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Volume 4, Issue 5

1 April 2013

GRADE 4 HOME NEWS Multi-tasking months... It is truly a fullpacked semester for all the Mentari students. We already started our zero period to give way for this year’s play titled “Annie”. We are particularly happy in Grade 4 class, because not only a lot of them are into this play but Dhea got the role of “Annie”. Go for it Dhea! We had our yearly celebrations of the Chinese New Year, wherein we all came in school dressed in Chinese costumes and we

got to see “Barongsai” once again. Competitions in Mandarin spelling, Math Quiz bee and Spelling bee were also held. Our congratulations to all the winners . We would like to extend our gratitude to all the parents who attended the awarding ceremony, and are continuously supporting all our activities.

accomplished some of our school requirements. We are on our way for the final leg of this school year, heaps of work is definitely coming. We are asking your full assistance in helping your child accomplish their school requirements for this year. Go, go kids!

Before the semestral break, we had our Midterm exams, project making and

Mentari show update... We are glad to inform everyone that we are halfway of our practice for the Mentari show. Costumes and props were already conceptualized and we are just discussing on small details about the play. Everybody is really

doing their share in making this show a spectacular one and hopefully we could finish and polish the remaining scenes of the play in due time. Let’s all go for it kids!

To acquire knowledge , one must st udy; but to acquire wis dom, one must observ e. - Marilyn Vos Savan t

UPCOMING LESSONS:  LANGUAGE ARTS Charlie and the chocolate factory/ Sentences  SCIENCE Solar System  GEO-HISTORY Ancient Chinese Dynasties  MATHEMATICS Time/Symmetry

Gr 4 February 2013  

Sekolah Mentari GS

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