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The Hemsworth



he Hemsworth Brothers are the next set of brothers taking over the acting world and have already began to make a name for themselves in Hollywood despite being relative new-comers.


Undoubtedly the most famous so far is middle brother Chris, who although beginning his acting career on Australian soap Home & Away, he is now wellknown in tinseltown and around the globe for his famous acting roles in movies such as Thor, Snow White & The Huntsman and recently released Rush. However, younger brother Liam and older brother Luke have also made their mark in the industry with several acting roles under their belt.


The brothers were born in Melbourne and spent their childhood between the city and a cattle ranch in the Outback, with Chris stating his earliest memories are of crocodile and buffalo and helping on the ranch. The brothers were competitive from an early age and joke now if a good role comes up on offer that they compete with each other for the job. The eldest brother Luke was the first to make a foray into the entertainment business, landing a role as Nathan Tyson in Neighbours in 2001, a role which he had for only 13 episodes. He instantly got the acting bug however and soon won roles in other Australian

Luke Bikie Wars:

Brothers In Arms, 2012

soaps and drama shows including Blue Heelers and All Saints. Over the next 10 years, Luke appeared on various other television shows and always made a good impression to cast, crew and the audience. However, each role was

Chris Liam 7


unfortunately just for one episode of each show and it seemed that Luke could never quite get the break he needed. During this time Luke met and married his wife Samantha and the couple now have three beautiful daughters, Holly, Ella and Harper Rose. Samantha always encouraged Luke’s career and in 2013 he won a part in an Australian film featuring Vinnie Jones and Emilie de Ranvin (of Lost fame) which is due out next year and is about four friends who decide to join a World War I group, The 34th Battalion who serve on The Western Front. It was also this year that Luke garnered a part in The Reckoning, an upcoming


thriller movie in which Luke plays the lead role. It was soon after Luke gained his role in Neighbours that middle brother Chris also decided acting was something he wanted to do and began to pursue a career in the industry. Auditioning for rival soap Home & Away for a role that he was ultimately turned down for, Chris realised acting was something he was good at and it seemed the producers thought so too as they created the role of Kim Hyde specifically for Chris. Appearing in 171 episodes, many of which focused around his character, Kim quickly made a name for himself with the viewing public and knew he wanted to move into movies as soon as possible.


After spending a couple of years attending auditions and castings both in Australia and on visits to the United States, Chris impressed director J.J Abrams when he was casting his 2009 film Star Trek and he was subsequently cast to play George Kirk (main character James T. Kirk’s father) in the opening scenes of the film. Unfortunately the role was only a small one as the character dies soon after the film begins but Chris had begun his film career and certainly now the movie making heavyweights would notice this handsome up-andcoming actor.



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Later the same year, Chris was cast in the thriller movie, The Perfect Getaway, starring Steve Zahn, Milla Jovovich, and Timothy Olyphant, and although the role wasn’t a starring one it showed Chris in a gritty role and paved the way for other jobs. Deciding that his movie career may be stilted in Australia, Chris made the decision to move from his home in Sydney where he lived while Home & Away was filmed to Hollywood, Los Angeles, in the hope of making it big. Soon after arriving in Los Angeles, Chris won the role as Sam in Ca$h, his first leading movie role alongside Sean Bean. The film’s director Stephen Milburn Anderson later stated that he was very impressed with Chris and that although he was young, he was a very good actor, and in his own words “very beautiful”. It was in the same year in 2010 that the Hollywood Reporter named Chris as “one of the young male actors who are “pushing – or being pushed” onto the Hollywood “A-List”. It was soon clear to those in the industry that Chris was a great actor and could handle himself in big roles but it was a part that he played in 2009 that pushed him to audition for his biggest films to date. The Cabin in The Woods was filmed in the same year as Star Trek, featuring Chris in a leading role and was produced by Joss Whedon. It was at Whedon’s insistence that Chris audition for the role of Thor in Marvel Comic’s film of the same name in 2011.


Pataky in 2010. The pair married at the end of that year and welcomed a daughter India Rose in 2012.

Chris Thor, 2011 Chris has since said that the role changed him both physically (he gained 20 pounds for the role) and mentally and it is one of his favourite roles to date. He has since reprised his role of Thor in the 2012 film The Avengers playing one of six superheroes defending Earth, and the upcoming release Thor: The Dark World.


Snow White & The Huntsman, 2012

The youngest Hemsworth brother, Liam, was definitely not going to be left out when it came to starring on the big and small screen and he began to seriously think about following in his older brothers’ footsteps while he was still at school. Acting in school plays, he showed an early talent and as soon as he could, the young star began to go to auditions. Beginning his career in 2007, Liam auditioned for small parts on Home & Away and McLeod’s Daughters but it was his eventual role in Neighbours from 2007 to 2008 that cemented his love of acting and soon he would be following his brother Chris to the movie business.

Also in 2012, Chris starred opposite Kristen Stewart in Snow White & The Huntsman as well as a role in a remake of Red Dawn after the producer saw raw footage of the actor in footage from The Cabin in the Woods. Last year Chris also won the role of James Hunt in the biopic Ron Howard film, Rush, that was recently released. Aside from acting, Chris has a fairly quiet personal life. He dated his Home & Away co-star Isabel Lucas for two years before meeting model and actress Elsa




Liam The Hunger Games, 2011

Soon after leaving Neighbours, Liam won a part in British film Triangle, which didn’t have rave reviews but in 2009 he was awarded a part opposite Sylvester Stallone in The Expendables. Unfortunately his role was subsequently cut from the film but on the day Liam learned he would not appear in the film, director Kenneth Branagh phoned the young actor and asked him to audition for the lead role in his upcoming movie…Thor. The young Hemsworth moved immediately to Los Angeles and into his brother Chris’s apartment where the two realised they were auditioning for the same part. Liam lost the part to Chris but that same week he auditioned for another role and won the part of Will in the film The Last Song opposite Miley Cyrus whom he later became engaged to, although they have now split.

In 2010 the younger Hemsworth was predicted by Details Magazine as one of the Next Generation of Leading Men and it seemed their predictions were right as Liam gained the role of Gale in greatly anticipated film, The Hunger Games in 2011. With rave reviews, other roles soon came flooding in, including Empire State with Emma Roberts and Paranoia with Harrison Ford. His latest role has been reprising Gale in the second instalment of the Hunger Games and we are sure to see Liam on the big screen again very soon.

As talented families go, the Hemsworth brothers are quickly making their mark in the acting world and follow other famous siblings including Ben and Casey Affleck and the Baldwin brothers. With oldest brother Luke set to soon join Chris and Liam in Hollywood it seems the name Hemsworth will go down in acting history.

Liam Paranoia, 2013

Luke 12



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Celebrities with

Strange Addictions Celebrities and the rest of us tend to toss around the idea of addiction pretty lightly. Paris Hilton claims to be “addicted” to skydiving; Avril Lavigne professes an “addiction” to black eyeliner; and really, who among us isn’t “addicted” to chocolate? Many of us misuse the word, claiming “addiction” instead of “love” for dramatic effect, but true addiction goes beyond the mere love of cupcakes. Unless, of course, one’s love of cupcakes becomes compulsive and interferes with health or life responsibilities such as work and relationships. That’s what defines addiction. When author Buzz Bissinger revealed his surprising addiction to buying Gucci items, we realized there were a number of other people in the limelight who have some distinct predilections. And although it’s tough to find celebrities who have confessed outright to their strange dependencies (beyond drugs and alcohol, that is), these stars with exuberant habits seem to be verging close to addiction.

Tiger Woods and David Duchovny Both Tiger Woods and “X-Files” and “Californication” actor David Duchovny, have come under scrutiny for their sex addictions, which led to divorces for both men, but other celebrities like Russell Brand and Kanye West have also been waylaid by their irrepressible libidos. Characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts, people with a sex addiction have an inability to control sexual behaviour, even when it’s risky or harmful. While sex addiction is not recognized by the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, experts have long acknowledged “clear cases in which people ruin their lives because of sex,” said Dr. Michael First, a Columbia University psychiatry professor who edited the manual. “Hypersexual disorder” is now under consideration for the next edition, reports The New York Times.



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Buzz Bissinger Bissinger likes to shop; he really, really likes to shop — like, to the tune of £394,714 spent on designer clothes over three years. At the risk of sounding sexist, for a best-selling sports author, that seems a bit odd. And indeed, after indulging in the purchase of 81 leather jackets in just a few years, the writer came clean with an essay in GQ detailing his “Gucci addiction.” In addition to the leather jackets, Bissinger confessed to 75 pairs of boots, 41 pairs of leather pants, 32 pairs of haute couture jeans, 10 evening jackets and 115 pairs of leather gloves.


A lot of people like to shop, but a shopping addiction is different because an unhealthy amount of time and money are spent shopping, which can result in lying, covering up purchases, compensating for feelings of emptiness, anger, depression, and a need for creating a sense of control. Compulsive shoppers often feel guilty about their behaviour but are unable to stop shopping.

Katy Perry Katy Perry has admitted to being very concerned about cavities. Generally, that’s a healthy attitude, but Perry brushes her teeth six times a day and keeps 20 new toothbrushes on hand at all times, which leads us to wonder: quirky habit or strange addiction? If it later comes out that her brushing regimen has caused gum erosion and loss of enamel, yet she was unable to quit the cleaning, we’ll call it an addiction. But until then, we we’ll just sit back and enjoy her (exceedingly) pearly whites.


Jessica Simpson While an addiction to cigarettes is nothing new, an addiction to nicotine gum, especially by someone who never previously smoked, is unusual. Such was the case with singer Jessica Simpson, who revealed on “The Tonight Show” in 2010 that she had become addicted to nicotine in gum form. “The first time I ever chewed a piece of Nicorette gum, one of my close friends’ mother gave it to me,” she said. “I was chewing it and it was like a party in my mouth. It was like fireworks and ‘Oh my god, I’m talking a million miles per hour and I love this gum and what kind of gum is this? I have to have this gum.’ ” We’re not sure how long this so-called addiction lasted, or if it falls more in the “love” than “addiction” category, but when it comes to highly addictive nicotine, one can’t be too careful.


Jocelyn Wildenstein One glimpse of the socialite who is alternately known as “Cat Woman,” the “Lion Queen,” and the “Bride of Wildenstein,” and it’s clear that plastic surgery is more than just a passing fancy for Jocelyn Wildenstein. A nip or tuck here is one thing, but some celebrities have been so nipped and so tucked (hello Cher, Joan Rivers and Heidi Montag) that a possible plastic surgery addiction could be at play. Cosmetic surgery addiction can be caused by a medical condition known as body dismorphic disorder, which effects both men and women and manifests as a preoccupation with an imaginary physical defect or an exaggerated concern about a slight defect.




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Donatella Versace Hardly a photograph of Donatella Versace is published without showing the fashion maven with an exuberant glow, ranging in shades from tawny tangerine to deep brazen bronze. Whether from warm-weather resorts, tanning beds or straight from a spray, we’re not sure, but the lady always looks tanned. Along with other perpetually tan stars like George Hamilton and Victoria Beckham, the sun-kissed complexions could just be an unhealthy go-to style habit. But could it also be “tanorexia”? Researchers have found that frequent tanning is similar to drug addiction. Ultraviolet light produces endorphins; scientists at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center studying frequent tanners who’d been given endorphin blockers recorded withdrawal symptoms, namely nausea, dizziness and the shakes.


