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FOURTH WEEK: March 26th /30th Activities for this week: • Participate in the Second Thematic Forum • Work on lessons 27 to 37 Hotel Industry I

Hotel Industry II

A place for Lessons on Europe in Schools

European Parliament Reviews Deadly Fine Particles

Art Batters Barries in Cyprus

EU invests 14 Million Euros in Fight Against Fat

Market Driving Europeans out of House and Home

Researchers Aim to Reduce Excessive Urban Noise

Morocco Works to Integrate Its Disabled Citizens

A Hamburger? No, Pass the Focaccia.

• Catch up with previous activities – First Thematic Forum – Lessons 1 to 26 4ta Semana: Marzo 26/30. Actividades para esta semana: Participar en el segundo foro temático/ Trabajar en las lecciones 27/37. Ponerse al día con las actividades anteriores: Primer Foro Temático / Proyecto / Lecciones 1 -26

Intermediate 4th week schedule Johana  

Intermediate 4th week schedule Johana

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