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Football October


W O N N E P O Opening Hours: Monday to Friday - 8am-10pm Saturdays - 5pm - 10pm Sundays - Closed Avenida De Manolete 10 C.P, 29660 Nueva Andalucia, Marbella. Phone: 952 817 219 Facebook: MacklinsGymMarbella

All proceeds go to charity

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Facilities include: l Two boxing rings l Shadow boxing/practice area l Full bag area l All the latest weights and gym equipment from all over Europe and America l Running area with bleep test zone l Power strength training area - from pulling ropes to tyre tractor tyre training l Fitness rooms l Physio rooms

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l Ice baths l Saunas l Comfortable changing rooms l Nutrition area


tHe tRUtH about Hillsborough aPRIL 15th, 1989

A day when 96 people went off to watch a football match and never came back. This could have been any fan, from any club and as it has now been discovered could have happened at any time. Hillsborough was a disaster waiting to happen and on that fateful day where women, children and the elderly lost their lives, it was the people of Liverpool who were left to bear the brunt.

Finally after 23 years of waiting for justice, the new commission, The Hillsborough Independent Panel (set up by Labour in 2009) finally revealed their findings. They were damning. The findings read out by David Cameron in Parliament were as follows:

crowd disorder but due to crushing overcrowding.

w Previous Incidents

The Emergency response showed that there was a ‘delay in recognising that there were mass casualties, the major incident plan was not correctly activated and only limited parts were then put into effect.’ Contrary to the verdict of the original inquest, 41 of the 96 victims “had the potential to survive” had the rescue operation been swifter.

It had nearly happened before. Back in 1981, Tottenham Hotspur fans were caught in a crush at Leppings Lane in the FA cup Semifinal and the same crush happened 12 months earlier in 1988, when Liverpool played Nottingham Forest. These crushes happened because the stadium wasn’t safe and in fact had no safety certificate after alterations to the ground in 81 and 85.

First and foremost the safety of the crowds had been “compromised at every level”. That lack of communication through rivalry between police and ambulance services resulted in policing and stewarding concerned only with dealing with crowd disorder; a lack of understanding that opening exit gates could have stopped the crush, lack of control over the crowd’s entry and movement and not realising that the crush was not down to 6 october 2012

w The Cover Up So we have an unsafe stadium allowed to be used by the Football Association, police not acting and completing “a blunder of the first magnitude” and the ambulance services not acting quickly. So what was their plan of action? Malicious lies to blame the supporters and to take the heat off the authorities.

In order to deflect blame from their own failings, they said that Liverpool fans were late, drunk and were violently trying to get into the stadium without tickets.

Major alterations were made to 164 police statements, with 116 amended to “remove or alter comments unfavourable” to South Yorkshire Police.

The Hillsborough Independent panel concluded that Peter Wright, the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire in 1989, “informally” supported a campaign “to develop and publicise a version of events derived in police officers’ allegations of drunkenness, ticketless fans and violence”. They also found that then Tory MP Sir Irvine Patrick spread incorrect stories about some Liverpool fans being drunk, abusive and violent.

Statements by South Yorkshire Ambulance Service were “subject to the same process” of alteration.

This smear campaign culminated in a front-page article by The Sun, Under the headline “The Truth: Some fans picked pockets of victims, some fans urinated on the brave cops, some fans beat up PC giving kiss of life.” The new panel found that there was no evidence that fans were drunk, conspired to arrive late without tickets, acted violently or stole from the dead.

The coroner incorrectly ruled that all people had died before 3.15 pm and thus exonerated the emergency services. This in fact was not the case.

“Hillsborough is one of the great peacetime tragedies” - David Cameron

Scandalous stuff.

w Consequences Criminal charges may follow. Current Chief Constable of South Yorkshire police has said that those who acted criminally should be prosecuted.

“In the immediate aftermath senior officers sought to change the record of events,” he said. “Disgraceful lies were told which blamed the Liverpool fans for the disaster.” Michael Mansfield, QC, (representing the families of the 96) pointed out that criminal liability is clear in the report and that there is no time limit to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The FA remained quiet in this, having an enquiry 108 days after the event. Them allowing the game to go ahead in an unsafe stadium meant they had much to fear themselves.

w Overall

There have already been calls for the last serving senior policeman involved in the original Hillsborough investigation, Norman Bettison, to stand down as Chief Constable of West Yorkshire.