Olivia Munn


The model, author and star of “The Newsroom” told the New York Daily News that she can’t stop pulling her eyelashes out, a disorder known as trichotillomania. On dealing with anxiety, she said, “I don’t bite my nails, but I rip my eyelashes.” According to the Trichotillomania Learning Center, this is currently defined as an impulse control disorder, but there are still questions about how it should be classified. It may seem to resemble a habit, an addiction, a tic disorder or obsessivecompulsive disorder, they say. Most recently, it is being thought of as part of a family of “body-focused repetitive behaviours” along with skin picking and nail biting. How does the actress deal with the urge? “It doesn’t hurt, but it’s really annoying. Every time I run out of the house, I have to stop and pick up a whole set of fake eyelashes.”

ff fff f f

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Celebrity Gossip

Prince George Christened in low-key Ceremony George, the first child of Prince William and his wife Catherine, has been christened in a low-key ceremony behind closed doors in the Chapel Royal of St James’s Palace, attended only by close family members, the godparents and their spouses. George, born on July 22, wore a white satin robe that was a replica of one made in 1841 for the christening of Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter. The prince, who is third in line to the British throne, was baptised by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Prince William broke with royal convention by naming his cousin Zara Phillips and six old friends as godparents to his son. Phillips, who is herself pregnant with her first child with her rugby player husband Mike Tindall, is the only family member named godparent to George. The others are close friends of the couple including Jamie LowtherPinkerton, a former soldier in the elite SAS army unit who is William’s principal private secretary, and Oliver Baker, a friend from their time at St Andrew’s University in Scotland, where they first met. William van Cutsem, a childhood friend of William’s, is also on the list along with Emilia Jardine-Paterson, a school friend of Kate’s who now works as an interior decorator. The final two godparents are Hugh Grosvenor - whose mother, the Duchess of Westminster, is William’s own godmother - and Julia Samuel, a close friend of William’s late mother Princess Diana. The choice of godparents marks a break from the British monarchy’s tradition of including relations from foreign royal families on the list. A total of 22 guests attended the ceremony including the Queen and Catherine’s parents, Michael and Carole Middleton. The palace named Jason Bell, best known for his portraits of rock stars and Hollywood actors, as the one photographer to record the event. As well as the christening, Bell was to shoot the first portrait of four generations of the royal family in more than 100 years, with the Queen and her three direct heirs, Charles, William and George. 24

Miley & Theo? Miley Cyrus has been back in the dating game longer than previously suggested, at least according to one report that again links her to Theo Wenner.


The 20-year-old pop star announced her broken engagement from actor Liam Hemsworth in September, but the two were on the rocks well before that. That much is basically accepted as fact, but months earlier, she began dating Rolling Stone photographer Wenner, a Huffington Post report says. Wenner, the ex-boyfriend of Liv Tyler and son of Rolling Stone magazine owner Jann Wenner, started dating Cyrus prior to her breakup with Liam. However, Cyrus said on Ellen last week that she is not seeing him and is “obsessed with being alone.” The two are “new friends,” she acknowledged.

Bruce Jenner set to ‘destroy’ Kris Jenner

Clint Eastwood’s wife, Dina, has filed for divorce

A cameraman felt the wrath of Bruce Jenner the day after he and estranged wife Kris confirmed their separation. Jenner cursed off a reporter who dared ask him about the situation during a round of golf. But the new issue of In Touch Weekly claims that anger is nothing to what’s awaiting Kris, as Bruce may be remaining jovial to the press… but he’s seething inside. “He despises Kris,” a Kardashian insider tells the tabloid. “He wants to keep the peace for his kids’ sake, but he’s not going to put up with any more of Kris’ antics or be humiliated any longer. “He knows way too much - and it can all come back to bite her in the butt”.

Dina, for some reason, withdrew the legal documents she filed last month, asking for a formal separation. But at the end of last month, Dina filed for divorce based on irreconcilable differences. In the documents, Dina is apparently asking for full physical custody of their 16-year-old daughter Morgan. She wants spousal support. And, of course, she wants Clint to foot the bill for attorney’s fees. The couple were married in 1996. Clint has 8 children, but 7 are from previous relationships. 25

Pamela Anderson debts mount

RHIANNA KICKED OUT OF MOSQUE Rihanna was kicked out of a famed Abu Dhabi mosque over the weekend after posing for some racy photos.

The buxom Baywatch blonde was just slapped with two separate tax liens, Lindsay Lohan style, to the tune of more than £228,649! The first lien was filed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), claiming she owes £160,298 for 2011 taxes, while the State of California also demanded £69,285. The 45 year old, has had tax problems before, most notably back in 2009 when she was hit with a lien for a whopping £1million (it’s unclear if that’s been paid). She was once listed on California’s list of Top Delinquent Taxpayers ... a prestigious club that Lohan, Wesley Snipes, Lauryn Hill and Nic Cage may also be in. Pam has yet to respond formally to the IRS tax.

Racy by United Arab Emirates standards, anyway. As far as Rihanna pictures go. This is as tame as it gets! She’s even covered up in a head-to-toe (albeit form-fitting) outfit and hijab head-cover. The rules of the holy site being what they are, Rihanna was asked to leave the premises after her provocative poses and red lipstick ruffled some feathers. A representative for the mosque told local media outlets in a statement: “She left without entering, after being asked to do so, due to the fact that she had taken some pictures that do not conform with the conditions and regulations.” Those rules are “put in place by the Centre’s management to regulate visits in a way that takes the status and sanctity of the mosque into consideration.”

to look like Justin Bieber! Toby Sheldon has just put all other Justin Bieber fans to shame. Or maybe just put himself to shame, given the extent of his devotion to the singer. A 33-year-old songwriter spent almost $100,000 on five years’ worth of plastic surgery to make him look like his hero, according to the UK tabloid Closer. On top of Botox injections and hair transplants, he underwent expensive “smile surgery” to make his smile look just like the Canadian singer, reports suggest. “It’s Justin’s smile that gives him his youthful look. So I had my upper lip lifted up [and] my bottom lip plumped out,” the musician told Closer, proudly. 26

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November’s cinema releases

All Is Lost Cast: Robert Redford. Director: SJ.C. Chandor. Genre: Action, Drama.

Last Vegas Cast: Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline. Director: Jon Turteltaub. Genre: Comedy. About the film: Billy (Michael Douglas), Paddy (Robert De Niro), Archie (Morgan Freeman) and Sam (Kevin Kline) have been best friends since childhood. So when Billy, the group’s sworn bachelor, finally proposes to his thirty-something (of course) girlfriend, the four head to Las Vegas with a plan to stop acting their age and relive their glory days. However, upon arriving, the four quickly realize that the decades have transformed Sin City and tested their friendship in ways they never imagined. The Rat Pack may have once played the Sands and Cirque du Soleil may now rule the Strip, but it’s these four who are n taking over Vegas.


Gravity Cast: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Eric Michels. Director: Alfonso Cuarón. Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi. About the film: Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is a brilliant medical engineer on her first shuttle mission, with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney). But on a seemingly routine spacewalk, disaster strikes. The shuttle is destroyed, leaving Stone and Kowalsky completely alone – tethered to nothing but each other and spiralling out into the blackness. The deafening silence tells them they have lost any link to Earth... and any chance for rescue. As fear turns to panic, every gulp of air eats away at what little oxygen is left. But the only way home may be to go further out into the terrifying expanse of n space.

About the film: Deep into a solo voyage in the Indian Ocean, an unnamed man (Redford) wakes to find his 39-foot yacht taking on water after a collision with a shipping container left floating on the high seas. With his navigation equipment and radio disabled, the man sails unknowingly into the path of a violent storm. Despite his success in patching the breached hull, his mariner’s intuition and a strength that belies his age, the man barely survives the tempest. Using only a sextant and nautical maps to chart his progress, he is forced to rely on ocean currents to carry him into a shipping lane in hopes of hailing a passing vessel. But with the sun unrelenting, sharks circling and his meager supplies dwindling, the ever-resourceful sailor soon finds himself staring his mortality in the n face.

Carrie Cast: Chloë Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore, Judy Greer. Director: Kimberly Peirce. Genre: Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi. About the film: A remake of the classic Stephen King novel that will be more in-line with the original source material than Brian de Palma’s 1976 horror classic. A sheltered high school girl unleashes her newly developed telekinetic powers after she is n pushed too far by her peers.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Counselor

Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Director: Ridley Scott.

Director: Francis Lawrence.

About the film: A lawyer finds himself in over his head when he gets involved in drug trafficking. n

Cast: Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem, Cameron Diaz, Penélope Cruz. Genre: Thriller.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller. About the film: Katniss Everdeen has returned home safe after winning the 74th Annual Hunger Games along with fellow tribute Peeta Mellark. Winning means that they must turn around and leave their family and close friends, embarking on a “Victor’s Tour” of the districts. Along the way Katniss senses that a rebellion is simmering, but the Capitol is still very much in control as President Snow prepares the 75th Annual Hunger Games (The Quarter Quell) - a competition that could change n Panem forever.

Grace of Monaco Cast: Nicole Kidman, Tim Roth, André Penvern, Frank Langella. Director: Olivier Dahan. Genre: Biography, Drama. About the film: The story of former Hollywood star Grace Kelly’s crisis of marriage and identity, during a political dispute between Monaco’s Prince Rainier III and France’s Charles De Gaulle, and a looming French invasion of Monaco in the n early 1960s.


The Beat 106FM Massive in Music

Robin Thicke Robin Thicke along with Pharrell & T.I dominated the charts with blurred lines this year on the album of the same name. The album caused controversy in some universities leading to the banning of the song. Robin Thicke has also directed and stared in the film Mercy, which was released in October. Born in Los Angeles, Robin taught himself to play the piano at the age of 12, and by 16 he was writing and producing songs for artists like Brandy, Color me bad and Brian McKnight. By the age of 21 he had written and produced songs on over 20 gold and platinum albums, for artists such as Michael Jackson, Mark Anthony, Pink, Christina Aguilera and others. His new tune Give it 2 u, featuring Kendrick Lamar is out now!

Robin Thicke is now on tour and you can catch him in the UK in January: London O2 Arena January 10th & 11th, Manchester Arena January 13th with Maroon 5, Dublin O2 Arena January 16th. Check the web for more tour dates.

Bruno Mars American superstar Bruno Mars is someone else who has rocked the charts this year with his pop music mixed with R&B. His album Unorthodox Jukebox has plenty of surprise tracks. This Hawaiian artist has sold 50 million singles, 6 million albums, and he has had over 1 billion online hits. Bruno Mars will be in Madrid with his Moonshine Jungle tour on 15th Nov 2013 at Palacio Vistalegre The Arena.

Remember the tunes... True Blue, Material Girl, Like a Virgin, Like a Prayer... Just few Modonna tracks from back in the 80s! Madonna is still one of the biggest female entertainers ever! Born Madonna Louise Ciccone, she is the richest female artist of 2013 with a net worth of 1.1 billion. Amazing at 55 years of age! 30


24 October – 22 November

Planet: Pluto Birthstone: Topaz

Celebrities born under the sign Libra:

Julia Roberts, Scarlett Johansson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Goldie Hawn, Gerard Butler, Demi Moore, Christopher Columbus, Bill Gates, Pablo Picasso, Hilary Clinton and Katy Perry. November is perfect for making decisions and if you do so there’s a lot of luck around to help you on your way. Socially you are dynamite and meeting new people will open up new avenues and ideas to explore. By concentrating on these new opportunities, you can bring new vigour to your life and finances which in turn will bring increased confidence and well-being.


21 January – 19 February

Your career takes prominence this month. Promotions and advancement are possible. Be aware that personal matters won’t be that fulfilling, as someone isn’t putting enough effort into these matters. Socially November is a good month, so go out and party. Luck may help you meet your goals.

TAURUS 21 April - 21 May

Communication is highlighted this month, so be sure to put your view across. All negotiations will work in your favour. Read new things and experience new places as this can only help you. Go for what you want and if anything is holding you back, now is the time to cut ties and leave it behind.


