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It’s one of the most dreaded words in the world today and one that nobody ever wants to hear in relation to their own health: CANCER. Yet for all the millions of pounds being pumped into research and cures, conventional Western medicine has failed to deal successfully with this fatal condition.

According to traditional Chinese medicine (T.C.M.) there are 4 foundations to health: blood, energy, resistance, nourishment. The cornerstone of these is blood, and its condition determines the level of the body’s resistance to negative external energies as well as immunity and disease. In TCM cancer is regarded as a blood disease because weak, toxic, or impaired blood cannot carry out its vital functions of nourishing and cleansing bodily tissues. Unhealthy blood allows cell wastes and pollutants to build in tissues until they become so toxic they start to fester like rotting flesh, forming malignant tumours which spread to other tissues. This can be caused by a number of factors, the leading one being a chronic poor diet heavy in cooked meat, eggs, refined starch and sugars, and low in fresh raw foods. Poor circulation of blood, lack of energy caused by lack of exercise and shallow breathing are another cause, as are chronic stress and depression. Conventional Western medicine treats cancer with surgery, radiation, and toxic chemicals, attacking the tumours but doing nothing at all to treat the extreme toxicity of the blood which causes the problem in the first place. Instead, such aggressive therapy further weakens the blood and energy so that even if a temporary remission occurs, the cancer usually recurs with a vengeance. There are many documented cases of people who have beaten cancer naturally by rebuilding the 4 foundations, and countless cases of those who have died prematurely by allowing doctors to cut, burn, or poison their tumorous tissues; yet natural cancer therapies remain illegal in many industrialized countries. In 1925 a South African called Johanna Brandt cured herself of cancer with an exclusive grape diet and wrote about it called The Grape Cure. Jay Kordish, a well known raw juice diet advocate in America, was cured of bladder cancer at the age of 25 with a blend of raw carrot and apple juice, under supervision of the famous juice therapist Dr. Max Gersen. 30 december 2012 / january 2013

The most logical and effective therapy for cancer is to first detoxify and purify the blood, then rebuild it with proper nutrition and suitable supplements. Scavenger cells and enzymes carried in the healthy blood can then go to work and attack the cancerous tissues, digest and dissolve the tumours, and get rid of the waste through the excretory organs. The most effective way to detoxify the blood and the rest of the body is through a series of 7-10 day fasts with daily colonic irrigations. When completed, a diet of raw fruit and vegetable juices is recommended. Breathing exercises are also very beneficial at this stage because they help circulate the blood to circulate the nutrients assimilated from the raw foods to the cells, and supply all tissues with an abundance of pure fresh energy.

The following is a list of beneficial foods and juices, as well as a list of foods to avoid: Carrot Juice - The best vegetable juice for detoxifying tissues. It alkalizes the bloodstream, which is always highly acidic in cases of toxemia. Raw carrot juice is also loaded with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to rebuild diseased cells and rid them of toxic wastes. Drink at least one and a half litres of freshly extracted juice daily, along with deep breathing and other exercises.

Raw Beet Juice - A great liver detoxifier and blood cleanser. In regards to cancer, it purifies the bloodstream so the blood can work on detoxifying the body and bring nutrition to cells. By detoxifying the liver it further promotes clean blood, which is filtered by the liver. Take 8oz pure beet juice twice daily or 6 oz beet with 6 oz carrot juice 3 times a day.

Foods To Avoid:

ALL animal products, especially proteins and fats, i.e. No cooked meat, fat, milk, eggs etc., all refined sugars and starches, carbohydrates, oilsespecially anything hydrogenated, eat only fresh raw fruits and vegetables, juices and extracts. Avoid all food defrosted, cooked or reheated in a microwave.

In February’s issue: Cancer – causes and remedies


Grapes - Raw grapes, especially the dark variety, are an excellent cancer therapy when taken on their own for prolonged periods. There are entire sanatoriums in Russia devoted to this cure. Grapes detoxify all tissues and organs and deliver nutrients to starved cells. Take 2-4 pounds of dark grapes daily, for a week to a month, chewing the skin and seeds as well.

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Cabbage Juice - Fresh raw cabbage juice has been proven to cure severe ulcers in the stomach, duodenum, and intestines. It is also an effective therapy for cancers of the stomach and intestinal tract. High concentrations of organic sulphur and chlorine in raw cabbage clean the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines where cancerous cells often form. Take mixed with carrot juice, 4 oz cabbage juice to 8 oz carrot juice, 3 times daily.

