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Volume 3 Issue 8 7 March 2012

Happy Hearts Day! The Grade 1 students had plenty of activities last February. They celebrated Valentine’s Day in school. There was a program at the auditorium and the children performed a poem recitation and dance number for everyone. On that day as well, all the winners of the Spelling Bee, Math Quiz and Mandarin Spelling Bee were awarded with medals and certificates. The month of February was also a time to learn new lessons in class. In Language Arts, the students made Valentine’s Cards for their loved ones. It was a good way to practice their composition skills. They also learned adverbs and some helping verbs. In Science, the children learned more about Insects, Birds, Mammals and Fish. They watched videos to know more about the animal groups taught. To strengthen their knowledge, the children made booklets and picture collage about these animals. In Geo-History, the topic was about Air. They learned more about air through watching videos and going out of the classroom to feel it. They also made a pin wheel project and played with it in the garden. It was such a fun activity!

Language Arts - Has and Have - Present Progressive - Reading Comprehension Science - Reptiles - Growing Plants Geo-History - Continents - Continent Globe Mathematics - Multiplication

In Mathematics, the children learned more about Addition and Subtraction within 100 (with renaming). It’s quite a challenging lesson yet most of them were able to grasp the concept taught. They still need more practice for mastery. They also enjoyed the games we had on this topic.

Classic Valentine Rhymes Roses are red Violets are blue Sugar is sweet And so are you!

There a re many colours But my favourit e is blu e There a re many girls But I on ly love y ou !

sweet You are very smart You are very u And I love yo heart With all my I love you!

What’s up? The Grade 1 pupils are having rehearsals for our upcoming play entitled “Mulan”. They are divided into two groups. The first group will perform a Chinese dance and the second group will do Martial Arts.

Silent reading in Language Arts Making animal booklets and fish collage in Science Playing with pin wheels in Geo-History Valentine’s Day Celebration Mulan Practices

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Grade 1– Kresna

Home News Grade 1 Kresna - February 2012  
Home News Grade 1 Kresna - February 2012  

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