23 July – 22 August

Work is a extremely positive here, and by socialising with your friends and family you can really enjoy the month. Your confidence is brimming to the maximum and with that in mind you can create just about everything! Life changing events will happen, so seize them as it is necessary change.

SAGITTARIUS 23 November – 21 December

It’s time to take things easy this month. A very important decision may arise but it’s best if you try to delay it. You suddenly find many opportunities opening up. Consider them, take your time this month and act on them next month. Try to combine work and play as this will bring rewards in both.


22 December – 20 January

It is a good time to socialise so get out there and meet people! Keep in mind that some personal matters need to be tidied up and so if you’ve been avoiding things for a while, clear them up this month. Enjoy your new-found confidence as this will make you capable of anything!


20 February – 20 March

This is a good month to put your new ideas into effect. Travel is highlighted so go with the flow if an opportunity for a holiday or break springs up. Your social life should be good too and this can spill out into your career. Think about what you want in your career and those who can help you succeed.


22 May – 21 June

Communicate your ideas and all plans will go well this month. This is the time to get rid of the past that has been holding you back. It’s gone so don’t let the past carry power over you. People owe you favours for all the kind deeds you’ve done, so now might be a good time to call them in.


23 August – 23 September

Time to concentrate on yourself with career matters being especially important. Stick close to home and family as you realise they are the most important thing at the moment. Important information is coming so be ready to act upon it; this will greatly benefit you in the long run.


21 March – 20 April

It is a good time to look at your life and get rid of the things that are holding you back. New openings at work show themselves, so take those opportunities and don’t be shy to help those around you. Make sure that you find time for yourself this month and by doing that it will start to pay off.

CANCER 22 June – 22 July

Romance is around you this month, so go with the flow and enjoy it for a change. New people come into your life and there will be an opportunity to find one and by doing so finally be yourself. Enjoy work as well this month as you have the power to create anything you want.


24 September – 23 October

There is a firm chance of increasing your finances this month, so take it when it appears! Something in your past is bothering you, whether it’s past hurt or events, now is the time to talk in depth about it. This will help in the long run. Communication in general is very important this month!


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a d h es S r e t in W Popular hair colours this winter The winter months offer the perfect opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate our hair. One of the perks of colouring your hair is that many formulas are fortified with silk, amino acids, protein and hydrating ingredients. They serve to heal your hair from within by replenishing elements inherent to healthy hair. You’ll see instant improvement resulting in stronger, manageable, shiny hair. If your hair is dry or damaged, ask your colourist to perform a treatment prior to colouring for the best results. Healthy hair is the key to long-lasting hair colour. Unsure of which hue to choose? Keep it simple. Stay within oneto-two levels of your current shade. Enhance your look with a flattering semi-permanent shade or colour gloss treatment. Create subtle dimension by adding a few highlight accents around the face and fringe. The possibilities are endless.

Dark hair is always most popular coming into the winter season and women with dark hair should pay attention to the colour of chocolate, cocoa, latte and walnut. Pleasant, muted shades look very natural, softening the facial features. Hair stylists do not recommend bluish-black and black colours because after some time, the shade looses its colour and starts to look artificial. The best option for brunettes and brownhaired women for autumn-winter 2013-2014 is “chocolate” or “dark brown.” These shades are suitable

to those with dark and lighter skin. Also stylists advise brunettes pay careful attention to the colour of their eyebrows, as for overall appearance, they play an important role. Special attention to the colour of your brows is important. It is not necessary to paint them in a bright black carbon colour to match your darker hair. Instead, a preferred and more flattering shade would be dark brown or any other colour three to four shades darker than your skin

colour. The exception is a girl with dark skin or oriental blood, because they have the nature of the blueblack eyebrows and eyelashes. They can safely use a black pencil to give brows shape. If you are a blonde, the most fashionable hair colour coming into winter is a lighter shade of blonde. However, stylists advise to focus on keeping it natural and enhance your natural shades, which means stay clear of those strands of yellow and shades of “platinum blonde.” Also take care that your roots have always been carefully dyed and well-kept. Keep in mind that you should avoid combining too light blonde with dark skin. It looks extremely unattractive. So either avoid tanning and self-tanning, or choose darker shades – for example, a great alternative to the classic Blonde will be brown this season.


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How does spray tanning work?

Winter Tans

The active ingredient in spray tanning solutions is dihydroxyacetone (dha).

A Winter spray tan is a great way to give you that lightly bronzed look for that special occasion or for just any day of the week. In the cold dull weather, winter tanning helps you maintain a healthy bronzed complexion which makes our complexion look healthier and fresher.

Dha is a colourless solution which interacts with dead skin cells to produce a brown colour change over 8 hours after application. Since these dead skin cells are constantly being shed, the colour change produced by dha usually lasts about five to 10 days, sometimes longer. The instant tanning effect is a temporary bronzer to give you an immediate glow and guide the sprayer. It washes off after your first shower while the natural dha induced tan remains.

What is the difference between tanning solutions? There are many brands of spray-tan solutions available. All solutions contain dha but all have different amounts and different ingredients that make up the bronzer and spray-on solution. Some also contain aloe vera, some contain skin firming ingredients and some contain just the dha and bronzer which is best for sensitive skins. People with fair skin should use a solution with less dha or the tan will look less natural.

The trick in winter is to hydrate your skin by moisturising it. Wait at least a day or two for your spray tan to fully sink in. Moisturising right after your shower will help prolong your tan and keep your skin hydrated and smooth. Don’t forget you can complement your winter tanning efforts with the colours you wear. With darker tans, try colours in brighter tones such as hot pink, a bright orange or red, lime green, or a sunny yellow. For lighter to medium tans use pastel pinks, whites and off-whites, soft purples, and tranquil blues. This will make your tan look a bit darker but not take away that natural look. Two-toned gold and silver jewellery such as a bracelet, anklet, or earrings will compliment any tan and help make you shine. There are many benefits to a spray tan. Not only will it help make you look better but it also makes you feel better about yourself. So if the end to the summer is making you feel a bit down in the dumps, invest in a spray tan to recreate your summer glow.

Health & Fitness

Natural Energy Boosters you can make at home

If you are tired of drinking coffee but want energy to last you for the day, then it’s worth exploring all the natural energy boosters that are out there. In fact, there are a lot of different snacks you can make that will boost your energy without the crash that caffeine causes. Here are some great natural energy boosters. n Guarana

Guarana is found in a lot of energy drinks and supplements, but it’s actually a fruit! It has natural energy boosters inside of it that will make you feel awake and energised without being shaky or having to deal with a crash later on. The best way to use this is by purchasing it in powder form. Sprinkle it in a smoothie and you will be able to enjoy high energy without added sugars or dangerous ingredients.

n Goji Berries

This is another natural berry that is great for increasing energy. You can easily find these in liquid form, as finding the actual berries can be pretty difficult. Add the liquid to a smoothie or drink and you will be feeling increased energy in no time. Just make sure you get natural liquid that doesn’t have any added ingredients or sugars.


n Green Tea

This beverage is high in antioxidants and a variety of other vitamins and minerals that will make you feel awake and energetic. If you can, drink several cups of this per day. You can also pour green tea into an ice cube tray and freeze it to make ice cubes you can put into water! This is one of the healthiest drinks you can have, but don’t add in any sugar to it!

n Green Smoothie

Blend together slices of a green apple with kale, spinach and a cucumber. Pour green tea or water over this and blend until there are no chunks left behind. This is going to taste sweet and give you a boost of energy with the natural vitamins and energisers that are found in all of the ingredients. This will also help make you full, which can mean eating less for the rest of the day. If you want to add more sweetness, then pour in some goji berry juice or frozen raspberries.

Once you eat this you will feel great and find that you have energy that clears your mind. The powder can be found at most health food stores and online.

n Chia Seeds

Chia seeds contain more omega-3 fatty acids than flax seeds, or salmon, has more calcium than a glass of milk. It’s naturally gluten free. Chia has also been traditionally used as a source of quick, sustainable energy for hundreds of years. Supposedly used among Aztecs, Mayans and Incans as an energy food.

n Red Ginseng

This herb is great for getting rid of stress and fatigue, but it can also strengthen your immune system while increasing your energy levels. It’s packed full of vitamins and minerals and can be found in a number of different forms. Tea is generally the easiest way to consume ginseng, as it won’t cost you any calories and is enjoyable to sip on. But, you can also find this in supplement form if you just want to take a quick and natural pill.

n Eggs

Eggs have around 6 grams of protein in them, but they also have a lot of vitamins. For example, choline, which is a b-vitamin, is great for increasing the metabolism. This will boost your energy in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you’ve drank a ton of coffee. You can eat eggs boiled, scrambled or any other way that sounds good to you! If you want to add some flavour, then use garlic powder or something that doesn’t have added sugars in it.

So, if you want some energy, then whip this up! You can sprinkle this over a salad after you’ve cooked it or even add it into your favourite dip. Another great idea is to mix cooked quinoa with sweet mashed potatoes and then goji berries. Form these into small patty shapes and then you will be ready to cook. Fry them in some coconut oil and you will have quinoa patties that boost your energy without weighing you down.

n Watermelon

Watermelon is a great energyboosting food because it’s high in water and extremely low in natural sugars. This will fill you up while hydrating you and making you feel energetic! The vitamins and antioxidants in it are great for your body.

n Spirulina

You’ve probably never heard of this, but it’s one of the most nutritional superfoods out there. It’s made from algae, but don’t let that stop you from eating it. You can find this in powder form and put it in everything from smoothies to your regular water. Another great idea is to mix this in with your favourite guacamole. It won’t affect the taste and will increase the nutrients inside of the guacamole.

n Quinoa

Quinoa is a healthy form of carbohydrates that won’t make you feel tired or sluggish. Actually, it will boost your energy because it’s full of protein and fibre while being low on the glycemic index. 41

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Baked Potato – the perfect carb Potato is really a ‘gift of God” as it is one of the world’s most nutrient dense foods. Potatoes are low in fat or virtually fat-free, packed with vitamins and minerals, absolutely free of cholesterol and if served in their skins, are great sources of fibre. Potatoes are a real nutritional powerhouse. The potato skin is a concentrated source of dietary fibre, so to get the most nutritional value from this vegetable, don’t peel it and consume both the flesh and the skin. If you must peel it, do so carefully with a vegetable peeler, only removing a thin layer of the skin and therefore retaining the nutrients that lie just below the skin. Baked Potatoes as a very good source of vitamin C, a good source of vitamin B6, copper, potassium, manganese, and dietary fibre.

How important is the potato for those who are fitness conscious? Everyone who is fitness conscious and hunts for the right food to maintain their body and weight will be pleased to know that a potato has many health benefits. Factually potato carbohydrates are great to keep your weight maintained. Since a cooked new potato has less than 30 calories combined with nutrients and proteins! Potatoes provide the body with an essential source of fuel and energy, which you need even when dieting. As a rich carbohydrate source, they help to fuel all reactions in

the body which you need for movement, thinking, digestion and cellular renewal. A jacket Potato has 60 different kinds of photochemical and vitamins in potato skins. Many of these were flavonoids, which help protect against cardiovasculardisease by lowering levels of bad LDL-cholesterol and keeping arteries fat-free. The B vitamins in potatoes also protect arteries. Vitamin B6, found in potatoes, reduces levels of a molecule called homocysteine which is involved in inflammation and the furring up of arteries. High homocysteine levels are associated with a significantly increased risk of heart attack and stroke. B6 found in potatoes is a key player in athletic performance and endurance. It is also necessary for the breakdown of glycogen, the form in which sugar is stored in our muscle cells and liver. Carbohydrate food is the most efficient fuel for energy production and can also be stored as glycogen in muscle and liver, functioning as a readily available energy source for prolonged, strenuous exercise. For these reasons, carbohydrates

may be the most important nutrient for sports performance. Depending on training intensity and duration, athletes require up to 4.5 grams of carbohydrates per day per pound of body weight or 60 to 70 per cent of total dietary calories from carbohydrates, whichever is greater. Including starchy vegetables in the diet is one good way to obtain these carbohydrates. Taking into consideration the above potato facts nutritionists and dietary researchers recommend potatoes for balanced diet. Instead of worrying about baked potato calories, it would be better if you include baked potato with skin in your regular diet in proper proportions. If you choose low fat versions of other ingredients which you want to add to a baked potato, calories in a baked potato should not affect your health.


