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Boxing October


t h g i N Fight Las Vegas

Matthew Macklin vs Joachim Alcine 15th September 2012

KO IN THE FIRST ROUND 20 october 2012

Macklin Victorious! Marbella based Matthew Macklin showed his true class against much fancied Joachim Alcine in Las Vegas on Saturday 15th September. Both fighters were boxing for the right to be middleweight contender, and dominating from the off, Macklin tore Alcine to pieces in little over 2 minutes. Macklin hunted and destroyed his opponent, putting Alcine on the floor twice before the referee stopped the fight after a flurry of blows from Macklin as he went in for the kill. Alcine had only been beaten twice before and was known for his 33 wins but that counted for little against Macklin.

Entering the ring Macklin looked confident and so it proved to be. From the start Alcine seemed wary of Macklin’s hard punch and he danced around the ring to avoid it. A sharp right hand hit Alcine hard and he fell to the floor instantly, he never recovered after that. The gulf in class was evident between the 2 boxers. One was hungry, one was eaten. The end result of this fight is that Macklin might get a rematch with Martinez (who he lost to in March) for the Middleweight crown. Martinez himself survived a spirited comeback from Julio Chavez Jr to win the WBC Middleweight title. Though Martinez beat Macklin back in March, Martinez is still 37-years-old while Macklin is only 30 so while Macklin has time on his side, Martinez must enjoy the limelight while he can. Other alternatives for Macklin may be either IBF/WBA champion Daniel Geale or Gennady Golovkin. As for Alcine who’s 36 years old, it’s doubtful that he’ll get the chance to box at this level again. october 2012


Fight Night

Sergio Gabriel Martinez v Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Martinez used his southpaw jabs to good effect and Chavez slowly weakened throughout the fight though made a spirited fightback in the last round and even knocked Martinez down. “He hurt me,” Martinez acknowledged, “but I continued to fight like the warrior I am.” Boxing promoter Lou DiBella said. “Sergio Martinez is a man’s man. He could have held and grabbed Chavez, or just stay away, but that is not who he is. He wanted to fight to the end and knock the kid out.” Hurt, Martinez fought back and came through to last until the bell where he beat the young 26 year old Mexican Chavez on a unanimous points decision. “Julio fought a great fight. He showed he had heart right until the end,” said Martinez.

Martinez had promised champion Chavez a battering and so it proved to be, with Chavez’ nose bleeding and a closed left eye, Chavez looked as if he’d been through the mill by the end of the fight.

Chavez said: “I was 20 seconds away from knocking him out. I started way too late. Going into the fight, I thought I was going to be able to do all night what I did in that final round. A rematch is justified.”

Martinez dominated the fight landing 322 of 908 punches to 178 of 390 punches for Chavez. With his good right jab, Martinez followed by a left to the body or head he stayed on his toes and simply out boxed Chavez, not allowing the younger man to get in any punches.

There are plenty of opponents for Martinez to fight next, with our own Matthew Macklin mentioned as well as a potential rematch with Chavez as their fight was so good (especially the 12th round).

But with Martinez wanting to knock Chavez out, this nearly proved his undoing.

There’s also the possibility of Martinez fighting Floyd Mayweather, regarded as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. As Mayweather has spent time in jail, he’s only fought 4 times since 2008.

Super Bantamweight Robert Marroquin vs Guillermo Rigondeaux So as predicted the older Rigondeaux overcame the 23 year old Marroquin. In a unanimous points decision it was a bridge too far for Marroquin. Marroquin was knocked down in the 5th and 12th rounds but did shake Rigondeaux with a couple of hard left hooks in the 3rd and 9th. With this in mind Rigondeaux kept away from his opponent even when he had brought him to his knees. Having said that Marroquin didn’t help himself either as despite his excellent left jab, his work rate and movement was awful. Job done for Rigondeaux but because of his shakiness against Marroquin’s left jab, there are other fighters out there (like IBF/WBO Super Bantamweight Champion Nonito Donaire) who fancy their chances against him.

Super Featherweights Miguel Beltran Jr vs Roman Martinez The other Martinez on the card tonight also won. It went to points but at least both boxers went on the attack. Beltran used his right hand to good effect while Martinez combined both hands to counter. The fight itself came down to a point deduction from the referee which stopped it ending in stalemate. Beltran had already been warned for hitting behind the head but he didn’t listen and repeated the offence. Point deducted and he lost the fight with that action.

Light Heavyweights

Mike Lee vs Paul Harness

Mike Lee went all the rounds against Harness with all 3 judges giving him a unanimous points decision. That’s eleven wins now for Mike Lee and he’s still undefeated.

