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03 February 2012

Volume 3

Issue 7

Grade 1– Arjuna Home News Upcoming Lessons: Language Arts - Adverbs, Conjunctions and Reading Comprehension Science -Mammals, and Fish

Welcome Year of the Dragon!

Geo-History -Air and Water Math -Addition and Subtraction within 100

2012 – Year of the Dragon Black Water Dragon gives happiness and success, keeps the family and good people. 2012 - Year of the Dragon favorable for the establishment of family, birth a smart and healthy children.

The New Year for the Grade 1 students were loaded with wonderful activities in school. Our Chinese New Year celebration was a fun occasion. Clad in their Chinese costumes, the students spent time giving red packets during the Barongsai and Lion Dance. They also witnessed some of their friends during the Chinese Spelling Bee competition. They also showcased their singing and dancing talents during the program. Their performance was a delight to the audience. Great job! The school also launched the Spelling Bee and Math Quiz Bee. All of the students were given the chance to go through the elimination rounds. After further screening, some students emerged as finalists and competed in the final round of the competition. Congratulations to all the winners! The studentss were also given new lessons in Language Arts namely Gender and Cloze Passage. They were given further practice on Reading Comprehension. In Science, the pupils learned about Birds and Mammals. In GeoHistory, they learned about Landforms. In Mathematics, they have leant about Numbers to 100 (Counting, Place Value, Comparing & Ordering Numbers.) Keep it up!



Our Photo Gallery Taken during Chinese New Year Celebration, English Spelling Bee and Math Quiz Bee

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