways Café and an art installation on the Mentone Grammar Cultural Walk. The P&F welcomed over 300 parents and staff to our flagship event, the annual Christmas Lunch at Woodlands Golf Club in December. It was a wonderful day to celebrate with friends and to meet parents from all campuses from the ELC to Year 12. A huge thanks to our tireless Events VP - Jacquie Phillips, who manages a small team of parent elves to create such a memorable event. Book your tickets early for 2018; we will be back on Campus again! Mentone Grammar is certainly a dynamic place to be at the start of the school year. So far this year the P&F has hosted a Welcome Morning Coffee for all parents, Welcome BBQs for our youngest students and their families in the ELC and an Easter raffle in Eblana. Term 2 doesn’t slow down with some fun scheduled events:  Community Golf Day - Friday 4 May  Mother’s Day Stall - Thursday 10 May  MG/Holland Foundation Trivia Night for Eblana - Friday 18 May  Year 7 Parents Evening - Friday 25 May  Years 3 & 4 Disco - Friday 15 June  P&F Extravaganza - Saturday 8 September. In addition to friend raising events, the P&F supports the Community by providing confidential support for Mentone Grammar families in need of help. Help is coordinated through our VP Community Relations - Jacquie Phillips, Mentors and Heads of Campus. Our Dads@MG group continues to thrive under the indefatigable guidance of Grant Holland, with a series of social events for dads and grandads, held at various (and sometimes secret!) venues throughout the year. All dads and grandads are welcome. A vital tool in our service to the wider Mentone Grammar Community is our Class Representative program. After a brief hiatus the program has been re-launched with a new structure and with a new format. We are now utilising Facebook groups for each year level to aid and enhance communication within the parent community. Our P&F Shop, expertly run by Neerie Widelski, continues to provide the Community with a sustainable and fiscally beneficial source of secondhand uniforms and useful merchandise such as pool towels and golf umbrellas (essential for those wet Saturday sport days!). For all information about the P&F, our Events, Community Relations support, social groups or shop, please check newsletters, the School website, visit us at the Shop or email us at The P&F would like to thank all organisations and individuals, and parents and staff who have helped with our events; we could not make it work without your valuable contributions. In particular we would like to thank Kelli Dawes - Mentone Grammar’s Events Manager for her tireless assistance and to the School Executive for its tremendous support. P&F TEAM 2018


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018

President Mia Le Fevre Taylor presents Principal Mal Cater with a fundraising cheque for $30,000 for Campus enhancements.

2018 COMMITTEE President Mia Le Fevre Taylor Secretary Jo Howe Treasurer shared Vice President - Events Jacquie Phillips Vice President - Community Relations Julie Ahern & Jacquie Phillips Vice President - Retail Neerie Widelski Vice President - Merchandise Renee Rimanic Vice President - Sponsors Christine Davie Eblana Coordinators Michelle Mather & Jodie Lowndes Bayview Coordinators Ros Carruthers & Sam Berry Newsletter Editor Andrea Schwarz Dads@MG Grant Holland Mon Ami Graciela Ramon-Michel & Mia Le Fevre Taylor Eblana Liaison Michelle Mather & Jodie Lowndes Committee Yvette Casa, Lainie Kaan, Ros Carruthers, Anne Louise Halliday.



FOUNDATION BUILDING FUND 2018 The School gratefully acknowledges the following donors to the Mentone Grammar School Foundation Building Fund up to, and including, April 2018. Dr & Mrs B Burke