22 october 2012 october 2012


Jamie Kavanagh

Men’s Lifestyle caught up with boxer Jamie Kavanagh...

Q When did you start boxing?

I started boxing in ireland when i was 9 years old. I followed my uncle Paul to the gym. I was always familiar with boxing because there was always someone in our family who had been doing it, from my cousins to my uncle and so on. The gym I joined was Drimnagh Boxing Club, then I moved to Spain, and am still with my trainer from my original gym now.

Jamie Kavanagh, born 28 May 1990, in Dublin, Ireland, is an Irish professional boxer. At 11-years-old, Kavanagh moved to Malaga, were he would meet one of his current trainers, Sedano Ruiz. With an amateur record of 168-12, Kavanagh has won seven Irish national championships, and also a silver medal at the 2008 Youth World Amateur Boxing Championships. After moving from Spain to the Wild Card Gym, in America, he started working with trainer Freddie Roach. Kavanagh won his professional debut, on a card with title contenders Victor Ortiz and Amir Khan on 15 May 2010.

Q Why did you start boxing?

I started boxing because I always had a interest in the sport from watching my uncles and cousin fight. It just felt right and it was my time to join. I fell in love with the sport and carried it on and I’m still here today.

Q  What’s your first boxing memory?

First boxing memory would be Christmas day in my grandfather’s house. I got a punch ball, and just hitting that I’d say would be my first memory. I remember it today. He brought me around to his friends and I punched the ball for them as a young kid.

Q  When was your first fight?

First fight was when I was 9 or 10-years old. I wasn’t licensed to fight but it was an exhibition, just a normal club show. I was sh*tting my pants, there is no worse feeling when you first fight, you keep thinking why did I put myself in this situation?

Q When did you turn professional?

I toured professionally in 2010 in America. I had the chance to go to England first and try it out, but i also got a chance to go to America and train with Freddie Roach which i jumped at, and before I knew it, I was signed by him and Golden Boy Promotions.

On February 2, 2011 Kavanagh was named ‘Irish Boxing’s Prospect of the Year’ at the National Boxing Awards, beating off competition from Belfast flyweight Jamie Conlan. On July 14, 2012, he beat Paul Valarde in a unanimous decision.

24 october 2012

Q  How long have you lived in Spain?

I lived in spain for 10 years before I moved to America. My first 10 years were in Ireland, and the next half of my life in Spain. Spain is a big part of me and I love it there, I would love to be training there but there are too many distractions. I like to knuckle down and just do my work away from friends and family.

Q  Where are you training at the moment?

I’m training in L.A here at Wild Card Boxing Gym with my coach Sedano Ruiz and Freddie Roach. It’s a great gym with the best sparring in the world which you can’t get anywhere else. I’m training with the likes of Amir Khan, Manny Pacquiao and lots of other top pros.

Q H  ow do you like training there?

I love it, yeah it’s great but I do miss home and family and my girlfriend. It’s very hard but if it was easy everybody would be doing it I suppose.

Q  Is it hard being away from your family?

Yeah, family come and visit and I go home to visit them. I’m very close to my family, I speak everyday on the phone or else Skype. It’s not the same but it’s what I have to deal with at the moment. When I get in a position where I can just fly into camps, I will be doing it. Half of my training in Spain at MGM boxing gym and half in L.A.

Q  How long have you been in America?

I have been living in America on and off for the past 2 to 3 years.

Q  How many days per week do you train and for how long? I train 6 days a week, twice a day, except Sundays. Sunday is my only day off unless my coach gives me one day. Sparring days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I run in the afternoons and do a session in the gym which usually lasts 2 and half or 3 hours. Then Tuesdays and Thursdays I do strength and condition, at 6 in the morning which will last 1 and half to 2 hours. Then I finish the day off with a pad or bag session in the afternoon. I swim on Saturdays and it depends on what exercises my trainer has in store.

Q  Who is your trainer?

My trainer is Sedano Ruiz from Malaga. He was my amateur and no-pro trainer. I also train with Freddie Roach but he is busy sometimes with his high-profile boxers. He is more of a mentor than a trainer. Sedano does everything from strength and conditioning to pads and bag work. october 2012


Q  Who is your manager?

I’m managed by Steven Feder and Co, managed by Freddie roach. I first met Steve in Vegas on a trip to see Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton. I stayed in contact ever since and decided to give the pro game a go.

Q  Are you coming to train in the MGM gym in Marbella?

