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Map: It has locations of wind chimes around LA County.

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The Mind of a Collector: Maria

Valle’s Story


LosÊAngeles SantaÊ Monica



MarinaÊ delÊRey



Montebello Huntington Park








RedondoÊ Beach




LongÊBeach RanchoÊPalos SanÊPedro Verdes Legend Wind Chime Collector City that has the most wind chimes City that has the 2nd most wind chimes Stores that sell wind chimes Homes that have at least two wind chimes









Brea LaÊMirada







SantaÊAna SealÊBeach


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e m i h c d Win unique?


The differences of wind chimes Wind chimes have their own special uniqueness. There is a big difference in material, style, and appearance to each one of them. There are a lot of types of wind chimes, but the most commonly seen around are: plastic, ceramic or clay, glass, wood or bamboo, metal, and even artistic ones. Equally all are beautiful. Each has there own way of coming to live in its design element. Each wind chime should be well taken care of. Especially, if some are more delicate then others. If taken care of properly they will last a long time. The size on a wind chime varies. Some are shorter for smaller places, and some are longer to be hung in higher places. The chime they make differs as well. Some have a more hollow sound. Others have it low, but delicate. At the same time, other wind chimes have a chime that could be heard from a distance. Wind chimes are beautiful, and bring a beautiful decorative look to anyone’s outdoors. Wind chimes are considered to be pieces of art that the wind helps to bring alive.


Plastic They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Plastic wind chimes come in a more representational way. Such as dolphins, butterflies, birds, and so on. Plastic wind chimes are easier to make because they are created by big sheets of plastic canvas. It is very useful if someone wants to make a majority of them. Plastic is easier to mold and shape to create whatever subject a person wants. The chime is more of a hollow sound. Some plastic wind chimes have metal pipes, and to make it have a louder chime. They are the most resistible compared to the rest. The sun fades the colors, so Avoid placing them were the sun shines the most.

Ceramic/Clay Ceramic wind chimes are the most fragile from the rest. The ceramic wind chimes are hand painted, and hand crafted to capture the colors of that subject. Avoid placing the wind chime in a place were the sun is, it will fade the colors. The chime that they make is a really low, and it sounds like a “clacking.� The ceramic wind chimes are hollow from inside, and the clay wind chimes are solid. These wind chimes could be molded to anything the imagination brings out. Some are left in the color the clay comes in. These wind chimes can resist over a long period of time. Making ceramic wind chimes could be a great hobby for people.

Artistic Artistic wind chimes could be made out of anything. They do not need to make any sound. These wind chimes could be made out of wire, construction paper, images, anything the imagination brings. For example, the one in the picture was made by a student. It was made from construction paper, and it has animal figures. It is an artistic way to add a decorative element to the space of your choice. Other materials that could be used are bronze, objects around the house, or marble. Like mentioned before, they do not have to make a sound; they could simple just make a shape or a figure of something. Just use the imagination.


Metal Metal wind chimes were ancient examples of art know to man. Some earlier metal wind chimes date back to 2000 BC. They are like the most due to their durability, and ease of tuning to precise notes. They are very simple looking. They are resistant to the weather. Some metal wind chimes have become diverse. People that have make wind chimes have combined metal and wood, metal with glass, or metal with other medias. These combinations look beautiful. Metal wind chimes could look lovely with not a lot of material. They look very geometrically shaped. The chime they make is much louder, and could be heard from a distance.

Wood/Bamboo Wood or Bamboo wind chimes are as equally beautiful as the rest of the win chimes. Bamboo wind chimes have a mellow harmony sound; compared to glass or metal wind chimes. Wood and bamboo Windows seem to have a seep tranquillity, peace, and a sense of the faraway into any landscaping effort. These wind chimes have now become very durable and long lasting. As well as tunable as a wind chime material, and is highly recommend. They give a wonderful focal point to the location were the wind chime is. Bamboo and wood wind chimes are recommended to be placed outside, so they could be in their natural element.

Glass Glass wind chimes have recently become very popular. They bring a beautiful aspect to the to outdoor decoration. Wind chimes made from glass come in elaborate stained glass masterpieces to eclectic pressed bottle visions. They come in many colors; in all the colors of the rainbow. The bad thing about glass wind chimes are somewhat expensive. Glass offers the most ethereal sound in existence. These wind chimes are eye catching. Glass wind chimes are sturdier, and hold up to the elements.



The Mind of a Collector Maria Valle’s Story

Maria Aracely Ibarra Valle was born in on March 22, 1958. She was born and raised in El Salvador. As a small child she really like being out in the outdoors. The wind on her hair was the best thing for her. Being outdoors helped her be close to nature. Maria told me that one day when she had to run an errand in the city she heard a soothing sound. She looked all around her until she found it. Maria had described it this way, “There were small metal pipes tied up to a wooden panel. That was hung high enough so the wind could hit it that was making that sound.” She said that it was amazing that just by the smallest breeze of air would make a beautiful sound. Since that moment she wanted one for her self, so she saved up enough money, and bought one. Maria said, “I was so excited when I got my first wind chime, and brought it home. I even looked for the perfect spot to hang it up.” She also said that when she was stressed or worried with a situation she would run out of her house, and wait for a breeze of air, so the wind chime could play. Maria quotes, “By me running out of the house and listening to my wind chime play would help me relax and in a way help me forget about my problems.”


13 At what age did you start collecting?

I started painting at the age of 38. It took me a while to start collecting. How did your first windchime look like?

My first windchime that I ever own had flowers. It was made from a ceramic material. Why did you start to collecting winchimes?

They have alway captured my attention, ever since I was a little girl. I also like the different sounds each one of the windchimes make. Which windchime is your favorite?

I have many favorites. Some are a flower, a sun, a pigeon, bambo, and bell windchime. They each have a diferent sound which I like, and I also love how they look. Do you have a certain preference of windchime?

No, I do not have a preference. I think that all are beautiful, which makes me love them even more. What windchime do you need to add to your collection?

I need to add a cat, a dog, a moon, and an angel windchime to my collection.

How many windchimes do you have in your collection of windchimes?

At the moment I have 10 windchimes, but I plan to keep adding to my collection. Has collecting windchimes helped you in some way?

Many of my windchimes help me relax, especially the windchime that I have in the kitchen. This windchime is made out of wood. Have windchimes helped you in some way to detect danger?

Sure in case an earthquake does accur the windchimes will help me realize what has happened. Have any of your windchimes broken? If yes, how did you feel.

Yes, about four or five have broken. I felt really sad because they had been ruined, and I had to throw them away.

“Listen when the wind blows”

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