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IN THIS ISSUE – House and Senate Unveil New Tax Reform Bills – H  appy Thanksgiving From MendenFreiman

House and Senate Unveil New Tax Reform Bills Months after the Trump administration released its overview of intentions for tax reform, the House and Senate released their tax reform plans – each a separate version known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. There are common themes in each version, but there are several key differences. Both bills provoked conflict among congressional Republicans and Democrats, while business groups raised concerns that the bills would disadvantage multinational companies. If passed, a final compromise bill could have important implications for small-business owners; so if you have questions about how the law will affect your own company, it is important to contact an experienced business tax attorney who can advise you. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

House and Senate Unveil New Tax Reform Bills



The following are other major

could have the effect of increas-

Both versions of the Act would

changes included in the bills:

ing economic growth in the short

cut the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent (House effective 2018; Senate effective 2019), while also reducing household income tax rates. For example, the law would increase the standard deduction for income taxes from

– Changes to state and local tax deduction for sales and income taxes, the versions differing on elimination of the deduction or a possible cap on the deduction. – Changes by reducing the

term, some critics have pointed out that with the economy at full employment, it could also strain the economy’s capacity to respond to the spike in activity, resulting in the Federal Reserve raising interest rates more rapidly.

$6,350 to either $12,200 (House) or

mortgage interest deduction.

$12,000 (Senate) for individuals and

For example, the House version

While many upper- and middle-

from $12,700 to $24,400 (House)

reduces the $1 million

income households would benefit

or $24,000 (Senate) for married

mortgage interest deduction

from the lowered tax rates, others

taxpayers. Both tax reform plans

on new homes to $500,000.

would suffer because the House’s

could also make a number of changes that would affect the family, including: – Some form of eliminating specialinterest deductions in order to increase effective tax rates. – Establishing a new family credit

– An elimination of the $4,500 personal tax exemption. – Either reducing the number of

deductions for state and local income taxes. Doubling the standard deduction will most likely

to four (House) or retaining

not be able to make up for those

seven (Senate).

losses. Finally, reports indicate that

– A repeal of deductions for tax preparation fees, alimony

Tax Credit by $600 or $650 and

payments, student loan interest,

providing a credit for each parent

and moving expenses.

cover household expenses.

deduction and eliminates

income tax brackets from seven

that includes expanding the Child

and non-child dependent to help

bill caps the mortgage interest

– The estate and generation-

if the bill is passed, as much as $1.7 trillion would be added to the country’s debt over the next 10 years, including $260 billion in interest.

immediately doubled, with the


exclusions for dependent-care

House scheduling repeal after

Last week, the National

assistance accounts.

six years.

Federation of Independent

– Possible elimination of tax

– Streamlining higher education benefits to help families pay college tuition.

skipping tax exemption being

Business announced it would not

THE POTENTIAL IMPACT ON INDIVIDUALS The new tax bills propose lowering individual tax rates for low- and

support the House’s recently released tax bill due to concerns that it would negatively affect small businesses across the country.

middle-income Americans to help foster consumer spending and business investment. While this CONTINUED ON PAGE 3



House and Senate Unveil New Tax Reform Bills


Of primary concern to the small-

than 25 percent in taxes. Many

The new tax reform bill could also

business lobby group is the 25

groups are urging lawmakers to

make the following changes:

percent tax rate for pass-through

adjust the tax rate to align with

businesses like partnerships and

the recently lowered corporate tax

S corporations where the owners

rate of 20 percent.

the cost of new equipment

There are, however, certain aspects

to wait five years.

pay taxes through individual returns. Unfortunately, there are some limits placed on the rates that would prevent any benefit to a variety of small businesses (especially those offering professional services). The National Federation of Independent Business has argued that as many as 90 percent of small businesses will not benefit from this change because their income already falls below the $250,000 threshold, which means they already pay less SUMMER 2017

of the bills that could help the small-business owner, especially closely held corporations and family businesses. For example, small businesses would benefit from doubling the death tax

– Allow businesses to write off immediately instead of having

– Allow small businesses to write off any interest on loans that help with business expansion, hiring, and increasing pay. – Preserve the Research &

exemption. In fact, if the death tax

Development Tax Credit that

were eliminated after six years,

encourages small businesses to

small-business owners would no

develop new “Made in America”

longer have to worry about double

products and services.

or triple taxation when handing down their businesses to relatives. CONTINUED ON PAGE 4


House and Senate Unveil New Tax Reform Bills CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3

– Make changes to the international tax system so American businesses that operate on a global scale would not be taxed twice. If you own a small business and have questions about how the new changes could affect your operations, you should consider speaking with an experienced business tax attorney who can address your concerns.

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throughout each step.

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The MendenFreiman Advisor - Fall 2017 Edition  

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