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Tell me, I’ll forget Show me, I’ll remember Involve me, I’ll understand

Chinese Proverb

We are the “Mentarians” Morally upright, engaging communicators, never too busy to lend a helping hand, tech savvy, able leaders, responsible citizens and innovators and problem solvers— these are the traits of a Mentari student. The core theme of the previous months activities was about the school itself, who we are as a Mentarian. We held our Open House for old students last September 13, 2013. Some parents came to know the curriculum of different subjects, expected school activities for the new school year and the school’s assessment system. Our supportive parent coordinators are Ibu Feli, Ibu Lily and Ibu Rita. A week after that, some Grade 4—Yudhistira students participated in the closing program at Puri Mall’s education expo by performing “Tomorrow”. It was a day filled with pride and humility as our students remarkably performed so well in representing our school. At the end of September, we closed it by an Open House for new students and parents. Christabella and Belinda were part of the speak up activity of the said event. On the academic side, we have students who joined the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) in the following subjects: Mathematics, Science, English and Computer. Moreover, our students focused and studied preparing for the first major examination of the year, the midterm examination. Students were evaluated of their mastery and learning in their different subjects. Parents and teachers were given a time to converse about the performance of our students in our Parent-Teacher Conference. A time to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of our students. A time to help one another for our students to improve academically and especially be better as persons as well.


Upcoming Lessons: Language Arts Adverbs and Adjectives

Science Gases, Evaporation, Condensation, Water Cycle

Maths Fractions Percentage

Geo-History Ancient China

Aaron - 20 Sept Melinda - 23 Oct

Fun With Maths We Love English

Explore Science

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