So the people from Liverpool weren’t lying then. The families and witnesses knew what they saw and patiently kept to the task of revealing the truth. They were derided by the newspapers like The Sun and called the ‘self pity city’ by The Times; all lies from the supposed ‘seekers of truth’ caught in the act of cover up and hiding ‘the truth’. The Prime Minister, David Cameron said that the families had suffered the “double injustice” of losing their loved ones and facing “the indefensible wait to get to the truth”.

But it goes much further than that. Policing and maintaining the law is a tough enough job at the best of times and everyone can make mistakes. But to deliberately lie about what happened thus breaking the law that they are supposed to uphold and to blame those who were the victims is a disgrace. We here daily of invasion of privacy and how it’s just not on, that after a death of a celebrity and at that time of sadness and woe people should be left alone. And yet some in the establishment thought it was perfectly proper to blame the true victims, those who should have been protected by the authorities when they go to a public gathering, those who have been mourning their loss and to this day, 23 years later still have nightmares. Friends, families and the rest of the crowd there on that day are still subject to depression and grief. But for the first time since April 15th, 1989, they can now sleep knowing that they have been completely exonerated and that Justice has finally come for the 96. october 2012


Southampton v Fulham

Sam Allardyce

SaTURday 6TH OCTOBER Man City v Sunderland

Should be a good game with Manchester City’s not overly confident start and Sunderland who can be difficult to beat. Having said that I’ll go for a City win because they’re at home and in the main a much better team. 2–0 to City.

Chelsea v Norwich City

Chelsea are very good at home and to be honest I can’t see Norwich getting anything here. Norwich will play some nice attractive football but the stars at Chelsea have that extra bit of class. I’ll go for 3–1 to Chelsea.


Monday 1st Sunday 28th October 2012 october 2012

Despite this game being at Southampton I think they’ll struggle all season. They are my prime candidates for relegation. Fulham on the other hand have scored a hatful of goals and have had a good start. 0–2 to Fulham.

Swansea City v Reading

Swansea started off in incredible form and leapt to the top of the league, and while they have had a few downs since then they’ve easily got enough to beat Reading. As it’s at home Reading might be on the receiving end of a bit of a thrashing. 3–0 to Swansea.

West Bromwich Albion v Queens Park Rangers Steve Clarke’s West Brom have been excellent so far and played far better football than last season under safety first Roy Hodgson. Odemwingie has been let off the leash and the result is more wins. I can only see a win for West Brom and I’ll go for 2–0. Steven Clarke

Both teams have a lot to prove this season. With QPR wanting to show they’ve got enough quality to stay in the premiership and new arrivals West Ham just happy to be there. West Ham are the team in better form but QPR showed their mettle against Chelsea at home. So I think both sides might cancel each other out. A 0–0 draw.


QPR v West Ham



West Ham United v Arsenal

Hmmm this is an interesting one, with Andy Carroll out for West Ham, Arsenal may get a good result here. Usually this would be a cake walk for Arsenal as West Ham would try to match them football wise and fail miserably, but Allardyce has introduced some steel and with the baying of the crowd I could even see a shock result here. I’ll go for 1–0 to West Ham.

Wigan Athletic v Everton

Wigan have started in much the same way as last season, aka badly. And even though they’re at home against Everton I think the toffees will have too much for them. Everton’s strong midfield will be crucial here and they will dominate play, running out eventual winners by 1–2.

Tottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa

Spurs are beginning to show some of their class under Andre Villas Boas. Bizarrely there’s been speculation of Villas Boas getting the sack already but a few wins under the belt soon changes that outlook. Villa have shown more football skills in the first few games of this season than they did for all of last season so at least they may score a goal or two. Spurs to win though 1–0.

Newcastle United v Manchester United

SUNday 7TH OCTOBER Southampton v Fulham

Southampton may find themselves to be regular whipping boys where clubs fancy increasing their goal difference. The Saints though will learn through the season and tighten up into a better football unit which is why I think they may even get a point from this game. I’ll go for a 1–1 draw here.