Want to keep your metabolism running fast? Need another reason to love your body? It burns calories all by itself – as long as you don’t get in the way. See, every cell in your body plays a role in energy metabolism – the process of turning the food you eat into energy that keeps your heart beating, lungs pumping, and muscles moving. The faster your metabolism, the more calories you burn. And just like there are ways to speed it up – by exercising, for instance – certain habits can hit the brakes on your natural calorie-churning engine.

Here are 10 things to avoid in order to keep your metabolism humming. l A Weird Eating Schedule

In a 2012 Hebrew University study, mice fed high fat foods sporadically gained more weight than mice that ate a similar diet on a regular schedule. Researchers suspect that eating at the same times every day trains the body to burn more calories between meals.

l Pesticides in Produce

Organochlorines (chemicals in pesticides) can interfere with your body’s energyburning process and make it harder to lose weight, according to a Canadian study. Researchers found that dieters who ate the most toxins experienced a greater-than-normal dip in metabolism and had a harder time losing weight. Opt for organic fruits and veggies as often as you can.

l Skimping on Sleep

A 2012 study found that people who sleep less move less the next day, which means they burn fewer calories. But it gets worse: Sleep deprivation actually reduces the amount of energy your body uses at rest, according to the German and Swedish researchers. 44

l Your Period

You lose iron during your period every month, and iron helps carry oxygen to your muscles. If your iron levels run too low, your muscles don’t get enough O2, your energy plummets, and your metabolism sputters. Stock up on iron-fortified cereals, beans, and dark leafy greens like spinach, bok choy, and broccoli.

l Eating Too Little

When you skimp on calories, your body switches into starvation mode, slowing your metabolic rate to conserve the fuel it’s got.

l Sitting Too Long

It takes only 20 minutes in any fixed position to inhibit your metabolism.

l Jet Lag

Your internal clock directly controls the part of your cells that keeps your metabolism chugging along. But when you disrupt your so-called circadian rhythm – by crossing time zones, for instance – your cells don’t function the way they should and your metabolism suffers.

l Not Getting Enough Calcium

Another reason to drink your milk: Calcium plays a key role in regulating your fat metabolism, which determines whether you burn calories or store them as fat. A diet that’s high in calcium could help you burn more fat.

l Skipping Breakfast

When you miss breakfast, you don’t just set yourself up to overeat at lunch. You actually tell your body to conserve energy – which means it burns calories more slowly. That’s one reason a study from the American Journal of Epidemiology found that people who skip a morning meal were 4.5 times more likely to be obese.

l Dehydration

All of your body’s cellular processes, including metabolism, depend on water. If you’re dehydrated, you could burn up to 2 per cent fewer calories.

A Healthy Coffee & Green Tea “Where ancient China meets modern science”

ORGANO GOLD 100% certified and scientifically proven, Ganoderma Lucidum. Ganoderma Lucidum is a 4,000-year-old herb rich in fibres, minerals and other nutrients and used in many medicinal remedies as an adapogenic herb, which is proven to regulate the body functions, specific to each individual.

Café Mocha

Café Latte

Café Noir

Organic Green Tea

To order contact Russell Reuben Avi Hassidoff (0034) 674 258 388 (0034) 638 012 506 To place an order please visit: To place an order please visit:

ORGANIC COFFEE Ganoderma helps with: • Detoxing and vitalizing • Blood sugar levels • Allergies • Asthma • Cholesterol levels • Hypertension • Arthritis • Insomnia • Concentration & focus • Promoting longevity • Migraines • Cancers • Diabetes • Liver & Kidney Diseases • Balance the nervous, circulatory & immune system • Helps strengthen the immune system • Helps reduce stress & anxiety levels 45

Smile away cold & f lu! Did you know that your mouth contains one of your body’s best defense systems against colds & flu? Protecting and enhancing your oral health can go a long way towards helping to boost your immunities and prevent the spread of infection. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), colds are one of the most common causes of absenteeism with up to 22 million work and school days lost each year. Don’t let a cold or flu interrupt your life this year... fortify your front line and follow these healthy smile tips today!



Himalayan crystal salt treatment helps to reduce inflammation and restore the mouth’s important pH balance on a cellular level. Himalayan crystal salt is very pure, has 84 important trace minerals, and does not burden the body the way chemically processed table salt does. It is more ‘bioenergetic’ and pure than sea salt much of which is also industrially “cleaned.” At home, begin with a thorough daily brushing of your teeth and tongue and then gargle with a homemade crystal saltwater solution. If you can find Himalayan crystal salt in a health food store or online, that’s always preferable. Warm crystal salt water helps heal inflammation in the mouth, promotes sinus health and is soothing for sore throats as well.

Brushing your teeth and tongue three times a day, preferably with a mild non-detergent, chemical-free toothpaste and alcohol-free mouthwash will help keep your mouth clean and healthy. An unhealthy oral environment, with decay and gum disease, has also been shown to compromise the proper function of your immune system and can make you more susceptible to respiratory infection. In many instances, this can reduce your protection against the common cold or flu.


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Your toothbrush is a veritable incubator of viruses and bacteria - some removed from your mouth during brushing, and some from the environment (especially your cosmetic or toiletries case). It is a good idea to change your toothbrush immediately after any illness. Regular sanitizing and also changing your toothbrush monthly will also help keep harmful germs at bay yearround.

Exercise helps to boost the immune system, helps improves circulation and helps reduce stress. Runners, for instance, may often have a very low incidence of gum disease. Healthy habits are especially important during the winter months. Try to get as much sleep and exercise as our full lives allow. Take time for yourself. Stress will help deteriorate your defenses and may quickly lead to illness.

EAT AN ANTIOXIDANT RICH DIET Antioxidant rich foods such as lightly cooked or raw greens, plant-based foods and hormone-free meats will not only help keep you lean, but may also aid your body’s natural defense systems. When you do feel ill, you my want to try a mega-green fresh power juice or an antioxidant infused water.

AVOID SMOKING Smoking may irritate oral and nasal passageways, strangle blood circulation and may make you more susceptible to infection. Try to limit or avoid all types of smoking, including second hand smoke.


Email: 49


to Fight


ACNE When it comes to treating acne, people don’t often think of using vitamins. However, according to sources, diet can play a significant role in treating acne. There are a number of nutritional foods available to nourish the skin. Vitamins are best if obtained from fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods. But supplements can work just as well especially if you find it hard to get all your recommended amount of vitamins from food.

Vitamin A

As a staple in acne treatment, Vitamin A is often found in retinoids. Retinoids are topical acne treatments prescribed by dermatologists. Vitamin A in retinoids will promote cellular turnover, helping keep pores clear. But getting plenty of Vitamin A in your diet from dairy products or fish oils is great for the skin too. It’s important that you get enough Vitamin A. Vitamin-Nutrition reports that a deficiency in Vitamin A can actually cause acne. It is recommended to take up to 10,000 IU of Vitamin A to successfully fight acne.

B Vitamins

Vitamin B2 is great for decreasing stress, and stress can make acne worse. Foods that are high in B2 include leafy, green vegetables, meat, milk, eggs, whole grains and fish. Vitamin B3 can help improve circulation, reduce cholesterol, and help metabolize protein, fat and sugar. You can eat more B3 by enjoying peanuts, eggs or avocados. All the B vitamins play a role in health skin care, taking a quality B-complex will help maintain a vibrant skin tone.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another essential vitamin for skin care. Known for its antioxidant effects, it helps the skin fight against free radicals (by-products of cellular metabolism that can be potentially harmful to the skin). Vitamin E enhances tissue repair and healing. To get more Vitamin E, eat peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, wheat germ, and broccoli, or take 400 IU daily of Vitamin E to treat acne.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C and bioflavonoids antioxidants are necessary in at least 300 metabolic functions within the human body. Vitamin C is important for cellular repair, fights infection and boosts immunity. Bioflavonoids play an antibacterial role in the body. For fighting acne 1,000 milligrams three times each day is suggested.


Zinc is a mineral, but it helps heal the skin and prevent the scarring that acne can cause. Zinc also acts as an antioxidant fighting against and preventing damage from free radicals. If there’s a deficiency of zinc, acne can result. Sources of zinc are eggs, whole grains, nuts and mushrooms. Between 25 to 30 mg per day is recommended for acne defense.


Chromium is also a mineral, but helps with acne by reducing infections on the skin. Eating a diet high in sugar can cause a loss of chromium from the body, thus, taking a dosage of 150 micrograms per day is recommended to fight acne.

Cancer Sucks Spain is a facebook group that started about three months ago, we have over 100 members who feel the benefit from having a group where they are able to chat, vent , scream or offer advise. Our group is open to anyone who has been affected by cancer. Many of our members have become close and offer each other support in many ways, as the group began to grow we thought it would be nice to have a coffee morning to meet up and chat which we did a few times, this has now grown into the AECC in Carvajal inviting us to hold our meetings at their venue. This is wonderful news for us, the AECC is a Spanish support organization, our group will be able to benefit from many of their services such as yoga classes, massage etc.. They also offer many other services and this is a wonderful opportunity for us to merge more with the Spanish. We have meetings every other Friday, the next being Nov 8th & 22nd, Dec 6th & 20th. The address of the AECC is Paseo Maritimo, no. 136, Carvajal, the end of Fuengirola (opposite end to Castle). We have a Spanish Dr of Haematology on board with us, she is a great help to us and a fountain of knowledge, she is willing to offer her services and advise to our members and we are very lucky to have 52

her, you will be surprised when chatting to her just the kind of things you are entitled to. We also have a physiotherapist specialising in the treatment of Lymphoedema secondary to cancer. Many people who have had treatment for cancer are not made aware of the risk factors of developing Lymphoedema. Others may not even know what it is! Not everyone who has had cancer is at risk but if you have had a lymph node dissection you are at risk. She can give specialist advice on how to prevent Lymphoedema. For those who are living with the condition she is available for assessments, treatments and advice on how to manage Lymphoedema long term. Please join our facebook group Cancer Sucks Spain so as to benefit from regular support and information alternatively email cancersucksspain@ if you have any questions or would like to know about future meeting dates.

