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One of the main problems associated with reading and/or buying a travel review book written by an individual travel writer is the fact that their opinions may not be an accurate representation of certain New Zealand tourist activities, accommodations and attractions. Particularly so if the tourism operators being reviewed knew of the writers intentions - and thus turned on all the trimmings for free with the hope of getting an amazing review. How do you know the tour or travel review you are reading is from someone who had nothing to gain, but to share their own experiences to help you have a better holiday? The idea of a review is that it should be impartial but often this is a little watered down when reading professional travel writer's pieces. Not because they are breaking any laws or trying to lie, but because it is very hard to be completely honest about someone contributing to your livelihood. If you want impartial tour reviews of New Zealand then look for online travel opinion based websites that adhere to the following: - Is it community driven? If it's independent, the travellers who use it will drive the comments. You'll not only want to read the comments, but it's likely you'll want to give back your opinion by the end of your trip, helping others planning a New Zealand holiday. - Does it talk about a wide variety of options? We don't all have bottomless wallets or are trying to explore on the smell of the oily rag. An effective site gives you a range of options, reviewing free, budget, average and high end attractions. - Is it up to date? Find a site that has regular real time updates from people who have just experienced the places you are going to. It makes the responses more authentic and if there have been any changes in the structure or provision of the event it is going to be picked up straight away. Get the best tour reviews of New Zealand by locating real and relevant information that is from a range of travelers and up to date. Don't risk relying on a single and perhaps biased travel writer's opinion. Take it from people who just want to pass on their awesome (or not so spectacular) experiences - helping you make better choices when it comes to planning your New Zealand holiday.

Through talking with thousands of travelers while running their own adventure tourism business, company owners Cymen Crick and Nick Morrison discovered that there was a clear need for independent travel information for NZ, free of bias and written by the traveler, for the traveler. In 2007 the team began collecting feedback from New Zealand travelers on the best things to do while in NZ. With over 14 000 reviews now in the system, has more travel reviews for NZ activities, attractions and transport than any other website. Tour Reviews NZ

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==== ==== Unique Guide Reveals Insider Secrets On How To Migrate, Live, Work Or Invest In New Zealand The Smart Way: ==== ====

Finding Real and Relevant Tour Reviews For New Zealand