Now this may be one of the games of the season. Newcastle have no fear at St James’ and with Manchester United scraping games and relying on Van Persie they may just come a cropper here. A tough game and there might be a few goals. I see Man Utd sneaking a draw. 2–2.

Robin Van Persie

Nigel Adkins

Liverpool v Stoke City

This will be billed as the return of Michael Owen, where he will no doubt be greeted like the little mercenary that he is. Added to that the return of Crouch this has all the hallmarks of the return of the old boys who tend to score. Oddly though and despite this, I think Liverpool might sneak it. Rodgers boys have been showing better form and they might start to click now. 1- 0 to Liverpool.

Saturday 20TH OCTOBER

Liverpool v Reading

Fabio Borini

Usually this would be a done deal for Liverpool and Reading would be on the side of a thrashing here at Anfield. But with players who can’t stick the ball in the net, and loaning out players before they have replacements, Liverpool find themselves badly under stocked with strikers. They have the young Adam Morgan and Suso who have had glimpses of the odd game, but Rodgers seems to like to bring on that well known striker Stewart Downing (England left winger) on for Borini at the moment. I still think Liverpool should beat Reading, but it’ll be interesting to see where the goals come from. 2–0 to Liverpool.

Manchester United v Stoke City

Another good game today with Stoke always playing above themselves against Man Utd. As they’re neighbours at least they put their hearts into it. Crouch and Owen will also be up for it for very different reasons. I still see a United victory but only just. 1–0 to United.

Tottenham v Chelsea

A top game this one. Spurs and Chelsea are pretty similar in strength and this match has the added spice of ex Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas being the new Spurs one. Chelsea have been playing very well while Spurs have not been setting the world alight but I have a suspicion that because of the International games midweek Spurs will be better prepared. So I’ll go for a 1–0 win to Spurs.

Fulham v Aston Villa

Fulham will fancy their chances against Villa at home and I’d go for the home team as well, with Fulham eventually winning 1–0. Michael Owen october 2012


Though Norwich are at home and have been playing some quite decent stuff, Arsenal come a calling and I think they’ll leave with all 3 points. Though Arsenal can waver away from home, they’re not going to do it at Carrow Rd. Final score 1–3 to Arsenal. Michael Laudrup

Swansea City v Wigan Athletic

Michael Laudrup has kept it simple and made sure he hasn’t changed too much at his new club. Swansea play an attractive style of football much like Laudrup did in his playing days and what he tried to get his old club Getafe to do in Spain. Wigan might get thumped here but they’ll want to show that they can play a bit too. So I’ll go for 2–0 for Swansea.

Sunderland v Newcastle

Always a good derby to watch, but usually not for the football! Full of incident and hate, this game can be full of petty little niggles and sendings off. Both sides however can play good football and while Newcastle are the better team at the moment, Sunderland are good at home. With this considered I think it will be stalemate 1–1.

West Ham United v Southampton

Moyes has bought well for Everton with limited funds and Mark Hughes panic bought a few defenders after their first day slaughter, so while Everton have a better side, QPR are fairly strong at home. This will be the game where we see if Everton will challenge for a European place, and I think they will and sneak the game 0 -1. David Moyes

Saturday 27TH OCTOBER Aston Villa v Norwich

Aston Villa have been much better this season, playing far better football under Lambert. Lambert was snatched from Norwich so he will definitely want to prove that he picked the right team. Norwich of course will want to show him what he’s missing! I still see Villa winning 2–1.

West Ham greet Southampton on a Saturday afternoon, and will be wanting the full 3 points from a team which lies in the relegation zone. West Ham have enough quality to beat the Saints 1–0. 10

QPR are on a hiding to nothing here, with their arrival at the Emirates. They’ll have to play as to limit any damage and a demoralising thrashing and I see them being able to frustrate the Arsenal for much of the afternoon. Arsenal to win though in the last 10 minutes 1–0.

QPR v Everton

West Bromwich Albion v Manchester City This is an interesting game because Manchester City have yet to get up to speed in the premiership and West Brom have done a Usain Bolt from the start. This game though may be one where class eventually shines through and I’ll go for a 1–2 to City scoreline.

