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How to choose mens shoes for every attire mensusa

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General tips for shoes of all attire:

• Always pick a shoe that matches with your pant color and even the shoes should be darker than your pant. • Socks color doesn’t matter because it is not necessary for your socks to match up your shoe color. • Pick your shoes in such a way that your belt matches your shoe color.

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Tips for shoes with Jean and casual attire: •Don’t get a shiny shoe because it makes you look overdressed. •A loafer, oxfords goes well with casual pants.

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Shoes colors with matching pants

• Black shoes – navy, grey and black pants would go well. • Burgundy shoes – khaki, grey and brown pants • Tan shoes – blue pant, beige and tan pants • Brown shoes – brown pant, green pants and all darker tones.

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How to choose mens shoes for every attire  

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