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NATIONAL LIFE Saturday September 12, 2009.



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Nigern1t1 !Jtm~ .f(.~dI11I1n/lunwid e tr'llr n ll il '1/ willfiJ!;us ongrlls~tWts f,(Jatl ! refon" tmdY!'utli motiomion.




17le Nigeri1J1'-You.fh tlgainst Terrorism alta Kidnapping (NYATK), rnmpai$',.I, 'Africa says, will see him tauring tlle thirty six States oJJYigeria and ltolding motivafio1UJl tnlks and'youth rnUieswhere'lz8 hopes to reach the verysoul of the Ni~rian 1/011 th aswell asmeeting with state govenzors 'and otiier ~ kavenll1zent fimctionanes. Says Hugo cfhis campaign: I Ifis time that tile gq;;lCmment of this country begins

to ptac!icaUII anri seriou:;lif address!h,> ecoromic .,r.itLc: of unemployed youths an.. tlle sodo-ecoaonuc situation in ihe country.1ssues/ikeAdvanced Fee Froudwlzich has spread a/1 over the country andtfre world over is dentin~ ti,e image ofthe CtJuntry betli home andabroad, started jusllikewll1lt 'vt: nre seeing '!~V in fhi? who!e kidnapping Ddng. The Niger Dettacnes lUIS g~.ven btrfh toanother soa7ll WO/71l alIa Q wave of lIoutlls tnking lip' arms and abducting peopJe ft.Jr ransom. 111is matter must be dlecked ilmtledintelybefore it becomes chnmic. " . According toHugo AfriCtl, in the past, Agriculture used tobe lire mam $tJTv iJftlieNig,eriml economy' UIIHI tne 'Black Gold' amp/ed wiO, {he 'grt-nd l- quicksy" crom<1' caused th. deterioration of moral values at alllc-:...'t!lS m society, turned everyone'sntte;b\J1l 1lWIl}j from Agriculture. 011this tour, !"fJtgo aims at.sen~ing Q 'the YQUtlls.that kidnappm~ tmd terrorism l5 not thesolUtIOn 10 the SOCltHCOlI.omicproblems tJreyhave tog1't!PPle uiith: "TIle youtbso, Nigeria mustfru!Jln Qt slJcl/lfI'l ti~/ behnviors anabecomepnirioti citizens. TIley must be made to linder-


stand tim fher.j aread-

vocates in the s~!e of !e-b.uilding the 1\llgenan naiion. Some tions A .

!nILbe~n £he: o tfle

ersinclude: 3J1V1rereare

weheading to as apeo-

pleanda nation? VVhat is the future ofour chil-

dren, the unbom and thegenerations tocome?

Arewegoing to mort-

gage .thiirfUture due to Sf#ftSh questft!r

.fi!!ne, P5J!.Oer thatweshall die andleave Oeh1nd?II



re you there alone, lonely and searching? Don't just sit tfiere, Do something about it! L. Dating IS on hand, to llelp you locate tharsoul mate of your choice, th at man or woman that you dream and lon g for all day; that keeps you awake at night, tossing and turning in feverish passion. Log on n ow to L. Dating to connect to that guy or babe! ies


i remember. My eyes will look beyond today, there is a tomorrow, And I will remember. Who is your dream man or woman?, that person ou look up to f!"Inspiration a mentor, a celebrity, a friend or a relation .Barack Obama is that man for me, because he made the dream. of Dr marlin Lu ther King jr, and thousands of African-Americans and Africans Come true. Do YOU have a dream man or Woman? Write and tell m e, stating your rea sons briefl v Send SMS 10 the above n umber "or email to the Love preacher, tha t's me!, Slctting your choice of soul mate, sex an a your contact. Heal the world some~d)'.1 se e ya. . My name IS Eineka rrom uno state. I am 27 years old in need of a serious Iady for a relationship that can end in marriage. In terested ladies sho uld call 08064897272, No flas hing please. Richard is a 35 year old graduate and walks in an oil com~y. He is looking for a beautiful lady to call his own. Call me .on 08033.830065, if you are that lady. Peter is tall and good looking, and searching for ~~l between 2830vI'S. call hi::iil. on utro36107342 «en w orks v..ith <l reputable com1"'X,1 y and needs a tanng lady. Please call me on 08023372956 Bimbo (shobby) is a dasbin& drop dead go~ous tall, slim, light in complexioned and very agile vonng man. who works ina rep utable company in Lagos. He de-

sires a swee t carin~ suga r mummy. Call him on 08028364213, no f1asning, please. Saheed Is 29 y'TS old Youngman and need s a serious relationship w ith a pre~, ,good and sexually apeaJ i!\E lad y. ~ontact him on


My name is Aloma and I am a :!~rr old loving and caring man. ( am a studen t of computer Engineering of Lagos Sta te University and needs an affecti onate Sugar Mummy. call Ole on 08025921954. I am Olumide and I need a honest, and attractive sugar mummy that would take care of me. Call me on 07065591275. My name is Em eka . I am a tall daslUng young man, a student of University of Benin and I need friends, lively boys and girls from all over Nigeria with like interests. [ love politics and adventure and I:!op e to be the president one d ay. Call me on 08038148096. My name is Ayo and 1 am 30 years old yoU!\8 man. 1 need a lovely lady who will transform m y life. She must be tali, slim, pretty looking-and ready to go out and ha ve.fUn with me.ln addition she must be loaded and ~erous, please no strings attached. Call me on 08097441029.


J80283l !9 y'rs 0 serious

.good : Conta< s Alom ngan of c State

ctionat Ole on ide and

ctive su l1<ecaIE 75.


l§enin' , boys e ria witl md adt e presic 1038148 ,Ayo aJ mgmaJ 'ho will :be tall, eady tc 1 ed and ~a


Hugo Africa - National Life - 12 September 2009  

ft.Jr ransom.111ismatter must be dleckedilmtledintelybefore vonngman.whoworks ina rep- utablecompany in Lagos.Hede- My name is Emeka. I amat...

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