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Windsurfing is a sport that reached its commercial climax in the late 70's when 1 out of three households had a windsurf board. With the rise of smaller, lighter boards and gear, travelling to windy destinations became a must amongst dedicated windsurfers. Throughout the years, a few destinations became classics. They all include special climatic features which makes them special as the wind is more reliable there than at your local spot. Around the world, a few places get strong reliable winds during a specific period of the year. They are called trade winds and were known and used by Portuguese vessels as early as the 15th century. The Canaries islands, also called the Fortunate Islands are blessed with north-easterly winds from May to September and have become over the last 20 years a top windsurf destination for European windsurfers. Many have settled there to fulfil their passion and canarians have become very big in the windsurfing pro community. Legendary windsurfer Bjorn Dunckerbeck is foreign but was raised in Gran Canaria. Within Europe, some destinations have become hugely popular with windsurfers. The European Mecca is no doubt Tarifa at the south tip of Spain, in Andalucia. It is known to have more than 300 days of wind above force 4 with prevailing Ponente and Levante winds. Tarifa rose from a small fishing village to a town fully dedicated to wind and parties! Another popular spot in Europe, although not for waveriding is the Lake of Guardia in Italy. The proximity of the Alps and the difference of temperature between land and water create a strong breeze which is very punctual any given day. A very reliable destination in the Med is the Island of Rhodes. The Aegean Sea is known for its north wind during summer and it somehow is even stronger on this island, especially in the south. Prassonissi spot offers both waves and flat water, suitable for beginners or experts. On the other side of the Atlantic, the Caribbean's are also blessed with trade winds, although not as strong as the ones Canary Islands receive. The Republican republic and its village Cabarete is the reference in the area for wave riding. British Virgin Isles are also very popular with free riders as water is flat and breeze is lighter. Brazil and its north coast is the new attraction mainly because the Nordeste winds blow consistently almost all year round. Also check out the PWA for all the competitions in these locations. In the United States itself, one of the most popular destinations on the continent is Oregon and the Gorges. Like Lake Guardia the proximity of the cold Rocky Mountains makes the wind blow

strongly on the Hood River, and bump and jump sailing is a must. Into the Pacific the Hawaiian island of Maui, home of legend Robby Naish is definitely the most sought after destination. It is the place any dedicated windsurfer wants to hit at least once in his life. Hookipa beach is probably the most photographed and referenced windsurf spot in the whole world. If you want to become someone in the small community of pro windsurfers, it is THE PLACE to be.

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==== ==== The Windsurfing Bible - Sixteen Books Of Windsurfing Instruction For The Beginner, Intermediate And Expert...Check This Out: ==== ====

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