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Men Hairstyles 2017 If ‘G’ is for gorgeous women with long hair, ‘G’ is for graceful men with long hair too. The equation is a logical one and it is also the dream of many. Men often are found complaining of their coarse and unmanageable hairstyle 2017. Do they mean that the fault is in their stars? No, in real, the fault is in your care method and not in your hair. Do you know that a simple yet comprehensive plan can take your hair to a new level that you never imagined? Always remember that human body changes when taken good care of, whether it is your hair, your nails, your skin or your muscles. So, why not start this following comprehensive plan and enjoy having those enviable full-of-life locks? Start With Your Scalp Your scalp is the breeding ground of your hair. You need to ensure the following about your scalp to encourage healthy growth:   

Stimulate blood in the scalp by massaging with your fingertips every week for 5-7 minutes. Use hot oil that is just right for your skin to bear for massaging. Pick natural oils that are not scented.

Get Some Good Supplements Taking supplements can bring a fast improvement to your hair. Ask your family physician to prescribe some good supplements that are necessary for hair growth. You have every good reason to take the supplements:  

A daily liquid dose of B-complex vitamin helps strengthen your hair and nails. Vitamin C and fish oil capsules are famous for nourishing hair root and encouraging good growth.

Take Healthy Diet Improve your intake of protein and take adequate animal protein. You need to get serious about adjusting your diet rightly for two months in the start to see obvious results. You need the following essential foods in your daily diet:   

Lean protein from fish, chicken, beef and mutton. Omega 3 fatty acids rich foods like pumpkin seeds, nuts and flaxseeds. Iron fruits and veggies like apple, apricot, banana, pomegranate, spinach, broccoli, kale, etc.

Shampoo Less – No Daily Hair-Wash Natural oils on your scalp are essential for your men hairstyle 2017. Frequent washing can be harmful as it washes away these oils and your hair become dry and develop split ends. Remember the following when it comes to washing your hair:  

Use a sulfur-free shampoo. Have conditioner treatments more frequently.

Apply a natural conditioner once a week

Increase Shine Dull hair looks unappealing even if they are long and thick. You need to find ways to keep your hair wellnourished and cared so that they do not lose their natural shine. Follow these tips:  

After taking a hot shower add a cold splash to your hair. This seals the cuticles and lets the hair shine after they are dried. Use a nourishing oil or cream from a reputable brand to help your hair stay glossy.

Manual Hair-Care Observe the flowing for manual hair care:  

Trim your hair and that is to softly take away the ends only. Ensure not to chop off the hair like two inches or even one inch. Trimming encourages faster growth. Do not use hot iron or hot blow dryer. These hot objects take life away from your hair.

Men Hairstyles 2017  

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