Mr & Mrs A Temling

Mr & Mrs D Scott

Mr & Mrs J Riddle

Mr & Mrs P Grant

Dr & Mrs C Pregnalato

Mr & Mrs A Tibb

Mr & Mrs D Sheppard

Mr & Mrs J Rosaia

Mr & Mrs P Henry

Dr & Mrs D Noble

Mr & Mrs B Bernasconi

Mr & Mrs D Sheridan

Mr & Mrs J Spargo

Mr & Mrs P Hopkins

Dr & Mrs K Barron

Mr & Mrs B Arya

Mr & Mrs D Shipton

Mr & Mrs J Vorster

Mr & Mrs P Kokkinos

Dr & Mrs R Armit

Mr & Mrs B Brown

Mr & Mrs D Smith

Mr & Mrs J Wall

Mr & Mrs P Leander

Dr & Mrs R Walliser

Mr & Mrs B Campbell

Mr & Mrs D Spitzer

Mr & Mrs J Walton

Mr & Mrs P Leason

Dr A Tucker & Dr J Selman

Mr & Mrs B Chaplin

Mr & Mrs D van Straaten

Mr & Mrs K Carson

Mr & Mrs P Mentiplay

Dr K Siemering & Ms K Raymond

Mr & Mrs B Clayton

Mr & Mrs D Vise

Mr & Mrs K Devers

Mr & Mrs P Nayna

Dr K Winters

Mr & Mrs B Dyer

Mr & Mrs D Warmuz

Mr & Mrs K McGrath

Mr & Mrs P O'Sullivan

Dr M Gokhale & Dr S Aradhye

Mr & Mrs B Jones

Mr & Mrs D Whitehouse

Mr & Mrs K Nitschke

Mr & Mrs P Piotrowski

Dr M Ledger

Mr & Mrs B Murray

Mr & Mrs Dudek

Mr & Mrs Krikun

Mr & Mrs P Ursprung

Dr P Hall

Mr & Mrs B Richards

Mr & Mrs E Duman

Mr & Mrs L Bartle

Mr & Mrs P Williams

Dr P Verrills

Mr & Mrs B Thiele

Mr & Mrs E Glotzer

Mr & Mrs L Donchos

Mr & Mrs Q Baxter

Dr Q Fang & Dr L Sun

Mr & Mrs B Walker

Mr & Mrs E Katsouranis

Mr & Mrs L Howard

Mr & Mrs R Block

Dr R & Dr S Arcon

Mr & Mrs Brigo

Mr & Mrs F Giannioglou

Mr & Mrs L O'Donnell

Mr & Mrs R Carter

Dr T Fryer & Dr M Campbell

Mr & Mrs C Bakas

Mr & Mrs F Livolti

Mr & Mrs M Alapont

Mr & Mrs R Chandler

Dr Y Nikolayevsky

Mr & Mrs C Barden

Mr & Mrs F Sfameni

Mr & Mrs M Armstrong

Mr & Mrs R Esakson

Dr T Osianlis

Mr & Mrs C Bardis

Mr & Mrs G Bain

Mr & Mrs M Bouwmeester

Mr & Mrs R Fox

G & B Connor

Mr & Mrs C Barlow

Mr & Mrs G Barker

Mr & Mrs M Dannals

Mr & Mrs R Hayes

Miss J Humble

Mr & Mrs C Boys

Mr & Mrs G Berry

Mr & Mrs M Duggan

Mr & Mrs R Hennig

Miss N Blackman

Mr & Mrs C Bristow

Mr & Mrs G Brooks

Mr & Mrs M Edwards

Mr & Mrs R Henricks

Miss N Daniel

Mr & Mrs C Ewart

Mr & Mrs G Hadjiyannakis

Mr & Mrs M Frost

Mr & Mrs R Holmes

Mr & Dr R Petty

Mr & Mrs C Hancox

Mr & Mrs G Holland

Mr & Mrs M Georgiades

Mr & Mrs R Kingston

Mr & Dr S Deeks

Mr & Mrs C Hewlett

Mr & Mrs G Kershaw

Mr & Mrs M Gorringe

Mr & Mrs R Kombol

Mr & Mrs A Bethune

Mr & Mrs C Male

Mr & Mrs G Kluge

Mr & Mrs M Horne

Mr & Mrs R Lancaster

Mr & Mrs A Blasse

Mr & Mrs C McGuinness

Mr & Mrs G Orfanidis

Mr & Mrs M Howe

Mr & Mrs R Langenfelds

Mr & Mrs A Bromidis

Mr & Mrs C Morgan

Mr & Mrs G Scott

Mr & Mrs M Huber

Mr & Mrs R Leydin

Mr & Mrs A Brown

Mr & Mrs C Papadopoulos

Mr & Mrs G Shepherd

Mr & Mrs M Levey

Mr & Mrs R Lorinc

Mr & Mrs A Cafarella

Mr & Mrs C Peachey

Mr & Mrs G Tinker

Mr & Mrs M Mather

Mr & Mrs R Nott

Mr & Mrs A Caughey

Mr & Mrs C Phillips

Mr & Mrs G Williams

Mr & Mrs M McComb

Mr & Mrs R Pertich

Mr & Mrs A Chambers

Mr & Mrs C Rann

Mr & Mrs H Latchford

Mr & Mrs M McGrath

Mr & Mrs R Rotar

Mr & Mrs A Chaplin

Mr & Mrs C Roach

Mr & Mrs H Rogers

Mr & Mrs M Nimorakiotakis

Mr & Mrs R Veza

Mr & Mrs A Daemen

Mr & Mrs C Sweeny

Mr & Mrs I Dimits

Mr & Mrs M Patron

Mr & Mrs R Wagner

Mr & Mrs A Demura

Mr & Mrs C Tabois

Mr & Mrs I Halliday

Mr & Mrs M Povah

Mr & Mrs R Watkin

Mr & Mrs A Distefano

Mr & Mrs D Bedford