Yeah I have been training there now and again in the summer. It’s a great gym with facilities most boxing gyms don’t have. It really stands out. I believe it could be the best gym in Europe. It’s a great place to base a camp. Matthew Macklin had his camp there and fought in Vegas. That’s something I’d like to do but I’m not in the position yet to do so.

Q  When is your next fight and who is it against?

I’m fighting at the end of october. I’ m not sure when or where. I’m currently in the gym getting ready for it. I’m just getting back fit and ill be ready for when it is.

Q  Where will it take place? Q  Who is your favourite boxer of all time?

I really liked Thomas Hearns and Nigel Benn. They were very hard hitters and you always knew it was going to be a great fight, no matter who or where they were fighting. I don’t base my style on them, but I liked watching them.

Q  Which boxer at the moment do you think is doing well and why?

There are a lot of boxers doing well, but my favourite would be Yourikis Gamboa. I like his style and fighting style. He is a little bit inactive and I’d like to see him fight more this year or next year.

I’m not sure, it’s a toss up between Las Vegas and L.A. I don’t mind where it is, I just want the date and to fight.

Q  When will you start dieting and training for that particular fight?

I’m dieting and training for the fight now. Just shedding the extra pounds I have put on from my summer holidays. It’s really hard getting back into it, but once you get past the first couple of weeks, it’s back to normal and concentrating on your technique and fight style.

Q  If you had never taken up boxing, what do you think you would be doing now?

I’m not sure. Probably getting up to no good, but I always liked to think I would have been a fireman when I was younger, and it’s a great way of keeping in shape and good job, I believe.

Q  Where did you go to school in Spain?

I went to school in Spain at Sunny View School, and finished my schooling. But the first chance I got to give my boxing 100%, I did. My father told me he’d give me three years and then we will have another talk. By the end of the second year I was in L.A. signed to Freddie Roach and Golden Boy Promotions. So my job and dream were done.

26 october 2012

Q  When you do go out,

where do you like to go?

I go out after fights with my friends and also on time off. I go for dinners as well with my girlfriend and that, but mostly I spend time with my family when I can because I don’t see them much you see.

Q  What are your favourite Films?

Q  What other interests do

you have, or what do you like doing other than boxing?

I like going the cinema and stupid things like that. As for sports, I don’t like any others really, apart from rugby. I was never good at any other sports, that’s why I never showed an interest in them. I only follow what i’m good at I suppose.

My favourite films would be the old Irish ones like ‘War of the Buttons’ and stuff like that. I’m sure you wouldn’t know what that is, but if you get the chance, it’s worth a watch. Good Irish humour!

Q  What is your dream car?

My dream car would be an old 1960 Mustang GT. I like the old ones, but to tell you the truth, I don’t have a big interest in cars. As long as it gets me from A to B it’s ok!

Jamie Kavanagh STATISTICS Real name......Jamie Kavanagh Nickname(s)..The Nuisance Rated at...........Light Welterweight Height..............5 ft 8 in (1.73 m) Reach................70 in (180 cm) Nationality.... Irish Born.................. 28 May 1990 Stance..............Orthodox

Boxing record Total fights....11 Wins..................10 Wins by KO....5 Losses..............0 Draws...............1 No contests...0 october 2012


g n i n e p O d n a r G Party Macklin’s Gym, in Puerto Banus, held its grand opening on Thursday 26th September. It was a star-studded event with big names such as Frank Warren, one of the biggest boxing promoters on the planet!

The gym is now open to the public and boasts fantastic facilities and is home to several professional boxers.

28 october 2012 october 2012


During the evening a weigh-in took place for the White Collar event which was held on Friday 28th September, at the H10 Hotel, Nueva Andalucia, where Team Red took on Team Blue.

30 october 2012

MGM Boxing Gym is surely going to be one of the best boxing gyms in the whole of Europe, and home to world-class boxers such as Matthew Macklin! october 2012


Opening Hours: Monday to Friday - 8am-10pm Saturdays - 5pm - 10pm Sundays - Closed Avenida De Manolete 10 C.P, 29660 Nueva Andalucia, Marbella.

Macklin’s Boxing Gym Marbella


Phone: 952 817 219 Facebook: MacklinsGymMarbella All proceeds go to charity october 2012

Facilities include: l l l l

l l

l l l l l l

Two boxing rings Shadow boxing/practice area Full bag area A  ll the latest weights and gym equipment from all over Europe and America R  unning area with bleep test zone P  ower strength training area from pulling ropes to tyre tractor tyre training Fitness rooms Physio rooms Ice baths Saunas Comfortable changing rooms Nutrition area october 2012


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