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While online dating can be fun, interesting and possibly lead to meaningful relationships, it can also consume considerable, if not massive amounts of your time and energy. All of us would like to find the perfect partner if we haven't already. And the internet, while it can provide ample opportunity to meet new singles, may also provide opportunity for self inflicted drama. It would be prudent to closely monitor your time online, while also keeping an eye on your emotions related to your online interaction. After all you do want to attract you ideal partner and you will likely only do so if, you feel good about yourself and your interactions with others online reflect those good feelings. This can be a quite a challenge. Depending on the sites you frequent, the photos and or profiles you post; you may or may not get a lot of attention. If your profile does get a lot of attention, guard against the "player syndrome." That takes place when you have the opportunity to communicate with several potential people during the same time period. This may cause one to view their interaction on the site as somewhat of an online dating smorgasbord. You may feel as if you dining at a Chinese buffet. What do you do? Try to eat it all? Get in the habit of feasting too much on the varied choices and you may desire to continue to want to eat too much. Are you with me? You may find yourself overlooking quality matches and perhaps spending too much time communicating with not so good matches simply because you have cultivated a habit of doing so. Many report that this particular scenario can eat up enormous sums of time that could be put to better use. If you have a demanding business schedule or have little ones to care for, your online love pursuits may begin to chip away at time that could or should be spent focused on more important things. In the event that you do not get a lot of attention, it is so important to remain focused on your opinion of yourself, rather than seeing yourself through the eyes of others. Don't take it personal. If you find yourself feeling discouraged by a lack of interest shown in your profile, you may not want to examine more closely high highly you esteem yourself, and what you are seeking in a partner. Be patient with yourself. Look for areas where personal growth will benefit you, and find reasons to be happy with your independence. You are the most important person in your life. You are the person you will spend the most time with. You have spent every moment with you. Why not love you most? Great relationships do not lead to love. Love leads to great relationships. So be sure to love yourself first. In order to truly present and available for others, you must first be present and available for yourself. If you take care of self, you put yourself in a position to truly benefit others.and concern yourself with and look after the interests of others. Has online dating has become an obsession for you? If you check your email several times a day to see if you have any new messages related to your online partner search or you feel stressed

when you do not have new messages in you inbox, you are likely becoming addicted. How can you maintain your balance and keep your positive energy flowing? Here a few suggestions. 1. Schedule a time to review and respond to any interest shown to you or express interest in others, preferably once every few days. 2. Be realistic. Look to find potential friends first. Cultivate that possibility, and the rest will happen naturally. Try not to get too dreamy about people you have never even met. This is a recipe for extreme disappointment 3. Be like the person you would want to attract. Are you looking for an internet player or someone who is obsessed with online relationships? If not, you may want to regularly examine your emotions and attachments to whom are communicating. If you become obsessed, you will likely attract someone else who is obsessed. You know... "You reap what you sow." So be balanced, level headed and reasonable. You will be much more likely to attract such persons to you, even if only for friendship. 4. Have fun. Don't be too serious about it. Should you get uptight you will push people away. They will feel your tension. All in all with the upside of online dating, it too has its pitfalls. Be careful, be balanced and don't expect too much. Just try and keep it fun. Enjoy the activity without becoming completely immersed. Then should something come out of it, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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==== ==== Free ebook "You Can Save Your Relationship & Marriage!" ..Check This Out: ==== ====

Online Dating Consuming Your Energy  

While online dating can be fun, interesting and possibly lead to meaningful relationships, it can also consume considerable, if not massive...

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