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Tea tree oil is a obtained from the leaves of a tea tree plant native to the northeast coastal region of New South Wales, Australia. It has been used by the aborigines for many centuries to treat wounds, cuts and various skin disorders. It has an anti-fungal and antiseptic properties that is proven to be beneficial in the prevention of infection. Tea tree plant grows as high as 20 feet on swamp lands infested with insects and snakes. Legend tells that there exists a miracle lagoon in Australia where natives bathe to help heal burns and wounds. Studies later found out that tea tree plant grow in the surroundings of the lagoon and their oil drips into the water turning the lagoon into a medicinal bath. Pure tea tree oil contains 48 distinct known compounds that speeds the healing process of many skin problems. It has a mild analgesic effect that is proven to be effective in reducing pain and inflammation especially in the treatment of cuts and burns. The oil from the leaves is obtained through steam distillation and yields a colorless to pale yellow colored oil that has a pungent smell similar to eucalyptus. It is marveled as an "on-the-spotmedicine-in-a-bottle" and in Australia, you rarely find anything in the medicine cabinet that does not contain this miracle oil. The oil has been found in many health and beauty products like skin lotions, shampoos, lip and mouth salves and in oral-hygiene products. Clinical studies show that its composition is effective in three categories of infectious organisms: bacteria, virus and fungi. In the last five to ten years, many studies show that Tea tree oil was found be effective in the treatment of a wide variety of conditions such as: - Acne, warts and boils - burns - thrust - Candida infections (yeast infections) - Mouth ulcers and gingivitis - Varicose veins - Hemorrhoids - Respiratory infections - Helps clear bronchial congestion, asthma, coughs, sinusitis, whooping cough and tuberculosis - Nail infections - Bad breath, inflamed gums and plaque - Dandruff and lice The only side effects reported from the use of tea tree oil are occasional allergic reactions and

mild skin rashes. Pregnant and breast-feeding mothers are however discouraged the use of tea tree oil. The oil should be not be used undiluted as this oil can cause itchiness, irritation and redness to sensitive skin. The pure oil should not be taken internally, and care must be observed when using near the eyes, genitals or as a mouthwash.

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==== ==== Never Pay For Expensive 'Over The Counter Medicines' Again - Even If You CAN Afford It...Check This Out: ==== ====

The Healing Wonders of Tea Tree Oil...