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Under threat from Global Warming: Menorca’s Flora and Fauna

A report issued this week by the European Environmental Agency suggests that Menorca’s tourist industry and flora and fauna, amongst other things, are threatened by Global warming. See pages 2 & 8.

ACCIONA’S AUDACIA With the aim of continuing to modernise their fleet, last Friday saw the arrival in Palma from Italy of the new Acciona Transmediterranea vessel the ”Audacia” The ship is part of a new generation of ferries classified as “cruise ferries”. Facilities and services on board can compare with some present day cruise ships, claim the company. No newcomer to Spanish waters, the “Audacia” has worked since September 2007 on the


route between Genova and Barcelona. She has also two sister ships named “Coraggio” and “Tenacia” Acciona hope to show that they are committed to maintaing a safe and modern form of transport for the future between the Islands and the mainland. “Audacia” is some 200 metres long with comfortable accomodation for 472 passengers and will be officially unveiled on 13 December this year.

Phil Duffy and Mike Coughlan present Gabriel Carreras Albiol (centre) with the cheque! Regulars at two of Es Castell’s best known bars, 3Bs and Brogan’s, raised 1,000€ for the island charity Club Vidalba. The charity was chosen at the start of the year and a number of fund-raising events

have taken place over the past few months. The cash will go towards the development of a iT centre at the charity’s headquarters in Mahón. See page 7 for details of how you can help Club Vidalba.



Friday 10 October 2008



A ‘climate change’ report produced by the European Environment Agency in association with the World Health Organisation and European Commission suggests that Menorca and the over Balearic Islands could become a rain-starved arid region, whilst the north of Europe could get even wetter. The Mediterranean, Europe’s coastal region, mountains and the Arctic were most at risk from global warming according to the study carried out. This investigation and the subsequent report produced, demand greater investment on the part of the governments in order to be able to adapt to the challenges of climate change. The findings also warned

The Spanish government approved four decrees last week aimed at recognising the suffering of the leftist victims of the 1936-39 civil war and the subsequent dictatorship of General Francisco Franco. Those jailed, tortured or forced to work in labour camps, their relatives, or relatives of executed people will be able to apply for a document which gives them no monetary rights, but constitutes the first official recognition of their status as victims. In addition, certain families which have not already received any economic damages under other laws can also seek a compensation of 135,000 euros. The other decrees provide for Franco’s victims to retrieve personal documents from the civil war archives, and for foreigners who fought against Franco in the civil war to get Spanish nationality. Franco’s mutiny against the leftist republican government sparked the civil war, which Franco won and ruled Spain until his death in 1975. The dictatorship paid tribute to Francoist victims of the war, while the republicans were forgotten. Measures to rehabilitate their memory are based on the 2007 Law of Historic Memory, which the Socialist government passed despite the disapproval of the conservative opposition.

Summary of the reports findings regarding the western Med. Decrease in annual precipitation Decrease in annual river flow More forest fires Lower crop yields Increasing water demand for agriculture Higher risk for desertification Less energy by hydropower More deaths by heat waves More vector-borne diseases Less summer tourism Higher risk of biodiversity loss

that the danger of forest fires would increase and rare species of plants and wildlife, of which Menorca has many, could become extinct. European heat waves such as the hot spell in 2003, in which in excess of 20,000 deaths across western and southern Europe were attributed to the heat , could become more frequent and most of the Mediterranean region could turn to desert the investigation claimed. Annual rainfall changes are also worsening differences between a wet north and a dry southern part of Europe and the report urged Europe to do more to adapt to the impact of climate change, such as safeguarding coasts from higher seas. For more information go to


ALCOLOCK Drunk drivers could soon be removed from Spain’s roads under a plan that would allow authorities to place a lock on the cars of people who repeatedly drive after drinking too much. The proposed plan, revealed by the attorney general’s office on Monday, would affect anyone caught drunk driving three or more times. Afterwards they would have a lock placed on their vehicle that would prevent them from driving if their blood alcohol level is over the legal limit. Known as an Alcolock, the device is already being used in several European countries. In Spain it will be introduced

by the traffic department in coordination with the Technology Institute Foundation for Car Safety. Tighter restrictions on traffic laws in Spain, including making drunk driving a crime that can lead to a prison sentence, caused almost 1,500 people to be imprisoned for traffic violations, figures released Monday by the attorney general show. Meanwhile, the number of road deaths decreased, falling 40 percent in September, the biggest month-long decline since 1980. Earlier in September eight people were killed on the roads nationwide, the fewest in a single weekend since records began.

Coming soon to a drunk near you! The Alcolock.

NUMBER OF SELFEMPLOYED FALLING Autonomous self-employed workers in Spain are beginning to note the economic crisis, with latest figures from the National Federation of Autonomous Workers ATA saying that more than 300 a day have given up their business over the past five months. The Federation says in a report, that the worst ‘is still to

come’. Construction has been the most affected sector, losing some 22,358 workers over the first nine months of the year, some 4%. Agriculture follows with a 3% loss of 9,766 workers. By regions, La Rioja has been most affected, followed by Navarra and the Valencia Region.



Friday 10 October 2008

Amnesty for ‘black’ 500€ notes The plan to offer a fiscal amnesty to those who used the notes to previously evade tax has split the Spanish cabinet. The Government is reported to be studying a plan to offer tax breaks to those who reveal the black money they have previously obtained in real estate deals. It’s the Government’s belief that the strength of the black economy in Spain, as indicated by the number of 500 € notes in circulation, is the secret weapon which some think shows the strength of the economy. El Mundo reports that the cabinet is split on the plan to try and get some of the 108 million 500 € notes currently in circulation into the banks. It’s a total amount of more than 54 billion € and its entry into the banks would certainly improve liquidity for Spanish banks and Savings Banks.

The Prime Minister is reported to back the idea, but Pedro Solbes and the Bank of Spain are said to be against

as it would in effect be a fiscal amnesty for opaque and illegal real estate transactions previously carried out across the country. Meanwhile a survey in Público newspaper this week has revealed that the Spanish people are in favour of the state helping out banks in the face of a crisis, but not of helping out real estate companies.

BREAST IS BEST! Twenty families this week took part in the a campaign in Ciutadella as part of a worldwide week to promote beast feeding. As well as the enormous benefits, small risks were also pointed out including the risk of transferring any infections from mother to baby while the baby still hasn’t built up natural defences.

On the other hand, the contact between mother and baby is thought to be one of the most important aspects during this period. Although the average period for breast feeding is around nine months, one new mum pointed out that she would feed her 8 month old baby this way until “the tank is empty!!”



Some of our readers may have already seen the shiny new blue van in our picture driving around with the MTG - Menorca Trees and Gardens - logo on the side. MTG, like ourselves at the Menorca Sun, is a brand new company run by Iain and Dave, who, like us, are keen to be known amongst the Menorcan community for high quality service and reliability. To reach this end, and realising the existing and longer term potential of reaching the public eye in our paper, they have now started advertising with us from this month and will appear on a monthly basis. MTG itself was ‘born’ after Simon Price of Trebaluger Trees, well established tree specialists, recently left the island for the mainland to commence a new venture. Iain, who had helped Simon when he was very busy has now teamed up with Dave, who many people know from his family connection with Scandals Restaurant, to start MTG who are continuing to specialise in tree work but are also doing garden maintenance. Iain, as well as his several years experience with Simon, worked part time on the Duke of Hamilton’s state in Scotland

MTG’s shiny new van! in his younger days where they cultivated Scottish pine trees in conjunction with deer hunting and this is where his first interest in trees was born. He later spent some time in the army in the Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers and later used his electronic training experience in the North Sea Oil industry for many years before eventually falling in love with and moving to Menorca with his wife Wendy, now both settled in Trebaluger. Dave, apart from his Scandals interest, (not to mention growing some tomatoes, herbs and other vegetables for their very busy catering business), has now been in Menorca with his wife and family for approaching three years and has a wealth of gardening knowledge to bring to MTG along with

Iain’s tree knowledge. They are both keen to advertise and prove their enthusiasm and total reliability in both the tree and garden world and are trying to fill a gap where reliability should be the end result in regular maintenance. They carry very specialised equipment for tree work and other awkward projects such as large hedging etc, so apart from the shiny new van, they are well equipped to tackle any job, large or small. Hopefully, in time, through the Menorca Sun, they can reach a large audience of readers and potential customers and like any new or established company, we wish them well in their future business ventures and hope the “new kids on the block” in the shiny new van will do well!



Friday 10 October 2008

REMEMBERING KEN BEALE By John Walker The zany comic and the deep thinker who wrote poetry. Those were two of the sides of Ken Beale that were revealed during a memorial service in Es Castell on Wednesday (October 1). Ken died at home in the early hours of September 20. He was 57. Ken, of Carrer Hannover, Calan Porter, underwent a number of minor strokes in March, 2008. In June, he suffered a major stroke, through which he was nursed by his partner Alison Thomson. The service in the Santa Margarita Church, which was attended by about 50 people, was conducted by the Reverend Michael Bunce. Ken came to live in Menorca 10 years ago after serving 27 years in the London Fire Brigade. He was, said Mr Bunce, a tough and courageous firefighter, rising to the rank of station officer in Brixton, south London. At golf, he was useless, turning to fishing, because it was a pastime that helped him to devour up to four books a week. Ken’s love of words was shown in one of his poems, which was

AIRPORT TOO NOISY Almost 2 years after moves were made to intensify protests over noise levels at the airport of Mahón, residents in the area claim there has been little progress. One of the locals told The Menorca Sun that the airport authority, AENA, had rejected proposals to plant hedges and vegetation to replace the metal fences that mark the airports limits at present. Since the campaign began the Director in charge of the airport has changed and locals claim that they have had no meeting with his replacement. Protests began in 2007 and had early success when the airport became the first to ban the use of reverse thrust on landing.. Since July 2007 it may only be called on by the pilot in an emergency. Residents are sceptical that this directive is being strictly enforced.

read aloud by Alison Thomson. Also present at the service was Mr Beale’s former wife, Sue, and their sons Stuart, 33, and Richard, 29, all of Sutton, Surrey. Stuart and Richard followed in their father’s footsteps by joining the Fire Service. Sue and Alison both agreed, added Mr Bunce, that Ken never grew up; he was always childlike. Childlike, or not, he was a useful DIY man and enjoyed a game of darts. For a time, Ken and Alison ran a restaurant in Llucmassanes which was home to Freemasons of the Menorca No 60 Lodge, until the lodge opened its own temple in Es Castell. Masons present at the service included Michael Capsticks, John Yallop, who is also a churchwarden at Santa Margarita, and John Walker. Representing Age Concern Menorca, which provided medical equipment to Ken and Alison, was John Renney. After the memorial service, Ken’s ashes were scattered from a boat in Mahón harbour by a party that included his sister Moira and brother-in-law Freddie Martin, of Binibeca Vell. Food and drink were provided for friends and family at the

Oi! Turn it down...