Mr & Mrs I Mahoney

Mr & Mrs M Reid

Mr & Mrs R Zammit

Mr & Mrs A Dunn

Mr & Mrs D Behera

Mr & Mrs I Richards

Mr & Mrs M Reinehr

Mr & Mrs Rich

Mr & Mrs A Finlayson

Mr & Mrs D Bunting

Mr & Mrs I Svojtka

Mr & Mrs M Rigby

Mr & Mrs S Iatropoulos

Mr & Mrs A Fitt

Mr & Mrs D Carnegie

Mr & Mrs I Williams

Mr & Mrs M Rose

Mr & Mrs S Arvanitakis

Mr & Mrs A Fogarty

Mr & Mrs D Close

Mr & Mrs J Bartlett

Mr & Mrs M Selby

Mr & Mrs S Bera

Mr & Mrs A Gerresheim

Mr & Mrs D Coates

Mr & Mrs J Calvi

Mr & Mrs M Siedle

Mr & Mrs S Blain-Bartle

Mr & Mrs A Gowan

Mr & Mrs D Durand

Mr & Mrs J Clark

Mr & Mrs M Smith

Mr & Mrs S Burgess

Mr & Mrs A Hamilton

Mr & Mrs D Flower

Mr & Mrs J Cooper

Mr & Mrs M Sorrenson

Mr & Mrs S Caldwell

Mr & Mrs A Harris

Mr & Mrs D Gill

Mr & Mrs J Cotsopoulos

Mr & Mrs M Stephens

Mr & Mrs S Campbell

Mr & Mrs A Hornibrook

Mr & Mrs D Grant

Mr & Mrs J Cregeen

Mr & Mrs M Toby

Mr & Mrs S Clarke

Mr & Mrs A Ishchenko

Mr & Mrs D Green

Mr & Mrs J d'Alquen

Mr & Mrs M Toovey

Mr & Mrs S Coughlan

Mr & Mrs A Kerr

Mr & Mrs D Hopkins

Mr & Mrs J Davis

Mr & Mrs M Walton

Mr & Mrs S Cummins

Mr & Mrs A Korybutiak

Mr & Mrs D Hughes

Mr & Mrs J Di Rosato

Mr & Mrs M Welton

Mr & Mrs S Dakic

Mr & Mrs A Lea

Mr & Mrs D Ingram

Mr & Mrs J Di Tirro

Mr & Mrs M Wloszczak

Mr & Mrs S Davie

Mr & Mrs A Lewis

Mr & Mrs D Jeffs

Mr & Mrs J Fitzgerald

Mr & Mrs N Bountroukas

Mr & Mrs S Davis

Mr & Mrs A Long

Mr & Mrs D Jones

Mr & Mrs J Gec

Mr & Mrs N Caley

Mr & Mrs S Dormer

Mr & Mrs A Malby-Luke

Mr & Mrs D Kerr

Mr & Mrs J Georgantis

Mr & Mrs N Carter

Mr & Mrs S Douglas

Mr & Mrs A Marsh

Mr & Mrs D Laws

Mr & Mrs J Helliwell

Mr & Mrs N Hall

Mr & Mrs S Dwyer

Mr & Mrs A McClure

Mr & Mrs D Messina

Mr & Mrs J Kruss

Mr & Mrs N Meakins

Mr & Mrs S Farrow

Mr & Mrs A Moran

Mr & Mrs D Murphy

Mr & Mrs J Leonard

Mr & Mrs N Sheppard

Mr & Mrs S Fennessy

Mr & Mrs A Murray

Mr & Mrs D Nguyen

Mr & Mrs J Leonidas

Mr & Mrs N Tanner

Mr & Mrs S Forde

Mr & Mrs A Pate

Mr & Mrs D Nixon

Mr & Mrs J Lombard

Mr & Mrs P Bartonek

Mr & Mrs S Friso

Mr & Mrs A Persic

Mr & Mrs D Notman

Mr & Mrs J McCormick

Mr & Mrs P Birch

Mr & Mrs S Gourgoutas

Mr & Mrs A Richmond

Mr & Mrs D Parr

Mr & Mrs J McTaggart

Mr & Mrs P Brown

Mr & Mrs S Hall

Mr & Mrs A Rowan

Mr & Mrs D Phelps

Mr & Mrs J Mutton

Mr & Mrs P Coubard

Mr & Mrs S Hooker

Mr & Mrs A So

Mr & Mrs D Pipito

Mr & Mrs J Park

Mr & Mrs P Derham

Mr & Mrs S Ingle

Mr & Mrs A Straw

Mr & Mrs D Ray

Mr & Mrs J Porter

Mr & Mrs P Ellix

Mr & Mrs S Johnson


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018

Mr & Mrs S Kennedy

Mr B Qian & Mrs M Lin

Mr J Bennett

Mr N Lan

Mr W & Mrs J Hoyles

Mr & Mrs S May

Mr B Selacki & Mrs B Clancey-Selacki

Mr J Guppy & Mrs O Ludzish

Mr N Ma & Ms Y Cao

Mr W Brandt & Ms F Paice

Mr B Stevens & Mrs D Cooper

Mr J Horton

Mr W Carter & Mrs G Carter

Mr J Hu & Ms X Liu

Mr N O'Connor & Ms M Behrend Mr N Oliver & Ms C Terry

Mr W Li

Mr & Mrs S McCormack Mr & Mrs S Michell Mr & Mrs S Milburn Mr & Mrs S Naismith Mr & Mrs S Nish Mr & Mrs S Papayianneris Mr & Mrs S Peachey Mr & Mrs S Phillips Mr & Mrs S Poll Mr & Mrs S Sharp Mr & Mrs S Svec Mr & Mrs S Thomas Mr & Mrs S Timms Mr & Mrs S Vallis Mr & Mrs S Varnell Mr & Mrs S Weeks Mr & Mrs T Appel Mr & Mrs T Bucci Mr & Mrs T Heafield

