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American Cinematographer Magazine Subscription Order Form Fax to 775-255-6247 Magazine: American Cinematographer (AMCIN1RRG) Subscription Term: 12 Issues (10 per Year) Category: Travel Buy It Now: Retail Price is $71.40. Your MagMall Low Price is $29.95 Online Link: BILLING INFORMATION: Name: ______________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________ City, State, Zip: _______________________________________ Company: ___________________________________________ Email: ______________________________________________ Phone: ___________________ Fax____________________ RECIPIENT INFORMATION: o Ship to Billing Address o New o Renewal Name: ______________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________ City, State, Zip: _______________________________________ Company: ___________________________________________ Email: ______________________________________________ PAYMENT METHOD: o Check o Visa o MC: o Amex o Discover o Card Number: __________________________________ Authorization signature: __________________________________ Expiration Date: ____________ CVVS Code ________ ABOUT THE MAGAZINE American Cinematographer gathers updates about the industry, around which a community of pleased followers has formed. Turn your curiousity into concrete knowledge or even a career. American Cinematographer is part of the TV and Celebrity family of magazines. It is generally sold to individuals and businesses and quite often can be found in a reception room or waiting room of a company or a professional office like a dentist, doctor, health club, gym, or beauty and hair salon. A full year magaz


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