Ken Beale

WHERE TO PICK UP YOUR COPY OF THE MENORCA SUN ES CASTELL Brogans, Torre de Sol, Bonnin Sanso, Spar, La Caixa, Banca March, Bar Espana, Bar La Isla, San Mames, Hotel Agamenon, Hotel Rey Carlos, Chiringuito Peters, BB Tres, Camachos, Hotel Hamilton, Margarita Cafe, Club Nautica, Groucho, Chespir, 3Bs, El Chivito, Sa Cala, Port Antico, Dinkums, Nikkis, Teapot, Delfin, Internet Shop, Age Concern, Property Menorca, Scandals

Pierro Restaurant in the port. Mr Beale was described as quiet, but fun-loving by his former wife, while his partner Alison said: He was a lovely man.

PUNTA PRIMA Blue Anchor, El Faro, Spar SON BOU Kit Kat, Bowling, Club San Jaime, Arena, Las Dunas, Josephs, Daltons, Bow Hai SAN CLIMENT Casino, Can Dulce, Newsagent, Coach & Horses, Nelsons, Spar CIUTADELLA Delaneys, Burger King

SON VILAR Cats in Need, Spar, Collingwood House

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CALA BLANCA Laurel & Hardy, C’an Vicent,, Danny’s, Nautilis, Blarney Stone

MAHÓN HOSPITAL Newsagents, Café, Malbuger

CALA N BOSCH McCarthys, 2 Rocks, Big Apple, Don Carlos, Tom’s, Chaplins, Brittania, Legends

Ken’s poem. No title:

Alone, yet never quite alone, I face an empty chair Knowing, in the darkness, Somehow, you are there A close companion of the past, No longer here with me But, yet, in some mysterious way, You keep me company Think before saying too quickly Words you may live to regret Life’s short; why not take what it offers? Learn to forgive and forget

CALA’N PORTER Fun House, Village Inn, Bombay Star, Salamandra, Champs, Galleon, Poolside Bar, Hostel Sancho Panza, 007


MAHÓN Palliser, Hiper Centro, Hotel Capri, Sa Plaza, Menocars, Joanne Beauty, Estetica Lynda, Fish n Chip shop, American Bar, Market, Market Café, Jimmy’s Bar, Café Ars, Caixa Central, Library, Restaurante San Jose, Taj, Sa Taverna, Burger King, Bar Andaluz, Bar Mirador PORT DE MAHÓN Breeze, Fairline, Jagaro, Gregal, El Chivito, Thai Country House, Pierro’s, Marivent, El Bosforo, No Lo Se!, Akelarre, Wepi, Latitude 40, Cycle Club, Club Maritim, Roma, Gran Murala, Elefant Bar, Minerva, Hotel Port Mahón, 222

SON PARC Golf Club, Hallissy’s, M & S, BJ’s, Rex’s, Half Moon, Wilsons, Mamma Mia ADDAIA & ARENAL El Castillo, Bar 51, Supermarket, Bar Pins, Wendy Hodgkinson, Corner Bar, Sa Gavina, Bar 51, Romani, Good Bridge, Japi, Outback, Smithys, Isla Paraiso, El Faro, Super Sa Morera ES MERCADAL Savoy, Las Vegas CALA GALDANA Black & White, Bar Mississipi, Phone Box, Bar Toboggan

TREBALUGER Trebaluger Spar, Menorca Clearance Centre SAN LLUIS Monet Tu, Avenida Paper Shop, Casino, Eroski, Menorca Storage, Menorca Home Care, Aerodrome, Hippodrome, Restaurante Picadero, Tennis Club, Library

If you’d like to stock the Menorca Sun then please let us know!



Friday 10 October 2008


ENGLISH LANGUAGE LIBRARY IS BEING SET UP By Jane Bryer Further to your article in the 19 Sept. issue about the Island’s Education System: I think there is a need for comment or an article on British Children in the school system here. Although it has been acknowledged that the island has a good educational average with reference to the Spanish system, support for the British Children is far from acceptable. The children that come to the island with families that expect integration find a hard task ahead. The schools have little or no support for the children or the parents. All are expected to understand and cope with both Castilian and Catalan. Reluctance to ‘rock the boat’ in the Education system by officials is resulting in frustration and poor education levels for these British Children. One young child’s end of year report said she had spent the best part of a year singing to

herself in the corner and drawing because she could not understand what was being said by the teacher or her peers. Who’s fault was this? (This family have now move to Mallorca where an International school is available) There is as much of an issue with those children that have been here for some time. Many only have written English lessons once/twice a week, and “It is hoped that the support offered, albeit a small venture at the moment, will raise English literacy among the children here on the island.” their skills are seriously lacking in reading and writing their native language. A small English library is being set up in Es Castell/St Lluis to try and encourage English speaking children to want to read. Story time for young ones (up to 7 years old), and book loans for children up

to about 14. It is hoped that the support offered, albeit a small venture at the moment, will raise English literacy among the children here on the island. There is also help available for parents with the ‘school information sheets’ and children’s reports which are usually sent home in Catalan (or Castilian if you’re lucky)! Much more help is needed both at school and at home, through the authorities, of course, would be best but the current sticking ‘heads in the sand’ attitude is not working! Even if one school on the island had a proper English/Spanish speaking teacher it would have plenty of students as many parents would travel for it. There are many British children struggling and they need help with integration while learning the Spanish Curriculum. There is a contact for parents who are interested in the library or getting help for children: Jane Bryer 669 992 911.


CENTRAL GOVERNMENT CUTS MENORCA’S BUDGET PSOE (Labour Party) have confirmed that Menorca will receive 11 million euros less from the central government in Madrid than last year. The figure this year will be 29.3 million. Commenting that the budget represented the austere financial climate that exists at the moment, a spokesman went on to confirm their commitment to invest the money well to make improvements in Education, Housing, trying to

rejuvenate the local economy and to help those who most need it. Regarding the budget for roads, Secretary of PSOE, Josep Carretero, recognised that whereas last year 11 million was allowed, this year it will be three. The new by pass at Ferreries will still be the priority work and he also confirmed that in 2010 there would be a further 18 million available for this project.

TAX ON MOORINGS The port authorities at Ciutadella are beginning the process of re-organising the moorings in the harbour. To begin with they will levy a one off charge of 86.29 euros to all boat owners there. This is a measure that has been in the pipeline to avoid a repeat of the damage caused by the severe “rissaga” of the 15th July 2006, when many boats suffered severe damage simply because of a lack of coordination and organisation in the way that moorings were managed at the time. The relevant authorities have

began the process of asking all owners with a mooring in the harbour to present the papers for there vessel. Moorings may then have to be moved and the taxes adjusted depending on the length and width of the vessel. The problem has been compounded over the years as people have acquired a mooring and then later changed the size of their boat. They hope to avoid a repeat of the damage caused in 2006 when boats were just tied up without any sort of order being maintained.



LETTERS Hello Recently I was lucky enough to be on holiday in Menorca for a week with my husband and while there I picked up a copy of Menorca Sun - the headline and front page article was “Unprecedented drop in foreign visitors” and its this that has prompted me to write. Two weeks before, we had been in Crete with our 2 (out of 3) children and 2 of their friends for a fortnight. We enjoy a beach holiday where for say, 10 out of the 14 days we get down to the beach early and stop there until 7ish. There we were paying 6 euros to hire (from a very cheery lady called Anna) 2 sunbeds, an umbrella, a table and a bin (which meant there were no cigarette butts left in the sand and no littersomething that can’t be said about the beach at Arenal). If the children left the pool and came down to us, she charged 2 euros for each extra sunbed. In Arenal d’en Castell we paid 15 euros for 2 sunbeds and an umbrella and we couldn’t hire them until 9 am and then were

told at 6 pm prompt by a surly youth that we were ‘finished’. In Menorca we had 4 days out of 7 where it was hot enough to go to the beach, which is just as well because we CERTAINLY couldn’t have afforded 15 euros per day for a full week for sunbed hire! We weren’t the only ones shocked at the price - every Brit within hearing range was complaining. I heard one old chap say to the youth “I only want to hire it, not buy it”! Even on the plane home people were talking about it. Apparently we got away lightly, a couple staying in Cala Galdana paid 19 euros and were told in peak season it’s 22!!! That really IS taking the mick. One couple went out and bought raffia mats and lay on towels on the sand but we are (and most of the people that go to Menorca out of season are) too old for that now!! Incidentally, while I’m on a roll... it was only the second time we’d been back to Gouves in Crete but when we arrived at the apartments the owners

Friday 10 October 2008

insisted on buying me and my husband a drink and gave all the children ice creams and drinks, they were so pleased to see us there again. At night we went back to some of the restaurants we’d frequented last year and, without exception, we were greeted warmly and given a drink- in one restaurant they even gave us a bottle of wine. When the children were little we went to Menorca 8 years on the trot and often went back to the same restaurants year after year (sometimes with my parents in tow as well so we were spending a lot of money) but not once were we made to feel as if our custom was appreciated. I don’t mean by being given free drinks, just by how we were greeted/treated. I think this is a fundamental thing; the Greeks appreciate the tourists and the money they’re spending but maybe the people of Menorca take us for granted. We will be lucky enough to be able to afford a holiday abroad next year but a lot of people won’t, and although I

LOVE Menorca, we will be going back to Gouves because our idea of a holiday is spending most of it lying and peoplewatching on the beach, and our budget just will not stretch to 15 euros (or more!) a day to lie in comfort. Anyway I look forward to hearing your comments. Regards Tracy Fell

(Sorry to hear about your recent experiences on the island. The fact that Menorca is increasingly competing with newer or cheaper holiday destinations is something that everyone involved in the tourist industry here is aware of. The facts of life are simple (as they are in any business); if the industry here doesn’t make the attempt to compete on both prices and quality then there’ll be further falls in the number of visitors to Menorca.) Menorca Sun I reckon I am going to make myself incredibly unpopular with this letter but I believe that

Send your letters to: The Menorca Sun, Carrer Santa Barbara 3/11, Es Castell, Menorca, 07720 or email them to us at Only letters sent with the writer`s full name and address will be considered for publication. The publishers reserve the right to edit letters as appropriate. The deadline for the receipt of letters is noon on Monday.