Mr B Zhong & Mrs C Tang Mr C & Mrs J Przychodzen Mr C & Mrs L Mouzouris Mr C Barnes & Miss S Nish Mr C Davidson & Mrs K Dunn Mr C Deng & Ms M Liang Mr C Leffler & Ms J Salvana Mr C Li & Ms J Yu Mr C Pukallus Mr Con & Mrs Mel Apostolidis Mr D & Mrs Cananzi Mr D & Mrs M Lettieri Mr D & Mrs S Axton Mr D Boyd & Miss S Ford Mr D Brewer & Mrs G Ramon-Michel Mr D Buksh & Dr P Walker

Mr J Jacobs & Mrs N Jacobs Mr J Karras & Miss T James Mr J Lee & Ms H Han Mr J Lu & Mrs L Wei Mr J McNamara & Mrs L Hilder Mr J Miao & Mrs C Lin Mr J Orr & Mrs A Lucena-Orr Mr J Pan & Ms J Zhu

Mr N Zigouras Mr P & Mrs C Grella Mr P & Mrs S Appel Mr P Bosa & Mrs R Stobart Mr P Dykas & Ms A Bondini Mr P Fogarty & Ms I Sundstrup

Mr W Chrisfield Mr W Wang & Mrs F Jin Mr W Wang & Mrs W Du Mr W Xue & Ms X Wang Mr W You & Ms D Huang Mr W Zheng and Mrs Z Yang Mr X Fan & Ms H Sun Mr X Lin & Mrs C Liu

