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QUOTE OF THE MONTH On Responsibility: “Better three hours too early, than one minute too late.” - William Shakespeare

November-December 2013

The Spartans Turn the Pages in Reading Week October 28 to November 01, 2013 Sekolah Mentari Grand Surya — The recently concluded Reading Week brought blythe readers into another realm of the essence of reading, successfully delivered by elementary to middle school students of the said school. The special week started Monday with the presentation of DEAR time (Drop Everything and Read). This is when everyone is encouraged to start reading. Tuesday was bargained with Thrift Shop, a museum-like presentation of the Industrial Revolution by the grade 5 students. Wednesday was a date

with a foreign author, Mike Brumby. Thursday was a trespass to Book Zone presented by the grade 3 students filled with games and fun for everyone. Also, the grade 4 students invited Annabelle, a Spartan member offered guests to fill in their some moments to read stories to grade tummies with tea and biscuits with their Tea giving a role in the said Party (book sharing is week, braced themselves to done). Friday was the blast Reading Stories to grade 1 of all the fun of reading, students. Each Spartan giving highlight to the end picked some children story of the special week of read- books and read them to the ing celebration. Interesting younger ones in elementalent skills were flaunted tary . from rapping by the grade Parents , teachers 5ers to puppet show by the and even admin staff were grade 6ers. present to witness the final The Spartans, in program. - TSNL

MS 7 Takes First Major Semester Exams November 25 to December 02, 2013, SMGS — Finally, the middle school students took their very first major exams out of two on the last week of November and first week of December.

Two exams took place in each day, started with IPA and Mandarin on the 25th. The following day was Science and PKN. Wednesday was with Mathematics. Thursday was with Language Arts, Religion, and Computer. Friday was

filled in by Language Arts for the second part and P.E. The second Monday was with Humanities and Music. The second Tuesday was the last day with Bahasa Indonesia. All MS students successfully finished their exams.—TSNL

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The Spartans

On Poetry Darkness

The Rain Whoosh! The wind blew,

The rain starts showering down


The waters splashing a-bounty

And whispered to my ear As i walked near

My homework

Building puddles

A crowded park.

Is calling me,

As I walked home.

Shooting me out, I saw minions playing,

Commanding me to do.

The sky was grumbling

As the trees were dancing And suddenly a sound, Boom! The thunder was angry! Splash… splash… splash The rain came And then just realized That all the minions Gay and spritely Away and away Back to their shelters. - Tanita Grace

The winds were whooshing,

My phone

And I, I have to run soon.

Is shooting me,

Before darkness would swallow me whole. - Tamara

Down to charge, But i don't care. - Thea

Water plops into the pond, And splashing washing downhill,

As long as a snake,

Still, birds chirping in trees,

As forgetful as a goldfish,

Trilling melodic thrills

As silent as a hill,

- Shania

That’s how some lessons are. - Robin

I feel like in heaven during school time, A place where you can meet your friends, As fun as can be. ‘Cause there’s no place like school. - Elvira

Whirling me like a wind, And rushed munching breakfast, Splashing water to my face, Buzzing off to school. - Robin QUATRAIN — It is a type of stanza, or a complete poem, consisting of four lines, appears in poems from the poetic traditions of various ancient civilizations including Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and China.


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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas The novel by John Boyne is about a boy who lost his life, together with his newly found young Jewish friend in a most unexpected horrifying way. Let’s see. What thoughts run into the minds of our young but bright E-FL students after reading the novel? Read on . It’s a tragedy. A naïve child not knowing anything, unconscious, unpredictable. Be careful when making decisions or you might meet Bruno in the afterlife. — Bastian Bruno was so plucky and knave, why did he have to enter Shmuel’s place? And by the way, Gretel is not needed in the story. She shouldn't have been included. She was not of help in the story at all. — Theodora Sometimes, we have to obey our parents even though that rules may make us feel bored, for they mean something nice for us, for sure. Bruno is just really a plucky boy. He’s a nice boy who keeps his promises. — Shania

It is a very wonderful friendship between Bruno and Shmuel, but it is quite a tragedy in the end. I wish this kind of problems never existed in the world.— Elvira

The story has an open-ending, but it kept my mind thinking what happened to the family. May be I should write part two of it.— Vianca Bruno shouldn't have gone over the fence, and he should have listened to his parents. I think that he also shouldn't have kept a promise on something he couldn't keep. — Tamara

The book is great, but the ending is unclear. Overall, it is pretty interesting. — Robin

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New