‘allo ‘allo The Menorca Charity Players are now in rehearsals for their up coming production of ‘allo ‘allo, based on the BBC’s hit comedy of the 80s. The play will be staged at the Orfeón Teatre in Mahón on the 4th, 5th and 6th of December. Rehearsals are currently taking place every Tuesday and Thursday in a warehouse in the industrial estate in Es Castell. This will be the Menorca Charity Players’ first production since their successful “End of

the Pier” show in August which was staged at the Aerodrome to capacity audiences and raised around 2,000€ for local charities. ‘allo ‘allo is one of the BBC’s best loved shows and was recently voted into the all time top ten British comedies. This adaption will undoubtedly do the original TV programme justice! Over the coming weeks the Menorca Sun hopes to bring you features on this production.

“Will nobody hear the cries of a poor old woman?”



732: Battle of Tours: Near Poitiers, France, leader of the Franks, Charles Martel and his men, defeat a large army of Moors, stopping the Muslims from spreading into Western Europe. The governor of Cordoba, Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, is killed during the battle. 1582: Because of the implementation of the Gregorian calendar this day does not exist in this year in Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain. 1913: U.S. President Woodrow Wilson triggers the explosion of the Gamboa Dike thus ending construction on the Panama Canal. 1919: Richard Strauss’ opera Die Frau ohne Schatten receives its debut performance in Vienna. 1933: United Airlines Chesterton Crash: A United Airlines Boeing 247 is destroyed by sabotage, the first such proven case in the history of commercial aviation. 1938: The Munich Agreement cedes the Sudetenland

to Nazi Germany. 1944: Holocaust: 800 Gypsy children are systematically murdered at Auschwitz death camp. 1957: The Windscale fire in Cumbria, UK becomes the world’s first major nuclear accident. 1964: The 1964 Summer Olympics opening ceremony at Tokyo, Japan, with first time of live Olympic telecast program by geostationary communication satellite. 1969: King Crimson releases their debut album, In the Court of the Crimson King, considered by many to be the first progressive rock album. 1971: Sold, dismantled and moved to the United States, the London Bridge reopens in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. 1985: United States Navy F-14 fighter jets intercept an Egyptian plane carrying the Achille Lauro cruise ship hijackers and force it to land at a NATO base in Sigonella, Sicily where they are arrested.

it needs to be said. Dogs... and I make no apology for the language, but why do owners of dogs allow them to crap all over the place. Walking the streets of any town on the island is like wading through a minefield. I am dog-tired (excuse the pun) of taking souvenirs of other people pets home with me on the bottom of my shoes. Don’t people know that it is ILLEGAL to not clean up your pooch’s mess! And the worst of all is when owners decide to take their dogs to a field, usually a public field, to do their doings. No! A bit of common ground is not a dog’s toilet, it’s somewhere that parents take kids to play and where people enjoy to stroll around at their leisure. If you want a dog then have a thought for the rest of your community and CLEAN UP AFTER IT. If you don’t want to do that then I suggest you live a pet-less life. Yours in Disgust Ray Knight

(Yes, it is a problem and it’s not pleasant, but at least we don’t live in flats/houses with wall to wall carpets!) Sexy Sun Team I’m a lady of a certain age and have been disappointed with the lack of numbers of young, single men coming to the island this year. Where are they? Vera Bencock, Trebaluger

(Mmmm, we don’t know what to make of this letter, so can we suggest that you move to Ibiza!)


Friday 10 October 2008



Club Vidalba Last year has been an incredible year for the local charity, Club Vidalba. The Consell Insular of Menorca has allowed them to use a building in C/ Ciutadella and this has become the organisation’s headquarters. This now allows a full range of new opportunities for our youngsters. As we enter the 21st century it is increasingly essential for everyone, and especially young people, to develop the use of new technologies. Club Vidalba believe, that because their children are disabled the need to develop these skills is paramount. For many, to be able to use computers as an everyday tool, would greatly enhance the quality of life they could achieve. They have a classroom equipped with nine old and very slow computers that no longer run “up to date” software. There is little point in encouraging the young people to use this ancient hardware and software. However the demands on this room are increasing and the

youngsters show a lot of interest. They know that these skills are important to them. The charity need to reequip this room with modern, reliable computers and to offer a range of software that is both current and fulfils their needs. In order to bring about this classroom upgrade they require a budget of approximately 9,000 Pounds. Can you help? They are looking for Sponsors for their new “IT Learning Centre” if you would like to support us in this project you can either: a) Transfer Cash to their bank Account Account no.2051-0094-531032489776 Caja de Baleares Sa Nostra (Please specify “IT Learning Centre” project.) b) Send a cheque, payable to “CLUB VIDALBA” C/ Guillem Coll, 7 1º 07720 – Ferreries Menorca Illes Balears Spain

A couple of pictures from this week’s presentation

Menorquí Language-wise Menorca is a confusing place! Not only do we have Catalan and Spanish jostling side by side, but there’s also Menorquí, a distinct Catalan dialect unique to the island and still much spoken. Under the dictatorship of General Franco from the 1930s to the 1970s, the original Balearic dialects of Menorqui, Mallorqui and Eivissenc were officially suppressed. After his death and the liberalization of the islands, the Catalan language was able to emerge once again. However the decades of suppression did take its toll on Menorca’s dialect, Menorqui. Today, the co-official languages in Mahón are Spanish and Catalan. Most locals are bilingual in Spanish and the variety of Catalan called Menorquí. Between Menorquí and Catalan proper, as with most Balearic dialects, the most distinctive difference is the different word used for the article “the”, where Menorquí uses “es” for masculine and “sa” for feminine. Menorquí thus shares the source of its article with many Sardinian varieties (masc. sing. su, fem sing. sa), rather than the Catalan “el” and “la”, common to many Romance languages (e.g. Spanish el, la, Italian il, la), corresponding to a form which was historically used along the Costa Brava of Catalonia, from where the islands were re-populated after being conquered from the Moors. Menorquí also has a few English loan words dating back to the British occupation such as “bifi”, “grevi”, “xumaquer”, “boinder” and “xoc” taken from “beef”, “gravy”, “shoemaker”, “bow window” and “chalk”, respectively. Plus “plumqueque” which is presumably the cake the British rulers had for afternoon tea! My favourite word in Menorquí is the word for sheep. It’s simply ba!


Friday 10 October 2008


CLIMATE CHANGE and TOURISM Climate changes directly affect tourism. Fewer people are booking flights from Europe to the Mediterranean because of these climate changes, which directly affects popular holiday spots like Mallorca and Menorca. Environmental groups expect a steady decline in holiday travel via flights from Europe to the Mediterranean. How Climate Changes Impact Tourism People generally plan their holiday based on the temperature at their destination and when they can get the time off from work. Holiday makers have been visiting Majorca and Minorca for decades because of the picture-perfect beaches and perfect climate. Rising temperatures have a direct effect on tourism because travellers will rethink travel destinations based on the ideal temperature for the particular time of year. Mallorca and Menorca will be significantly impacted if holiday makers stop taking flights there from Europe. Over the last few decades these islands off Spain have become dependent on tourism. The land is not ideal for agricultural use and there is little else that native residents of these islands can do to sustain themselves. How Environmental Groups Expect Climate to Affect Air Travel Some environmental groups see flights from Europe to the

Mediterranean drastically dropping due to climate changes. A significant change in temperature leaves holidaymakers deciding if the Mediterranean is still the ideal place to be. Mediterranean beaches are too hot and ski trips are going downhill. Additionally, the climate changes are forcing individuals, companies and environmental groups to look at ways to protect the ozone and participate in carbon offsetting methods. Car companies have already looked at how they make vehicles and ways they can reduce carbon emissions. Just as energy-efficient cars are a wave of the future, ways to offset carbon in the air from air travel are also being studied. Unfortunately, at this time, there isn’t an environmentally safe way to travel by air and anyone interested in offsetting carbon emissions may change their holiday plans to make them more eco-friendly. Environmental Groups Respond to Climate Changes Environmental groups continually work to offset the carbon emitted into the air by international flights. Companies are encouraged to voluntarily offset their usage to balance carbon emissions. Simple ways to reduce emissions include planting trees and conserving energy. Other ideas for conserving energy and offsetting carbon emissions are to reduce flights and

change methods for travelling. Some environmental groups predict that Europeans will stop taking their holiday by flight because of the climate change. Not only has the environment at their destination changed, they are also further damaging the environment by flying overseas and emitting harmful carbon in the air. If airlines are forced to change their methods, if they don’t voluntarily conserve energy to offset carbon and create a balance then it is up to holiday makers to take a stand for the

environment and stop supporting companies who continually emit carbon and endanger the environment. An individual will not make a huge difference in making up for climate change. It is when people rally together and are encouraged by environmental groups whose purpose is to protect our planet and conserve energy that change can be made. Air charter companies may not willingly change unless they are forced by a large number of people boycotting overseas air

Airlines such as easyJet now offset their carbon emissions

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travel. Realising the need for a change, some tourist industry companies are already organising efforts to help offset the environmental impact of overseas flights. Major players are donating a percentage of their profits to eco-friendly endeavours and beseeching their patrons to donate as well, in the interest of humanity. They realise that their very existence is at stake as is the local economies where they now prosper. The problem is being looked at and addressed.


Friday 10 October 2008


Muslim Manûrqa Manûrqa was the Arabic name given to the island of Menorca by the Muslims from its annexation to the Caliphate of Cordoba by ‘Isâm al-Khawlânî in 903 until the rule of the last muslim ra’îs, Abû ‘Umar ibn Sa’îd in 1287. During the Muslim rule the only urban centre of the island was Madînat al Jazîra or al Manûrqa (Ciutadella). Most of the population was dispersed in small agricultural and stockbreeding villages. Muslim society was organised along tribal lines and was a complex ethnic mix of Berbers, Arabs, and descendants of the islanders. There were many black or mixed-race people among the island’s inhabitants. The Ra’îs of Manûrqa is a Muslim political title given to the two governors that from 1234 to 1287 ruled the island of Manûrqa as a vassal state of the Kingdom of Mallorca. The island was allowed a great deal of autonomy and it had the protection of the Kingdom of Mallorca in exchange of an annual tribute. The first, Sa’îd ibn Hakam was born in the city of Tavira in the Algarve (modern Portugal). He studied philology at Seville, the then capital of the Almohad Caliph of Al Andalus. However, because of political instability in Al Andalus, Sa’îd ibn Hakam moved to North Africa, to the cities of Bejaïa and Tunis, where he served as secretary to the Almohad governors. Two years later, he planned to return to Al Andalus, but the situation had worsened, so he was given refuge by the Almohad wali of Medina Mayurqa (Mod-

ern Mallorca). He was then sent to Manûrqa as the almoxerif in 1227. His mission was to collect and administrate the taxes and command the army. In the year 1229, James I of Aragon invaded Mayurqa, but did not take any action at that moment against Manûrqa. By 1231, the resistance of Mayurqa’s muslims was finally crushed and James I sent three ambassadors to Manûrqa, Berenguer de Santa Eugenia, Don Assalit de Gudar and Don Pere Maça, to negotiate its submission to the Kingdom of Aragon. James I, who at that time had a small number of troops ordered to set fires burning on the coast facing Manûrqa as to simulate a larger army and thus put more pressure on the muslims. After a meeting between the Kaid Abû ‘Abd Allah Muhammad, Sa’îd ibn Hakam, the sheiks and three hundred of the principal people of the island, they agreed to become vassals to the new King of Majorca. The treaty of Capdepera was signed the 17 June 1231. It is rumoured that Sa’îd ibn Hakam was the real instigator of the treaty with James I, although his role in the text treaty was really discreet. The treaty gave wide political autonomy to the island and the military protection of the island by the King of Mallorca in exchange of the payment of an annual tribute of three thousand quarters of wheat, a hundred cows and five hundred goats or sheep, later adding two “quintals” (hundredweight) of fresh butter and two hundred bezants for leave to transport the cattle. Abû

