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The Gr. 3-Shinta Welcomes All! By: Ms. Arlene O. Suarez Looks familiar? New faces? Whether you are old or new in the school, the Gr. 3- Shinta would like to welcome you to SY 20122013! In our class, we have two new students and new homeroom teacher. Everybody is excited and happy to be part of the school community. As the new homeroom teacher of Gr. 3, I have so many things to look forward to this school year especially for the growth and learning of my students.

Gr. 3 Homeroom Teacher

During the first day of school, our school principals welcomed everyone in the auditorium and the teachers made some presentations about the school’s rules and regulations. We continued the orientation week in the classroom through various activities. They also got to meet their subject teachers, choose their class leader and assistant leader, and get familiarized with the classroom and school routines. We strictly imposed to our students to speak English wherever they are! The Gr. 3 class was very involved with our school activities such as Buka Puasa, where some of them shared food to the poor and the Merah Putih to celebrate the country’s Independence Day. In union with our Muslim brothers and sisters, we celebrate d the Leberan or Idul Fitri. I hope that everyone had a wonderful celebration and vacation. That’s all for now. Till next issue!

 In Language Arts, we are done with our lessons about the Dictionary and its uses, nouns which they have enjoyed the activities/games. We already started with our Oxford Reading and Spelling.  In Science, we are finished discussing about Food Groups, Skeletal System and How to Take Care of Our Bones.

 In Geo-History, we reviewed and

discussed the lesson about the Earth and its layers, tackled the lessons about the globe and map– their uses and differences, identified the imaginary lines and terminologies.

 In Math, we are finished with our lessons in Thousands, Hundreds, Tens, Ones, Comparing and Order Numbers, and Number Patterns.

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