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Sekolah Mentari Grand Surya  Jln. T. Bougenville 1, Taman Surya 5, Blok MM2  Pegadungan, Kalideres, Jakarta Barat

July — August 2013


e n ta r i M o n t h ly Wishnu Home News

Volume 2 Issue 1

Welcome to the new school year—a year of possibilities and learning! The grade 6 Wishnu students jumpstart the new school year with a bang. They immediately immerse themselves with the different educational activities that make learning both informative and fun. This school year, the school boasts of its international status by educating the students via the Cambridge International Curriculum. The curriculum aims to challenge the children by giving a different outlook based on a global setting and harness all their potentials.

“We inspire… We teach… We can...”

Students forming new words in group activities.

The grade six Wishnu students working and learning.

Bendera Merah-putih: Indonesia at 68

Inside this issue: Upcoming lessons Sembako distribution Classroom officers

The Republic of Indonesia’s 68th Independence Day was celebrated with the raising of the flag and the singing of the national anthem by the students of Sekolah Mentari Grand Surya last 26 August. Everyone dressed in red and white to commemorate the special occasion. After the singing, the students joined in the fun and games with the other students. Games, such as ‘Krupuk eating contest’, ‘The marble race’, ‘Pencil in a bottle contest’, ‘Tug of war’, ‘Balloon race’, and a lot more, had everyone in laughter and competitive yet friendly spirits. Even the faculty and staff participated in the merriment. The afternoon was spent watching Indonesian films about the country and patriotism. The entire event served as a constant reminder of the hardships and sacrifices done by the heroes and the forefathers so that peace and prosperity in the country and all its islands may be attained. Happy Independence Day!

Proud to be Indonesian. The grade 6 Wishnu way.

Students of grade six Wishnu enjoying themselves.

Mentari Monthly

Volume 2, Issue 1

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Upcoming lessons—Geo-history, English, Mathematics and Science Previous and on-going:


Geo-history—importance of studying Geo-history—Indonesia: Facts and figures geography, Indonesia as a country. English Language Arts—Pronouns, active and English Language Arts—proverbs, passive sentences, and sentence construction sayings and expressions, plural and singular nouns, and classical litera- Mathematics—Highest common factor, least common multiple ture Mathematics—algebra, divisibility Science—Inter-dependence rules, and the order of operations

“United we stand, divided we fall.” -grade 6 Wishnu

Grade 6 Wishnu: Mr. Alfredo Francisco J. Bretaña “Mr. Francis” Class Adviser

Ms. Lita Assistant Teacher

Science—Nervous system, reproductive system, urinary system Lebaran love—sembako bag distribution

“Sharing is caring”. The grade 6 Wishnu students proved this statement as they openheartedly gave and shared their blessings with the less fortunate during the Lebaran celebration. The students gave food and other necessary items used during the holiday. The recipients of the sembako bags were people that needed the most of the blessings within the school’s

The grade 6 Wishnu shares and cares.

vicinity. They were happy to receive from the students, as the students were likewise happy to share with them. Mentari Grand Surya distributes the sembako bags every year before the Lebaran break as part of its vocation to

Mentari Monthly

Volume 2, Issue 1

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Able Leaders: The Mentari Grand Surya Vision Each school year, the students from each class nominate a classmate or friend to represent them as part of their classroom officers. The nominated student has the choice to either decline or accept such responsibility. The nominated student will be given an opportunity to deliver a speech and convince his/her classmates to elect him/her as an officer. The election process is done through a secret ballot and gathered in the ballot box. The ballot box is then opened in front of the students and at the same time counted and tallied. The winner of the election is the candidate who has garnered the most number of votes. The students elect a president, a vice president, a secretary, a public relations officer, and two sergeant-at-arms. The elected officer is responsible in maintaining the over-all peace and order with the classroom. The method of electing classroom officers teaches the students the election process as well as the benefits and advantages of a democracy.

Exercising their right to vote.

Grade 6 Wishnu Class officers President: Fabio Vice President: Vincentius Secretary: Mieko Public Relations Officer: James

A picture is worth a thousand words

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