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One day there was a boy named Rooney; he lived in England and adored Manchester United and the great game of football (soccer). He played football and lived football.

His Grandad had recently passed away, the last words he remembered from him were “never give up�. Rooney always listened to his Grandad on the field and off.

Rooney always dreamt about playing for

Manchester United, he practised and practised as he was growing older. He waited till he was older as he was only 13 yrs old.

By the age of 20 Rooney was fit and ready to have his first trial with Manchester United. Some of Rooney’s greatest hero’s were there but he concentrated on the game.

The game had started and in all most 20

minutes Rooney had scored by the coach wasn’t looking, Rooney was ferocious. Rooney was running down the line when he got slide tackled he had received a penalty. He took it and‌

He missed.

The first trial was over 200 people got cut and only 22 were left and only 2 spots up for grabs. Rooney knew this was an unlikely chance but he remember his Grandad’s last words were “never give up”. Rooney trained harder and harder where ever he was whether on a field or in his street.

One night he was talking with his mum,

and he wondered whether he should go back and have another trial as there was only 1 spot left now. His mum said “give it one more go, do it for Grandad�, a drip of liquid trickled down his face he wiped it away.

The next day Rooney was pumped and

ready he knew this was his last chance to make it and do his Grandad proud. As he was walking there, some fans called out to him and said “you’ll never make it, you’re a wimp”. But Rooney had a heart of steel and simple focused on what he was there for, to play.

Rooney received the ball from Giggs he

passed the ball back and Giggs put a through ball to Rooney he was off until the big keeper came and took Rooney’s feet off. He was rewarded a free kick. But he was still on the floor.

He stood up but it took all his strength, he knew this free kick would have to be perfect; it was make it or break it. He was ready he walk back he took his run up and kicked it‌

This time he kick the ball it look like it was going out then it came back in and into the back of the net, it had curled like a Frisbee. The coach came up to Rooney and offered him a spot and Rooney accepted it.

Rooney went on to play for Manchester United for three years and became a millionaire. The moral of this story is to “never give up�.


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