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Self-directed through the Mental Toughness Academy Having worked over 8 years one-on-one with athletes, I learned what the biggest issues they face are, what causes them fear and stress and how to talk to them so they are open to listen and learn. I am very passionate about helping kids transform their lives! I spent over a year taking the best of my tools and techniques and put them into a video program designed specifically for kids. The online training program I created consists of 24 videos and 8 guided visualizations in an exclusive membership site that athletes can watch anytime and anywhere on their cellphones or iPod. The training can be done at the athletes own pace and watched anytime or anywhere on their computer, cellphone or iPod. My Commitment: “To designing the perfect tools, exercises, and interventions that will help you change any old beliefs or thoughts that hold you back from performing at your highest potential. Together, we get laser-focused on you, your sport, and your life to help you realize your highest goals and dreams. We don’t spend hours just “talking”, we get things done and you will leave with a solid plan to get you to your goals by the time we are through.”

Self directed through the mental toughness academy  

Mental Toughness Training is the edge young athletes need to compete in todays sports world. Craig Sigl’s training is life-changing.

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