It is a highly specialised technique Clinical Sports Massage is a specialised It is a highly specialised technique that Clinical Sports Massage is a specialised involves manipulation of the technique of which Grant Foster has great that technique of which Grant Foster has great involves manipulation of the muscles experience - gaining his Masters Diploma muscles in a transverse directioninwith experience – gaining his Masters Diploma direction passive and passive and activewith moves. Developed within a medical institute, to progress onto a transverse within a medical institute, to progress active moves. Developed in the sporting in the sporting world to help athletes working at the highest level on the onto workingAthletics at the highest level on the world to help athletes recover quickly, recover quicjly, Grant Foster brings International Meetings. international Athletics Meetings. Grant Foster brings these techniques to these techniques to the everyday Clinical sports massage therapy helps theworld. everyday world. to prevent injuries, muscle soreness and Clinical sports massage therapy helps Grant is fully legal in spain, also first poor posture while enhancing mobility, to prevent injuries, muscle soreness and Grant is fully legal in Spain, also first aid aid qualified and insured, unlike many flexibility, soft tissue rehabilitation and poor posture while enhancing mobility, qualified and insured, unlike many other other therapists. exercise performance. flexibility, soft tissue rehabilitation and therapists. exercise performance. Please mention The Local when responding to advertisements Page 27 53

Cabopino Holistic Centre Cabopino Holistic Centre run by Marleen Gosselin, is a non-profit organisation new to the Costa del Sol. She is hoping to make the centre accessible to everyone by providing a vast range of therapies as near to cost price as possible. Yes, that means extremely low and unbeatable prices to allow for everyone to be able to join classes without breaking the bank. Marleen is extremely interested in holistic approaches to keeping fit and healthy and wants to help people in a number of ways. Such ways may be to use their own energy to keep healthy and fit, help people who are out of balance or not feeling well to detect their own inner power, to make themselves feel better, and to unblock energy that is stuck, by balancing chakras and improve energy flows via meridians. At this moment Marleen is also looking for therapists who may be interested in working at the centre, bearing in mind that the prices of the therapies will be much lower than anywhere so wages will reflect this, although expenses will be covered. Please do not hesitate to contact Marleen should you require further information about the centre and/ or information on hours, classes etc.

The Inauguration of the centre will be towards the end of November once minor details are finalised. The following will be available:

Holistic Therapies: Therapists for the following are also needed. • Reiki • Reflexology • Kineseology • Aromatherapy • Bach flowers therapy • Acupuncture • Acupressure • Naturopatia • Bowen technique • Meditation • Hypnotherapy • EFT & NL • and more!

Classes: • Yoga classes for children and pregnant women • Chi gong & chi ball

Workshops: • EFT • Aromatherapy • Mantras & mudras • Tibetanian bowls • Biodesocifocation • Family constellation

Courses: • Reiki Level I and II • Learn how to meditate


For further information on the opening and jobs on offer please contact: Marleen Gosselin on


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Amazing low prices Order online now Nutrition Discount Direct have designed a user friendly website where all of our products are easily located. Should you wish to search for something specific, just enter the name of the Brand or Product, it’s as simple as that. Whether you are looking for a great Protein or effective Fat Burners, we have the most advanced products ready to be dispatched the

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K CHECOUR OUTBSITE Direct to your door Easy to use website minute you place your order. Any nutritional supplement that you require can be found at your fingertips with unbeatable prices.

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Chest Workout 1

with Dumbbells

Flat Bench Press

On the flat bench press the dumbbells straight out in front of you.


4 sets, 8-12 reps

Bring the dumbbells down to level with your chest. Then press them back up bringing the dumbbells together.

Incline Bench Press

4 sets, 8-12 reps

Ideally put your bench around 30 degrees incline. If your incline bench is set at 45 degrees, that’s fine. Hold the dumbbells together directly above your chest.


4 sets, 8-12 reps Lower dumbbells down (in line with chest)

Flat Bench Fly’s

Holding the dumbbells straight out in front of you, this time with them facing each other (as seen in photo above) 58

Bring the dumbbells straight Try to bring the dumbbells down then press straight level with your chest. back up bringing the dumbbells together.

Decline Bench Press

Set your bench to either 30 or 45 degrees decline. The dumbbells should be online with the lower part of your chest.


45 minute workout

Then press straight up bringing the dumbbells together.

3 sets, 8-12 reps

Lower your arms level with your chest then back up again in the same movement.

Above shows you the movements of this exercise.


Pectoral Crunches 3 sets, 10-15 reps

Hold one dumbbell at your side whilst placing your other hand at the centre of your chest, pushing against your chest muscle making your hand a wall effect.

Lift your shoulder upwards.




Then pull your shoulder over in an anti-clockwise motion which will compress your chest against your hand.

Flat Bench Pullovers 3 sets, 8-12 reps


Amazing offers on all our products including Proteins, Fat Burners, Weight Gain, Pre-Workout... Discount Direct to your door!

Discount Direct For this exercise you require only one dumbbell. It is important to hold the dumbbell correctly so that it is secure in your hands.

Let your arms slowly drop backwards.

Next month: Back

On a flat bench hold a single dumbbell straight up.

Lower your arms until the dumbbell is level with your head then bring back to the start position.




• Lowers your body fat percentage faster than ever before • Lose up to 2 kg a week • Develop a rock-hard six pack • Gives energy and suppresses hunger



27. 80


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Glass Curtains Utilise your space, add comfort to your home, maximise your views, and add value! Panoramic View Do you have a fantastic view from your balcony? Why spoil it with framed glass windows? With glass curtains you can enjoy the full uninterrupted splendour in comfort. Glass curtains allow for full access to the balcony outside and brings the outside world into the room. Expand your living area, utilise your balcony all year round, shield against the wind and rain, reduce external noise and increase the value of your property.

Glass Curtains are designed to fit together without the unsightly view of a frame, creating a beautiful, open feel to your room, as if there is nothing there at all. With the cooler weather fast approaching, why not create more space by opening up your terrace for use in the winter months as well as the Summer months, and invest in glass curtains. Whether you want to bring more light into your room, to enjoy your garden from the ease of your home, or just simply enjoy the view from your balcony; if you’re looking for a way to do all this for your home, then glass curtains are perfect for you. 60

Partition your room The perfect complement to open plan living is the virtually invisible room partition - there when you want it, gone when you don’t. Even when Glass Curtains are fully closed, natural light and an uninterruptible view gives your home the feeling of limitless space and comfort.

Enjoy the “outdoors” What was once clearly defined space between our homes and our gardens has steadily been eroded and today, many of us want to create a seamless view from home to the garden. Homeowners can extend the view from their interiors through to the outdoors.

Not only does the modern design show off innovation but by uniting your living space with nature, glass curtains allow you to observe your garden with uninterrupted vision. The frameless glass door is fully retractable. This means that during warm weather, frameless glass door owners can literally open up the doors to create a completely open space. Whether it is a terrace overlooking a garden or a balcony facing the view of the sea, frameless glass curtains enhance your environment all year round giving the impression of limitless space, and allowing for relaxation whilst exploring the vastness of the horizon or detail of the surroundings! Glass curtains add metres to your home as all panels can be stacked away to the side allowing for the addition of the balcony to the living space.


Crystal Glass Curtains Est. 2003


Order before Christmas to receive a


Free Estimates

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Gibraltar - Malaga


10 Year Guarantee

Tel: 631460834


Business Management Consulting


Tax & Accountancy Business & Personal Financial Advice Driving Licence Exchange Car Transfer & Registration Translations Avenida Salvador Vicente No.4, Edificio Jardín, Oficina 1A, 29631, Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmádena, Malaga. New office in Nueva Andalucía. TEL/FAX: +34 952 38 62 94 MOBILE: +34 628 26 67 42 EMAIL:


Tel: 951 311 118 UK: 08 43 207 4302 62



• Curtains • Fabrics • Wallpapers • Soft furnishings • Wall-to-wall carpets • Upholstery • Blinds and awnings

Internationally renowned collections from... Casamance, Designers Guild, Alhambra International, Saum & Viebahn, Sanderson, Christian Lacroix, JAB fabrics designs, Shaftesburys, Gradulux (Luxaflex), EGE Carpets.

CENTRO IDEA Ctra. de Mijas km. 3,6 29650 Mijas, Málaga Tel: 952 461 221 email:

Est 1989

Satellite Systems For all your satellite and TV needs

• All TVs supplied and fitted • Servicing • Full installation • Individual, communal and bars


New solutions for all upcoming changes! iptv (tv via internet) Please contact Rupert on

639 551 352 616 549 344 / 952 665 861


A(+) A(+)




Tailor-made furniture packages With the credit crunch affecting everyone’s pockets, people are expecting even more value for their money. At White Design Company we work within your budget without compromising on quality, whether you are renting out your property or using it yourself, from one room, to a complete ready to live in home package.

Makeover solutions and refurbishment Is your new apartment/villa looking tired and in need of a tonic? Is it taking too long to sell? Nine times out of ten, a revamp is just what is needed to attract the buyer’s eye. Fresh paint, carpets and curtains, and perhaps new furniture.

Edif. Butibamba, La Cala de Mijas, Mijas Costa • Tel: 952 494 155 • Dilys: 600 583 673 • • 64

Furniture Packages There are many reasons for choosing a furniture package for your holiday home and/or full time home.

Here at White Design Company we have many clients with busy lifestyles. They do not want to spend precious holiday time going from shop to shop, selecting furnishings and decoration for their new or existing property. Not only do you have to shop around but you also have to be here to coordinate the delivery or fitting. Most of the work we do is when you, the owner, is back in your home country. So nice to turn the key in the lock when you arrive and know you can relax and have a holiday. Our experienced staff will help you with your bespoke furniture package and we can do most of it by email, allowing you the time to relax when you are here. Whether you want a modern, contemporary or classical look or maybe Provence or shabby chic, we will put a package together to suit your requirements. We are asked often at the very start of our designs how much a package will cost. You do not need to spend a fortune this really depends on your budget and the

have to replace a few years down the road. Last but not least, your terrace furniture will be subjected to all weathers so consider the quality here as well. Some all weather rattan is only all weather for a couple of years if we have a bad winter and others will last for at least 10 years.

quality you are looking for. There are some areas where you should consider spending a little bit more to allow comfort and longevity. Beds are a very important investment, for example you may rely on a holiday rental income, if so then a comfortable bed may make all the difference as to whether your tenants return. A good sofa is also important purchase as it is a big thing to

The good news is that we can make the overall look beautiful with inexpensive decorative pieces such as pictures, mirrors, lamps etc. and they will stand the test of time making all the difference in keeping the overall cost as low as possible. Also, together with your larger items we are happy to bring few decorative pieces for you to see in situ before committing to them. Remember White Design Company can provide everything, from the kitchen sink to your bespoke curtains and bedding. We will work on your requirements.

Look forward to seeing you soon.



Beautiful Townhouse Fuengirola Direct from owner Was €345,000 now €295,000

Superb 7 room townhouse for sale in a sought after area in Fuengirola. This immaculate home is distributed over 3 floors in a cul de sac, walking distance to shopping centre, 7 minutes walk to beach and 15 minutes walk to the town centre. On the ground floor there is a spacious square lounge, dining room, new modern fully equipped kitchen with utility area, garage, and downstairs cloak room. On the upper floor, there are 3 double bedrooms all good size, 2 bathrooms, one en suite and 2 terraces. On the lower level, there is an amazing living area with high ceilings, bar area, music studio and a decked terrace. Two minute drive to motorway and no community fees! Viewing is a must. • Air-conditioning/heating • Double glazing • Unfurnished (optional) • Distributed TV system • Marble flooring • Fitted-wardrobes • Large storage-room

Phone: 952667719 or 659121472

LUXURY APARTMENT FOR RENT Green Hills, Miraflores, Mijas Costa

2-bed/2-bath garden apartment in the sought after area of Miraflores. Furnished to a high standard throughout in an excellent location within walking distance to golf course, shops, bars and restaurants. This apartment is ideal for a mature couple. Must be seen!

€875 per month 66

Phone: 619096079




Established 1998 in Los Angeles, California For more info and pictures of my work please visit my website


Tel: 671 181 682

Manufacturers of


Upvc Windows & Doors

A reputable, fully registered company Showroom at Centro Commercial Costa Muebles, Ctra de Mijas, Km 4, Mijas Costa.

