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American Outlook Magazine Subscription Order Form Fax to 775-255-6247 Magazine: American Outlook (AMOTM01) Subscription Term: 12 Issues (10 per Year) Category: Travel Buy It Now: Your Low Price is $14.95 Online Link: BILLING INFORMATION: Name: ______________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________ City, State, Zip: _______________________________________ Company: ___________________________________________ Email: ______________________________________________ Phone: ___________________ Fax____________________ RECIPIENT INFORMATION: o Ship to Billing Address o New o Renewal Name: ______________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________ City, State, Zip: _______________________________________ Company: ___________________________________________ Email: ______________________________________________ PAYMENT METHOD: o Check o Visa o MC: o Amex o Discover o Card Number: __________________________________ Authorization signature: __________________________________ Expiration Date: ____________ CVVS Code ________ ABOUT THE MAGAZINE <b>American Outlook Magazine</b> is Americas premier publication that goes beyond the headlines to bring readers unique perspectives on the ideas, events, technologies, and people shaping todays world. <b>American Outlook</b> covers the biggest stories in the news, while also providing strong policy commentary from the Hudson Institutes finest scholars and featured authors, including Francis Fukuyama, Christina Hoff Sommers and many more. Each issue of American Outlook helps readers gain educate


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