Arsenal v Queens Park Rangers

Manchester City v Swansea City

This should be an excellent game of attractive attacking football, with Swansea wanting to show the world what they can do. City are always strong at home and will want to put distance between themselves and these new Welsh usurpers and so I think while entertaining they’ll do just enough to stifle the threat of Swansea. I see Man City winning 2–0. Roberto Mancini

Norwich City v Arsenal

SUNday 21st OCTOBER october 2012

Reading v Fulham

Reading will want to show that they can survive in the premiership and will be hoping they find Fulham on an off day. Fulham can be off colour away from home, but Reading is hardly far for Fulham to travel, so I’ll go for a draw here 1–1.

Stoke City v Sunderland

Two pretty equal teams meet here but as it’s at Stoke I think that the home side will be eventual winners. Not an easy one though to predict and it could go either way, but I’ll go for 1–0 to Stoke.

Wigan Athletic v West Ham United Andy Carroll

Newcastle United v West Bromwich Albion

On paper another entertaining game with two teams playing good football. Clarke’s West Brom have been playing above themselves and they will probably come unstuck here at St James Park. Newcastle to win 2- 0.

Wigan might suddenly realise that starting to play 3 months from the end of the season, to escape relegation may not be enough this time. They will certainly be up for a win with the arrival of West Ham. The Hammers may be welcoming back on loan signing Andy Carroll also which will make it difficult for a Wigan Victory. With that in mind, I’ll go for a scoreless draw 0–0.

SUNday 28TH OCTOBER Everton v Liverpool

One of the best (and friendliest) local derbies played in football. Both sets of supporters walk up to the stadium together and chip in their banter on the way. At the Everton game against Newcastle back in September, Everton made a superb gesture in commemoration of the Hillsborough 96, with a placard of Merseyside United, which will not be forgotten by the red half of Liverpool. As for the game itself, Everton have been a better side all season so far, but its a derby and form always goes out the window. Psychologically Liverpool beat Everton before they even step on the pitch, but with Everton’s midfield I think they’re strong enough to stand up and fight. Still going for a draw though. 1–1.

Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur

Spurs have been doing a lot of travelling lately, and in this match it just might catch up with them. Southampton have to get some points sometime and if they can’t against a tired spurs side then they never will. I’ll go for a draw 1–1.

Chelsea v Man Utd

What a game this is! Two of the best sides in the world at each other like hammer and tongs. This should be an interesting game to see if the likes of Scholes, Ferdinand and Giggs have got the stamina to last all season. Chelsea have younger and hungrier players and I have a feeling that Chelsea will win today. 2–1 to Chelsea.

like to

Carlton Cole




Get a team together and join our 7-a-side comp! See page 13

Paul Scholes october 2012


England Internationals Friday 12th October England vs San Marino If England can’t win this game then they might as well give up. San Marino are bottom of the group and regular whipping boys for most teams. England should walk this at least 5–0.

Tuesday 16th October Poland vs England This should be an interesting game as both teams are doing well in the group and this game could make all the difference in the final standings. If England win then they could be six points off Poland by the end of the game and apart from the Away game at Montenegro this should be one of the toughest games of the group. I’ll go for a 1–2 victory for England.

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12 october 2012


MEN’S LIFESTYLE e l y t s e f i L s ’ n Me 7-a-side t n e m a n r u o T l l a b t o o F n with in associatio

y m e d a c A ll a b t o o as F Atletico Las Chap

Whether you are a bar, local business or group of friends, the Men’s Lifestyle Magazine 7-a-Side Tournament is the only place to play football!!!

ruary b e F o t d ReschedDuue tole popular demand! The Tournament will be set over 3 months, starting February 2013 (Dates To Be Confirmed)

It will consist of 32 teams for round 1 which will be a knockout round to leave 16 teams which will go through to round 2. After round 2, 8 teams will be left to enter the Quarter Finals.

Prizes for 1st and 2nd Place plus Trophy! Full results of games and photos will appear in Men’s Lifestyle Magazine every month!

Games to be played at: Atletico Las Chapas Football Calle Joaquín Rodrigo 25, Elviria 29600 Marbella


Teams to consist of 7 players + 3 subs max. Price: 5 Euros per player (one payment for entry) Proceeds to be donated to the Children’s Orphanage Email: to enter your team or for more information. october 2012


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