Tel: 952 667559


PRICE BEATER GUARANTEE From San Pedro & beyond

Telephone: 649 428804


Food & Drink

Gastronomy Guide to the Coast When it comes to eating and drinking here on the coast, there is such a wealth of cuisines and cultures to choose from, that it can be hard to know where to go. The team at Lifestyle Magazine will now be bringing you some great reviews of the restaurants that we think are worth visiting as well as monthly news, offers and events happening in the restaurants and bars here. To start we thought it was worth mentioning some of the culinary delights that are on offer in the area as eating and drinking really are a way of life when living in Spain. Our first port of call has to be the wonderful beach restaurants which produce some of the best tasting paella’s, shellfish and fresh fish that you can find; and although summer is over, most of these restaurants (or chiringuitos) are open through the winter so you can still get these delicious dishes and wonderful views. If, however, you fancy a taste of the Orient‌ there are a huge number of Asian restaurants all along the Costa del Sol. From Chinese and Thai to Japanese, whatever style tempts the taste buds you can be sure to find dim sums and Pad Thai to sushi and the creative art of teppanyaki! If your palette requires a little more depth of flavour, perhaps an Indian restaurant may suit you more? With the use of traditional seasonings, herbs and spices, the restaurants here travel to every region of India, bringing us a touch of the vast and varied country. 68

Alternatively, you could head to one of the many Italian restaurants, which vary from the cheap and cheerful (great for kids) to the elegant and expensive and whether it’s pizza and lasagna, or ossobuco (braised veal) and spaghetti vongolé, you will find your restaurant of choice. We cannot, of course, forget the typical Spanish favourite… tapas! You can find a tapas bar almost on every corner along the coast where you can grab a caña (small beer) and some tapas for only a few euros. Did you know that tapas (which means lid) was created many, many years ago – when men would sit in a bar enjoying a drink, the bar man would cover the drink with a piece of bread to stop the flies. Gradually over time, this bread was topped with some of the delights you can still find today including manchego cheese, jamon Serrano, stuffed peppers and boquerones.

Don’t miss next month… our recommendations for restaurants to go to over the festive season!


Pumpkin Pie Halloween is over and you’ve got a pumpkin left with no idea what to do with it, except throw it away! Well… don’t despair, with the American holiday, Thanksgiving, just around the corner, why not use your pumpkin to cook a delicious traditional American Pumpkin Pie?

Ingredients For the pastry: • 170g plain flour • Pinch of salt • 100g cold butter (cut into cubes) • 2tbsp caster sugar • 1 egg yolk

For the pie filling: • 1 small pumpkin • 145g maple syrup • 1 tsp cinnamon • ½ tsp ground ginger • ½ tsp ground cloves • 3 tbsp golden rum (optional) • 2 large eggs, beaten • 150ml evaporated milk

Directions Pre-heat the oven to 200C. Cut pumpkin into quarters and scoop out the seeds and fibres inside. Place skin-side up in a roasting dish with a couple of tablespoons of water. Roast until tender.

1 2

Take the pumpkin out and leave to cool, then scoop the flesh and put into a food processor. Whizz until smooth.

Now, to make your pastry - sift the flour into a mixing bowl, stir in the salt, then add in the butter. Rub in using your fingertips until it resembles breadcrumbs, then stir in the sugar. Mix the egg yolk with 2 tbsp iced water, and add half to the mixture, stir together with a knife until it comes together in a paste – add a little more liquid if necessary.


Bring the mixture together with your fingers, and then roll out on a floured surface to the thickness of a €1 coin. Put it into a 20cm tart tin and chill for 30 minutes.


Place greaseproof paper over the pastry and fill with baking beans. Put in the oven for 15-20 minutes, until the base is a golden brown, remove from oven. Turn the oven down to 180C.


Meanwhile, put the pumpkin purée in a large bowl, discarding the excess liquid, and stir in the maple syrup, rum if using, and spices. Taste for sweetness, then mix in the eggs. Gradually stir in the evaporated milk until you have a thick, creamy consistency – you may not need it all. Pour into the pastry case.


Bake for about 40 minutes, checking from half an hour onwards, until the filling is set, but still slightly wobbly in the centre. Allow to cool on a wire rack for at least an hour before serving.



English style tearoom Tania is now taking orders for Christmas • Ploughman’s lunches • Selection of tapas • Homemade cake • Scones with jam & cream

Delicious fresh food in a unique setting!

Open Monday to Friday from 10am - 4pm • Saturdays 10am - 3pm

Gammons, Cakes, Cupcakes, etc order now for Christmas

La Vega Viveros y Ceramica, Camino de Coin km. 656 454 753 Malaga

Tamisa Hotel

Camino Viejo de Coin A7053 La Vega



• Bread rolls and baguettes • Sandwiches • Baked Potatoes • Daily soup specials


Hand-crafted Christmas cards now available

Don’t miss out on customers... advertise in our Christmas and New Year food and drink guide next month! Email:


Nueva Andalucía

Curry Leaves… taste at its best A smart modern style Indian restaurant in Nueva Andalucía







Avd. del Prado, Centro Comercial Aloha, Local 1D, Nueva Andalucia, 29660 Marbella Tel: 951 319 669 • 609 026 550 • Email: Get a special offer when you quote ‘Lifestyle’


Celebrate in style Christmas is just around the corner!



Christmas Parties with sparkle Great value packages available 4 Course Menu including Wine, Beer & Soft Drinks



New Year’s Eve Gala

Contact us for further details

Exquisite Gala Dinner and top-class entertainment

Christmas Eve Gala Dinner

A perfect ending to the year!

Christmas Day Gourmet Lunch

Don’t be disappointed, book early as the above days always get fully booked. To Marbella From Marbella: Exit LA CALA DE MIJAS (km. 200)

From Fuengirola: Exit LA CALA DE MIJAS (km. 201) To Fuengirola


LA VILLA Mijas Playa Group


Open every day till late


€1.50 Ch

Delivery areas: El Rosario, Elviria, Las Chapas, Reserva, Artola, Marbesa, Carib Playa, Calahonda, Riviera, Miraflores.


When you quote ‘Lifestyle’

Centro Commercial Cabopino, Urb. Las Mimosas, Local 5, Marbella

952 83 13 72


Cabo Pizza, Cabopino Can you imagine this? The clocks have gone back and the nights are drawing in and you’re nice and cosy in your Onesie, what could complete the evening? Cabo Pizza springs to mind, AND THEY DELIVER. Why not take advantage of one of the best pizza places on the coast delivering straight to your door. No hassle. They have every kind of pizza that you could possibly imagine and even some that you can’t! If pizza is not your thing they are also known to make the best homemade Hickory Chicken. You really must give this a try. Cabo Pizza is not JUST for pizza. Their menu is wide and varied. Everything from Battered Prawns and Onion Loaf to start, right through to delicious chocolate fudge cake, all available for delivery.

So, no need to leave the comfort of your home this winter. Cabo Pizza are only a phone call away!

Call 952 83 13 72 or check out their menu online at

Home delivery, perfect for the winter evenings! 75


Fine Indian Cuisine C. Com. El Pilar, Local 2, 29680 Estepona, Ctra. N340, Km 167. (opp Crowne Plaza Hotel)

951 272 149


Masala Marbella Delicious Indian Cuisine Taj Mahal Marbella, Ctra. N340 Km 187, Marbella.

952857670 / 952819240

Masala Authentic Indian food in an elegant setting Tel: 952 836 153 Masala, C.C. Pinos del Golf, Local 29, Elviria, Ctra. N340, Km 192.

Take away and home delivery available 76

R ecipes Spiced carrot & lentil soup A delicious, spicy soup, packed full of iron and is low fat to boot! It’s ready in under half an hour or can be made in a slow cooker.

Ingredients • 2 tsp cumin seeds • Pinch chilli flakes • 2 tbsp olive oil • 600g carrots, washed and coarsely grated (no need to peel) • 140g split red lentils • 1l hot vegetable stock (from a cube is fine) • 125ml milk • Plain yogurt and naan bread, to serve


Serves 4

1. Heat a large saucepan and dry-fry the cumin seeds and chilli flakes for 1 minute, or until they start to jump around the pan and release their aromas. Scoop out about half of the seeds with a spoon and set aside. Add the oil, carrot, lentils, stock and milk to the pan and bring to the boil. Simmer for 15 minutes until the lentils have swollen and softened. 2. Whizz the soup with a stick blender or in a food processor until smooth (or leave it chunky if you prefer). Season to taste and finish with a dollop of yogurt and a sprinkling of the reserved toasted spices. Serve with warmed naan breads.

For all your favourite brands pay a visit to Overseas supermarkets. You will find us in the following locations: Javea • Benissa • Benidorm San Fulgencio • Torrevieja San Javier • Vera • Mijas Puerto Banus Las Chafiras (Tenerife) Los Cristianos (Tenerife) Las Americas (Tenerife) Albufeira (Portugal)

Brought to you by Tel: 0034 965734000 77

Motors Extraordinary performance, unique handling, extreme aerodynamics and design that takes up the stylistic features of the Alfa Romeo tradition. This in brief is the new Alfa Romeo 4C, a driving machine without compromise that beckons drivers to take to the road or track to experience the thrill of driving it.

Alfa Romeo 4C 78

The Alfa Romeo 4C is essentiality and light weight, a car where everything has been designed to provide total driving pleasure. That same essentiality shaped its design. The car expresses a “natural beauty” that results from a perfect blend of function and form. Its layout and size immediately brings one of the most beautiful coupés of all time to mind, the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. Like the legendary 33 Stradale, the 4C is designed to meet extreme mechanical and functional requirements. Its body aerodynamically ‘covers’ the engine and chassis with clean and essential surfaces. Designed by Alfa Romeo engineers and made at the Maserati plant in Modena, this captivating coupé with two racing bucket seats uses materials and design solutions like carbon, aluminium, and rear-wheel drive derived from the 8C Competizione along with technologies from Alfa Romeo’s latest models, all thoroughly revised to maximise the new car’s sporting

appeal. Proof of that lies in the new 1750 Turbo Petrol with direct injection and aluminium block, the sophisticated latest-generation “Alfa TCT” dry twin clutch automatic transmission and the Alfa DNA driving mode selector with the brand-new Race mode. A length of approximately 4 metres and a wheelbase of less than 2.4 metres emphasise the car’s compact size while also accentuating its agility. The dynamic qualities of the Alfa Romeo 4C are confirmed by a weight to power ratio of less than 4 kg/HP; it’s a value worthy of a ‘supercar’. This vehicle quite simply screams Alfa. Its sports car soul creates unique driving sensations, both on the road and when racing, where velocity and transverse accelerations offer even the most expert driver unrivalled driving thrills: from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds flat, 258 km/h of top speed.

The annual availability of the 4C Alfa Romeo on the major world markets is limited to only 3,500 units 1,000 units of which are earmarked for Europe.

Audi A3 Cabriolet Sporty, elegant and multi-faceted - The new A3 Cabriolet. The compact four-seater impresses at first glance with its flowing lines and soft top. It is also at the top of its class technically - with systematic lightweight design, new engines, multi-faceted networking and highperformance assistance systems. The Single frame radiator grille characterizes the front of the Audi A3 Cabriolet. The flat headlights give it a resolute look; they emphasize the horizontal styling and the air intakes in the bumper. Audi offers headlights with LED technology as an option; they are the only LED headlights in the compact segment to offer variable headlight levelling control.


The rear overhang plays a key role in the harmonious proportions of the two-door car. The windshield frame is made of aluminium - and an aluminium-look trim strip runs around the entire car. On the flanks, the design features a taut tornado line and contoured sheet metal surfaces that create a fascinating interplay of light and shadow. The top S3 version, which will follow shortly after the car’s initial launch, the compact Cabriolet delivers very sporty driving performance. The 2.0 TFSI engine produces 221 kW (300 hp) and transfers 380 Nm (280.27 lb-ft) of torque to the crankshaft. With a sixspeed S tronic, the car completes the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 5.4 seconds.


