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Arloesi Gwynedd Wledig – What’s been happening? by Eleth

Peate, AGW Marketing Officer.

Welcome to the latest edition of Arloesi Gwynedd Wledig’s newsletter! As you’re about to see we’ve been busy over the last few months developing new and exciting pilot projects. Our new friend Dilys the black sheep has been very busy visiting local business, and encouraging people to shop locally this Christmas. We hope you enjoy reading about what we’re getting up to, and remember if you have an idea for a pilot, get in touch!

Cysawd Eryri: Mapping the Solar System across Gwynedd. As you may have already heard there is a project afoot to recreate the Solar System within the Snowdonia National Park boundaries. We have now chosen where the planets will be placed, and the artists have been commissioned!

Rachel Rosen, otherwise known as the ScrapYardQueen is an artist based in Bangor and has a particular taste for scrap/ recycled/ reworked materials, and having some fun with found objects. She will be visiting local schools to help the children design the planets, and will then bring them to life so they can be installed at the businesses. The artist Dime One, aka Andy Birch from Old Colwyn, will be designing the sun with the help of Gisda in Blaenau Ffestiniog. Andy is a graffiti artist, and the sun will be painted on the side of the Antur Stiniog building in Blaenau town centre.


The artists will be starting the design process with the children and Gisda in the new year, we can’t wait to see what they create! After organising an open call, 14 accommodation providers were chosen to take part in the project. They were all located within the boundaries of the Park, and were eager to learn more about how the Dark Sky status could help their business.

Llety Arall: A new venture for the benefit of the community.


We’ve paid for a promotional film to be created which is being shared on social media to help raise awareness of their campaign, and we’re also paying to boost they’re social media presence to reach more people. The prospectus we’ve had designed is also being distributed to raise more awareness. If you’re interested in learning more about their campaign and helping them reach their target visit http://lletyarall.org Watch the film here:

We are currently working with Llety Arall, a Community Benefit Society, who are using Crowdfunding to raise funds to turn an old building in Caernarfon into accommodation for tourists who want to experience the heritage, cultural and unique linguistic nature of the town.

Twizys: An electric way to travel. We have an exciting new project on the horizon which will see electric vehicles traveling across Gwynedd. The pilot project will look to set up and operate an electric vehicle scheme in Gwynedd. The main aims of the project are to give people the opportunity to have first-hand experience of driving an electric car, promote awareness of electric vehicles and offer a fun and novel way to travel and explore the area.


The pilot will run for approximately 2 years and the Renault ‘Twizys’ will be used by various community groups, organization and available to the public to hire, so keep an eye out for them! We are looking for community groups interested in taking part. For more information contact Katie katie@mentermon.com or 01766 515 946.

Dilyn Dilys: The black sheep promoting local shopping. A Over the last few weeks we’ve have been helping Dilys the black sheep travel around local businesses in Gwynedd. She started her journey at Glosters in Porthmadog and since then has been to visit many different local businesses.

Every business nominates another local business that they use, which shows our followers on facebook, twitter and Instagram that the money they spend in a local business stays local. Dilys enjoyed her time visiting Gwin Llyn Wines, a wine shop in Pwllheli very much, partly due to the fact they believe it’s important customers try the products first. Dean Pritchard, the shop owner explained “It makes a huge difference trying something before you buy. It’s very unlikely you’ll get the opportunity to pop open a bottle of wine in the supermarket aisle, and impossible if buying online. In our experience customers really appreciate the opportunity to make sure they’re buying something they like, and therefore come back to us time and time again to buy firm favourites or to try something new.”


Keep an eye out for Dilys at your local business, and follow her travels online by following the hashtag #DilynDilys on facebook, twitter and Instagram. If you’d like to take part in the project contact Rhian on 01766 514057 or rhian@arloesigwyneddwledig.com

Dilys TV Whilst Dilys has been busy travelling around Gwynedd, she’s also found time to explore the world of teleshopping! Many people enjoy watching shopping channels, and buying from shopping channels! All you need is a phone, so you don’t even have to leave the house. imagine if local independent shops were able to offer such a service, well now they can!

At the end of November we launched Dilys TV. We broadcasted live on our social media channels from 4 different business in Caernarfon, with our presenter Dan showing the viewers at home which products were on offer. Shopping locally was now just as convenient as buying from the big retailers!



University. He explained “I am fortunate to be working at NMi Gaming. I had no idea that these types of companies existed in Parc Menai before this project.” He continued “This is a wonderful place to live, if high value jobs exist here, I don’t have to leave!” Watch a video of their first day here:

The night went well with many people watching the live feeds on facebook, twitter and Instagram, and a few orders coming through as well. Keep an eye out for Dilys TV in the future, who knows where she’ll be next!

Byw a Bod Digital: Highlighting job opportunities in the digital sector. During the summer local technology companies based in Gwynedd and Anglesey provided 9 STEM students with an insight into the job opportunities in this growing sector.

As well as gaining valuable work experience, the students also worked to change the perception and prove that Gwynedd and Anglesey do offer high value career opportunities. Timon Owen is one of the students who took part and is currently studying Electronic Engineering at Bangor

Byw a Bod Performing: Pop-up performances across Gwynedd. Byw a Bod Performance was a cooperation project with Arloesi Môn to introduce the Welsh language and culture to visitors across Gwynedd & Anglesey through artistic performances. This was achieved by working with 11 creative young people (17- 25 years old) and establishing a “pop up” theatre company called ‘Amrant’.

They delivered a range of innovative pop-up performances across popular attractions in Gwynedd & Anglesey. Arloesi commissioned Cwmni’r Fran Wen to mentor the young people over the weeks of summer.



Discussions have already started between the community in Dyffryn Ogwen and Gwynedd Council in order to receive a 3 year lease for the Bethesda Library building.

Click above to see Amrant performing in Portmeirion

Bach a Sych: Anaerobic digestion study on small scale farms. The Severn Wye Energy Agency and the University of South Wales were instructed by Arloesi to undertake a review of potential options for the deployment of anaerobic digestion technologies to treat farm wastes and other available materials at small hill farms in Gwynedd.

The main aim of the project was to see if the use of micro or small scale anaerobic digestion could be used to improve the management of farm waste and nutrients, and the reduction of associated diffuse pollution. The report recommends a further desktop exercise to map out regional / slurry production and suggests giving consideration to trialling a particular technology on a farm site. To read the report click here.

Creu Gofod: Transferring services to communities. There is a growing expectation on communities to take responsibility for local assets or services due to cuts to the public purse. Because of this we are now working with communities in Gwynedd to pilot and learn about different models of transferring services to local residents.

This arrangement will see the Council renting a community space to continue to provide the library service in the area, while the community is given the opportunity to use the rest of the building to develop new services and try to secure additional income streams. The group is interested in using part of the building to establish a "library of things" (which originally originated in London - http://www.libraryofthings.co.uk/about/ ).

The group's wish is to start small by focusing on a specific type of item, namely toys – so with our support they are establishing a toy library. They have already received a grant from Gwynedd Council to buy play items / toys to this end. Click here to see a video about the project:





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AGW Newsletter #03  

Arloesi Gwynedd Wledig Newsletter #03 (December 17) www.arloesigwyneddwledig.com

AGW Newsletter #03  

Arloesi Gwynedd Wledig Newsletter #03 (December 17) www.arloesigwyneddwledig.com

Profile for mentermon