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AdministrAción publicA : is A phrAse with imprecise boundAries comprising the set of public orgAnizAtions thAt perform AdministrAtive And mAnAgement function of stAte1 And other public entities with legAl personAlity, whether regionAl or locAl.

AlmAcenAmiento: is A physicAl spAce for the storAge of goods within the supply chAin. the store is An essentiAl infrAstructure for the Activity of All types of trAders (fArmers, rAnchers, miners, industriAlists, trAnsporters, importers, exporters, trAders, brokers, end users, etc..)

Análisis: is the decomposition of A whole into pArts in order to study its structure, operAting systems, functions, etc.. distinction And sepArAtion of pArts of A whole in order to understAnd the principles or elements of this. study of the dynAmic AnAlysis of Adjustment to move from one equilibrium to Another.

AutonomíA: Autonomy is A concept of philosophy And psychology of the evolution of the Ability to express oneself given rules without the influence of externAl or internAl pressures.

AutosuficienciA: stAte or condition thAt is sufficient unto itself.

cAmpAñA publicitAriA: An Advertising cAmpAign is A series of Advertising messAges thAt shAre A single ideA And theme. Advertising cAmpAigns AppeAr in different mediA Across A specific time frAme.

cApAcidAd de comprA:

cliente: the person or compAny receiving A good, service,

of A certAin quAntity And quAlity of goods And services thAt hAs A currency, whether in the country or AbroAd.

product or ideA in exchAnge for money or other vAluAble


competenciA: the competition, AdministrAtive lAw, is A

trAde is cAlled socio-economic Activity involving An exchAnge of some mAteriAls thAt Are free in the mArket for buying And selling goods And services, whether for use, for resAle or processing.

concept thAt refers to the ownership of A pArticulAr Authority on A subject thAt hAs An AdministrAtive body. •

competenciA perfectA : is the situAtion of A mArket where compAnies lAck the power to mAnipulAte the price (price tAkers), And there is A welfAre mAximizAtion.

contrAbAndo: is the input, output And clAndestine sAle of goods prohibited or rights in which locAl Authorities disAppoint.


demAndA: demAnd is defined As the quAntity And quAlity

every business plAn is built Around An ideA thAt Arises from the detection of A business opportunity. the emergence of the ideA to creAte A business vAries depending on the circumstAnces of eAch person / people. there Are mAny fActors thAt cAn leAd A person to leAn for A pArticulAr business.

of goods And services thAt cAn be purchAsed in different mArket prices for A consumer (individuAl ApplicAtion) or by All consumers (or mArket totAl demAnd), At A given time. •


dinAmizAr: mAking something stArts working or hAving

desire is the ultimAte consequence of excitement origin induced by environmentAl vAriAtion.


An importAnt further development And Activity •

distribución: the distribution is the set of Activities thAt Are performed since the product hAs been produced by the mAnufActurer until it wAs bought by the finAl consumer, which is specificAlly designed to get the product (or service) to the consumer.

empresAs privAdAs: A privAte compAny is A compAny dedicAted to businesses whose owners cAn be nongovernmentAl orgAnizAtions, or which Are shAped by the relAtive number of owners not publicly trAded on A stock exchAnge.

entidAdes finAncierAs: Are finAnciAl And mArket intermediAries include: bAnks And sAvings bAnks, brokers thAt mAnAge And lend money; finAnciAl compAnies, which Are Another type of finAnciAl intermediAries, without being bAnks offer loAns or cAsh finAncing.

estAblecimiento: it is A set of properties orgAnized by businessmAn or trAder At A given site for the development of economic Activities (shops, supermArkets, wArehouses wArehouses, fActories, industriAl plAnts, fActories, etc..)

fAlsificAción: is An Act consisting of the creAtion or modificAtion of certAin documents, outcomes, outputs (goods or services) in order to mAke them AppeAr As true, or to Alter or simulAte the truth.

finAnciAción: is the Act of giving money And credit to A compAny, orgAnizAtion or individuAl, thAt is, obtAin resources And pAyment to be AllocAted to the purchAse of goods And services necessAry for the development of relAted economic Activities.

hogAres y fAmiliA: the word home is used to designAte A plAce where An individuAl or group inhAbits, creAting in them A sense of security And cAlm; the fAmily, According to the universAl declArAtion of humAn rights, is the nAturAl, universAl And fundAmentAl unit of society And is entitled to protection by society And the stAte.

intercAmbio: exchAnge of properties And services And trAde. unmediAted exchAnge of money or bArter. exchAnge, usuAlly mediAted by money-mArket


mercAdeo: According to philip kotler, is "the sociAl And mAnAgeriAl process by which individuAls And groups meet their needs by creAting And exchAnging goods And services."

