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Week 6 Journal: This week, we proceeded the part two of structural concept. First of all, we discussed the details of our building, such as foundation, materials and analysis. After we had the structural view, we started to build a modal of our building. Actually, it is a little hard task for us because we had to pay attention to many details and integrate the knowledge of structural concept. At the beginning of case study building, we draw the structural system of building.

By means of those drafts, our group analysed each structural sections and planned model’s rough drafts. We found that this building’s formation was not complex and it was interesting for us to make model.

From this picture, we built the roof system which was simple and we made several balsa woods as beams. Actually, we changed the scale from 1:20 to 1:50, because after we calculated the dimensions, we found that it was too big to build. We thought it was not idealized, so we transferred the scale.

Then, we used the foam as base and made several columns to support roof. Also, there was a wall between base and roof.

Finally, the model was finished.

When we began to construct the base and columns, we thought it was important to keep them balanced. If not, the building probably would collapse soon. Also, glue was a good connector, so base and columns could be connected. In this activity, I knew a lot of structural details about this building. Although we met some problems, our group overcame finally. In general, we need to understand the structural concept continually and do best job next time.

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