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Sit Down Arcade Machine With over 150 all-time favourite arcade games packed into just one fantastic machine, it’s the ultimate in retro and is cool for everyone in the family – old and young alike, providing endless hours of exciting action and fun. The sit down arcade table looks great and would go in anyone’s games room. To make this even better the maker of the table has updated the electronics to the 21st century. Digital sound, spectacular colour, dynamic graphics and a scroll down on screen menu.


Power Soccer Doughboy F1 Race Boxing Wrestle Popeye Ninja I Ninja II Ninga III Combat Hydlide Space Hunter B-Wings Double Strike Sky Destroyer Bomber Man Duck Eggs Magmax The New Type Circus Charlie Zippy race Nuts & Milk Chitei Fight Urusei Missile Command Space Aliens Pinball Double Dragon Scramble Flipull Alpine Ski Arabian 80 Days Star Gate Bowling Pandamar Archaery may 2012

GAMES Onyanko Town Asteroyds Gyrodine Arkanoid Contra Street Fighter Spy Hunter Spy v Spy Elavator Action Gradius Balloon Flight Cross Fire Binary Land Gaig Jewelry Star Force Exerion Formation-Z Macross Banana Lotlot Bokosuka Wars Gyruss Track & Field Paper Boy Spelunker Seicross Goonies Lunar Ball Exed Exes Excitebike Son Son Road Fighter Turtle 5 Max warrior Squoon Bomb Jack

Raid on Bay Sasa Route 16 Tiger-Hell Mach Rider Island 2 Spartan X Calculate pooyan Super Chinese Geimos Volguard II Thexder Penguin Challenger Baltron Clu Clu Land Peepar Time Twinbee Star Luster Aso Badminton Babel World Cup Soccer Metro-Cross Baseball Sky Kid Tennis Jajamaru Wrecking Crew Quarth Lode Runner Solomon Key Lode Runner 2 F15 City War Golf Transformation Contra Force Mickey Mouse Heavy Barrel Ice Hockey Wan Wan Pro Wrestling Choplifter Volleyball Front Line Kung Fu Antarctic Adventure Star Soldier Urban Champion Argus Flappy Aladin Multi Labyrinth Knights Fight 1942 Karateka 100m Dash City Connection Long Jump Door Door 100m Hurdles 10-Yard Fight Brush Roller Soccer High Jump Othello Javelin Lolo Skeet Shoot Ice Climber Triple Jump Tank 90 Devil World

iPhones have all sorts of accessories to attach to them. The Mini Microscope for the iPhone 4 will let you see beyond what the naked eye can see when you are out and about. Simply attach the Mini Microscope to the camera lens of your iPhone 4 and you will be able to zoom in on your subject. The mini microscope has 3 build in illuminating LED lights. This will ensure that you do not miss anything. As it is attached to your camera lens you can take still images of the sights you see.

i k i W i k i W Features:

Spy Clock This classy stainless steel finished Spy Clock has an adjustable stand and makes a beautiful addition to any home. It comes with a few extras but can be bought fully loaded. It holds a hidden video, motion detector and stills camera, ideal for keeping a watchful eye on your home or even your office. The Spy Clock comes with a USB cable to enable you to plug it into your PC and download the images.

Gadgets & Stuff

Mini Microscope for iPhone 4

With its stylish stainless steel finish and adjustable stand, the clock makes a desirable timepiece even without taking into the account the added extras. But, it’s the hidden video, motion detector and stills camera that really allows its owner into the realm of James Bond. The miniature camera is undetectable in the face of the clock and the USB cable neatly fits into the rear of the clock.

Perfect for putting in your pocket for a night out, for parties, and events, this great little machine records highly compressed, great quality video with the click of a button. This simple point, click and record camera records direct to a memory card in standard AVI format. AVI is highly compressed video, so a 2 GB card will hold approximately 100-120 minutes of video, that’s nearly 2 hours at 640x480 resolution with 30 frames per second! With built in USB port its easy to plug into your computer to download your videos, and the format makes them compatible with YouTube, Facebook, and most video editing programs if you are feeling creative.

• Compact and discreet • 300K pixels • Maximum of 30 frames per second video rate ( VGA mode) • Video format: AVI (MPEG4) • Image format: JPG image • VGA resolution: 640 x 480 – 30 FPS • QVGA resolution: 320 x 240 – 30 FPS • 2.0” TFT screen, Simple controls • Review feature • SD/MMC memory card required • Supports a maximum of 4 GB memory card • Integrated USB computer interface • USB 2.0 • TV out feature – connect to your TV for viewing! • 2x AA Batteries required (not included) Size: 11.5 x 2.5 x 2cm


• Video/ image recorder • CD software • USB extension lead • TV out RCA cables may 2012


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