King Alfons III of Aragon

‘Abd Allah Muhammad, was the new ruler of Manûrqa. In July 1234, Sa’îd ibn Hakam took over power with an armed coup and negotiated a new treaty with James I, in which he ruled alone with the title of Ra’îs of Manùrqa. This is believed to be the first and only time in the history of the island to be an independent political entity, although tributary to the Kingdom of Mallorca. Under his harsh rule, Manûrqa became an Islamic law abiding structured state. It is said that he executed by beheading those muslims found drunk. He constructed a strong political apparatus in Madina al Jazira (Ciutadella) with a council of ministers, secretaries and clan representatives, and a small military force consisting of mercenaries. His political shrewdness allowed for the survival of this Islamic entity while all other muslim territories in Iberia fell into the Christian Reconquista: Cordoba (1236), his hometown Tavira (1242), Seville (1248). Only the Kingdom of Granada remained independent although vassal to the Kingdom of Castille. At the death of James I (1276), the Kingdom of Aragon was split in two: The Kingdom of Mallorca (the Balearic Islands and counties of Roussillon and Cerdagne) to his son James and the Kingdom of Aragon to his other son Peter. Manûrqa kept being tributary to James II. This division would ultimately mean the fall of Manûrqa. Sa’îd ibn Hakam died in 1282 in Madina al Jazira, and his son Abû ‘Umar ibn Sa’îd became the next and last Ra’îs of Manûrqa. In his first year in government, King Peter III of Aragon and his fleet stopped by Manûrqa on their way to the city of Constantine in North Africa. Bugron, the Lord of Constantine, had secretly plotted with Peter to convert to Christianity and surrender the city to the Crown of Aragon. According to Ramon Muntaner’s Cronica, Abû ‘Umar sent messengers to North Africa letting them know of this plot. The consequences were that Bugron was executed and Peter’s surprise invasion was discovered. Years later, Peter and King James II of Mallorca, (Menorca’s vassal lord) came into a dispute. Peter’s son King Alfons III of Aragon set out from Salou the 22 November 1286 with an invasion force against Manûrqa. This was both to avenge Abû ‘Umar ibn Sa’îd and James II. He arrived 5 January 1287. Abû ‘Umar ibn Sa’îd prepared himself with mercenary troops from North Africa. The first battle took place

Santa Àgueda

17 January. Alfons won this battle and Abû ‘Umar ibn Sa’îd and a few of his followers fled to the fortress near Madina al Jazira, nowadays known as the fortress of Santa Àgueda. On 21 January, Abû ‘Umar ibn Sa’îd seeing himself outnumbered, signed his surrender with the treaty of San Agayz. He was allowed to leave the island towards North Africa, with two hundred of his followers, the remains of his father, his library and fifty swords. Alfons chartered him a ship manned by a Genoese, which according to Muntaner, encountered a storm off the North African coast and was destroyed. There were no survivors. Once the island was captured by King Alfons III of Aragon, most of its muslim inhabitants were enslaved and sold in the slave markets of Ibiza, Valencia and Barcelona. Only one hundred muslims were allowed to remain on the island.




BUS SERVICES The bus services on Menorca are brilliant! They are clean, punctual and cheap, and they pretty much cover the entire island. To give you an idea of the cost of travel, the most expensive journey is Mahon (Maó) to Ciutadella at 4.25e. Most tickets are under 1.50€. A few words of caution though… some of the services are fairly infrequent, so plan your journey carefully! As mentioned above, the buses are usually spotlessly clean, and they discourage the consumption of food and drink whilst travelling. Also, if you want to show off your tanned beerbelly, you can’t! Shirts must be worn. Only coins and 5€, 10€ and 20€ notes are accepted, so you’ll have to find somewhere else to exchange your hooky fifties! There’s access for the disabled only on Lines 01, 02 and 03. Finally, whilst every effort is made to ensure that these timetables are accurate and up to date, it’s always worth double-checking with the transport companies before travelling.

10 - MAHON-AIRPORT Monday to Sunday Mahon: 5.45, 6.15, 6.45, 7.15, 7.45, 8.15, 8.45, 9.15, 9.45, 10.15, 10.45, 11.15, 11.45, 12.15, 12.45, 13.15, 13.45, 14.15, 14.45, 15.15, 15.45, 16.15, 16.45, 17.15, 17.45, 18.15, 18.45, 19.15, 19.45, 20.15, 20.45, 21.15, 21.45, 22.15, 23.15, 00.15 Airport: 5.55, 6.25, 6.55, 7.25, 7.55, 8.25, 8.55, 9.25, 9.55, 10.25, 10.55, 11.25, 11.55, 12.25, 12.55, 13.25, 13.55, 14.25, 14.55, 15.25, 15.55, 16.25, 16.55, 17.25, 17.55, 18.25, 18.55, 19.25, 19.55, 20.25, 20.55, 21.25, 21.55, 22.25, 23.25, 00.25

01 MAHON-ALAIOR-ES MERCADAL-FERRERIES-CIUTADELLA Approximate journey time between stops: Mahon (10 mins) Alaior (15 mins) Mercadal (15 mins) Ferreries (15 mins) Ciutadella Monday to Friday Mahon: 6.45, 8.15, 9.15, 10.15, 11.15, 12.15, 13.15, 14.15, 15.15, 16.15, 17.15, 18.15, 19.15, 20.15, 21.15, 22.15 23.15, 00.15 Ciutadella: 6.40, 7.40, 8.40, 9.40, 10.40, 11.40, 12.40, 13.40, 14.40, 15.15, 15.40, 16.40, 17.40, 18.40, 19.40, 20.40, 21.40, 22.40, 23.40 Saturday Mahon: 8.00, 10.00, 11.30, 13.00, 16.00, 18.00, 20.00, 21.30 Ciutadella: 8.00, 10.00, 11.30, 14.30, 16.00, 18.00, 20.00, 21.30 Sunday and Public Holidays Mahon: 8.00, 10.00, 11.30, 13.00, 16.30, 19.00 Ciutadella: 8.00, 10.00, 11.30, 14.30, 16.30, 19.00 02 MAHON-ES CASTELL Monday to Sunday (* not Sunday and Public Holidays) Mahon: 7.20*, 7.45*, 8.15*, 8.45*, 9.15, 9.45, 10.15, 10.45, 11.15, 11.45, 12.15, 12.45, 13.15, 13.45, 14.15*, 14.45*, 15.15*, 15.45, 16.15, 16.45, 17.45, 18.15, 18.45, 19.15, 19.45, 20.15, 20.45 Es Castell: 7.30*, 8.00*, 8.30*, 9.00*, 9.30, 10.00, 10.30, 11.00, 11.30, 12.00, 12.30, 13.00, 13.30, 14.00, 14.30*, 15.00*, 15.30*, 16.00, 16.30, 17.00, 18.00, 18.30, 19.00, 19.30, 20.00, 20.30, 21.00 03 MAHON-SANT LLUIS Monday to Sunday (* not Sunday and Public Holidays) Mahon: 7.00*, 8.00*, 8.10*,

8.30, 9.00, 9.30, 10.00, 10.30, 11.00, 12.00, 12.30, 13.00, 13.30, 14.15*, 15.30, 16.00, 17.00, 17.30, 18.00, 18.30, 19.00, 19.30, 20.00*, 20.15, 21.00*, 22.00*, 23.00* Sant Lluis: 7.30*, 7.40*, 8.20, 8.40*, 9.10, 9.40, 10.10, 10.40, 11.10, 11.40, 12.40, 13.10, 13.40, 14.10, 14.20, 14.40*, 15.10 (Sun only), 15.40, 16.10, 16.40, 17.40, 18.10, 18.40, 19.10, 19.40, 20.00, 20.40*, 21.40*, 22.40*, 23.40 14 MAHON-CIUTADELLA EXPRESS BUS – direct Monday to Friday Mahon: 7.00, 8.00, 9.45, 12.45, 14.15, 15.15, 16.45, 17.45, 19.45, 22.15 Ciutadella: 7.00, 8.00, 9.00, 10.00, 11.15, 12.10, 14.15, 15.15, 16.15, 18.10, 19.10, 21.15 21 MAHON-SANT CLIMENT Monday to Saturday Mahon: 7.45, 8.45, 9.30, 10.30, 11.45, 12.45, 13.30, 16.00, 17.00, 18.00, 19.00, 19.40 Sant Climent: 8.00, 9.05, 10.10, 11.10, 12.25, 13.05, 14.05, 16.40, 17.20, 18.40, 19.20, 20.10 Sunday and Public Holidays Mahon: 9.15, 12.15, 15.15, 18.15 Sant Climent: 9.25, 12.25, 15.25, 18.25 21 MAHON-SANT CLIMENTCANUTELLS Monday to Saturday Mahon: 8.45, 12.45, 17.00, 19.00 Canutells: 9.00, 13.00, 17.15, 19.15 No service on Sunday or Public Holidays 31 MAHON-SANT CLIMENTCALA EN PORTER Monday to Saturday Mahon: 9.30, 10.30, 11.45, 13.30, 16.00, 18.00, 19.40 Cala en Porter: 10.00, 11.00, 12.15, 13.45 16.30, 18.30, 20.00 No service Sunday or Public Holidays 31 MAHON-ALAIOR-SON BOU (TORRESOLI & CLUB SAN JAIME) Monday to Saturday Mahon: 7.15, 8.30, 10.00, 11.00, 11.30, 12.30, 14.00, 15.30, 16.30, 17.00, 18.00, 19.00, 20.30, 22.00 Alaior: 7.25, 8.40, 10.10, 11.10, 11.40, 12.40, 14.10, 15.40, 16.40, 17.10, 18.10, 19.10, 20.40, 22.10 Torresoli: 7.40, 8.55, 10.25, 11.25, 11.55, 12.55, 14.25, 15.55, 16.55, 17.25, 18.25, 19.25, 20.55, 22.25 Club Sant Jaime: 7.45, 9.00, 10.30, 11.30, 12.00, 13.00, 14.30, 16.00, 17.00, 17.30, 18.30, 19.30, 21.00, 22.30 Son Bou: 8.00, 9.15, 10.45, 11.45, 12.15, 13.15, 14.45, 16.15, 17.15, 17.45, 18.45, 19.45, 21.15, 22.45 Alaior: 8.15, 9.30, 11.00, 12.00, 12.30, 13.30, 15.00, 16.30, 17.30, 18.00, 19.00, 20.00, 21.30, 23.00 Sunday and Public Holidays Mahon: 8.30, 10.00, 11.30, 13.00, 17.00, 18.30, 20.00 Alaior: 8.40, 10.10, 11.40, 13.10, 17.10, 18.40, 20.10 Torresoli: 8.55, 10.25, 11.55, 13.25, 17.25, 18.55, 20.25 Club Sant Jaime: 9.00, 10.30, 12.00, 13.30, 17.30, 19.00, 20.30 Son Bou: 9.15, 10.45, 12.15, 13.45, 17.45, 19.15, 20.45 Alaior: 9.30, 11.00, 12.30, 14.00, 18.00, 19.30, 21.00 51 MAHON-ALAIOR-ES MERCADAL-FERRERIES-CALA GALDANA Approximate journey time between stops: Mahon (10 mins) Alaior (15 mins) Mercadal (15 mins) Ferreries (15 mins) Cala Galdana Monday to Saturday Mahon: 9.30, 16.45