Mr J Papagiannis

Mr P Gangadharan & Mrs R Prasannan

Mr J Shim

Mr P Harrington

Mr X Tan & Mrs L Lei

Mr J Tang & Ms W Liu

Mr P Jeffery & Ms M Reinehr

Mr Y Jia & Mrs J Xu

Mr J Yin & Ms Q Du

Mr P Magennis & Ms J Haslam

Mr Y Li

Mr J Yu & Mrs J Xu

Mr P Neylan

Mr Y Piao & Ms H Zhang

Mr J Zhao and Ms T Li

Mr P Pavlidis & Ms S Giannakis

Mr Y Pu & Ms Y Zhou

Mr J Zhou & Ms Y Yang

Mr P Soden

Mr Y Yang & Ms F Dong

Mr K Aravindth & Mrs H Fonseka

Mr P Tucker & Ms T Gladwell

Mr Y Yu and Ms S Fan

Mr P Turnbull & Mrs K Wilson

Mr Z Reark & Ms B Roberts

Mr K Chho & Mrs S Chan

Mr Paul & Mrs Sherston Chaplin

Mr Z Shen & Mrs R Ling

Mr K Davies & Ms A McVean

Mr P Clark

Mr K Enkelman & Ms E Olsson

Mr Z Yang & Mrs C Xu

Mr R & Mrs N Christie

Mr K Mooney & Ms K Brown

Mr R & Mrs R Widdison

Mrs A Lofthouse & Mr M Wigzell

Mr X Liu & Mrs H Dong

Mr & Mrs T Leonard

Mr D Charles & Ms J Williamson

Mr & Mrs T Lucas

Mr D Cullen & Ms S Jefferson

Mr & Mrs T Lyons

Mr D D'Andrea & Family

Mr & Mrs T Papasimeon

Mr D Ranaweera

Mr & Mrs T Paroz Mr & Mrs T Te

Mr D Royale & Ms P D'Avrincour

Mr K Wang & Ms R Lu

Mr R & Mrs S Hollingsworth

Mrs A Gelbak

Mr & Mrs T Tsihlakis

Mr D Sloan & Ms D Hanchett

Mr K Wong & Mrs S Phang

Mr R Clarke & Ms D Thompson

Mrs C Opie

Mr & Mrs V McCullough

Mr D Staunton & Ms C Jabbour

Mr L & Mrs J Georgiadis

Mr R Djurovic & Ms I Ross

Mrs E Adderley

Mr L & Mrs S Temby

Mrs E Ioannou

Mr D Taylor & Family

Mr R Gibb & Ms J Lewis

Mr L Chislett

Mrs K Edwards

Mr D Topor & Ms A Oskolkova

Mr R Grelewicz & Mrs D Jaden

Mr L Gelbak

Mr R Lynch & Ms T Filiadis

Mrs M Miller

Mr L Liu & Ms J Xia

Mr R Maluga

Mrs R Cheers

Mr L Meng & Mrs S Shi

Mr R Walker & Ms N Wane

Mrs S Bowers

Mr L Rausz

Mr Richard Bauer

Mrs S Higgins

Mr L Wan & Mrs W Zhang

Mr S & Mrs C Hurihanganui

Mrs S Thaker

Mr L Zhang & Mrs R Du

Mr S & Mrs E Malotsis

Mrs V Goodwin

Mr M & Mrs A Radzikowski

Mr S & Mrs E Wishart

Mrs Xiaohua Xin

Mr M & Mrs L Fennessy

Mr S & Mrs K Dale

Ms A Pule

Mr M & Mrs S McCulloch

Mr S & Mrs K Griffiths

Ms B Wright

Mr M & Mrs V Riach

Mr S Ahmed & Mrs H Momin

Ms C Chen

Mr M & Mrs V White

Ms Drewett

Mr M & Mrs V Windram

Mr S Allan & Mrs P Eklund Allan

Mr M & Mrs Y Sweeny

Mr S and Mrs L Vickers

Ms H Zhang

Mr M Bernamoff & Dr L Kaan

Mr S Biggs & Mrs J Snow

Mr M Chan & Miss R Wane

Mr S Chen & Mrs M Chang

Ms J Considine & Mr R Newman

Mr M Collins & Mr M Davey & Ms T Nash-Davey

Mr S Fritsch & Mrs Y Lansell

Ms J Ewart & Mr B McTigue

Mr S Li & Mrs J Zhou

Ms J Song

Mr M Dobbs & Ms S Berezowski

Mr S Poberezovsky

Ms K Harford

Mr S Ryan & Ms S Corin

Ms K Miller

Mr S Zafar

Ms K Murchie

Mr S Thai & Mrs J Thai

Ms L Fryer & Mr D Webster

Mr T & Mrs L Riddell

Ms M Gardiner

Mr T and Mrs K Watanabe

Ms M Karakurt

Mr T Antoniou & Ms K Farr

Ms M Butt

Mr T Ballingall & Mrs J Brown

Ms N Castle

Mr T Hunt & Ms N Weeks

Ms P Kemelfield

Mr T Hussain

Ms P Wang

Mr M Robertson

Mr T Newman & Ms J Lowndes

Ms R Railton

Mr M Selby & Ms J Stewart

Mr T Phan & Mrs T Nguyen

Mr M Truelove & Ms H Tang

Ms S Hobday

Mr I Parker

Mr T Zhang & Ms X Wang

Mr M Walters & Family

Prof & Mrs P Butler

Mr I Reynolds & Dr J Dixon

Mr T & Mrs R Clark

Mr M Wang & Mrs S Dong

Prof & Mrs P Holland

Mr I Rossborough

Mr U & Mrs I Guvenir

Mr M Wheeler

Rev & Mrs A Stewart

Mr J & Mrs L Donaldson

Mr V Lam & Mrs K Ly

Mr M Zou & Mrs Y Xu

Rev & Mrs K Pedersen

Mr J & Mrs M Raffaut

Mr V Lowe

Mr Mark & Ms Claudia Laidlaw

Shixian Chen

Mr J & Mrs N Bush

Mr V Luthra & Mrs S Joglekar

Mr J & Mrs V Robbins

Mr N & Mrs A Carr

Mr V Shanmugiamani

Mr J & Mrs H von Zweigbergk

Mr N & Mrs L Gilligan

Mr W & Mrs C Cramer

Mr & Mrs V Shlimak Mr & Mrs W Burrows Mr & Mrs W Growdon Mr & Mrs W Howe Mr & Mrs W Hynes Mr & Mrs Zakic Mr & Mrs Zallmann Mr & Ms D McCall Mr & Ms M Tellesson

Mr E & Mrs E Falconer Mr E Zoggia & Ms E Giannakis Mr F & Mrs C Vitiello Mr F & Mrs K Garrick Mr F and Mrs M Jung

Mr & Ms Silove

Mr F Bizzotto & Mrs P Smith-Bizzotto

Mr A & Mrs C Heib

Mr F Kelly

Mr A & Mrs T Burlock

Mr F Wang & Mrs L Lin

Mr A Athanasopoulos & Family

Mr G & Mrs H Boyle

Mr A Bozic & Ms D Katanovic

Mr G Caris

Mr A Bromidis & Mrs E Minasian

Mr G Dallas & Ms F Dallas

Mr A Cherney & Mrs E Akopyan Mr A Dimopoulos & Ms H Poliviou Mr A Henry & Ms C Luck Mr A Jiang & Ms M Bao Mr A Kondratov & Mrs E Kondratova Mr A Littleford & Ms C Jupp Mr A Smith Mr A Song & Mrs Y Hu Mr A Tezay Mr A Thow Mr A Vyshenkov & Mrs I Vyshenkova Mr A & Ms D Corcoran Mr B & Mrs J Collins Mr B & Mrs K McCarthy Mr B & Mrs K Welsh Mr B Derham Mr B Fernandes & Family Mr B Kitchen Mr B Li & Ms C Luo Mr B Marcombe & Ms S Spillane

