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Grade 2 - Home News Embracing the Year of the Dragon! We are now heading to the 2nd semester of the school year. A heap of exciting activities and lessons awaits our students. We celebrated the Chinese New Year with a big bang! Laoshi Erni, the Mandarin teacher facilitated the said event with the help of other teachers. We conducted a Mandarin Spelling Bee, which Ophelia got the 1st place, followed by Giovanni for the 2nd place and Christabella for the 3rd place. After the competition, we joined the preschool students in watching the Barongsai performance in the basketball court. After which, we had a short program in the auditorium where everyone performed

and also enjoyed watching others performed on stage. Aside from the busy days of tackling the lessons, we managed to conduct our Spelling Bee and Math Quiz Bee. Our congratulations to Giovanni who reaped the 1st place, Cheryl Nathania, 2nd place, and Belinda, 3rd place for Spelling Bee. For Math Quiz Bee, Belinda got the 1st place, Ariel, 2nd place and Melinda, 3rd place. The following events would not have been possible without the joined effort of all the Language Arts and Math teachers. Our deepest gratitude goes as well to all the par-

3 February 2012 Volume 3, Issue 7

ents who supported us.

Upcoming Lessons:

In Language Arts, the students have learnt about adverbs, prepositions and different kinds of sentences. In Science, they had fun discussing about animals and have worked on real specimen. A lot of worksheets were also accomplished by them to aide their comprehension and full grasp of the lessons. In GeoHistory, we are still tackling about people and environment using different references/activities and giving them additional information about the topics would be beneficial.

Language Arts: Conjunctions Science: Birds/Mammals Geo-History: People and Environment Mathematics: Multiplication/Division by 4 and 5

Our Midterm examination is fast approaching so it would be helpful if you could start early in reviewing them for their forthcoming exams.

"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." ~ Immanual Kant

What’s in store for Mentari kids... Our Mentari Play is ON!!! This year’s play is entitled Mulan, an old Chinese folktale about a young Chinese maiden who disguised as a soldier to replace her ailing father to fight the invading Huns. We have started practicing and conceptualizing things on what we are going to do for this

Mulan play. Kindly assist us by motivating your child do his/her best i. e. to master the lines; to personalize the character/s; to deliver his/her part excellently, etc.

Participating in shows like this will help them develop their ability to work cooperatively with their peers as well as to improve their performing skills such as singing, dancing and delivering dialogues.

Teaching the children to manage their time well is very important so they would be able to enjoy not only for Once again, your full support their academic pursuits but also for would be appreciated. Thanks a their extra-curricular activities in school. lot!

January activities…

Studying about animals….

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Grade 2 - Home News

Welcoming the Year of the Dragon!!!

Spelling Bee and Math Quiz Bee

Volume 3, Issue 7

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Home News Grade 2 Srikandi  
Home News Grade 2 Srikandi  

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