Friday 10 October 2008


Cala Galdana: 10.20, 17.05 Sunday and Public Holidays Mahon: 10.30, 17.30 Cala Galdana: 9.20, 16.20 52 CIUTADELLA-CALA GALDANA Monday to Saturday Ciutadella: 10.40, 13.50, 16.50 Cala Galdana: 10.00, 13.20, 16.20 Sunday and Public Holidays Ciutadella: 9.50, 13.50, 16.45 Cala Galdana: 10.20, 13.20, 17.20 53 FERRERIES-CALA GALDANA Monday to Sunday (* not Sunday and Public Holidays) Ferreries: 7.05*, 8.05*, 9.05, 9.40*, 10.05, 11.05, 12.05, 13.05, 15.05*, 16.05, 16.50*, 17.05, 18.05, 19.05, 20.05, 21.05*, 22.05* Cala Galdana: 7.20*, 8.20*, 9.20, 10.20, 11.20, 12.20, 13.20, 14.20, 15.20*, 16.20, 17.05*, 17.20, 18.20, 19.20, 20.20, 21.20*, 22.20* 71 MAHON-ALAIOR-ES MIGJORN GRAN-CALA TOMAS Approximate journey time between stops: Mahon (10 mins) Alaior (15 mins) Es Migjorn Gran (10 mins) Cala Tomas Monday to Saturday Mahon: 8.00, 10.15, 12.30, 15.15, 17.30, 19.45 Cala Tomas: 9.00, 11.15, 13.15, 16.15, 18.30, 20.30 Sunday and Public Holidays Mahon: 8.15, 11.15, 14.15, 18.30 Cala Tomas: 9.00, 12.00, 15.00, 19.15 71/72 ES MIGJORN GRAN-ES MERCADAL Monday to Saturday Es Migjorn Gran: 8.55, 11.10, 13.40, 16.10, 18.25, 20.55 Es Mercadal: 8.25, 10.40, 12.55, 15.40, 17.55, 20.10 Sunday and Public Holidays Es Migjorn Gran: 9.05, 12.35, 15.35, 19.25 Es Mercadal: 8.30, 12.00, 15.00, 18.50 71/72 ES MIGJORN GRANCALA TOMAS Monday to Saturday Es Migjorn Gran: 8.25, 8.45, 10.40, 11.00, 12.55, 13.15, 15.40, 16.00, 17.55, 18.15, 20.10, 20.30 Cala Tomas: 8.45, 9.00, 11.00, 11.15, 13.15, 13.30, 16.00, 16.15, 18.15, 18.30, 20.30, 20.45 Sunday and Public Holidays Es Migjorn Gran: 8.40, 11.40, 12.10, 14.40, 15.10, 19.00 Cala Tomas: 8.55, 9.00, 12.00, 12.25, 15.00, 15.25, 19.15 72 CIUTADELLA-FERRERIES-ES MERCADAL-ES MIGJORN GRANCALA TOMAS Monday to Saturday Ciutadella: 8.00, 10.15, 12.30, 15.15, 17.30, 19.45 Ferreries: 8.15, 10.30, 12.45, 15.30, 17.45, 20.00 Es Mercadal: 8.25, 10.40, 12.55, 15.40, 17.55, 20.10 Es Migjorn Gran: 8.45, 11.00, 13.15, 16.00, 18.15, 20.30 Cala Tomas: 8.45, 11.00, 13.30, 16.00, 18.15, 20.45 Sunday and Public Holidays Ciutadella: 8.10, 11.40, 14.40, 18.30 Ferreries: 8.25, 11.55, 14.55, 18.45 Es Mercadal: 8.30, 12.00, 15.00, 18.50 Es Migjorn Gran: 8.40, 12.10, 15.10, 19.00 Cala Tomas: 8.55, 12.25, 15.25, 19.15

91 MAHON-SANT LLUIS-ALCAUFAR-S’ALGAR (LAS PALMERAS) Monday to Sunday Mahon: 8.30, 9.30, 12.30, 13.30, 15.30, 18.30 Alcaufar: 8.45, 9.45, 12.45, 13.45, 15.45, 18.45 Las Palmeras: 8.55, 9.55, 12.55, 13.55, 15.55, 18.55 S’Algar: 9.00, 10.00, 13.00, 14.00, 16.00, 19.00 92 MAHON-PUNTA PRIMA (SUR MENORCA-INSOTEL-XALOC) Monday to Sunday (* not Sunday and Public Holidays) Mahon: 7.00*, 8.00*, 9.00, 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 13.00, 14.00*, 15.00*, 16.00, 17.00, 18.00, 19.00, 20.00*, 21.00*, 22.00*, 23.00* Sur Menorca: 7.15*, 8.15*, 9.15, 10.15, 11.15, 12.15, 13.15, 14.15*, 15.15*, 16.15, 17.15, 18.15, 19.15, 20.15*, 21.15*, 22.15*, 23.15* Insotel: 7.20*, 8.20*, 9.20, 10.20, 11.20, 12.20, 13.20, 14.20*, 15.20*, 16.20, 17.20, 18.20, 19.20, 20.20*, 21.20*, 22.20*, 23.20* Xaloc: 7.25*, 8.25*, 9.25, 10.25, 11.25, 12.25, 13.25, 14.25*, 15.25*, 16.25, 17.25, 18.25, 19.25, 20.25*, 21.25*, 22.25*, 23.25* Punta Prima: 7.30*, 8.30*, 9.30, 10.30, 11.30, 12.30, 13.30, 14.30*, 15.30*, 16.30, 17.30, 18.30, 19.30, 20.30*, 21.30*, 22.30*, 23.30* IMPORTANT! All the times given are DEPARTURE TIMES 93 MAHON-BINIBECA Monday to Sunday Mahon: 10.30, 14.00, 17.30 Binibeca 1: 10.15, 14.15, 17.50 Binibeca 2: 11.00, 14.15, 18.00 94 SANT LLUIS-BINIDALI Monday to Sunday (* not Sunday and Public Holidays) Sant Lluis: 8.45, 11.15, 13.15, 18.15, 20.45*, 23.15 Binidali: 9.30, 12.00, 14.00, 19.00, 21.30*, 00.00* BUS FORNELLS Monday to Saturday Fornells to: Arenal d’en Castell: 8.40, 12.15, 16.00 Cala Tirant: 8.40, 12.05, 16.00 Es Mercadal: 9.20, 13.35 (not Sat), 18.00 Mahon: 8.40, 12.05, 16.00 Son Parc: 8.40, 12.05, 16.00 Arenal d’en Castell to: Es Mercadal: 8.50, 19.20 Fornells: 8.50, 13.35, 19.20 Mahon: 9.00, 10.00, 12.00, 16.20, 17.20 Cala Tirant to: Es Mercadal: 9.10, 13.30 (not Sat), 17.45 Fornells: 9.10, 11.20, 13.30 (not Sat), 17.45 Mahon: 8.50, 12.15, 16.05 Son Parc: 8.50, 12.15, 16.05 Es Mercadal to: Arenal d’en Castell: 8.15, 11.45, 14.15 (not Sat) Cala Tirant: 8.15, 11.45 Fornells: 8.15, 11.45 Mahon to: Arenal d’en Castell: 9.30, 11.40, 13.00, 15.00, 17.00 Cala Tirant: 10.30, 12.45, 17.00, 19.00 Fornells: 10.30, 12.45, 17.00, 19.00 Son Parc: 10.30, 12.45, 17.00, 19.00 Son Parc to: Cala Tirant: 11.00, 17.25 Fornells: 11.00, 13.15, 17.25 Mahon: 9.10, 12.35, 16.20 Sunday Fornells to: Arenal d’en Castell: 8.45, 16.45 Mahon: 8.45, 16.45 Son Parc: 8.45, 16.45 Arenal d’en Castell to:

Fornells: 11.20 Mahon: 9.20, 17.20 Mahon to: Arenal d’en Castell: 11.00, 18.00 Fornells: 11.00, 18.00 Son Parc: 11.00, 18.00 Son Parc to: Fornells 11.50 Mahon 9.00, 17.00