Mr G Georgiou & Ms N Jefferson Mr G Hanson & Ms P Torossi Mr G Joynson & Mrs G Smith Mr G Khong & Mrs W Ge Mr G Pyszczek & Ms M Monk Mr G Reading & Ms L Nabutjom Mr G Ross & Ms K Wootton Mr G Van Ameyden Mr G Zheng & Miss H Shi Mr H and Mrs Y Isshiki Mr H Constantinou Mr H Fan & Ms L Fu Mr H Liu & Mrs J Han Mr H McNamara & Ms N Roberts

Mr K Brodie & Ms B Morris

Mr M Evans & Ms H Webb Mr M Gray & Miss G Watt Mr M Harper & Mrs R Harper Mr M Heath & Ms L Sander Mr M Li & Mrs H Cheng Mr M O'Rourke & Family Mr M Pascoe & Ms C Pistone Mr M Pinzana & Ms M Lampard Mr M Quin

Mr Z Shi & Ms J Sun

Ms E Lazogas

Ms S Nicholson



PRESIDENT The Mentonians Association has been busy planning a calendar of exciting events that includes gatherings for special interest groups, peer year reunions, for local, interstate and international Alumni and, new for 2018, a Short Film and Performance Festival in association with our performing arts club, Panther Productions. Welcome to our new Alumni who have joined us in this our 91st year of the Association. With a full calendar of great events and our sports seasons well underway for the year, the Committee has also been proactive in supporting our clubs and associated members with compliance administration and facilitating a series of valuable courses to enhance the running of our clubs and events. So far this year we have offered:  Responsible Service of Alcohol  Food Handling Level 2 - First Aid We have also worked to develop a series of Risk and Compliance administrative forms to create a ‘risk aware’ culture within our clubs to ensure that, at every level, we are equipped to appropriately


VICE PRESIDENT Mark Henricks (1977)

SECRETARY Jon Ponnusamy (2010)

TREASURER Vic Stroumos (1978)

COMMITTEE MEMBERS Josh Burt (1989) Cameron Dunkerley (1986) Phil Harrington (2010) Jeremy Longstaff (1989) Miranda Ingram (2013) Imogen Lawson (2014) Sven Samild (1987) Rob Sinclair (1976) Jack Styles (2014)



Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018

manage risk and elevate any concerns. In particular, we have ratified a Child Safe Policy and a Code of Conduct for Volunteers, Players, Parents/Guardians to promote good practice across all clubs and community activities. We are delighted that our sports clubs continue to grow and recently, Principal Mr Mal Cater briefed all Club Presidents on the exciting proposed changes and facility upgrades planned for the School’s Keysborough Playing Fields. Panther Productions, our performing arts club, has just formed its first committee and is planning some exciting events including a Short Film and Performance Festival on Friday 20 July. I encourage you to get involved as a contributor and audience member.

In addition to many other great Club events, the Old Mentonians Football Club (OMFC) will be celebrating its 50th birthday with a Gala Event on Saturday 2 June at Caulfield Racecourse, now known as Melbourne Racing Club. Get behind the Panthers if you are not already involved. We invite you to become a participant in one of our Clubs - whether it be as a player, social member or supporter. Family and friends are most welcome! I look forward to catching up with many of you at our forthcoming events! Regards



At the 2017 Valedictory Dinner we were delighted to welcome, Rod Harper, the Deputy Head Prefect from the Class of 1999. For more than a decade Rod has worked in the people side of business both as a consultant and senior leader. A certified facilitator and engagement specialist, Rod is currently an Organisational Development leader with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) - helping to develop ways and means for CSIRO to realise its strategy and become the nation’s innovation catalyst. From left: Jon Ponnusamy (2010), Secretary of the Mentonians Association, Principal Mal Cater (1981) with Rod Harper (1999).



On Friday 24 November, just on 100 Alumni from the Class of 2016 celebrated their one-year reunion at The Bay Hotel in Mordialloc, proudly hosted by The Mentonians Association. The group spent the night recalling memories of their time at Mentone Grammar. Hairstyles, clothing and facial hair seemed to have changed during the year since leaving school with a number of the boys proudly supporting ‘Movember’ with moustaches galore! There was non-stop chatter about life since leaving school - there were stories of overseas travel, study, work, sport, careers and plenty of speculation about where they would all be in their lives, when they return to Mentone Grammar for their five-year reunion in 2021! 41




To celebrate this milestone, we will be holding a Cadets Reunion Luncheon on Friday 9 November 2018 following our annual Remembrance Day Service. Anybody involved in Cadets over our 75 Year journey is invited to join us on the day.