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Sport Stoke City vs Southampton

SATURDAY 2ND NOVEMBER Newcastle vs Chelsea

Hull have been ok so far and Sunderland have not clicked at all, getting rid of Di Canio seemed like a panic move and there’s no evidence that Gus Poyet will be any better. He’ll be less crazy though and he might have the desire to get himself noticed. Do I see Sunderland getting anything from this game at Hull? Nope. A close affair but Hull will win 1-0.


West Ham vs A Villa

Two teams who promised much and then delivered...little. They will have the odd shock result where they beat the top four and then they’ll lose to one of their relegation rivals. This will probably be the only thing that saves them from the drop. This has 0-0 bore draw written all over it.

Fulham vs Man Utd Dimitar Berbatov

Hull City vs Sunderland


Newcastle have started to play well this season and are getting a few results but can they beat visitors Chelsea? Chelsea have been a little wobbly so far as they adjust to Mourinho’s tactics and him leaving out playmaker Juan Mata, who has been fan player of the year for the past 2 seasons. It’s interesting that Mourinho has been a little less arrogant and a little more quiet since his first tenure at Stamford Bridge and I for one am thinking has he lost his edge and desire. 1-2 to Chelsea.


Juan Mata

Stoke started off well but have sunk back to their last season mediocrity. Mark Hughes can introduce all the players he wants but I’ve never seen a team under him play that well and I can see them struggle with relegation for the whole season. Southampton on the other hand have been great and played well for the season so far and I can see them sneaking a win. 0-1 to Southampton.

Normally this game would be a foregone conclusion with struggling Fulham versus the champions. Normally...but who knows with this season? Ex united player Dimitar Berbatov will certainly be up for this game and it could prove a banana skin for David Moyes’ United. Will it be? Nah, I still think United should sneak this, only because Fulham have been pretty poor this season also. 0-2 to United.

Man City vs Norwich

I would imagine this result will go with the home side as Norwich have been strangely troubled this season while City have had their ups and downs as well. City are the better side and their attack is fantastic at the moment, it’s their defence that lets them down but I can’t seen Norwich causing too many problems. 2-0 to Manchester City.

West Brom vs C Palace

West Brom are slowly regaining the momentum and form that made them so dangerous last season and with Palace being the whipping boys of the Premiership at the moment I can only see one result here. 1-0 to West Brom.

Arsenal vs Liverpool Daniel Sturridge

Villas Boas preferring Soldado in attack over Defoe then he might have a hard job here at Goodison. 1-1 draw.

Cardiff vs Swansea

The Welsh Derby and both teams will play out of their skins to prove a point. Newcomers Cardiff are getting a few points on the board but Swansea are the better and more seasoned team. But then Cardiff are at home so that can change matters. I’ll go for a 1-1 draw and honours even.


This should be one of the games of the season so far with two teams in good form and challenging for top spot. That this game is at Arsenal means that the pressure is on them and I fully expect Liverpool to play a counter attacking game with Sturridge and Suarez as a constant threat. Both teams could quite easily cancel each other out here and I think this might end up in a draw. 1-1.

SUNDAY 3RD NOVEMBER Everton vs Tottenham

Everton have been more fun to watch under new manager Roberto Martinez and while they’re better in attack they’re weaker in defence. If they sort that out then they can certainly challenge for Europe. Spurs need time to bed in the new players and so are still showing some vulnerability and with Andre

Villa greet Cardiff desperately wanting the win and I think Cardiff will duly oblige. Villa and in particular striker Benteke will want to get some goals for the home fans and I’ll go for a 2-0 win for Villa.

C Palace vs Everton Ian Holloway

Southampton vs Hull City

Southampton greet Hull and they must fancy their chances. But Hull have been pretty decent so far and this might be a closer game than many had imagined. I’ll only go with a Southampton win because its on the south coast but it will still be a close affair. 1-0 to Southampton.

Chelsea vs West Brom

Mentor v apprentice, Mourinho v Steve Clarke. Steve Clarke was right hand man to Mourinho at Chelsea under his first reign but now the apprentice will want to show what he has learned in the mean time. West Brom are beginning to play well but they’re nowhere near as good as last season, yet anyway. Will this be the game that they finally show their class? Doubtful and i’ll go for a Chelsea win 2-0.

Liverpool vs Fulham

Liverpool have been good at home and especially in the first half. If Brendan Rodgers can realise that the game lasts for 90 minutes and not just 45 then Liverpool can be serious contenders for the top 5. Fulham should be on to a hiding here as they’ve been pretty awful away from home for the last 2 seasons. 2-0 to Liverpool.

Norwich vs West Ham

Palace are in a tricky position because they’ve arrived in the premiership only to realise that they aren’t good enough. No matter how much manager Ian Holloway moans about how his team is hard done by. He won’t get much sympathy from Everton though and with Baines playing out of his skin I think the toffees will edge this one 0-1 to Everton.

Two teams that will probably just about escape the relegation dog fight but will flirt with it all season as well. A bad run from either side could bring about disaster. I expect a 1-1 draw here at Carrow road.


SUNDAY 10TH NOVEMBER Tottenham vs Newcastle

Spurs welcome Newcastle and as both teams leak goals this could be a humdinger of a match. Spurs have had problems scoring recently in the league and have been reliant on Soldado and his penalties. Defoe has been great in Europe and he might be brought in for this match. I’ll go for 3-2 to Spurs.

Swansea vs Stoke City

Swansea are building confidence and are starting to look like the team they were last year with Michu looking particularly dangerous. Stoke will be lucky to avoid relegation this season as Mark Hughes tries to introduce new ideas to the team. I’m going for a Swansea win here 1-0.

West Ham tend to lift their game for these London derbies and if they play anything like how well they did against Spurs when they beat them 3-0 then Chelsea might have a game on their hands here. Mata isn’t playing for a reason only known to Mourinho and they’re not on fire themselves, so I think Chelsea will struggle. I’ll go for a 0-0 draw.

Arsenal vs Southampton

Man Utd vs Arsenal Robin Van Persie

West Ham vs Chelsea

Arsene Wenger

SATURDAY 23RD NOVEMBER Everton vs Liverpool

What a match this should be! United are vulnerable and Arsenal would like nothing more to put them in their place and confirm their own status of title contenders. Added to that the spice of Arsenal old boy Robin Van Persie playing; this has all the hallmarks of a real battle. United are at home which can bring extra pressure to their team as gone are the days of Fergie time and his overall influence on the game, now it comes down to football and despite Arsenals good start they can also show a vulnerability. I’ll go for a 1-1 draw here.

Sunderland vs Man City

Sunderland will have to get a lot better under Poyet to have any chance against City’s attacking play. I can’t see new manager Poyet being able to turn the team around so quickly so expect a win for City here at the Stadium of light. 1-2 to Manchester City.


The Liverpool derby where it all matters as opposing fans sit side by side and wind each other up at work after the match. These tend to be surprisingly hot blooded affairs on the pitch with sending offs galore and I wouldn’t be surprised to see one today. If a team is to win they’ll have to keep disciplined and rely on a bit of luck as well as effort. 1-2 to Liverpool.

Fulham vs Swansea

Fulham have to be strong at home this season to stand any chance of staying up. If they can do that then they have a chance. Swansea will be keeping in mind their European campaign and so I have a feeling this could be a cagey affair. I’ll go for a 1-1 draw.

Newcastle vs Norwich

Now that Newcastle have got some of their walking wounded back they’re looking more like the team they were 2 seasons ago. St James Park is always a difficult place to come top mainly due to the baying of the crowd and I think Norwich will crumble here. I’ll go for a 2-0 to Newcastle.

These two teams are in good form and like to play good football. Pochettino’s Southampton are a work in progress but as he’s only been there for 9 months then that quite some progress. Arsenal are now becoming a more experienced and dangerous side and Wenger is building something new again. Arsenal to edge this but only just. 1-0.

Hull City vs C Palace

At the start of the season, these two teams were seen as relegation candidates, but to be fair Hull have at least shown some fight and out of the two, are the more likely to survive. That they face Palace at home then I think that will have a bearing on the outcome and I’ll go for a 1-0 win.

Stoke City vs Sunderland Another 2 teams fighting for survival and home form counts. Both teams haven’t performed yet and both could win here. I’ll go for a draw though as I think Sunderland might be showing a little more spirit under Poyet. 1-1.

SUNDAY 24TH NOVEMBER Man City vs Tottenham

Class game with both sides wanting to put one over the other. City need to sort their defence out and Spurs need to sort their scoring out. With that in mind this might be fairly uneven but Spurs have more to lose here as they would drop further down the table. City to win 2-1.

Cardiff vs Man Utd

Cardiff have had major problems with the behind the scenes shenanigans of their Indian owners promoting relatives onto the football side of things. This is never a good idea for 2 reasons 1) It irritates the crap out of the professionals at the club and 2) It never works. On top of this you then have to put up with the arrival of a hurting Manchester United. United have no home crowd pressure here and they can rely on the counter to break Cardiff down. I’ll go for a United win 0-1.

SATURDAY 30TH NOVEMBER A Villa vs Sunderland

Villa should win this one though. Sunderland are in the early stages of a new managers influence and so I expect quite a few goals here. I’ll go for 3-1 to Villa.

Everton vs Stoke City

This game should go with form as well. Everton are a much better unit than Stoke and with them being at home I think they’ll win through. 2-0 to Everton.

West Ham vs Fulham

Another London derby with extra bite. Both teams have been strangely quiet. They have good managers and I for one am surprised by their slow start. They will get better because their experienced players know the nitty gritty of the premiership and how to survive. On this occasion though I think West Ham might sneak it. 1-0.

MONDAY 25TH NOVEMBER West Brom vs A Villa

Chris Hughton

Norwich vs C Palace

Norwich will want to play Palace for most of the season and I think they’ll turn on the style here. Palace I’m afraid are doomed and any team not getting the maximum amount of points against them will be seriously disappointed. 2-1 to Norwich.

Alan Pardew

Newcastle vs West Brom

The late game will have the Newcastle crowd fired up and West Brom will enter a cauldron of noise and madness. There will be goals in this game but I have a funny feeling there might be an upset here with West Brom winning 1-2 .

Cardiff vs Arsenal

Christian Benteke

The only Midlands derby of the top teams now and so all form goes out the window with this game. It’s a case of who keeps their nerve and then they can have bragging rights for a couple of months. Benteke is playing well for Villa and without him there would be serious concerns of Villas relegation. West Brom are showing signs of improvement as well so this could be a real nail biter. I’ll go with West Brom 2-1.

Cardiff will huff and puff and will play pretty well in this game. Oddly I think they may gain a point against high flying Arsenal. Arsenal are in the Champions league and so they might be exhausted from their travels and game in midweek. I’ll go for a draw 1-1.


Champions TUESDAY 5TH NOVEMBER Juventus vs R Madrid

3rd in the Italian league v 3rd in the Spanish league. This will be a cagey affair and both teams might cancel each other out. If Bale and Ronaldo play here then Madrid can certainly wine here in Turin. But I have a feeling that this will end in stalemate. 1-1.

WEDNESDAY 6TH NOVEMBER A Madrid vs Austria Vienna

Athletico Madrid have surprised a lot of people with their form this season after losing their best player, Falcao to Monaco in the summer. They are very strong at home and I can’t see Vienna having any chance against the Spaniards here. 3-0.