NIGHT BUSES CIUTADELLA-SANT LLUIS Friday Ciutadella: 00.00, 03.00 Ferreries: 00.20, 03.20 Es Mercadal: 00.35, 03.35 Alaior: 00.45, 03.45 Mahon Port: 01.00, 04.00 Mahon Bus station: 01.10, 04.10 Es Castell: 01.20, 04.20 Sant Lluis: 01.30, 04.30 SANT LLUIS-CIUTADELLA Friday Sant Lluis: 00.00, 03.00 Es Castell: 00.10, 03.10 Mahon Bus Station: 00.20, 03.20 Mahon Port: 00.30, 03.30 Alaior: 00.45, 03.45, Es Mercadal: 00.55, 03.55, Ferreries: 01.10, 04.10, Ciutadella: 01.30, 04.30, CIUTADELLA-SANT LLUIS Saturday Ciutadella: 23.00, 01.00, 03.00, 05.00 Ferreries: 23.15, 01.15, 03.15, 05.20 Es Mercadal: 23.30, 01.30, 03.30, 05.35 Alaior: 23.45, 01.45, 03.45, 05.45 Mahón Port: 00.00, 02.00, 04.00, 06.00 Mahón Bus Station: 00.10, 02.10, 04.10, 06.10 Sant Climent: 04.20 Es Castell: 00.20, 02.20, 04.20, 06.20 Sant Lluis: 00.30, 02.30, 04.50, 06.50 SANT LLUIS-CIUTADELLA Saturday Sant Lluis: 23.00, 01.00, 03.00, 05.00 Es Castell: 23.10, 01.10, 03.10, 05.10 Mahon Bus Station: 23.20, 01.20, 03.20, 05.20 Mahon Port: 23.30, 01.30, 03.30, 05.30 Alaior: 23.45, 01.45, 03.45, 05.45 Es Mercadal: 00.00, 02.00, 04.00, 06.00 Ferreries: 00.15, 02.15, 04.15, 06.15 Ciutadella: 00.30, 02.30, 04.30, 06.30

IMPORTANT NUMBERS Don’t forget that if you’re using your English phone always add the international dialling code for Spain, 0034, before calling the numbers below. Emergencies - 112 Ambulances - 061 National Police - 091 (urgent) Guardia Civil -062 Local Police - 092 Fire Brigade - 092 Sea Rescue - 971 728 322 Airport - 971 157 000 British Consulate - 971 367 818 Councils Alaior - 971 371 002 Ciutadella - 971 381 050 Ferreries - 971 373 003 Es Castell - 971 365 193 Es Mercadal - 971 375 002 Es Migjorn - 971 370 111 Mahon - 971 369 800 Sant Lluis - 971 150 950 Taxis Alaior - 971 367 111 Ferreries - 971 480 685 & 660 411 965 Ciutadella - 971 367 111 Es Castell - 971 362 779 Es Mercadal - 971 367 111 Es Migjorn - 971 367 111 Mahon - 971 367 111 Sant Lluis - 971 150 641 & 971 367 111 Tourist Information Ciutadella - 971 481 515 Mahon - 971 363 790 The International Dialling Code for the UK is 0044



Friday 10 October 2008

MUSEUMS & HISTORY Bastió de sa Font Plaça de sa Font, Ciutadella Tue to Sat: 10.00-14.00 and 18.00-21.00 The Municipal Museum is based in the bastió, one of the few remaining structures from the town’s 17th century fortifications. The permanent archaeological exhibition is worth a visit. Diocesan Museum Seminari 7, Ciutadella Mon to Sat: 10.30-14.00 & 19.30-22.30 A small museum housing a diverse mix of archaeological finds, art and ecclesiastical objects. Fort Marlborough Cala Sant Esteve, Es Castell Tue to Sat: 9.30-13.00 & 15.0019.00 Sun: 9.30-13.30 A major fortification built by the British in the 18th century to guard the entrance to the port of Mahón. The visit starts through the underground galleries before emerging into the (now dry!) moat and then up into the battlements. Intelligent use of modern technology helps create a real feel for the age. Fortalesa la Mola La Mola, Mahon Daily: 10.00-20.00 An imposing fortress that dominates the entrance to the Port of Mahon. Built in the mid-19th century to repel the British it later served as a high security prison. Guided tours daily at 10.30, 12.30 and 17.30. Military Museum Plaça de l’Esplanada, Es Castell Mon to Fri and first Sun of the month: 10.00-13.00 Housed in an old barracks on the Esplanada A fascinating little museum that takes you through the island’s rich military history. Museum of Menorca Avda. Dr. Guardia, Mahon Tue to Sat: 10:00-14:00 & 17:0020:00. Sun: 10:00 to 14:00 A fascinating museum situated in a former cloister of a Franciscan monastery. Offers a great insight into the history of the island. Nature Museum C/ Mallorca 2, Ferreries Tue to Sat: 10:00-13:00 & 18:0021:00. Sun: 10:00-13:00 The Museu de la Natura de Menorca is a captivating museum, exhibiting a wide range of the many natural wonders from the island and surrounding areas. Sant Felip Castle Carrer Sant Felip, Es Castell Thur and Sun at 10.00 Twice weekly guided tours around one of 18th century Europe’s key defences.

DAILY Tour: Mahón Guided tours around the fortress of La Mola. See left for details. THIS WEEK Friday 10 October Piano & Dance: Mahón Teatre Principal @ 21.00 With ballerina Auba Saura and pianist Kiev Portella. Traditional Music: Ciutadella Union de Antiguos Alumnos Salesianos @ 21.15 Traditional music from Xalandri. Rock: Ciutadella Casino 17 @ 23.30 Rock from Menorca’s Los Puretones. Jazz: Mahón Ars Cafe @ 23.30 With Jazz Do It... nice! Saturday 11 October Trotting Races: Mahón Hipodromo, Av. J.A.Clavé, 400 @ 17.00. Great entertainment and you can have a beer and a flutter at the same time! Cricket: Binnparrel MCC Ground @ 12.30 Menorca Cricket Club vs London West XI. Spectators welcome. Piano & Dance: Mahón Teatre Principal @ 21.00 With ballerina Auba Saura and pianist Kiev Portella. Blues: Es Castell The Delfin @ 20.30 With Rigor Mortis. Rock: Mahón Ars Cafe @ 23.30 With Powertrip. Jazz: Ciutadella Casino 17 @ 23.30 With Menorcan group Que Passa Trio.

Sunday 12 October Flea Market: Mahón Parque des Freginal @ 09.00 to 13.30 Discover a few hidden treasures! A great place to potter around on a Sunday morning. Trotting Races: Ciutadella Hipodromo, Torre del Ram, Cala’n Blanes @ 17.30. More horsey fun! Bingo: Es Castell The Delfin @ 20.00 Prize bingo at the Deli on C/ Gran. Cricket: Binnparrel MCC Ground @ 12.30 Menorca Cricket Club vs London West XI. Spectators welcome. Tuesday 14 October Jazz: Sant Climent Casino, Sant Jaume 2 @ 21.30 Menorca’s longest established jazz club. The Dancing Horses: Ferreries Son Martorellet, C/ Cala Galdana @ 20.30 A magical display of many different riding styles. One for the kids. Tickets from 6€ to 18€. Thursday 16 October The Dancing Horses: Ferreries See Tuesday for details. Live Jazz/Blues: Mahon Akelarre Jazz Bar, Moll de Ponent 42 Regular Thursday night jazz and blues jam session with the Lou Deach Quintet. Quiz: Es Castell The Delfin @ 20.00 Get the old brain cells working at the Delfin’s weekly pub quiz. Teams of up to four.


All times given are local RUGBY LEAGUE Friday 10 October England vs Wales International 20.30 Sky Sports Xtra FOOTBALL Friday 10 October Wales U21 vs England U21 Euro 2009 Qualifier 20.45 Sky Sports 1 Saturday 11 October MK Dons vs Carlisle United League 1 13.15 Sky Sports 1 Scotland vs Norway World Cup Qualifier 16.00 Sky Sports 1 England vs Kazakhstan World Cup Qualifier 18.15 ITV1 Wales vs Liechenstein World Cup Qualifier 18.30 Sky Sports 1 Slovenia vs N. Ireland World Cup Qualifier 20.30 Setanta Sports 1 Sunday 12 October Eastbourne vs Stevenage Blue Square Premier 14.30 Setanta Sports 1 Monday 13 October Notts County vs Brentford League 2 20.45 Sky Sports 1 Burton vs Mansfield Blue Square Premier 20.45 Setanta Sports 1 Wednesday 15 October N.Ireland vs San Marino World Cup Qualifier 20.45 Sky Sports 2 Rep. of Ireland vs Cyprus World Cup Qualifier 20.45 Sky Sports 1 Thursday 9 October Forest Green vs Cambridge Blue Square Premier 20.45 Setanta Sports 1 F1 Sunday 12 October Japanese Grand Prix 06.30 ITV1

OPEN AIR MARKETS Alaior (Thurs) 9.00 to 13.30 C/ Reverendo Huguet Ciutadella (Fri & Sat) 9.00 to 13.30 Placa des Born Es Castell (Mon & Wed) 9.00 to 13.30 Plaça de l’Esplanada Es Mercadal (Sun) 9.00 to 13.30 Plaça Pere Camps

Es Migjorn Gran (Wed) 9.00 to 13.30 Ferreries (Tue & Fri) 9.00 to 13.30 Fornells (Thurs) 9.00 to 14.00 C/ de ses Roques Mahón (Tue & Sat) 9.00 to 13.30 Placa de l’Esplanada Sant Lluis (Mon & Wed) 9.00 to 13.30 Plaça de Sa Creu


Rugby Union Friday 10 October Montpellier vs Bristol

European Challenge Cup 19.00 Sky Sports 2 Saturday 11 October Edinburgh vs Leinster European Cup 14.35 Sky Sports 2 Llanelli vs Harlequins European Cup 16.30 Sky Sports 2 Gloucester vs Biarritz European Cup 18.30 Sky Sports 2 Sunday 12 October Leicester vs Ospreys European Cup 14.00 Sky Sports 1 Toulouse vs Bath European Cup 16.00 Sky Sports 1

Watch Sky and/or Setanta Sports in the following bars (please note that not all of these bar have Setanta Sports, always check first!); Es Castell Brogans Delfin Teapot Punta Prima The Blue Anchor Sebastian Place El Foro Cala en Porter Galleon Champs Irish Bar Village Pub Poolside Bar Salamandra Binibeca Bar Palomino Cala Galdana Black & White Bar Pub Mississippi Son Bou Kit Kat Bar Sant Tomas Bar Halley Sant Tomas Cala’n Bosch McCarthy’s Karaoke Not included and your bar shows Sky or Setanta Sports? Then email us and we’ll list you next week.

ARE YOU? In a band? A DJ? Got an event planned? Just dying to tell us something? Let us know! Listings are FREE!!





Friday 10 October 2008

Welcome back from Mars if you don’t know how to do Sudoku! Do we really need to explain it? Good, we didn’t think so! Solutions on page 15.




Rugs, sofas, hard floors, marble, wood, terraces PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED Tel: 692 826 385

LAUGH? I NEARLY WET MY KNICKERS! TRIVIA A blonde gets a job as a teacher. She notices a little boy on the field standing by himself while all the other kids are running around having fun. She takes pity on him and decides to speak to him. “You ok?” she asks. “Yes,” he says. “You can play with the other kids you know,” she says. “It‘s best I stay here,” he says. “Why?” asks the blonde. “Because I’m the goalie.”