Cadets 1948 and 2015

We would be pleased to hear from Alumni across different eras and ask that you contact others and invite them along. It would also be great to receive any memorabilia and photographs that will help share the many stories and memories from the Cadet unit's long and proud 75 years. Please contact Suzanne Ashley at: or 03 9581 3254.


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018

2018 REUNIONS The reunions are special occasions that keep you connected with your old School, and each other, so please don’t let the opportunity to participate, pass you by.

Come and see what all the excitement is about, and let us know of staff members that you would like invited along, to share the evening with you!


1968 - 50 Year Golden Reunion (in addition to the Friends of Frogmore Luncheon) 1978 - 40 Year Reunion

1983 - 35 Year Reunion

1988 - 30 Year Reunion 1993 - 25 Year Reunion

1998 - 20 Year Reunion

2003 - 15 Year Reunion

2008 - 10 Year Reunion 2013 - 5 Year Reunion 2017 - 1 Year Reunion




We will be holding Interstate Branch Reunion Dinners as follows: SYDNEY - Friday 10 August PERTH - Saturday 18 August Please confirm or register your interest in attending to Suzanne Ashley.





03 9584 4211

ADELAIDE Peter Bray (1985)

CANADA Ontario Mervyn Archdall (1957)

USA Florida David Pearson (1987)

ENGLAND London Cambell Lean (1993)

New York Chris Leslie (1982) Arnold Ephraums (1982) Chris Jacob (1999)

Alumni Manager Suzanne Ashley 03 9581 3254 (direct) 0481 602 144 Development Specialist Fiona Dallas 03 8571 4907 (direct) 0427 440 504

BRISBANE Dan Chalmers (1999) CANBERRA Michael Taylor (1955) SYDNEY Luke Murphy (1990) PERTH TBC TASMANIA Hobart Michael “Rusty” Reynolds (1986)

Plymouth John Read (1973) HONG KONG Peter Cheung (1992) JAPAN Onomichi City Gareth O’Gradie (1999) MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur Kamal Ragupathy (1992)

Vermont Justin Johnson (1985) SINGAPORE David Goh (1961) THAILAND Jitti Rachjaibun (1964) David Wylie (1973)

Please contact the Mentonians Office: 03 9584 4211 if you would like to become one of our representatives. We currently have a vacancy in Western Australia.


EVENTS This year has seen another great start for The Mentonians Association. Here is a snapshot of just some of the Community events our Mentonians have enjoyed.


SWIMMING BREAKFAST Our annual Swimming Breakfast saw 130 swimmers and family members enjoy a hearty breakfast whilst listening to Tim Mulvihill, Head Coach and Head of Swimming for Mentone Grammar, talk about ‘The Power of Team’ and the great success we can achieve when we, our team, work together to train and swim successfully.




Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018

From Left: Jack Williams (2018 Vice-Captain), Isabelle Koh (2017 Captain), Brannan Smith (2017 Captain), Emily Bresnehan (2018 Captain), Mal Cater (Principal), Ben Putamorsi ( 2018 Captain), Jordan Fox (2018 Vice Captain), Jess Balleggi (2017 Vice Captain).

Several of our talented Panther Productions performers sang at our Community Welcome Function, attended by over 500 parents in February. Many thanks to Morgan and Anna.



NEW DOG YEAR 2018 On Friday 16 February, The Mentonians Association sponsored a special Lunar New Year Luncheon to welcome our international students.

The amazing array of Chinese food was served by our local students who thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be involved. We extend our thanks to Krystal, Kenneth and Jessie, and we also thank the students who took the time to dress in traditional costume to honour the occasion. We were delighted when we heard that a number of our new international students commented that the day had been their best in Australia, so far! 新年快乐!



To celebrate Mentone Grammar’s 95th Birthday, Treasurer of The Mentonians Association, Vic Stroumos (1978) donated a cheque on behalf of the Association for $10,000 to purchase a sculpture, as a lasting gift to honour our School at our Annual Founders’ Day Assembly on 28 February. Deputy Head Prefect, Scott Tapley (1993) read The Lesson and Jan Drinan, wife of the much loved Tony Drinan, Head Prefect in 1968, cut the cake with Col. Weir’s original sword.




The purpose of the day is to give families new to the School, the opportunity to visit and enjoy this amazing beachside facility, and help both parents and students to become familiar with the camp, prior to their children attending as part of the School’s Learning Journeys program.

