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You are about to read my uncensored review of what I really think about the Infinity Downline Business Opportunity. But be warned, I'll be going into the good and the bad points of Infinity Downline, so if that's not something you want to read, you might may as well leave now. Out of all the opportunities out there Why am I writing a review about Infinity downline.? Well it's like this, when the recession started to hit the world I knew that many families out there would be hurting financially. In my home town of Evansville Indiana, a long time employer who employed over 1000 employees, closed it's doors and moved it's operations to Mexico. Many of these employees have been working there 15, 20 years or more. Unfortunately this was not an isolated incident. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs around the country. If people are looking to I D for extra income, this article should be part of their due diligence. When I came across this business opportunity I saw ENORMOUS potential. But what initially intrigued me was the fact that you could offer your prospects the lowest start up fee in the Industry. This is a business anyone could be financially comfortable with... completely eliminating the biggest objection I was hearing from other programs, "I can't afford it." So, I thought I'd do a quick write-up to help any of you who are in the same position I was. My First Impression Of Infinity Downline As an online marketer who has looked at hundreds of business opportunities, when I consider getting involved in a business I first look at the legality of the business for obvious reasons, then I look at the income potential. After all we are in business to make money right?. There was no issue with the legality of ID, so I concentrated on the income potential in the compensation plan. Here are some interesting bullet points I discovered in the comp plan. Break even with one referral...You get the $25 back instantly with your first person. Instant pay... All members pay each other directly. No going through the company. Compounding income via the reverse 2 Up 100% pure net pay with incredible products Residual income by getting paid $25 every 30 days from all members on your payline.

Did you catch that last bullet point? Residual income. That's the key. No more do you have to work and work and work and each month just to start all over again. How do you think company's like Time Warner, Verizon, AT&T and all the other company's that make a fortune do it? They bill you every month. Residual income. You make one sale, and as long as they remain a member, you get paid every month...month after month. The Top 5 Things I Learned From Infinity Downline 1. Start up cost for Home Based Businesses don't have to be expensive to grow a 5 figure monthly income. With just a $25 start up fee, and unique compensation plan, you could earn a five figure monthly income in a relatively short period of time. 2. Infinity Downline has ZERO ADMIN FEE... You read that right. No admin fee.That means 100% Maximum Payout! That also means you break even on your very first referral. Plus you are paid INSTANTLY STANTLY. No waiting weeks or months to get paid. 3. ID has some great products. The company has tons of knowledge based products, that are universally accepted and not just the typical e-books. You can discover a host of audio and videos that teach everything from computers to building websites. 4. There are top producers who will mentor you, and give you some of the most amazing FREE tools that you can use to help build your self confidence, leadership skills, plus help build your business. 5. Infinity Downline expects to have a very high retention rate. Here's why, very simply, many members are making money. I mentioned before that you break even with just one referral. if your members have at least one active person in their group, they break even so why would they leave? The members are locked in. If someone is at a break even and probably a positive cash flow, chances are very high that they will stay on board and pay you $25. Right? Who Would Benefit From Joining Infinity Downline If you are looking for a way to generate some quick income from home...this program pays instantly... If you are on a limited budget...this business cost only $25 to started -If you don't want to have to stock a bunch of products at home, you will love this. The products can be accessed online... If you are looking to earn a 5 figure income or more from home...the comp plan can get you there... If you are looking for a long term monthly residual income...Infinity Downline's monthly subscription can provide you with income...month after month If you need personal help and training in running your business. Team leaders can help with that too... If you are looking for a simple yet profitable business that can stand the test of time, and that just about anyone can learn to be succeed with, Infinity Downline may be just what many people have been looking for.

The Down Side of Infinity Downline

Like a said earlier this is a real review of Infinity Downline. That means that everything is not all peaches and creme. If you are going to make an intelligent decision on joining a business opportunity, I assume you want to know all the facts, the bad along with the good. It Seems Like Infinity Downline Would Provide You With Everything You Would Need To Succeed With The System...RIGHT?? Well you may be surprised, but the answer is..WRONG!!!. Here is an example. Most affiliate companies provide you with a replicated website.. Now at first glance ID has a fairly good website, a little flashy for my taste but good. Unfortunately everyone has the same website. You are lumped right in with every other ID distributor out there. You haven't differentiated yourself from the competition. You should have a website that separates you from the crowd. That is how you get more people to join you in your business. In addition to the $25 start up cost, you will also run into a few additional expenses that owner Peter Wolfing recommends. These include but are not limited to purchasing daily leads to promote your business, getting your own web domain and hosting to host a personalized web sites, and using phone broadcasting and post card marketing. These additional expenses are optional. But because there is never an admin fee, this is how Infinity Downline makes a profit. It is entirely up to you if you want to invest more into growing your business. The training that Infinity Downline provides is good but they do not provide all the training you will need to succeed with an online business. A lot of training and education vital to your success in this industry we call "internet marketing" (such as search engine optimization, attraction marketing,etc.) are things that you will have to learn elsewhere. My Final Thoughts On Infinity Downline You may be asking yourself if Infinity Downline is right for me. Well, as good as it is, is not right for everyone...what business is, but if you expect to sign up and start making money instantly without working the system, I'll be the first to tell you...You won't make a dime. Infinity Downline is a simple business with a tremendous potential to earn it's members a substantial monthly residual income. If you are a hard worker, willing to follow some simple directions, someone who is persistent in getting what they want...someone who is sick and tired of working for a boss and never getting ahead, and who is willing to put forth a little effort, there is no limit to what you can make with this business. Some say our economy is getting better and better...I say don't count on it making a full recovery. Some economic indicators don't reveal the whole truth. What ever is down the road, you need to get out of debt... period. Get out of stocks and invest in precious metals. To do this you will need to bring in some extra money...quickly. Starting your own home based business is a great way to begin. Good luck and God bless.

Larry Johnson is an online marketer who provides free training on building a profitable home based business. Find out how he can help you earn a second income from home. visit his website at []

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==== ==== Welcome to Infinity Downline Marketing System! It's Free to JOIN: ==== ====

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