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your life So you are thinking it’s time to change the colours of your life?

Starting a new decor in your house with a painting marathon could be just the thing you need. Changing the paint is a (relatively) fast and cheap way to give your house a whole new look. But the colours you choose send a message beyond a new look - and psychologists say they speak volumes about you.

Shades of red

For centuries, red has meant passion. People who are partial to shades of red, from apple and rose red to tomato and fire engine, generally are optimistic, outgoing and, well, passionate about life.

Shades of blue

Those who lean toward blue generally are calm, compassionate and follow a steady course. Reminiscent of both sky and water, shades of blue appeal to those with peaceful and quiet personalities.


Shades of green

Green sends out natural vibes in a big way, and people who want to be surrounded by shades of green tend to like balance and can be counted on to be civilised.

Shades of yellow

It’s a cliché that yellow is sunny, and those who pick shades of this colour for their decor tend to be sunny, too. But they go a lot deeper than that: People who love yellow also tend to be intellectual and adventurous and place a high value on freedom.

Shades of purple

From lavender to aubergine, plum and dark regal purple, shades of this mix of blue and red add drama and flair to any decor. Purple lovers are pretty dramatic themselves, and they tend to be artistic and unconventional.


Renowned for both its sexiness and class, black is best used in small doses. Lovers of all things black tend to impress in an understated way and generally promote the idea that they aren’t telling all.

Shades of White

Using shades of white is a clue to a personality that finds comfort in simplicity and sees the world through a youthful, innocent lens.

Shades of orange

A space filled with shades of orange exudes vitality and cheer. The people who decorate rooms with orange hues tend to be outgoing, social and easy to be with, even if they do like to be the centre of attention.

Shades of gold

Gold, the colour of wealth, opulence and glamour -- exudes boldness with warmth and luxury. This shade also has a long, regal history, so traditionalists may opt for gold, too, providing an air of welcoming elegance.

Shades of grey

Those who decorate in all grey seek peace and tranquillity and have an eye for modern interior design. As the shade between white and black, those who decorate in grey are partial to compromise.

Shades of pink blush

Ah, pink, the colour of passion and affection. Those who decorate with pink adore attention and are often charismatic. Soft blushes offer a delicate look to a room. Pinks look best with greys and blacks.

Shades of maroon

A mature personality chooses a maroon colour palette. Less bright than red, those who decorate in this shade are generous, yet they know what they want.

Shades of brown

Love brown? Maybe you also have a stubborn streak? People who like brown prefer stability and like to be dependable for their friends and family, but they can also be obstinate. Brown decor depicts roots and helps make a room feel grounded. Find ways to complement this shade with an accent colour to avoid making the room drab.

Shades of beige

If sophistication and modern aesthetic appeal to you, but white and brown are two stark, beige is a warm neutral that’s ideal for those who seek simplicity, yet solid, earthy shade. People who decorate in beige have a lightness to their personalities and often enjoy calmness.

Shades of citron

If you blend yellow and green and let them age gracefully, that’s citron. Shades of citron suggest vitality and longevity like yellow, but also have an element of harmony and balance. This colour complements dark woods and hardwood floors. Those with citron are probably dependable, yet opinionated friends.


Revamp your cushions! Cushion covers can look old and worn after an extended period of use. Little fingers can leave streaks and stains, and covers occasionally need to be replaced. Maybe you fancy a change to those bland coloured cushions you have used for years. In order to use presewn cushion covers or to make your own, you need to make sure to accurately measure for a proper fit. A simple replacement of the cushion covers in your dining room, living room and outside furniture can freshen your space and make the old furniture look new again.

Things you will need: Measuring tape Pen or pencil Paper 1. Unzip the cushions from any existing covering. If the seams are sewn together and cannot be unzipped or unbuttoned, keep the thickness of the existing cover in mind when writing down measurements. For the most accurate fit, try to strip the cushion as bare as possible.


• Specialist Constructions • Exterior Works • • New Build Projects • Refurbishment Projects •


2. Lay the cushion on a large flat surface, such as a counter or the floor. Be sure the area is clean before placing the cushion without the cover on the surface. 3. Measure the sides of the cushion. Use a fabric tape measure, a measuring tape that is flexible to ensure the most accurate measurements. Measure the height, width and depth of the cushion in inches. 4. Add 1 inch to each measurement. This allowance accounts for ease and any seam tucks that will need to be made. 5. Write down measurements for future reference.

Useful Tips:

ents before you • Double check your measurem ore you cut any bef or ers cov n hio cus order new fabric to make your own. ely. Handmade • Measure each cushion separat erent dimensions. diff cushions may have slightly


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