On 25 February, The Mentonians Association proudly hosted our annual Shoreham Family Picnic at the R. M. Sykes Camp in Shoreham. This year we included some additional activities for families, including a jumping castle, animal farm and ensemble the Blue Acoustic Trio comprising well known musician and Mentone Grammar staff member, Frank Recchia, along with Becca Mendel and Bridgette Kelsey, both from the Class of 2016. Miss Elodie Vintage Caravan was also on hand selling essentials such as coffee and ice cream! With members of The Mentonians committee cooking up a storm, over 220 people were treated to a barbecue luncheon. After lunch, families visited the beach, and spent time touring the camp, playing tennis, table tennis, basketball and games. Our Mentonians who attended, enjoyed reminiscing about their days at the camp, which we are pleased to say, remains a natural bush environment based around learning and outdoor activities. Sincere thanks to The Mentonians Committee and family members for working tirelessly on the day to ensure that everyone else could relax and enjoy time at our magnificent seaside camp!


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018

VALE We record with sadness the passing of the following Alumni and extend our sympathies to their families:

ROGER ADAMS (1969), TREVOR GRENDA (1978), NORM STEVENS (1953) AND GARRY BROWN (1963) (Garry Brown (1963) pictured right, at our 2017 Friends of Frogmore Luncheon.) We also note with sadness the passing of Loxley Massey, wife of Past Board Member, John Massey and mother of Martin (1976), Lachlan (1978) and Finlay Massey (1989). Both Loxley and John Massey have been strong supporters of Mentone Grammar and our community over many years. Labore et Honore


Thank you to Griffith’s daughter, Margaret Brook (pictured right with Suzanne Ashley) for donating Griffith’s blazer from the 1930s, along with some beautifully kept invitations and other memorabilia, to our Archives. We will display these items at future special events. To read more about Griffith Brook’s inspiring life, please visit our website.

DAVID SMART (1960) Thank you to David Smart (1960) for donating numerous school reports, photographs and memorabilia. Dave will soon be moving to Jurien Bay, 220km north of Perth. We are most grateful that The Very Rev. Dr John Shepherd (1959) was able to collect these items and ensure that they were safely received here in Melbourne. The items are now in our Archives, where they will be added to our growing collections. We gratefully appreciate these donations, and are already working to create displays for our Centenary Celebrations in 2023!


CONNECTING OUR COMMUNITY SCHOOL TOURS 2018 Please join us for a School Tour on: Monday 7 May 2018 - 9.30am Tuesday 22 May (Years 5 & 6 Keith Jones Learning Centre only) - 9.30am Saturday 11 August 2018 - 9.30am & 11am Thursday 25 October 2018 - 9.30am Please register online: For enrolment enquiries email: or phone 9584 4211 Find us on Facebook mentonegrammar Follow us on Twitter FACILITIES R. M. Sykes Shoreham Camp Marine Parade, Shoreham (Melways Ref: 256 J7) Keysborough Playing Fields 756 - 768 Springvale Road, Keysborough

THE MENTONIANS ASSOCIATION (TMA) Our purpose is to serve our members and to support the School. We aim to excel at meeting our members’ needs and to achieve this we have expanded the events calendar to maximise contact with as many past students as possible through reunions, breakfasts, clubs, special events and other TMA activities.

Friday 9 November Remembrance Day Service & Cadets Reunion Luncheon Friday 23 November Reunion Night - Class of 2017 Wednesday 12 December MG Service of Lessons & Carols


Mentone Grammar Aquatic Centre Lucerne Street, Mentone Grammar Campus Phone: 9581 3288 Greenways Café Greenways Campus Manager: Katherine Nish Phone: 9584 4211 Parents and Friends Association Friendraising Fundraising Dads@MG Secondhand Uniform Shop President: Mia Le Fevre taylor CREATIVITY CENTRE -

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Take your seat and be part of history! It is not too late to sponsor a seat in the new Creativity Centre Thorold Theatre. Seat Sponsorship Join many families and clubs and sponsor a SEAT in the new Thorold Theatre, which will have YOUR NAME on it for the life of the building. Thorold Theatre Seats ($1000 per seat) Black Box Theatre Seats ($500 per seat)


Mentone Grammar AUTUMN 2018

2018 REUNIONS The reunions are special occasions that keep you connected with your old School, and each other, so please don’t let the opportunity to participate pass you by. Come and see what all the excitement is about; and let us know of staff members that you would like invited along to share the evening with you. COMING EVENTS Friday 1 June 1978 - 40 Year Reunion 1983 - 35 Year Reunion 1988 - 30 Year Reunion Saturday 2 June OMFC - 50 Years Celebratory Dinner Wednesday 18 July Annual General Meeting Saturday 25 August TMA Annual Dinner Friday 7 September Friends of Frogmore Luncheon Saturday 8 September Class of 1968 Golden (50) Reunion Friday 12 October 2008 - 10 Year Reunion 2013 - 15 Year Reunion

THEATRE | MUSIC | DANCE PANTHER PRODUCTIONS TMA Performing Arts Community Fiona Dallas at The Mentonians Office (03) 8571 4907 or email: THE MENTONIANS CAN BE FOUND VIA: Twitter: @the_Mentonians Facebook: fb/thementonians LinkedIn: The Mentonians


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Mentor Autumn 2018  
Mentor Autumn 2018