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Quarterly, Volume 1, Issue 1

25 May, 2012

Shed Chatter and Rattles 100 Sign up for the Men’s Shed Pomona

Inside this issue: Heritage Festival


Special Thanks


More than one hundred supporters have signed up on our Expression of Interest form supporting a men’s shed to be established in Pomona.



Articles supplied by Field Reporters:

This is great as we can now demonstrate that we have community support. Many of the signatories want to start next week. Unfortunately this cannot happen at present. However, we are currently looking for temporary facilities and a permanent site.

 Doogal Antechinus  John M

The Latest News

 Doug B

We have had informal discussions with Mayor Mark Jamieson and Division 12 Councillor Tony Wellington and met the manager of Libraries and Museums. All are very supportive and keen to be involved. We were fortunate to meet them at the Heritage Festival in Pomona and since the meeting council staff have made contact.

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International News Our foreign correspondent John has been looking for a site for our overseas facility. He is having a good time however it is very hot at the site and may not be suitable for the metal work section but very good for the woodworkers as the dry conditions provide long lasting preservation. Photo of the suggested site for the woodworkers..

Who is Men’s Shed Pomona? Men’s Shed Pomona is a group of men who are setting up a men’s shed similar to the ones found throughout Australia. Their goal is to provide facilities and organisation that is similar to other men’s sheds. To be recognised as a men’s shed it has to be community based, non-profit, noncommercial organization that is accessible

to all men and whose primary activity is the provision of a safe and friendly environment where men are able to work on meaningful projects at their own pace, in their own time, in the company of other men. A major objective is to advance the well-being and health of their male members. The Pomona group has now affiliated with the parent body and are seeking funding.

Project of Pomona and District Community House Inc. - Phone 5485 2427

Pomona Rainmakers Next Meeting After two attempts at setting up an information booth at the Pomona Markets the men’s shed Pomona volunteers were getting desperate.

Saturday: 9am 2nd June Lawson Shed

Chairperson Doug suggested that the group be called the All welcome Pomona rainmakers. “We are a very enterprising group of men. After we met on the first wet day SPECIAL THANKS we adjourned to the downtown Thank you Noosa Museum for inviting coffee shop to discuss what to do us to your heritage next. The group decided to adday. Your support journ to my shed where we chrisand professional tened the new forge that was made development on the for the event”. day were exceptional. The interest in our display from the public was a great inspiration for our shed volunteers and enabled us to reach our goal of 100 plus signatures. We are continuing with these outings.

Thank you team for your contribution to our logo design. We are getting closer to our final design thanks to Greg and his family. We are currently looking at T shirts, badges etc for us to wear when we attend outings. This is where we are at present;

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The group finally was lucky at the third attempt and had a successful day thanks to Pomona Markets and

Heritage Festival at Pomona Sunday 20th May saw the Pomona

Sheddies Tony and Rudy were of“sheddies” come out for the Heri- ten discussing the finer points of pottery and how it will be included in tage Festival held at the Noosa the shed as an interest activity. Museum and Cooroora Creek Park. Doug thanked volunteers John and Pete from the Museum who provided Brian from the “sheddies” said a helping hand in setting up and pull“The festival day was great and ing down the Men’s Shed Pomona the shed display of a working blacksmith forge, timber and pot- display. One of the Pomona locals tery display were the most popu- commented about the display “They really are keen about the Men’s Shed lar on the day”. Pomona and it will be great for the Doug a fellow “sheddie” said town when it happens”. “We had more than three hunDoogal Antechinus dred people visit the display and everyone was sharing in the excitement”. Doug, the blacksmith, operated the forge while the other members discussed the finer points of a men’s shed. John S a “sheddie” showed visitors the finer points of his woodwork and how woodwork can be included in a men’s shed while fellow “sheddie” Greg made a fancy hook on the forge. Shed Chatter and Rattles

Project of Pomona and District Community House Inc. - Phone 5485 2427

Shed Chatter and Rattles