monedA: the coin is A piece of sturdy mAteriAl, weight And uniform composition, coined metAl normAlly disc-shAped, is used As A meAsure of chAnge (money) legAl or intrinsic vAlue And unit of Account.

monopolio: A monopoly (from greek monos 'one' And polein 'sell') is A privileged legAl or mArket fAilure, in which there is A producer (monopoly) supplier thAt hAs greAt mArket power And is unique in An industry possessing A given product, goods or service resource And differentiAl.


necesidAd: in mArketing And humAn resources, A must for

A monopsony (from greek mono-(μονο-) 'unique' And psonios (ψωνιος) 'purchAse') is A situAtion of mArket fAilure in A mArket occurs when there is A single consumer, insteAd of severAl. this, being unique, hAs A speciAl control on the price of products.

A person is A sense of lAck with the wish to sAtisfy. for exAmple, thirst, hunger And cold Are sensAtions thAt indicAte the need for wAter, food And wArmth, respectively. •

ofertA: it is the system of mArket economy

rests on the free plAy of supply And demAnd. focusing on the study of supply And demAnd in A mArket for A pArticulAr good •

oligopolio: An oligopoly (greek oligo = few,

polio = seller) is A mArket dominAted by A smAll number of sellers or service providers (oligopoly-oligopolists). becAuse there Are

few pArticipAnts in this type of mArket, eAch oligopolist is AwAre of the Actions of others. •

oligopsonio: the oligopsony, from the greek oligos (little) And psonio (purchAse), is A situAtion of imperfect competition thAt Arises in A mArket where there is A smAll number of ApplicAnts which is deposited control And power over prices And quAntities of A product on the mArket.

thought is the Activity And creAtion of the mind; sAid of everything thAt is brought into existence through the Activity of the humAn intellect. the term is commonly used As A generic product thAt defines All thAt the mind cAn generAte including rAtionAl Activities of the intellect or imAginAtion AbstrActions


plAzA: A squAre is A public urbAn spAce, lArge And open, which usuAlly perform A vAriety of Activities. they come in mAny shApes And sizes, And constructed in All Ages, but there is no city in the world thAt does not hAve one.

posicionAmiento: positioning is cAlled the 'plAce' thAt the mentAl perception of A customer or consumer hAs A brAnd, which is the mAin difference between this And your competition. Also to the product's Ability to AlienAte the consumer.

precio: generAlly cAlled the pAyment or rewArd money AllocAted to obtAining A good or service or, more generAlly, Any commodity. Although not necessArily such pAyment is mAde in cAsh prices Are generAlly referred to or meAsured in monetAry units.

precio de ventA:

price is denominAted monetAry vAlue Assigned to A property or service.

prestigio: prestige is A word commonly used to

describe reputAtion, fAme or the lAurels of A person or institution, Although it hAs three somewhAt relAted meAnings thAt, to some degree, mAy be contrAdictory. eAch meAning is Applied depending on the historicAl context And the person using the word. •

producto: is All tAngible And intAngible object which mAn Acquires to meet your needs.


consists of short-term incentives thAt the

compAny mAkes to promote the sAle of A product or service


benefit compAred to the totAl resources used to obtAin those benefits.

resto del mundo: the rest of the world is the fifth element of the economy of A country, is cAlled An open economy.

servicios: A service is A set of Activities to meet the needs of A client.

tAsA de vAlor: used to finAnce the cAsh flow tAking into Account the time of money.


trAnsporte: trAnsport or trAnsportAtion is cAlled

mArket trend is referred to thAt tendency in which A mArket is moving in A pArticulAr direction on A time intervAl, which Are clAssified into long-term key, intermediAte medium for the time, for immediAte short term.

(from the lAtin trAns, "Across" And portAre, "cArry") to trAnsfer from one plAce to Another of An item, usuAlly people or property.


bArter is the exchAnge of items or services for

other items or services And differs from the usuAl sAles thAt intermediAte liquid money in the trAnsAction. the contrAct by which two people Access A bArter exchAnge is cAlled.



usuArio reAl: Are those (individuAls, compAnies or

those (people, compAnies or orgAnizAtions) who do not mAke purchAses At the compAny todAy but Are viewed As potentiAl customers in the future becAuse they hAve the necessAry provision, purchAse power And Authority to buy. this type of customer is one thAt could leAd to A certAin volume of sAles in the future (short, medium or long term) And therefore, they cAn be considered As the source of future income.

orgAnizAtions) mAking purchAses on the compAny periodicAlly or they did At A recent dAte. this type of customer is the one thAt generAtes the current sAles volume, therefore, is the source of the eArnings of the compAny todAy And is whAt Allows you to hAve A certAin mArket shAre. •


the sAle is An orgAnized process designed to enhAnce

the relAtionship vendor / customer in order to persuAde him to get the products of the compAny.

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Administración publica