Chelsea vs Schalke

Gareth Bale

Sociedad vs Man Utd

Both teams are underachieving in their leagues, with Sociedad finding it difficult to keep their status as top 4 contenders going and...well come to think of it, the same goes for Manchester United as well. United to win here though 0-1.

Schalke can be a tough team to beat but then so can Chelsea. As it’s at Stamford Bridge and they’re showing signs of improvement under Mourinho then I can only see a Chelsea win here 2-0 to Chelsea. Jose Mourinho

City have got a brilliant attack but a dodgy defence, if Pellegrini can sort that problem out then City can build quite a momentum in the league and in Europe. Pellegrini was brought in for his brilliant work in Europe with Malaga and Villareal and he’ll want to get through the group stages at the very least. He’ll know in the back of his mind, that if he does badly in Europe he’ll be out in the summer. 2-1 to Manchester City. 92

B Dortmund vs Arsenal

Klopp’s Dortmund greets in form Arsenal and this should be a fascinating game. Both sides play good football but I think the pressure will be on Dortmund to win. Arsenal will counter and be happy with a point. I’ll go with Dortmund though 1-0.


Athletico Madrid should have few problems against Zenit here. The only major one I can think of is the weather and it will be cold in St Petersburg. The Spaniards won’t like that and so they’ll have to prepare well. Despite the cold I still think Athletico will win on the night. 0-1.

Arsenal vs Marseille Ajax vs Celtic

Man City vs CSKA Mosc


Celtic know that the only chance of getting through the group stages is to win the games against Ajax and then hope for the best against Barca and Milan. They beat Ajax at home in the last minute of the game and they may go on and get a win here as well. 0-1 to Celtic.

Barcelona vs AC Milan

What a game. Balotelli v Messi and this game could provide a few surprises if certain players play out of their skins. I expect a Barcelona win though if Messi plays. 2-0 to Barca.

France is the theme of tonight’s game and I think Arsenal have more than enough to put the French from the South Coast to the sword. It’ll be a little too cold for Marseilles and I can see them being lucky if they escape a bit of a thrashing. 3-0 to Arsenal.

Ajax vs Barcelona

The group of death continues with Ajax wanting to keep some respect by keeping the score down against Barcelona. Ajax were once one of the super clubs of Europe and if they could get something from this game then they could surprise a few people. Can only see a Barca win though but it will be close. 0-1 to Barca.

Basel vs Chelsea

Basel have played well so far and beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea will want revenge tonight which might just play into the hands of Basel who can soak the Chelsea pressure and attack on the counter. They might get a draw here and so I’ll go for 1-1.

Celtic vs AC Milan

Celtic are at home and they nearly got a result against the mighty Barcelona a month ago, so there’s no reason to think that they can’t get at least a draw here against Milan. If they beat Milan here then Celtic could take their place in the next stages. I can’t see it though 1-1 draw.

WEDNESDAY 27TH NOVEMBER Leverkusen vs Man Utd

Sami Hyppia’s team will want to put one over United as they were soundly beaten at Old Trafford earlier in the season. United will find this a tough game and I think they’ll be more than happy with a point. 1-1 draw.

ENGLAND INTERNATIONAL FRIENDLIES Job done. Well done Roy and the lads. They did the job of getting the points on the board and apart from a few scares here and there, they played well and deserved it. We’ll be in pot 2 as we’re currently ranked as 10th in the world, so we will face either Brazil, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Belgium, Switzerland and either Uruguay or the Netherlands. None of the above will want us and so we could use that as an advantage. Ideally we would like to face Columbia or Switzerland of all of them, as Belgium have been playing well and are a good team without the superstars, Uruguay have Suarez and Falcao and the other teams are well...better. Ideally we want to face the best teams in the latter stages of the tournament and then as it will be a one off, then there’s a chance. As we’ve qualified now Hodgson needs a couple of games to cement the roles of our newer players with those of the more experienced. Roy wanted to play a team of South American style and so in the first of two November friendlies meet Chile.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15, CHILE Chile aren’t the best on the South American continent and some of their players are in the lower divisions but Chile will still provide a good challenge. England are at Wembley though and I expect them to win. I’ll go for 3-1.


Man City vs Plzen

City will win this at a canter. I can see this being 3-0 at least.

This is THE international that counts most to any Englishman. Germany easily qualified with 9 wins and a draw from 10 games and the last game we played against them was the 4-1 slaughter where Lampard’s goal was disallowed which could have brought us back to 2-2. Anyone seeing that game will still remember how the German youngsters sliced through our defence like a hot knife through butter to score a further 2 goals. Now that German team is a stronger and more experienced outfit with Arsenals Ozil playing at Real Madrid for 3 years and newcomers like Chelsea forward Schurlle who scored 3 in the latest game against Sweden. This is a real test as Germany are currently ranked 2nd in the world just behind Spain. They’re also a lot younger than the Spanish side and they must be seen as favourites for the World Cup. If we can hold our own against the Germans here it will tell us a lot about our own chances in Brazil next year. I’ll go for a 1-1 draw. Honours even. 93


Club Profile: Southampton Nickname: The Saints Club ground: St Mary’s Stadium

Mauricio Pochettino Southampton were formed back in 1885 and were originally St Mary’s Church of England football team. Their finest moment came in 1976 when they won the FA Cup and their highest ever standing in the league was in 1984 when they came second behind Liverpool. After being in the top division they were finally relegated back in 2005 and then in 2009 into league one. All looked lost until new backers hired manager Nigel Adkins who won back to back promotions and brought them back to the Premiership in 2012. But their first season back didn’t go well and by December they were 17th and flirting with relegation. Adkins who had done a lot for the club was sacked ex Espanyol

manager Mauricio Pochettino was brought in. Some criticised the club owners for this lack of loyalty to Adkins but look at it their way they were 17th and been on a bad run and sure they came back from being 2-0 against Chelsea to make it 2-2 but since when has that been a measure of successful management? Adam Lallana

Every year the premiership has a surprise team that plays far beyond expectations. Last year it was Swansea and West Brom and this year the surprise team is Southampton. They’ve stormed off to a lightning start this season and by mid October sit in 4th in the premier league. New manager Mauricio Pochettino seems to have had a positive effect on the squad.

Pochettino’s influence was immediate with Saints captain Adam Lallana saying ‘It was normal for fans to think it was a strange decision, because Nigel Adkins had done a great job here. The fans’ opinion quickly turned by the style of football and the way we were playing. There was an immediate difference, even in the first game against Everton.’ After wins against Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea last season fans soon saw the wisdom of bringing in the new manager. They finished in 14th place and 4 places away from relegation. In pre season the owners then put up the money to make sure they would survive in the premiership and go on to challenge for a top ten place. Wanyama

Daniel Osvaldo from Roma for 15 million. Croatian centre back Dejan Lovren was also bought and added to that the core of 4 talented English youngsters in the team then the team can go from strength to strength. Captain Adam Lallana says ‘We’ve had a full pre-season under him to get his tactics and methods across, you’re starting to see all the rewards of our hard work under the manager.’ No one at Southampton are getting carried away though and none think they can seriously chase a Champions league place but they’ll keep on fighting. Pochettino sums this outlook up nicely by saying ‘We’ll just take it a game at a time, for however long we’re in fourth we’re going to want to stay there and look up, we’re not going to look behind us. That’s the same as any team. We deserve to be there. We’ve been consistent. We’ve kept clean sheets. We’re going to quietly go about our business.’ He continues ‘I don’t know where we will finish, I don’t have a crystal ball and the most important thing is to prepare for every game and getting the three points.’ Let’s face it, it’s highly unlikely that Southampton will get anywhere near the Champions league places by the end of the season, but if they get enough points to avoid relegation and continue to play good football, then with the confidence of a winning team, they will provide tough opposition for any team and by gaining those points they should finish in the top and might, just might challenge for a place in Europe.

They bought Victor Wanyama from Celtic for 12.5 million and Pablo 95

ADNAN JANUZAJ: ? y o b r e d n o W

The first time I saw Adnan Januzaj (pronounced Yann uzai) was in the game Manchester United against Sunderland and United were losing 1-0. Now I’d like to say that the first time I saw Adnan was scoring a wonder goal, but I’d be lying, because what he did do was dive in the penalty area...badly. This wasn’t a Ronaldo, Suarez or Neymar dive. This was a dive of such mind blowing crapness that he had all the grace of a beached whale. We all laughed at his cheating ways and then he went on and scored two goals to save David Moyes’ skin.

Oddly enough, Adnan share his birthday with Christiano Ronaldo, Carlos Tevez and Neymar, all Aquarians and water lovers and all divers to the man. It must be a diving into water thing. Signed by Alex Ferguson he featured as a first team player in the last game of Fergie’s reign against West Brom on the last game of last season. He was unused.

Adnan is a beautifully balanced player,” Ferguson said. “He’s only 18 and has to grow into his frame but he has good balance, good acceleration and is a very good technical player.”

Only two players have scored twice on their full league debut for Manchester United – Januzaj and Ruud van Nistelrooy. Speaking of his own game, Adnan says ‘I like to play is in midfield or an inside winger but I can also play as a No 10 behind the striker or a No 8, or I can play on the wings as well, last year, I played striker for the reserves, so I can help the team in each position and try to do my best.’ Born in Belgium, he has Kosovan/Albanian parents, he signed for Manchester United at the age of 16 and has been there ever since. He may stay or his father may have a say in the matter. He is eligible to play for Belgium, Kosova, Serbia or Albania. His father controls much that Adnan decides, his agent remarking that ‘zanuzaj’s father has always been clear about his future as an international, he must have a starting spot somewhere and then he can decide from there. There have already been many emails and faxes from the respective bodies to inquire about his future. In Albania, there are even entire television shows about him that have been organised to convince him to choose their national team.’


Kosovo hasn’t got a team recognised by FIFA and Serbia is a definite no-no to any one from Kosovo. Belgium has already tried to call him up but Adnan has stated he would prefer to play for Albania, not much loyalty there then. But the Albanian coach has already revealed that he thinks he’s a great talent. There was talk of him being able to play for England with reports that Roy Hodgson has been monitoring him. The problem is that he can’t play for England as Adnan needs 5 years of education in England before the age of 18 which would mean that he would have to wait till 2018 before he could play. On a personal note, I hope he picks Belgium. If you’re 18 and you’ve spent 16 years of your life in one country then I’d like to see a little loyalty. But that’s just me, and my ideas of thought and honour don’t really exist in the real world anymore. Especially the football real world. With the limelight firmly on him at the moment, everyone has suddenly realised that his Manchester United contract runs out this summer. Rumours have been spreading that Adnan feels under used, and contract talks have not continued since Ferguson’s retirement back in May. United are now believed to be lining up a very lucrative contract to make sure he sticks around. There are fears that his father rules the roost and Moyes has hinted at ‘there are some influences around him’ who are stalling on a new deal, meaning Adnan’s father. So all is not decided if he is to stay or not. Paul Pogba left because of frustration at not being played, and so ran his contract down and left for Juventus. He is now worth an estimated 40 million. If Adnan does the same, then the first team who are interested in buying him are Barcelona, who have been looking at him for over 3 years and were annoyed when Manchester United bought him from under their noses. Now the same thing could happen to United. Barca insiders are confident he will sign for the Spanish club in the summer. Update: As of going to press, Adnan has signed for Manchester United on a 5 year deal. Adnan states ‘It’s a great thrill to be able to sign for Manchester United. Since arriving here I have always felt like this was the right club for me. This season has been great for me – going on the pre season tour, making my debut in the Community Shield win at Wembley and then breaking into the team at Sunderland – it’s like a dream. I want to work hard now and establish myself as a Manchester United player.’

Player Profile Age: 18 Born: Brussels, Belgium Marital Status: Single Salary: 3 million Club: Manchester United

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