A Rangers and Celtic fan get into a nasty car accident. Both vehicles are really wrecked, but amazingly neither of them are hurt. After they crawl out of their cars, the Celtic fan says, “So you’re a Rangers fan, that’s interesting. I’m a Celtic fan... Wow! Just look at our cars. There’s nothing left, but fortunately we are unhurt. This

must be a sign from God that we should meet and be friends and live together in peace the rest of our days.” The Rangers fan replied, “Totally agree - this must be a sign from God!” The Rangers fan went on, “And look at this - here’s another miracle. My car is completely demolished but this bottle of whisky didn’t break. Surely God wants us to drink it, to celebrate the fact we are alive and kicking?” He hands the bottle to the Celtic fan who nods his head in agreement, opens it and takes few big swigs from the bottle, then hands it back to the Rangers fan. The Rangers fan takes the bottle, immediately puts the cap back on, and hands back to the Celtic fan. The Celtic fan asks, “Aren’t you having any?” The Rangers fan replies, “Nah...I think I’ll just wait for the police......”

Things they never said! Sherlock Holmes: “Elementary, my dear Watson” Captain Kirk: “Beam me up, Scotty” Dr McCoy: “Damn it, Jim! I’m a doctor not a...” Karl Marx: “Religion is the opiate of the masses.” Churchill: “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” Humphrey Bogart: “Play it again, Sam” Jimmy Cagney: “You dirty rat!” Dirty Harry: “Do you feel lucky, punk?” William Congreve: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” Apollo 13: “Houston, we have a problem” Jim Callaghan: “Crisis? What crisis?”Oliver Hardy: “Well, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into!”


1. In Greek legend, what is the name given to the creature that is half man and half bull? 2. Based on characters from Greek mythology, the 1963 film “Jason And The Argonauts” is centred around a quest to find what? 3. According to legend, who rid Ireland of snakes? 4. According to Roman mythology, which twins founded Rome? 5. In Greek mythology, what name is given to the monsters with sharp fangs and hair of living snakes? 6. According to legend, who rode through the streets of Coventry naked and was seen by someone called Tom, leading to the phrase “Peeping Tom”? 7. In Greek mythology who died when he flew too close to the sun and the wax hold-


ing together his artificial wings melted? 8. What was the name of the 1963 Disney film that featured the legendary characters of Merlin and King Arthur? 9. Sharing her name with a brand of margarine, who was the Roman goddess of flowers and the season of spring? 10. Who was the chief God in Norse mythology? Answers Page 15

HOROSCOPES AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18) Are you looking for love? Well, it is clearly on the way. Just brush your teeth, comb your hair, dress more fashionably, get a bigger vocabulary, volunteer more often, lose some weight, be kinder to animals, learn another language, quit your bad habits, and true love will follow!

TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20) There’s nothing in your future but misery and despair. But hey, wait a minute, don’t worry! Alcohol can fix all that! Drunkenness will make it all better.

LEO (Jul 23-Aug 22) The stars are aligned to provide big changes in your life, so don’t get too comfortable. Now is the time that you’re going to finally get up off that couch! The alignment of the planets indicates that you’ll lose the remote and actually have to change the channels manually.

SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov 21) Damn I wish I was you! If I had as little money as you, I wouldn’t have to worry about investing it. If I had fewer friends, like you, I could focus more on cherishing each one. And if I was left as untouched by the opposite sex as you, I could do a lot more work.

PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20) “When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high” is a lovely song lyric but terrible advice if the storm is electrical.

GEMINI (May 21-Jun 20) You now what needs too be done, but you may notwnat to do it. Dont wory about any mistaks you mite make alone the waye. EEven if their ar a few erorrs, so whut? Nob body will ever noteice. Th fact that your fineshed oughtto be satsfacion enuf four mosst poeple. Also,youshould arck ur@ima pŸ oqß w asd#2& qwrtð zxy thpptfg

VIRGO (Aug 23-Sep 22) Today you are facing a dilemma. You can work hard or go out and have fun with your friends. Ha! Just kidding! Here’s the real dilemma: Should you meet at their place or yours?

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21) You’re going to lose five pounds by the end of the week, your clothes will smell April fresh, and everyone will love and accept you. Are you happy now?

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19) A picture frame will feature highly in your week. Also, be wary of drunken monkeys wearing tattered and worn welding gloves. You have been warned.

CANCER (Jun 21-Jul 22) Saturn has just passed through the constellation Orion, and the moon is nearing its next phase, which means that it is time for you to clean your bedroom.

LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 22) Death, destruction, fire, and brimstone! I see nothing but waves of blood in your future and stinky kitty litter! Plagues and horror and – sorry I’m doing this to you. I just never see any horoscope that is ever actually bad so I thought the world could use one.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19) Childhood was very perplexing for you, wasn’t it? You often felt like you weren’t getting your fair share, especially around your birthday because it was so close to the holidays. How do I know this so well? The birth dates for Capricorn are right there, you wally.



Friday 10 October 2008

PROPERTY TO RENT __________________________ Single Room to Let in a modern flat in Es Castell. All facilities! Email: hello@themenorcasun. com __________________________ PROPERTY FOR SALE __________________________ Apartment for Sale. Es Castell. 3 bed (2 double), large lounge/ diner, separate fitted kitchen, full bathroom, woodburner, very light and airy. 185,000€. Tel: Dave 658 183 549 Penthouse in Ibiza. Stunning Atico overlooking Ibiza Old Town. 3 beds, 2 baths, fully equipped kitchen, Lounge Diner, balcony, Lift, Double Glazing, Central Heating, Fitted Wardrobes, Air Con, Parking, Alarm, Safe, Security Video Phones, Private roof Terrace of 100sq mtrs with Jacuzzi. Fantastic 360 degree views. 420,000€. Tel: 629 666 453 Georgian Apartment above Cales Fonts, Es Castell. Large d/bedroom, full bathroom, modern fitted kitchen and lounge, large, 15m2 balcony overlooking walled garden with pool.. feature, arched glazed doors to balcony from bedroom and lounge. Deal direct with owners on 0034 618 786 770. __________________________ COMMERCIAL PROPERTY __________________________ Traspaso. Pub in Es Castell. Completely legal and Fully equipped. Tel: 629 666 453 __________________________ SERVICES __________________________ REMOVALS Local and international. Packing included if required. Hourly ‘Man & Van’ rates. Tel: 971 150 483 FURNITURE FOR SALE Antiques & Modern, Office, Commercial and Household. Objets D’Art. Tel: 971 150 483 FURNITURE RESTORATION Stripping, waxing & polishing, caning, re-upholstery. Rates on Request. Tel: 618 786 770 STORAGE From 1 box to 1 workshop. Versitile, secure storage in our ventilated warehouse. Tel: 971 150 483 HOUSE CLEARANCES Disposal of unwanted household and other items. Professional Service. Tel: 971 150 483

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Cats in Need

Neutering Feral Cats Making a Difference Gifts, Cards, Diaries, Mugs, etc. On sale at Mahon Market Tues & Sat mornings (Opp Burger King) and at Noria Riera 16, Es Castell, Sundays 10.00-13.30 (Past Scandals, turn right to San Luis. Right again After 100 metres into unmarked lane) Come and meet the cats Tel. 610012628 10.00-14.00

DO YOU NEED A... GENERAL HANDYMAN DECORATOR BUILDER Anything Considered Very Experienced Tel: 616 528 104




Friday 10 October 2008

VALENCIA ON TOP SOW’S EAR TO SILK PURSE! What a difference a few months make! Earlier this year Valencia were a club in complete disarray and flirting with relegation. Their then manager Ronald Koeman looked out of his depth and unable to get his players to perform for him. Now, they sit proudly at the top of La Liga alongside Villarreal after beating Valladolid 0-1 on Sunday evening. The locals were trying to preserve a 100% home record, and Renan had to tip a Pedro León free kick on to the post to keep the scores level at the break. But ten minutes in to the second half David Villa laid back a long cross from Joaquín, and Manuel Fernandes ran in to drill a low shot past Asenjo. It was enough to take the Ches past their local rivals on goal difference, and they have still only dropped two points all season. Sevilla remain just two points behind the joint leaders though after a 4-0 win over Athletic Bilbao. Jesús Navas set up Kanouté for the opening goal midway through the first half, and then crossed in for Renato to make it two before the break. Adriano got the third after a long run with a quarter of an hour to go, and Chevantón wrapped things up a few minutes later. The Andalusians have now gone eleven games in the league without defeat. Real Madrid lost ground on their rivals after they were held to a 2-2 draw by Espanyol, and they ended the weekend in fifth spot. Tamudo opened the scoring from the penalty spot in the twentieth minute after he was

Almeria came from two down to snatch a draw at Getafe brought down by Heinze, his first ever goal in the Bernabeu stadium. And although Raúl headed an equaliser soon afterwards from a Sergio Ramos cross, Luis García got on the end of Román’s centre to restore the lead five minutes later. Raúl got his second of the night on the stroke of half time to make it all square again, but the visitors held on after that for a valuable point. Almería hold on to sixth spot after coming from two down to draw 2-2 at Getafe. All the goals came in the last quarter of the match, Uche running through to put the locals ahead, and Casquero adding their second just a couple of minutes later. With three minutes to go though Negredo headed home a Julio Alvarez cross, and with the game in injury time Chico headed the equaliser after Negredo played the ball back in following a corner. Deportivo followed up their epic midweek UEFA Cup tie with a 1-0 victory over Numancia which takes them up to the top half of the table. Both sides had not won in the league since the opening day of the season,


but the Galicians took the three points thanks to Lafita’s header from Sergio’s free kick midway through the first half. Thursday’s hero Aranzubia didn’t have much work to do this time around. Movements at the foot of the table, where bottom club Sporting Gijón picked up their first points of the season in a 0-2 win at Real Mallorca. Carmelo opened the scoring for the Asturians early on and Canella got the second soon after the restart. Bilic hit the bar after that, but it took some

third and then got the fourth himself to take his team away from the danger zone. Racing Santander climb out of the drop zone after a last minute 0-1 victory at Osasuna. The Cantabrians missed a chance to take the lead shortly before the interval when Ricardo saved Garay’s penalty after Plasil had been sent off for handling in the area. The locals held on with ten men after that, but with the game coming to an end Valera got on the end of Marcano’s cross to

Eto’o and Messi bond! brave goalkeeping from Cuéllar and a penalty miss from Webó to keep the visitors’ first clean sheet of the campaign. Sporting move above Real Betis, and Recreativo are also in the relegation spots after they lost 0-4 to regional rivals Málaga. Antonio Tapia’s side had only scored two all season, but Eliseu started things off in the first minute, and Baha headed the second before the break. And Eliseu set up Duda for the

David Villa celebrates

head the winner. Villarreal rounded off another great week, following up their Champions League victory with a 2-1 win over Betis which takes them back to the top of the table. They suffered at the start though, the visitors dominating the first half and going ahead when Damìa turned Mark González’s cross past Diego López. Two goals in as many minutes after the break turned the scoreline around however, Gonzalo heading Ibagaza’s long free kick over Casto, and Llorente finishing off after Pires played in another cross from Ibagaza. Everybody was waiting for the second game of the evening between Barcelona and Atlético Madrid, a fixture which has a reputation for goals. Nobody imagined however that there would be six in the first half hour as Pep Guardiola’s side ran out 6-1 winners in the end. Within eight minutes Barça were three up, a Márquez header from Xavi’s corner, an Eto’o penalty after Ujfalusi fouled Messi, and a quickly taken Messi free kick which left the defence motionless. Maxi fired one back, but Eto’o and Gudjohnsen got two more within minutes. And Henry rounded things off with a sixth goal after the break to give his side their second “set” of the season.

