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Always look for your jacket length with your hands to be cupped on the cuff. This is the good modern length of the jacket with perfect fit.

Always choose a lapel with 2 inches thick and thinner cut.

Always choose a pant with flat front because it is one of the features of modern trend. Always choose for your fit pant i.e. not too tight or too loose

Always choosing a fit shirt matters in modern business suit which helps the shirt to slide into your jacket. Always look for shirt with small button.

Choose a vest with double row of buttons that is more likable in modern business suit.

If you want a modern look in your business suit then definitely wear for proper vest.


Choose a lighter colored suit for business and formal meets which gives you a modern look like light blue, grey, scandal and so on.


Tie i.e. silky tie is a wonderful accessories for a modern business suit. Wear for it which adds style and flair.

Modern Business suit tips for men in usa  

Fashion tips on how to have a modern look with your mens suit for businessmen and office going people from mensusa.