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My core values:

Creative, positive, versatile and international My key focus areas 10 travel trends we should pay attention to

“Be Yourself. Everyone Else is Already Taken” ~ Oscar Wilde

This magazine will give you a high level introduction of my 3 main focus areas for Sirius over the coming months. But let me begin by telling you my brand story...

Editor’s Note

I have earned credibility within the industry through my positive approach, creative problem solving, reliability and integrity. For the past 20 years I have also enjoyed a range of professional experience in a variety of different areas. Each one is relevant to evolving loyalty beyond reason from our guests and strengthening successful hotel brands in a fast-moving market.

I have lived in nine countries including 15 years in the Middle East. This has helped create an open-minded positive approach that is genuinely international. As we enter new markets that are key to Jumeirah’s’ future growth and our guests become increasingly global, I believe my ability to understand diverse cultures is a major asset.

n Loyalty Marketing n Branding n F&B Marketing n Public Relations n Sales n Hotel Operations

I have lived in hotels for 18 years, spent three years at hotel school and worked in hotels for 20 years. I have a unique understanding of all aspects of the industry.

(Front Office and Food & Beverage) One of my key advantages is that I understand how each department plays a role in a loyalty programme’s success. So, for example, if some brands require more focus in one area rather than another,I can provide the versatility required.

My work experience encompasses EAME hotels as well as the divisional office. As a result I have a solid understanding of both sides of the coin: hotels and corporate office.


The Vision

A Balance Between Ongoing Innovation and Perfecting the Basics I believe that a loyalty programme, like a brand, needs to make its promise, communicate that promise, and then deliver that promise using every touch point we have with guests to strengthen it.

Therefore, we need to ensure a consistent programme experience, while still working on new ways to STAY DIFFERENT. For Sirius, I recommend focusing our efforts around these three pillars in order to continue building an aspirational, truly engaging loyalty programme that drives revenues to our hotels :

1. Member Engagement. 2. Innovative Marketing. 3. Programme Growth.

I will be able to discuss my thoughts further during our upcoming meeting.


10 The Vision

Here are ten global trends that I think we need to pay attention to.

Global Travel Trends To Watch


Let’s Get Personal By identifying a traveller’s personality, interests and profile, brands serve them better. Combining technology tools and the user’s desire for personalization to create new levels of service and tailor-made experiences is de rigueur no matter what budget you are on.



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Specialized Knowledge This modern obsession with instantly connecting to the destination makes this critical. Consumers crave trusted guidance and expertise from those they are travelling with, meaning they don’t have to spend hours searching through the information overload out there, with no guaranteed results.

Living La Vida Local Consumers have developed a deeper appreciation for locally relevant, authentic experience. Mindsets have shifted away from tourist behavior to a keen interest in community-based exploration eg. meals in a local family’s home. Elements of the hotel’s destination are being fused into the service offerings to provide a unique sense of place for guests. 4

6 5 4 8 7 Mobile Matters By its very nature, travel is a mobile activity. The travel trade is using mobile devices as a sales and customer service channel (mobile concierge services). Travellers now expect real-time customized answers, wherever they are and before, during and after the trip.

Being Rather Than Having Travellers need to step into stories in order to create memories. The signaling of social status is through the consumption of experience rather than through consumer goods. Loyalty programmes need to create new types of immersive, themed experiences that focus on escape, learning and communal connections with others. Social media – with the widespread sharing of vacation photos – has fostered the trend.

Loyalty Programmes Travel brands have a deep desire to have a direct relationship with consumers. Hotel groups will begin to place more emphasis on their customer loyalty programmes to control bookings and prevent consumers from being swayed away to rival booking sites. Loyalty programmes need to offer access to the extraordinary - money can’t buy opportunites.

Hotels are focusing on smart design Hotels are increasingly thinking about ways to make design simpler and more efficient. This means getting rid of the unnecessary such as bulky phone systems and adding more outlets so guests can simultaneously use their laptops, phones and tablets. New, smarter design offers guests more elbow room as well as more solutions to be plugged in at all times.



Breaking Bread with Wellness Wellness travel is on the rise and food tourism is a big trend intersecting with wellness travel. Food tours, cooking classes, agriculture and farm-to-table experiences speak to the emotional, social, intellectual and sustainable aspects of well-being.


Let’s Talk Digital social platforms reinforce the power of word of mouth. It’s simple psycology – I love and trust my friend, my friend knows me and what makes me tick, therefore I trust that what my friend suggests will suit my interests. Social media enables brands to speak to their consumers in a more direct and personal way, becoming one of those trusted friends if done well.

Family Travel Child-centered learning programmes will revolutionize family hotel/resort stays. Parents are spending too little time with their kids and feel guilty about it. Computers and phones are their kids’ best friends. To compensate, more and more parents will seek out destination hotels and resorts that teach specific skills to children. Multigeneration travel will also pick up.

“A great brand is a story that’s never completely told.” Scott Bedbury

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