SEVE IN HOSPITAL Spanish golf legend Severiano Ballesteros, a five-time major winner who retired last year, was hospitalized Monday in Madrid after he briefly lost consciousness, the hospital said. “His condition is stable,” the La Paz University Hospital said in a statement, adding the 51year-old was undergoing tests. The hospital said it would provide no further details at the request of his family. Ballesteros won the British Open in 1979, 1984 and 1988 and became the first European to win the Masters championship in 1980, a title he repeated in 1983. He was elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1999. One of four professional golfing brothers, Ballesteros had not been a force in golf during the decade before his retirement due to back injuries. Known for his flamboyant and imaginative style of play, he won one of his three British Open titles by playing a shot from a temporary parking lot.

FOOTIE FUNNY A little boy gets £10 for his birthday and rushes down to the Sport Shop to buy the new football he has been desperate for. He gets the ball down from the rack and gives the shop-keeper his £10. ‘Sorry Son !!’ explains the shopkeeper. ‘This ball cost £20, but you’ve only got £10’. Thinking quickly, the boy looks up at the club balls and says ‘Ok. If you blindfold me and I guess the club on the ball will you let me have the ball for £10’? The shopkeeper curiously agrees, and blindfolds the boy. First up he gives the boy an Arsenal ball. ‘OK’ says the boy placing his ear to the ball. ‘I can hear the blasting sound of 2 canons. This must be an Arsenal ball.’ ‘That was a lucky guess’ exclaimed the shopkeeper. ‘Lets try another one.’ and he hands him a Millwall ball. ‘OK’ says the boy placing his ear to the ball again. ‘I can hear a pack of rampant Lions. It must be a Millwall ball’. ‘Christ’ says the shopkeeper. ‘If you get the next one right I’ll let you have the ball for nothing’ and he passes him another ball. Again the boy puts the ball to his ear and after a few moments he exclaims ‘That’s a Tottenham ball’. ‘Holly Mary Mother Of God’ shouts the shopkeeper.’How on earth did you get that one. I suppose you heard a Cockerel crowing??’ ‘No’ said the boy. ‘It’s going down’!!!


Friday 10 October 2008

Last weekend a number of teams from the island participated in the Spanish electronic darts ‘cricket’ championship held in Marina D’Or near Valencia. The teams, Los Alegres from Bar Boanta in Mahón, Bar Windsor and Blau Mari both from Es Castell, were amongst the hundreds that took part in the event. In total 6,000 people from every corner of Spain participated and the championship used 154 electronic dart boards. Leading the way for Menorca was the Los Alegres team who qualified for the championships by winning the island’s qualifier. The team, Stefan, Cuco, David, Jose and Pepe, won three of their five games to finish a respectable 65th in their level. The other Menorcan teams also did themselves proud with similar mid-table finishes in their respective divisions. Commented team member Stef Niewiarowski on the weekend “It was a great experience and it was amazing to see hundreds of teams playing at the same time. There were some very good teams taking part but I think we did okay to finish as high as we did given the quality of opposition.” When asked about his team’s preparation for the competition and whether they abstained from alcohol to ensure they were in the best shape possible for the rigours

Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers: Los Alegres

of playing Stef’s reply turned the air blue, “We’re serious athletes and I can swear blind that no-one touched a drop all weekend. Honest!” The look on Stef’s face told a different story, but as they say, “What goes on tour, stays on tour”!

SPORTING MAHONES ARE STILL UNBEATEN Pooh Jeter ket after full time. Coach, players and fans were furious at the decision, but ViveMenorca can take heart from a very good performance against one of the competition’s leading outfits. This weekend ViveMenorca host Barcelona team DKV Joventut. ViveMenorca scorers: (15+20+14+28): Jeter (20), Otegui (4), Stojic (11), Bazdaric (12), Eley (11) -cinco inicial-, Stefanov (0), Boisa (2), J. Fernández (8), Ivanov (0), M. Fernández (0) y Guzmán (9).

... BUT ONLY JUST! Sporting Mahones maintained their unbeaten start to the season in the Spanish Third Division but they were only seconds away from losing that record. Playing away to Eivissa B the Mahón team were 2-1 down as the game entered added on time, but were rescued by Manel Sala who popped up to notch his second of the game. The result keeps Sporting in fourth place in the ladder. At the other end of the table Mercadal’s dreadful start to the season continued with a 2-1 loss at Manacor to keep them pointless and rooted at the foot of the table. Hopefully the newly promoted team can get off the mark this coming weekend when they

entertain Soledad who are only a couple of places above them. Alaior and Ciutadella both registered good wins against Andratx (3-0) and Alcudia (3-1) respectively. In the island’s Copa Regional competition the unbelievable happened... the mighty Villacarlos from Es Castell finally won a game, 3-1 at CD Migjorn. Having won only one game all last season things may actually be looking up for the ‘Yellows’. However, reports of the town council declaring a public holiday to celebrate this very rare occurrence are wide of the mark, though rumour has it that an open top bus has been booked!

Electronic Darts Heaven!



One team tipped to struggle by just about everyone this season is ViveMenorca but they put up an unbelievable fight at home to Tau Ceramica before losing a real heartbreaker by 77-79 in front of a full house of fans. Ricard Casas and the supporters will be gutted to have lost this nail biting contest but also heartened that this type of fight means they will have an excellent chance of survival. Questions have been asked about guard Pooh Jeter in pre-season but he replied with a 20 point performance while Bud Eley and captain Mario Stojic both weighed in with 11 points each. The game ended in controversy with coach Casas furious at the referee’s decision to disallow a last gasp basket that would have taken the game into overtime. With only 2.3 seconds left on the clock the island team had a free throw for a single point, but in what was a deliberate move Jeter threw it against the backboard and from the ensuing melee the locals got the ball in the basket to seemingly equalise. The referee, however, had other ideas and after some deliberation judged that the ball had entered the bas-

“What goes on tour...”

1.Minotaur 2. The Golden Fleece 3. St Patrick 4. Romulus and Remus 5. Gorgons 6. Lady Godiva 7. Icarus 8. Sword in the Stone 9. Flora 10. Odin







Friday 10 October 2008


Across: 1. Prickly shrub (7) 5. Earphone (7) 9. Also (3) 10. Worn to protect the clothing (5) 11. Sift (5) 12. Malt beverage (3) 13. Cricket team (6) 16. Sweet baked food made of dough (6) 19. Second son of Adam and Eve (4) 21. Free from bias (4) 23. Long fish (4) 24. Custom (9) 25. Indonesian resort island (4) 26. Distribute cards (4) 27. Golf mounds (4) 28. Men of courage (6) 31. Make worse (6) 35. Gone by (3) 37. Elects (5) 38. Poliomyelitis (5) 39. Acknowledgement of debt (3) 40. Seedless raisin (7) 41. Wave riders (7) Down: 1. Burn brightly (5) 2. Astonish (5) 3. Vessel (5) 4. Sicilian volcano (4) 5. Flexible tube (4) 6. Area used for sports (5) 7. Perfume (5) 8. Tiny (5) 14. Act of leaking (7) 15. Dizzying sensation (7) 16. Braid (5) 17. Thin (7) 18. Free from confinement (7) 20. Salt water (5) 22. Trousers (US) (5) 28. Small mountains (5) 29. Competitor (5) 30. Beyond what is usual (5) 32. Oilcan (5) 33. Small bread-like sweet cake (5) 34. Metal spikes (5) 35. Continent (4) 36. Literary work (4)


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THE CRISIS REACHES TRACY ISLAND International Rescue, commonly known as Thunderbirds, has announced that they have been forced to limit their worldsaving activities due to soaring fuel costs. ‘Given that rocket fuel and petrol prices are hitting $120 per barrel, we are having to limit rescue missions by only sending one Thunderbird craft at a time and using public transport for non-emergency missions,’ admitted Scott Tracy. Thunderbirds have achieved worldwide fame by using their fleet of distinctive rockets, underwater or space craft to save the world, but have come under criticism recently for giving little consideration to their carbon footprint. ‘The fuel costs incurred by these vehicles is disastrous’ said one Greenpeace spokesman. ‘They send Thunderbird 3 into space and Thunderbird 4 under the sea, while the Mole is doing all sorts of environmental damage digging through the sub-soil. And most of the time the so-called emergency could have been easily avoided with a little common sense.’ British Prime Minister Gordon Brown praised the work that International Rescue do around the world but insisted that the government could not come to

FINANCIAL COMMENT If you had purchased £1,000 of Northern Rock shares one year ago it would now be worth £4.95. With RBOS, earlier this week your £1000 would have been worth £16.50. £1000 invested in XL Leisure would now be worth less than £5, But if you bought £1,000 worth of Tennant’s lager one year ago, drank it all, then took the empty cans to an aluminium re-cycling plant, you would get £214. So based on the above statistics the best current investment advice is to drink heavily and re-cycle.

Left: A closed Tracy Island. Below: A puppet with a Muppet. Who’s who? Your choice, but we know!

the aid of one particular voluntary organisation. There are now plans to have an annual Thunderbirds Flag Day, along the lines of charity collections organised by the Lifeboats or the Guide Dogs for the Blind. In the meantime, new fuel economy plans will see Lady Penelope downgraded from

her chauffeur-driven pink limo to a Toyota Prius, while the team will see the launch of a new vehicle; ‘Thunderbird 11’, which is basically a bicycle with a basket on the front. ‘International Emergencies will now be met with a new cry’ conceded Scott Tracy. ‘Thunderbirds are stop!’

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Menorca Sun  

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