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In the tutorial, we proceeded the case study site visit. I learnt a lot of information about site plan, the sense od scale and most of basic knowledge. Firstly, tutor gave us a plan which included the parts of university campus. After we changed the shoes, we began to observed those buildings’ structure and other details. ERC Building

The building combines the timber, steel, column, batten, glass and concrete to show the formation. Although the glass on the top makes inside is bright, I think the stiffiness of glass is not good. Also, the black tone make me feel depressive. Ormond Theology Centre Reception

The building combines timber, concrete, steel, glass window to show the formation. Also, there are some pipes which are make by PVC. The glass window can reflect the light. On the other side, outside is make of copper sheet.

Oval Pavilion:

The site combines truss, B-Type Truss, timber frame, concrete and steel. Actually, the site looks like old. But it is constructing now. There are the photos about the visit site:

Workshop: Next, we entered the workshop to build the model. Our group’s task is to construct a structure. Materials : 1200× 3.2× 90 mm ply ×1 1200×42×18 mm pine × 3 Bench hook Bench drill Measures Hammer Pencil Sliding Bevel Backwards Cutting 35×35 Timber 3×40 Timber Flat hit nails Tape


Testing Time:

Our group’s model is not stable. Actually, we think the triangle is the most stable base to support the force. But, the model’ s labored point is only depend on the thick timber (35×35cm), so this structure makes the model only can obtain 7 rounds’ force from vertical side.

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