Page 1 News WELCOME SY 2013-2014! Back to School, Sembako Distribution and Merah Puti Back to school again! It’s with a great joy to welcome everyone as we started the new school year. During the first day of school we had some orientations about class procedures. All students from Grades 1-6 showed some presentations in the auditorium. We had getting to know each other activities in the class and some sharing about their holiday and the things they’re looking forward to for this school year.

I am glad that am in Grade 2 now. “Gyan” I want to learn more new things.


I am happy to have a new classmate. “Alex” I feel welcomed by my classmates and teachers.

“ Andrew” I am excited to work with our new teachers. “Nanda”

Independence Day Celebration

As we move on to the next journey of our lives, I just realized that I want to learn more new things at school. “Lana”


The generosity of the Grade 2 students are very much appreciated as they gave out some bags of food to our less fortunate brothers and sisters during Lebaran. The smiles and words of thanks from these people made the students appreciate what they have in their lives .

As I have noticed, our school has grown big in terms of population. I can see lots of people– new teachers, staff and students! It’s really good! “Steven”

I am looking forward to our school activities this year.

Sembako Distribution

The Gr. 2 Srikandi Class 2013-2014

The Independence Day Celebration was a big day for everyone! All of us wore red and white costume for this event. We started the program with flag raising ceremony and followed by the oath taking of our new classroom officers led by Ms. Vilma. When it was time

Independence Day Celebration

Grade 2  
Grade 2