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Fighting Fatigue Chronic fatigue is a sign that the body’s batteries have run down and resistance is lowered, so it should be taken as a warning that disease may occur at any time. It is mainly due to a critical deficiency of active enzymes in the diet and an overload of “dead”, processed, overcooked foods eaten in incompatible combinations. These typical modern diets starve the cells of nutrition and energy, and allow toxic wastes to build in tissues. The body is then unable to generate energy for work or play.

Beneficial Foods & Juices:

Pecans - an excellent source of vitamin B6 which is essential for all nervous functions and helps the body to use amino acids sourced from consumed proteins. All vital functions are controlled by the nervous system so pecans provide the element needed by nerves to generate functional energy and regulate the body. Take 10-15 raw pecans daily.

Carrot, beet, cucumber juice - provides a strong boost of active enzymes and organic nutrients to the bloodstream. Alkalizes and cleanses the kidneys which improves blood quality and helps relieve fatigue. Mix 10oz/ 3oz/ 3oz, 1-2 pints daily. Raw egg yolk - a great source of organic lecithin which is a major component of brain and nerve tissue. It also helps stimulate sluggish adrenal glands which helps fight fatigue. Take 2 yolks daily, blended into carrot juice.

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Other beneficial foods include spinach, active yeast, molasses, wheat germ, soy beans. Foods To Avoid - processed, preserved, canned, cooked foods should make up less than 50% of the daily diet.

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Quick full-body workout With all the festivities in the forthcoming weeks, time in the gym can somewhat be reduced. This is a quick full-body workout which can be completed in 40 minutes.


Back Exercise In the seated position, place your hands wide on the bar for the start position.


Chest Exercise

Lie flat on a bench holding 2 dumbbells straight up infront of you.



Shoulder Exercise

4 Sets of 10 Reps Compress your back muscles by pulling down, bringing the bar to the back of your head.

4 Sets of 10 Reps

Lower the dumbbells down to the line of your chest. Then press back up.

4 Sets of 10 Reps

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In a seated position, press 2 dumbbells into the air directly above you.


Biceps Exercise

Lower the dumbbells inline with your ears, then press back up.

4 Sets of 10 Reps

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Stand straight with your feet slightly apart and dumbbells hanging by your side.

Lift the dumbbells 90 degrees only, ensuring your elbows remain in the same place.


Biceps Exercise - 2

4 Sets of 10 Reps

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Triceps Exercise

In a seated position, place your left hand on your right elbow, letting the dumbbell sit at the side of your head.

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4 Sets of 10 Reps

Straighten your arm, tightening your triceps at the finish. Repeat exercise on other arm.


Triceps Exercise - 2


Leg Exercise - Lunges

On a tricep bar, stand slightly bent over, with knees slightly bent.

4 Sets of 10 Reps Press down, straightening your arms and compressing your tricep muscle.

4 Sets of 10 Reps

Stride out forwards so that your back knee is approximately 1 inch above the floor (do not touch the floor). Ensure your front leg is producing a 90 degree angle, as shown. Then return to the start position by stepping back. Repeat exercise on other leg.

Start position Stand straight.


Leg Exercise - Squats Stand straight with your arms out directly in front of you, feet shoulder width apart.

4 Sets of 10 Reps Squat down keeping your back straight, and your arms out infront of you. Go no lower than 90 degrees, as seen on photo.


36 december 2012 / january 2013

MORE BETTER! is not always

If you need an excuse to miss a few trips to the gym or a couple of those spinning classes over the Christmas holidays, you need wait no longer as the facts below clearly show, more is not always better! Exercise is like a drug, if you don’t have enough, you get no benefits, if you have too much, you have problems. Shin splints, heel spurs, tendonitis are among the common overuse injuries that are seen in people who over exercise. Some training days should be intense, some days not so intense as exercise is a stressor. If it’s too much, the body can break down. Extreme fatigue, irritability, moodiness, an elevated resting heart rate, fever, and an inability to work your earlier level are among the signs that you’ve overdone it. Other symptoms of overtraining can include constant headaches, sleeplessness and severe muscle soreness, as well as diminished performance. There are so many benefits to exercise, but if you’re exercising excessively even the greatest benefits, like positive mood and better sleep, start to fall away. So use this Christmas to take a break from exercise. You don’t have to feel guilty. If you have been training all year, a break is the best thing you can do for your body. It will allow for more positive results when you start up training again in the New Year! december 2012 / january 2013


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